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  1. I'm absolutely gutted. So sad. Frank was a legend in every sense of the word. He lived around the corner from me for a while, on Scraptoft Lane. I think he was with Birgitte then. He was a bloody genius on the pitch. Him, Lenny Glover and Weller. What a trio. Rest in peace, Frankie. I can't resist one more chant "Hello, hello, Frankie Wortho....." Sorry, but this one has genuinely moved me to tears.
  2. Just looked and Big Bob is on Twitter. Tweet him with the question and see if he remembers? I bet he will. Top bloke. https://twitter.com/bigbobhazell?lang=en
  3. I was at the game where Hazell was sent off. I can't remember if it was for us, or against us. However, I do remember the Kop singing "Brown man in the bath" to the tune of Boney M's "Brown girl in the ring", and Bob turning round and applauding and smiling. Not especially PC, I guess, but a comical moment which he seemed to appreciate nevertheless.
  4. I think ultimately "training remotely" will transfer over into the style of play adopted by most teams i.e. long ball, biff bash bosh, little contact, I'll ping it to you from 50 yards mate and see what you can do with it. It could also bring a new dimension to the concept of zonal marking. This will translate over into "zonal play" where only two players will be allowed into a zone at any one time to ensure social distancing is maintained. Which mangers will be able to adopt to this new style of play? Very likely Pulis will make a comeback; Harry Bassett will definitely be wheeled
  5. Liverpool fans already saying it's a Government conspiracy
  6. Gutted I can't go to this. I have a prior engagement in Cambridge on the evening. However, I'm going to try a Likely Lads stunt, and see if I can get back to Leicester to watch the match 'live' on TV at about 1am. So don't bother calling me as my phone will be switched off .
  7. We weren't favourites to beat Boro in 98 or whenever it was. We stepped up to the mark and what a cracker jack of replay we had to win it. We can beat the Manks at Wembley, but we need to get there first.
  8. After a pretty gruelling match against Everton, I thought we did well. Ndidi excellent. JJ - great debut. All in all, very happy, and it was the exact same score when we beat Twatford in the very first League game at the KP (or the Alliance Leicester Stadium, as it was then). Onto Villa...
  9. Serves the Spuds right for playing someone called Troy Parrott.
  10. Memories of 1974 FA Cup 4-0 win and Weller’s wonder goal.
  11. For me Fuchs keeps his place, Praet is knocking on the door and Albrighton has to start.
  12. Benevolent owners? Read this: https://medium.com/@NcGeehan/the-men-behind-man-city-a-documentary-not-coming-soon-to-a-cinema-near-you-14bc8e393e06
  13. Hopefully that’s the last we see of Gray in a Leicester shirt. Get rid. Chilwell, £75m to Man City? Yes please. Macguire to Manu? Cheerio. Rodgers has a big building job to do. Shinji, Fuchs, Iheanacho, Gray, Ghezzal, Chilwell, Macguire all out. Many holes to fill. Wes our best player tonight, which says a lot about the rest of the team. The weekend was over before it had begun. Poor.
  14. Finally managed to sort out baby sitter after date change (Missus booked night out before me), so I’ll just be pleased to be there. Really looking forward to it now. Geordies always make a noise and still need points, so should be good atmosphere. Hopefully the upward curve will continue.
  15. This thread confirms why I love Leicester City fans so much. Very much made me smile on a grey Sunday morning. Geddit?
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