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  1. Spurs fans bought £100k worth of virtual tickets to compensate Marine for loss of revenue for today's FA cup game. They get plenty of stick on this forum, most of it deserved, but that is a class act from their fan base and one that I'd hope our supporters would replicate.
  2. The thunderbolt v blackpool away about 10 years ago was one of my favourite moments. He was a key player in our div 1 to prem recovery. And as a prem league winner, a bonafide Leicester legend 👌⚽️👏
  3. He was great in supporting Barnes in the run that led to the first goal. His first instinct is to attack from defence which is really great to see. I'd say he still needs to improve on general distribution and decision making. He was also taking 5 to 6 touches at the back today when Evans takes 2 to 3, so needs to speed that up a little. But that will all come with experience. Going to be some player in a few years and hopefully still with us!
  4. My Evertonian friends currently going ballistic after the EFC defeat to the Hammers. Particularly scathing of Richarlison. Consensus is they need 4-5 new personnel in. They nearly all rate Gray. If we could trade them Gray, Perez and Hamza (Mendy if pushed) for Richarlison, it would be grand larceny on an even greater scale than the recent Maguire and Childwell "heists"! Richarlison is 100% Vardy's best long term replacement long for me.
  5. In December 2019, we were 1/7 shots to finish in the top 4. When Liverpool beat Man City 2013/14 season and the prophetic Gerrard rallying cry of "we must not let this slip", they were 2/13 shots to win the title. On both occasions, Rodgers was at the helm - an unhappy coincidence. We therefore bottled it last season more than Liverpool did in their infamous "Gerrard slip" season, purely from an odds perspective. And make no bones about it, that ending to our 2020 season was horrendous, and the players and coaching staff *did* collectively bottle it, and to an embarras
  6. It's incredible that he's performing at the level he is for his age. And by doing this, he should have bought us the time we needed to source a quality replacement. But that time is running out fast now. We missed out on both Bowen and Watkins past couple of seasons. Decent players, particularly Bowen, but in reality, neither would've been the solution. For me, Richarlison would've been the ideal replacement but he wouldn't move sideways to us even if we did find the £75+ million. The obvious solution is Barnes. His movement is great, his finishing is impro
  7. Last time I looked, every game in the prem was worth the same. You can't expect to prioritise one prem game over another and get away with it. 3 points is 3 points. Always field your strongest team in the prem. Period!!
  8. 9 bookable fouls from Fernandes I counted there. Protection that the bigger clubs get is beyond ridiculous. Good point though 👏
  9. Great win, and superb as Mendy has been covering for him while injured, Wilf showed today that he is world class.
  10. We must defend corners better. We must defend corners better. We must defend corners better. We must defend corners better. We must defend corners better. ......
  11. Can't defend corners but have given away at least 4 soft corners so far including that one. The goal was inevitable.
  12. It's not about being entitled or realistic. We just have to accept that this season we're going to be predictably unpredictable. Probably best to go into each match with fairly low expectations and be pleasantly surprised like today. Btw, the expectations are lower when we're at home.
  13. It doesn't matter which tactics Brendan employed last night, including which personnel he employed. We were outclassed by one of the two best club teams in the world, albeit it was their "B team". Put it another way, based on the performances last night, which of our players on the field would have got in their B team? Answer? Not one - including Vardy. Sacrilege, I know, but Jota, Firminho and Mané absolutely destroyed us, and it should have been 6.
  14. Outclassed. Comprehensively too. Only positive was that Justin stepped up and showed he can cut it at that level.
  15. He's now showing elements of his game that I didn't know existed. That moment today where he was in precarious position outside our box. Not only did he shield the ball perfectly, he outmuscled his man, took the ball forward, sprayed it out right and started an attack. Undroppable.
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