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  1. Really hope this does not get done . Terrible business !
  2. I think up to the sale of HM it was a excellent window. Pity we did not follow Crystal Palace and not sell one of our best players. If we had replaced (and we certainly had the money) I would have been really excited but I fear CS will just make too many mistakes. He reminds me of Titus Bramble who could look solid and play superbly for 85 minutes and then totally crash and burn.. Really hope I am proved wrong but I think the decision not to bring in a quality replacement will cost us big time.I understand we want value for money but sometimes it is necessary to play slightly more than you believe a player is worth to fill a urgent gap., just like Man Utd did in burying Harry. If the decision not to replace was JR then he is wrong. To be honest I have never liked him and think the club has out grown his abilities. I hope this stupid decision does not frustrate the progress we are all looking forward too.The club had clearly stated that there was a cut off point beyond which we would not sell Harry this window. I can't believe that that point was only 4 days before the window shut ! It was naive to believe that any selling club would not demand a premium when they knew we were desperate. What happend to the 48hr plan we had for replacement ??.
  3. I think the time has already been reached where we say no . There is no guarantee that any club we approach for a replacement will agree to sell and the roles would then be reversed with us paying over the odds trying to get a deal done. 90M is a fair price in these circumstances.Don't think there is anything imminent or he would not be in the squad for tomorrow. If he is withdrawn then ............
  4. This is an agent trying to ramp up the pressure on Top. The only time Maguire shook the hand of Vichai was on a very lucrative 5 year contract last year.which he now appears intent on breaking. Respect for Leicester my a**e. Wish he would hurry up and get lost. Pay the asking price and he can go . Simple
  5. If true I think he very replaceable . To take a player who until the end of Hulls relegation season was not even in the first team to a world record fee in 2years is superb business. Is he worth that fee certainly not . He is good but not great. I wish him good luck but am certain he will be found out quickly. Man City knew what he was worth . However he must be replaced because from what I have seen in pre-season Evans is our best defender by miles but the others leave a great deal to be desired.
  6. Think this is a calculated shot across the bows of any interested parties, put up or shut up very soon !
  7. I think his agent is trying to ramp up the pressure without committing to a particular solution. To say I would like to leave is not the same as handing in a transfer request. Presumably a formal transfer request negates any loyalty bonus whereas if we just accept a Man Utd offer he can claim the bonus on top of any signing on fee. I think two things need to happen, first a offer that meets the clubs valuation and a formal transfer request, other than that he stays. I would be very surprised, and disappointed if club alter their stance on the fee . I know I am old fashioned and behind the times but for all his protestations of how much he owes Leicester for his current success, to play for the club for two seasons, sign a long term contract and then to leave for a club in ciaos that can't offer European football makes him a hypocrite.If it was Man City I could understand his desire a little more.I would just say stand firm Top !!!
  8. Absolutely. but as OGS said last week they ARE Man Utd.
  9. Think Fergie had the luck of a superb crop of youngsters hitting the first team together, Without Mark Robins goal he had gone.
  10. Agreed ! I wonder how difficult we will be if Monaco come calling. I do feel quite sorry for AS he knows as it stands he won't start for us and at his age he needs to be playing but I think I read we had enquires from elsewhere but no firm offers. Still time.
  11. Absolutely correct. They only have then selves to blame.
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