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  1. I think the wages are more of a problem than transfer fees. Lots of transfer money is just going round in circles with one club giving it to another, then they pass it on to another. The wages have been out of control for many years and the public just can't identify with it. It may be that eventually enough lose interest in it because of this, then the broadcasters will have a problem and if the revenue disappears, clubs will also have a problem with players on huge wages and long contracts.
  2. Great that this is happening and thanks to those who have organised it. I do have concerns... - possible chaos if too many arrive at the start point -problems with the normal in-coming matchday traffic Hopefully this has all been planned for and there is no need to worry.
  3. The obvious solution is for somebody else to do the after-match interviews - the only problem being that RL would need another body as the presenter needs to continue from the stands and it doesn't seem like a job for Piper. As a few have said, it seems like a good time for this to be put to bed, but you can't blame the club for continuing their stance.
  4. The other clubs are doing something to show their support during our difficult time, I don't have a problem with it. I cant see how it can be thought of as a 'marketing exercise'. I thank them all for what they have done.
  5. He is saying how amazing it is that he is thought of in such high regard despite the average supporter not knowing about much of his generosity.
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