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  1. Though they'd put that out already, read about that over the weekend.
  2. Do not know if I've had it but my cough is still here if ever so slightly decreasing a minor fraction day by day, not constant but have little fits every now and again plus last night was quite uncomfortable with shortness of breath at times, got the cough a week after feeling ill and that was the day after the Villa home match.
  3. Considering the daily death rate, relaxing this quite lax lockdown now would make the past 2/3 weeks a waste of time and historians would probably see any such thing as laughable. I'd expect this current form of lockdown to last into May at least, that is my guess on things.
  4. ithuriel


    Always find things like this interesting.
  5. Things like this need to be said otherwise there are peeps who just will not take in what is actually happening. You see those video blogs from nursing staff with awful comments from idiots but if the message is put out there enough, maybe even they will get the idea. You take care and stay safe.
  6. Edited versions anyway unfortunately.
  7. If Dianne said that I think most everyone would be amazed that she had improved so much
  8. Heard Dianne is scouring the world looking for Ventriloquists to help in this time of need
  9. I think the reason we are less shocked is simply that an accident, terror attack is a surprise, with this virus, we know these deaths are coming Some of the stuff in this video is interesting.
  10. Until a test that can tell if you've had it is available, it is that old saying, how long is a length of rope.
  11. If they open up again too soon, they will get clobbered by this virus.
  12. I'm pretty susceptible to the flu/colds, I usually get hit every winter, this current one though was a worry, a few times at night I had to take deep breaths over the first couple of weeks because I felt breathless.
  13. No, the Xmas bug was just a flu going round then that most everyone I know had and only lasted a couple of weeks, this current bug is longer lasting and caused me way more issues.
  14. Well, was ill over Xmas with a flu like bug that lasted a couple of weeks, then caught a cold but recovered a week before the Villa Monday night game but became ill with a flu like bug just after the game that caused me to take time off from work and that is taking forever to fully get rid of, the only symptom's I have remaining now is a tickly cough and a warm, dry feeling on the front of my chest above where the heart would be and reduced energy levels. Since I've not been to hospital I have not been tested.
  15. Put this up before
  16. Still got it, when he was going on about calculations then missed the moon
  17. Red Dwarf the promised land was better than I thought it would be, well worth a watch if you like the boys from the Dwarf
  18. Reminds me of that World of Warcraft event with the blood plague that scientist studied to see how peeps would act in the event of an epidemic, some people just do not care and go out of their way to harm others. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/the-researchers-who-once-studied-wows-corrupted-blood-plague-are-now-fighting-the-coronavirus/
  19. This is my second week of furlough, not certain though when I'm getting paid from this week on.
  20. Watched a DVD I've had for sometime but never watched, bought it and was left in a box, was a pretty decent war film based on a true story. After watching a few more extras, videos etc., apparently they tried to make this movie historically accurate, even though some of it feels cliched, it was in the book or came from the advisors who were there.
  21. Be like this and not this
  22. I'm not but I'm a pessimistic optimist anyways.
  23. I'd have tasered the bint
  24. Can only wish you all the best, I overheard a nurse here a few weeks ago saying she had been told to move into a hotel room to stay apart from her family, not a good thing.
  25. From all I've seen and read, basically your body has to do it's own thing, there is no cure, here's hoping he pulls through but maybe it will give the idiots pause for thought that anyone can catch it and fall ill.
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