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  1. My Argentina boys setting the pace early
  2. Well it shows he tracks back I guess to be taken on.. he just can't tackle to save a life.
  3. Redmond still has a knock I'm guessing. Leicester City left side.
  4. This is why Simpson is so important to us.
  5. Another player in an England squad this summer!
  6. Tasty
  7. Team: Argentina Formation: 4-2-3-1 Starting XI: GK - Romero DR - Zabaleta DC - Otamendi DC - Rodriguez DL - Ansaldi MC - Mascherano MC - Pastore AMR - Messi AMC - Aguero AML - Di Maria ST - Higuain Substitutions: 1. Monetti 2. Garay 3. Rojo 4. Banega 5. Gatain 6. Dybala 7. Palacio Captain: Messi Penalty Taker: Aguero Short Free Kicks: Messi Long Free Kicks: Messi Corners: Messi
  8. You're not wrong. I can comfortably win div 2. As soon as I get to div 1 it really is a struggle. I play on Origin though where the player base is tiny.
  9. Why would Iheanacho agree to that? He most likely wants the buyback clause to go straight to a big club if he performs well.
  10. No but only because everyone puts a man on the line. But if they don't its maybe 50/50 if it goes in or not.
  11. He's a finisher.. Jermain Defoe, Michael Owen, Jamie Vardy. Get him the ball in the box and he'll score goes. Don't know why we'd play him as a 10..
  12. Chilwell been England's best player against Poland in my opinion. When he's on form he's a fantastic attacking full back. Really hope he plays more games next season.
  13. Yea
  14. Just a reminder Amartey is the best silver card on the game. Will be overpowered this WL if you can get your hands on one.