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  1. Think this is a calculated shot across the bows of any interested parties, put up or shut up very soon !
  2. I think his agent is trying to ramp up the pressure without committing to a particular solution. To say I would like to leave is not the same as handing in a transfer request. Presumably a formal transfer request negates any loyalty bonus whereas if we just accept a Man Utd offer he can claim the bonus on top of any signing on fee. I think two things need to happen, first a offer that meets the clubs valuation and a formal transfer request, other than that he stays. I would be very surprised, and disappointed if club alter their stance on the fee . I know I am old fashioned and behind the times but for all his protestations of how much he owes Leicester for his current success, to play for the club for two seasons, sign a long term contract and then to leave for a club in ciaos that can't offer European football makes him a hypocrite.If it was Man City I could understand his desire a little more.I would just say stand firm Top !!!
  3. Absolutely. but as OGS said last week they ARE Man Utd.
  4. Think Fergie had the luck of a superb crop of youngsters hitting the first team together, Without Mark Robins goal he had gone.
  5. Agreed ! I wonder how difficult we will be if Monaco come calling. I do feel quite sorry for AS he knows as it stands he won't start for us and at his age he needs to be playing but I think I read we had enquires from elsewhere but no firm offers. Still time.
  6. Absolutely correct. They only have then selves to blame.
  7. I don't care if he puts in a transfer request. If the clubs valuation is not met he stays. Gone are the days where have to sell or are intimidated by so called bigger clubs. Saying all of that, do I think he is worth 90M. No i don't. It may be his 'value' is about as good as it gets. I don't think Man City will pay more than 70M as they are fully aware of his weaknesses but Man Utd are desperate so you never know.
  8. Would be another signing with potential and one we can add value. This could be the best transfer window yet.
  9. jock2612


    If this really is completed it is HUGE and a real statement of intent. It is still a tad raw but Top is very serious regarding Vichai legacy.What a ride we are on !!!!
  10. A typical LCFC signing. Young,talented and someone who we can develop and add value. A very good start !!
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