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  1. Kanté is better. Wilf has the potential to be as good, though. It just depends if he can generate as big an engine as Kanté has. Plenty of time. I'm not certain i found FC Leicester that funny. Kanté has built a reputation of this lovable, humble bloke. How come we just happen to be the only thing he dumps on. Not precisely humble the way he left us.
  2. Just watching What We Do In The Shadows. Funny stuff.
  3. Kanté for five million. And sold for thirty. Both of those figures still blow my mind. Both so, so low.
  4. I'll admit...he's starting to look the part. The thing is he needs to improve his passing. That's his problem.
  5. Possibly to do with low slung terrace roofing amplifying it.
  6. And deservedly so. He's been really positive these last few games. This shouldn't be a surprise, UniFox, as people rarely set out to eviscerate a man. The reason he was attractive so much negativity was that he was a negative to the team. I'd be mindful of not starting him for a little while yet, confidence isn't built in a day, but this has been a really promising run of form for him.
  7. I'll watch the interview here but I've serious reservations. Happy to have my mind changed, however. The wrestling thing was more of an example of his ability to be a chameleon to suit his own purpose. He was all about bringing the 'class' and what not into boxing. Until he wanted to be accepted in America, then it was Stars and Stripes and wrestling.
  8. Absolutely. Got rid of some weight to be sure. I just suspect, very heavily, that the depression was absolute bollocks and he is laying it on for sympathy. I've had some closer experience with depression and it doesn't fit for me.
  9. Aye. I've never heard of that demographic being known for their salesmanship. If it's out of line by all means remove it.
  10. Maybe I'm a dash more cynical then, but nothing I've seen makes me think otherwise. This wrestling thing...I thought his big aim was to make boxing respectable again? Or was it to prove he was hungry again? Or that he wanted to win something again? He says what people want to hear, and the IBC and so on didn't want to hear that he was wealthy, young, and having fun. He's a gypsy, let's not forgot, and without typecasting too broadly they're not known for their honesty and integrity. The reason he didn't get back in the ring with Wlad was because it would'
  11. It absolutely is accurate. He took two years off on the gear and and just said 'demons', immediately absolved him.
  12. Love to see him there. They need someone who takes charge of the club top to bottom. He never had that at Utd and it clearly isn't his style.
  13. Hahaha. I might have thought this was an Athletic article; the real worry in the Americanisation of British sport media.
  14. https://www.google.com/search?q=ap+style+guide+pdf&oq=ap+style+guide&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.3407j0j4&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Here's the AP style guide, as mentioned above, have at it. I can't see anything about referring to collective in singular. Again. It is worth objecting to.
  15. It's not about nefarious intentions. It's about the fact that this will change over time and I wholly disagree with it. So I like to point out our now and again. I wish there were a cabal.
  16. I doubt very much a style guide would concern itself with the use of pronouns. At best there will be recommendations for language use, but certainly it wouldn't be as specific as 'use only these pronouns when referencing a football team'. Also, I highly doubt the editor of a gigantic paper is passing that close a rule over the 'soccer' pages. You're just explaining it away. Regardless, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't object to the Americanisation of Football. Surely you're not blind to the fact that there has Benn a gigantic shift in sports journalism in the very re
  17. Burnley aren't. They've gone to rat shit. Watford are also crap.
  18. The American audience is far, far greater Once that becomes the established and dominant interest, and of course financial contributor, then what do you think will happen? That's what is slowly happening. That's the line people are taking - Americanisation of football - and there's huge indicators of it slowly happening. It doesn't mean it should be slowly swallowed without resistance.
  19. Yea fam me Dad used to live in Stevenage and i was there once when I was a boy you know?
  20. He's from London though. ****ing United fans are absolute glory hunting scum ain't they?
  21. He's a scumbag. All the 'changed man' and 'demons' patter was just a cynicsl attempt to harvest the public trust. The bloke is a cash hungry knob. Its no surprise.
  22. It is the first steps towards 'soccer franchise'. In England teams are a joint. Its the sum of the parts rather than a single entity. 'they' and 'we' fit much better. These are important distinctions to observe.
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