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  1. A Rodger's 6-weeks-injury is 2 years though.
  2. You think that someone who has scored something like 9 goals in 9 games has posed more of a threat than someone who has scored like 1 in 17? Who knew
  3. Seems like it still is a debate, to me. They've both been invisible.
  4. Sterling is involved in the build-up a little more though.
  5. Vardy has to take some responsibility himself at some point. If you can only score when someone hands you the ball on a plate 6 yards out, then you're probably not pulling your weight in the team.
  6. Saves time. The way the match-making works is that the more you win, the harder the opponents / more you lose, the easier the opponents. If I rubber band the first 10 games, then it puts me against much easier opponents. Half of them I batter so much that they end up quitting in in the first half, saving even more time. Last weekend, I rubber banded the first 10 games. I finished up with 17 wins, 12 losses, which is about where I'd normally finish anyway.
  7. Nice stroke of FIFA luck. Needed a decent RW for my team (been using Mahrez so far). So decided to do the Reus SBC, and play him on 7 chem, because good RW's seem to be hard to come by. I have 0 coins and was pushing it for fodder, so finally gave in and opened the 85+ x 5 pack I'd been saving for the next promo. Pulled the What If Sancho (92) from it Guess I don't need to do Reus now! Edit: I'm also ashamed to admit this, but I feel like I should own up - I've taken to rubber banding my first 10 WL games
  8. Yeah, to be honest he looks like a great card. It's just in the full back position, I aleady have 88 Bender, 87 WIF Mbabu, 88 De Sciglio, Prime Cole, Klaiber, Freeze Traore and IF Hernandez 86 rated (has like 97 pace, so great sub), so I'm pretty much stacked there. Do love a full back. Pretty much all 3 of my subs in a game tend to be full-backs
  9. WIF Yuri Berchiche 89 rated LB, not bad! Doesn't fit in my team, but I suppose I can't complain with that.
  10. Do I really do the Party Bag again after this last time? Am I that stupid? Yes I am. Here goes...
  11. Yeah, I did him. After the first WL league, I was convinced it was the worst FIFA decision I've ever made. I had some games where he conceded 6 goals from 6 shots. He's been pretty good since though. However, I don't reckon he's any better than Courtois, who I used before.
  12. I did the party bag. 83 rated Freeze Golovin
  13. I've had TOTT Gomez twice so far. Gonna put him back into this one and see if I can get him a 3rd time.
  14. Because unlike what the Media still seems to think about us, Man United are pretty much just a counter-attacking side.
  15. I did 15 of them earlier. Got VVD, Mane, Kimmich, Sceznesy, and my second FUT Birthday Hwang Hee Chan. As well as a fair few 84's and 83's. Not gonna complain with that
  16. **** sake. I just completed all the Hunterlaar objectives, before I realised they'd updated MM from 77 rated squad to 79!! Not that it made much difference, thanks to the afore mentioned Hwang Hee Chan
  17. I packed Hwang Hee Chan and Simon from the FUT Birthday cards. I'm now being a complete cock and using them both together in Managerial Masterpiece
  18. If you were truly grateful, you'd have given us a refund for Matt Mills.
  19. Interesting fact. I remember the media going on incessantly that he'd gone over 24 hours on the pitch without scoring a goal. Luckily, Chelsea had a cup game against a (at the time) championship club that were kind enough to give him a goal and break his barren streak. I won't give any prizes for guessing the name of the club.
  20. Bloody hell, all those TOTY players!! Feel bad that I dumped Tonali in a SBC!
  21. Very nice!!! Though I don't think I could ever get rid of Klaiber. Doesn't start for me, but pretty much always gets subbed on. I'm pretty sure that 80% of my bench is full backs - I always sub 3 on I start with Cole and Mbabu, and then Klaiber, FUT Champs Hernandez, Freeze Traore or Sinkgraven come on at some point. Klaiber makes a great center-back, full back, defensive midfielder, anything really! (Though my attack is Neymar, Kaka and Rooney, and I can never justify subbing any of them off)
  22. Yeah - to be fair going into it, I hadn't expected him to be "good" - I figured he'd probably do as well as any other keeper, and I figured if I couldn't have a decent Kasper card, I could at least have a Schmeichel. If he'd just been average then I would've got what I expected, but I hadn't thought he'd let pretty much every single shot in! He can just about manage to save shots outside the box (most of the time), but anything inside the box is automatically a goal - I swear even if they shoot directly at him, he somehow lets the ball go through or under him. Genuinely has felt like I've been
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