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  1. Strangely enough, Welbeck's stoppage time winner in our championship winning year. Totally devastated. Soon got over it though!
  2. No, it hasn't got any better the day after. The excuses given for the collapse were not credible. That then eats into your belief in the credibility of the management. We don't want excuses any more, we want results.
  3. The biggest bottle job in prem history was Liverpool 2013/14 (Gerrard slip). 5 points clear with 3 matches to go. Bookies had already paid out as winners.
  4. I'm just not having that excuse that he wasn't playing that well. It makes no sense at all. Often strikers are subbed for being anonymous, but Kelechi was one of the most prominent players on the pitch first half. Sure he could maybe have played Vardy in when he took a shot at the edge of the box, but there again, the shot could have gone in or rebounded to Vardy. And he lost possession in final third but tracked back well to try and recover it. But his sheer presence and showing for the ball - and wanting it- unsettled their back four, created untold space for the likes of Tielemens, Perez, Justin - the likes of which we haven't seen for months. Iheanacho's industry was the catalyst for that space. How Rodgers couldn't see that, and furthermore tried to defend his actions, is troubling and pretty unforgiveable.
  5. Same reason he took him off v Palace when he was most dangerous player on the pitch. No reason.
  6. Relegation form this year. Even Norwich and Bournemouth have owned us.
  7. Same reason he was v Palace. Absolutely no reason at all. Rodgers got away with it then, but not now. Unforgiveable.
  8. 100% of our making this. Total negative football ,zero attacking threat, zero energy, abysmal.
  9. Ultra negative last 30 mins. Totally warranted
  10. Say man u win 3 and get a draw out of next 4. We win 2 and lose 1. That will put us on equal points going into the crunch final game v them. So we would "just" need not to lose to them!!
  11. We will need to get 9 points from our remaining 5 matches. It's do-able. I think Chelsea will get 10 points max from their remaining fixtures, which means we'll qualify for Champs league (on GD) with 9 more points. 3 wins out of 5 🙏
  12. In hindsight, very glad Brendan made the "wrong" decision to sub Nacho and keep Vardy on. He got lucky with his first goal but that was the old Vards for his second, and just the tonic for his confidence. Great achievement to get 100 prem goals 👏👏👏
  13. when Maddison and Nacho came on they did what we've been crying out for. They ran into space and forced our back line and Ndidi to play it forward to the space. Tielemans is a completely different animal when it's short sharp passing, mostly forward in their final third. He comes alive, and when him and Maddison are on song, we look so good (first half of season). We were showing flashes of that first part of second half. But Maddison being moved back 10 yards and Tielemans subbed just snuffed out that real threat, and that was that: back to backwards, sideways utterly meaningless and time wasting possession nonsense.
  14. That lack of urgency when we're behind borders on criminal. We got what we deserved there, again. Absolutely nothing.
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