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  1. Burnley been trying to sign Joe Worrall this week. Replacement?
  2. The Facebook groups are as bad. Where can I watch the city game tonight? Replies with absolute certainty: It's on the LCFC website. It's on YouTube. It's on BBC red button. It's on Sky. FFS.
  3. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but where is Wilf? 🤔
  4. Steve Lynex would have to be up there. 21 successful pens in a row all bar 1 or 2 in the same corner.
  5. Great picture and I can see myself. Thanks for posting! Either April 84 2-0 win or October 84 5-0 win I think.
  6. Us old uns will remember when all of our midweek fixtures kicked off at 7.30. Think it changed to 7.45 in the late 70s or early 80s but no idea why.............
  7. Time to revive a 2016 classic: We're on our way, We're on our way, To the Champions League, We're on our way, How do we get there I don't know, Follow Brendan and Kolo, Pack your bags cos Leicester's on their way.
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