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  1. This, if true, is a giant step backwards. He will be injured a great deal. Wrong age. Will cost an absolute fortune . Definite no for me.
  2. Me too . When you watch the chance Chelsea had just before half time HM just doesn't see the run and let him go . JE was marking the front post . Happen far far to often for me .
  3. I remain convinced that had personal issues not intervened and with the addition of Kante he would have led us to the prem title. CR was a very personable man but think most of the credit lies with NP
  4. I think going forward and passing left a lot to be desired but he was certainly one of the best defensive right backs to have worn a Leicester shirt. As others have said he was imminence during our prem winning team. I wish him good luck for the rest of his career !!
  5. I admit it was a woeful miss and a ridiculous booking BUT with the formation we play it is very difficult to play in front of Vardy including any new signings we make.SO is leaving because he wants to play as a striker and he knows he will never be picked for that role in front of JV. I still think he is young and has potential hence the clauses Man City insisted on when he arrived. I was encouraged by last pre-season and you can only be sharp by playing You cannot expect to be match ready when all you get is the odd 5mins here and there.Nigeria still rate him very highly. I would give him another year under BR . He is still very young and his confidence is shot.
  6. Really happy. Thought they would have increase prices this year !!
  7. I honestly did not want to finish 7th. With a small squad it is poisoned challis Everton , Burnley et al. The competition starts far to early in the pre-season. I want the squad to have a proper summer break that most did not get last year because of the world cup. Give BR the whole of the pre-season to bed in the new players ( hopefully) . and work with squad so we hit the ground running next season. An early start would mean the possible outgoings (Maguire) would not be sorted so players that may be going would have to report back to training with us. I think that would be just disruptive.Having said that I genuinely believe we will challenging 7/6 next year. Can't wait !!
  8. A great player ! Think JM and Wilf are plating much better since he joined . This and a striker a must this summer !
  9. Good luck and welcome. Would not have been my pick BUT we get behind the lads and the new gaffer !!
  10. I genuinely don't know what to think. Performances at home are not good enough bur just don't know how far to blame CP. Against Cardiff we loose to a superb finish but should have been winning and yesterday Mendy doesn't implode we win the game. The manager cannot be blamed for missing a penalty or for suicidal defensive mistakes.We desperately need a big striker and an attacking midfielder. Is this down to bad recruitment?? The DOF has shoulder some of the blame. Without getting too silly the goal keepers distribution is awful it was another terrible pass that put us under pressure that led to the penalty.He has no pressure but seems incapable of consistently finding his target. Having said all of that just can't see CP sorting the issues out . He does not seem to have the squads support and without it his position becomes untenable.
  11. A truly awful day . I remember the old days when the worry was not what position in the Prem we are but if we would have a club at all. The owners have been fantastic for our great club ,the City and the wider football family.My thoughts are with Top and the rest of the family. RIP !!!
  12. I understand that and I just think we needed a striker as back up. The way we play it need not have been a target man . As a loan I would have taken Ings etc
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