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  1. Leicester big dawgs are the classy act again, thankfully this stupid plan was thrown out. That said, there is an issue with clubs and revenue... but giving out money to the leagues isn't necessarily the answer, is it right to be bailing clubs out who have stretched themselves ahead of COVID.. there's a reason why Mel Morris backed this project, because his bad management is running Derby into the ground! I would rather grants have to be applied, and the genuinely needy clubs get what they deserve to keep them afloat during these times. And ongoing should there be any fu
  2. Let them go, rather rid the leagues of this corporate greed and inequality than to sell our souls for a quick buck and help in this time. Neither Liverpool or Manchester United have covered themselves in glory with this one, surprisingly the most vocal supporters of this plan come from said clubs fanbases.. "What's the harm?", righto chap!
  3. It's true, I don't pirate music/films/programs... but I do have Spotify and Netflix simply because it's good value for money!
  4. They had a really great opportunity to start afresh with a new model of watching football in tandem with Amazon/BT/Sky using their feeds and directing it through a Netflix service which you could pay say £30 a month for every Premier League game... ... Instead they chose greed, and now charging £15 per game. I seriously hope no-one pays.
  5. My view is that we're weathering a storm in terms of COVID and Infrastructure investments, when we're clear of training facility, ground expansion and some form of normality to the tourism trade, I totally foresee a huge push on squad. We will have invested everywhere else... only place left for the money to go.
  6. Is it really a bad thing that we're still a successful team, without the need of our owners piling in cash. We're self sufficient with an exciting team of young talent and a state of the art training facility on the horizon, when the training facility and stadium expansion are complete, I really feel we will see the next step to our clubs development. This is the thing I like about our ownership, always focused on the actual infrastructure of the club and ensuring it's ran extremely well, as opposed to stacking a load of cash on journeyman players and expecting them to perform mira
  7. Ordered a OnePlus 8 Pro for £679 on Amazon last night, should be arriving tomorrow.
  8. Not an expert in employment law, but sacking someone for poor performance with 20 years of otherwise excellent work........ somethings dodgy about the dismissal, highly doubt it's performance related. Sacking suggests conduct
  9. What are the United forums making of it this is comedy gold
  10. Won't deny, I am a little disappointed but that only stems from the fact that for 90% of the season we were occupying CL places... in the final week we lost that and missed out on the prize and I truly feel the club should have done more in the January Transfer window to strengthen their position of power, for whatever reason they chose not to do so and I think they will rue that decision. That said, we're in the Europa... hopefully we get some favourable ties, but it is European football and we can hope that it helps us to build. I think we need to buy a lot as we truly lack stren
  11. Out of everything that has happened today, the bit that really annoys me is us allowing Lingard to score..... I mean what on earth is going on with us? Are we jinxed to help others or something?
  12. Would have liked for them to come up so we had a rivalry game in the Prem.... but seeing them choke so spectactularly is equally pleasing
  13. A very mature approach in that response and totally agree with this, being 4th in the league is exceptional for us no doubt... and had we not been occupying a position higher all season and actually come to this position from being behind, we would all be patting ourselves on the backs and say "Job well done", but the landscape changed, and thus our expectations change with that. Yes, league position now and potentially where we finish will still be an improvement and a step in the right direction... but throwing away what could have been is totally disappointing, so we're right to feel this w
  14. If I was Brendan, I'd walk into that dressing room not uttering a word, play the Champions League music really loud and when it's finished tell them "You want to hear more of that, you get out there and smash them, rinse and repeat that 2 more times after" If that doesn't get them fired up, nothing will. Predictions, 1-3 Sheff United
  15. Well and truly choked the Champions League, poor... simply poor.
  16. Why oh why do we keep crossing the ball into the box? Sam Allardyce in charge?
  17. Stick with him, by all accounts this is still a successful season despite recent form. Semi final of the league cup, quarter final of the FA Cup and some form of European football (just hoping it's the one we want). We've simply been figured out and we don't have the personnel to change this, it will only be the same problem the next manager will come in and face, so whereas we have a manager whose living it now and despite what others think, is still an excellent choice... let him address the problem in a transfer window. It's clear as day what our problem is, we don't hav
  18. Congrats Liverpool, other half and her family are all Liverpool fans... it was nice to see them lift it after many years of falling short. Like any fan-base, got it's fair share of idiots but of the Liverpool fans I've met, they've all been good people who are extremely complimentary of Leicester. Was still rooting for Man City last night though, so it was a mixed emotions household last night. Edit: To add, of the idiot Liverpool fans, strangely they're all born and bred from Leicester. ACTUAL Liverpool fans from Liverpool have been largely decent.
  19. Partly agree, there are times where we need to play conservatively and at least try to gain a point. I thought the Watford game would have been wise to take that approach as it's a potential banana skin. However, we made Brighton look like Man City last night, which if we're aspiring for greater things, is unacceptable. For our striker not to touch the ball once in 30 minutes is frankly poor, effectively aside from his presence on the pitch, we were playing with 10 men... this is not necessarily Vardys problem, but he could also look to see what more he can do. We're crying out for a stri
  20. There certainly were far worser players today, and he's not done enough to warrant taking majority of the criticism
  21. Not the worst result in the world for both teams, could have been a potential banana skin after coming back from a lengthy lay-off. Sharpness and speed isn't there yet which is to be expected but at least we didn't pick up any injuries. Not sure I agree with the negative tones entirely, Tuesdays another day and we need to make sure we grab 3 points against Brighton.
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