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  1. We are currently a shade of odds on to make the top 4 with the bookies, so still more rather than less likely to make it, if you trust their oddsmakers. Chelsea and Liverpool are similarly priced and West Ham are the outsiders of the party at 2s. So right now, we are considered to be twice more likely than the Hammers to make the top 4. Of course, we could both bomb out and LFC and Chelsea take the places. Let's hope the multiple cup distractions continue for Chelsea. At a similar stage last season we were 1/6 to make top 4, so it's is a much tighter affair this time r
  2. We need Maddison to get us over the line for top 4 in my opinion. Without him, we won't. I'm as disappointed by his and the other players' actions as everyone here. It shows a complete lack of respect. But there really is no point cutting your nose off to spite your face. Us fans can be incredibly fickle at times and that also means forgiving. If Maddison makes a valuable contribution to the remainder of the season, who knows even scores the winner in the cup final, all of the anger on here will have evaporated. Think Beckham/ Simeone. A few have also stated that the p
  3. LFC are interested in signing him. We'd get 75 mill. He clearly isn't that interested in LCFC (if golfing rumours are true).
  4. Would be nice to compete in our remaining games for the full 90 mins rather than the last 20, which coincided with Albrighton's entry. Need to show his levels of commitment and urgency if we aren't to implode again.
  5. I'm a huge fan of Frances McDormand and her performances in Blood Simple, Fargo and 3 Billboards were all incredible. So I was greatly looking forward to watching Nomadland. I can't knock her performance again, stellar as ever. However, the film itself although an admirable and worthy commentary on the ills of American society, didn't really fulfil its primary purpose for me, which was to entertain. In summary, could have done with a few more car chases.
  6. Incredibly ungrateful, entitled behaviour and unlike his serene play on the field, classless. I was at Goodison when he boycotted the game that night. We were utterly wretched, EFC were abysmal at the time, but with your star man going on strike a few hours earlier you can totally understand why.
  7. Loved that one! Also Bolton away to secure prem footy...oh Lloyd Dier!!
  8. Better team (by far) won. No complaints. Move on to West Ham. We go again.
  9. He may play on the edge of the laws of the game, and wound a lot of us up today, but Fernandinho is an incredible player let's be honest about it, and prob one of Pep's first picks today. You.just don't get any rest from him.
  10. Watched The Road for the second time last night about 10 years after originally watching it. What a tremendous film! And I only noticed this time round the superb cameos from.Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce!
  11. Collymore's v Sunderland (I think!) Was pretty exceptional but the two best goals I ve seen live were Knockeart's scorpion kick v Huddersfield and Mahrez's v Man City.
  12. Yes mate and he ruined them. Set at least one up for Dodo's hat trick but he was all over the pitch that night, a real pocket battleship.
  13. Who was at Bury away for his debut when he ran the show? Ranieri had to give him a run out in the prem after that.
  14. Ex Machina is an enjoyable film and I can see the link to provoking thought, certainly with Arrival and Moon, maybe not Blade Runner 2049. Arrival, for me though, is one of the greatest films of the century, and in a different category to these.
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