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  1. So you do acknowledge he is a tad nutty then
  2. Pffft has none of the eloquence of Adolf
  3. Big Tesco store my side of town does this but every other store I've been in does not bother either.
  4. To be fair, the masks are not going to be medical grade, (since they are in short supply and cost a bit plus would need constant changing,) and for normal breathing will not do much, they are more to inhibit a person who has the virus through catching the droplets released by coughing, though if you are coughing that much you should not be in a supermarket anyway. The real problem is the two meter gap which is hard to keep since peeps shop at different speeds and an aisle can bunch up pretty fast, myself I try to get in and out fast as I can with as little interaction as possible and if
  5. Well, if he catches it from this gathering and ends up fighting for his life in hospital, he will be a number and maybe even just a statistic.
  6. Unfortunately was just not good enough at Prem level, just seemed to have serious lapses in concentration when it really mattered.
  7. Get rid, utter waste of time with the way its been handled.
  8. Nicky Mohan, considering he was brought in to bolster us when we first went up into the Prem was a bit of a waste of cash
  9. Was having a clear out of my downstairs cupboard and found what was left of my Vinyl collection, Roxy music, a pet shop boys double album, Queens greatest 1 and 2, Annie Lenox Diva and about 6 others, right next to my old PS1 in its box. They do not make singers like this anymore.
  10. From what I remember he was pretty much a nothing player with potential and the management team had to work with him. He became a regular, made himself a household name and we won the title and then it started to go downhill from there with his obsessive airplane spotting pastime
  11. Got The Hunted for £3.70 on DVD, saw it once on late night TV in the 90s and loved it, nothing like the guy from Highlander, Christopher Lambert, being in between a feud between a Samurai and a secretive Ninja group.
  12. I'm trying to think of anything they make these days that I watch, MoTD I can do without, not much else there TBH
  13. Canadian police forcefully arrested a girl cosplaying in her job outside a restaurant on May 4th, the owner even shouts at them but they hand cuff her and give her a bloody nose.
  14. What really makes that film is the final five minutes, was like but not for the reasons the audience was expecting.
  15. Used to have a lot of these season reviews on VHS but got rid a decade ago due to lack of room and tapes wearing out.
  16. My current dvd collection includes these LCFC dvds The Finals set 2 play off wins and 2 league cup wins Martin O'Neill LC legend Thank you for your support, your club, your city The official history season review 08/09 ………………..09/10 ………………..13/14 Fearless...…….14/15 Champions...….15/16 Fearless Foxes, our story.....15/16
  17. Not a picture but a video that I came across on YouTube, from a channel about ye olden day rogues and cads, that left me gob smacked and laughing, really surprised it had not been flagged by someone.
  18. Ah poodles, gonna have to wait and see if Westworld gets a season 4. Bit miffed they strung this out and left so many questions instead of putting in more of the story
  19. Got it on Bluray, was a fun movie, loved the Shining part, Zemeckis cube and keeping an eye out for all the little things in the background.
  20. Good movie, slow paced but powerfully acted.
  21. Still awaiting the third movie so long promised but the first two were pleasant surprises,
  22. OK have to ask, The Lone Ranger, not seen it but was it as bad as is made out?
  23. Best policy these days for games and movies it seems
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