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  1. Yea but in boxing if you are on the floor, they give you 10 seconds and put you back in to get more brain damage. In MMA if you are done they stop it.
  2. I'm watching this at the moment. All I can think when the league table flashes up and the narrator talks about Spurs getting closer to the top 4 is how badly we threw the top 4 place away. Breaks my heart every time.
  3. He is 3 goals away from equalling Didier Drogba's tally for Premier League goals.
  4. Frank Lampard for me. Kante a close 2nd.
  5. I am Austria @Des. No way I'm having my name against that abysmal performance.
  6. @Des can I swap Stoger for Ashley Barnes for my Austrian bench please?
  7. Sign Up Form Team: Austria Formation: 4-2-3-1 Starting XI: GK - Stanković DR - Lainer DC - Dragović DC - Hinteregger DL - Ulmer MR - Lazaro MC - Laimer MC - Alaba ML - Junuzović CAM - Sabitzer ST - Arnautović Substitutions: 1. Royer 2. Grillitsch 3. Baumgartlinger 4. Fuchs 5. Schlager 6. Onisiwo 7. Stöger Captain: Alaba Penalty Taker: Alaba Short Free Kicks: Alaba Long Free Kicks: Alaba Corners: Alaba
  8. The finishing rarely comes from young wingers. But I don't mind that.. as long as he keeps looking dangerous he will play for England a dozen times at least.
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