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  1. The finishing rarely comes from young wingers. But I don't mind that.. as long as he keeps looking dangerous he will play for England a dozen times at least.
  2. Rashford being higher rated than Vardy makes me quite sad
  3. Imagine taking 1 defensive minded midfielder to a summer tournament
  4. Completely stolen from NBA 2k series which is brilliant minus all the micro-transactions. Could be really good or could be grindy and pay to win.
  5. Darren Till officially announces he has a glass chin. Will never be elite.
  6. I'm scoring a Tielemans long shot a game at the moment on online seasons. Madness how good it is.
  7. I'd just like to thank Puel for giving Chilwell a good run in the team. One of my favourite moments watching Leicester is seeing Chilwell really make the LB spot his own and then prove a lot of people wrong and even make a stamp on the England squad too. Puel is a big reason for that.
  8. Might be better trying a fm based forum. They are usually very helpful
  9. He's like Ndidi but not as good.. yet
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