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  1. Love ships so historical videos like this really do float my boat.
  2. Bygone days when games were just fun, nothing more, used to like playing the Terminator 2 arcade game at the old bowling place where Debenhams is now, also did the quasar thing in there a few times too even if it did feel a little silly.
  3. No offense but look things up yourself, you cant be spoiled and I'm not going to go through tons of videos etc., Just one video by some non white guy in the States, the funniest ones from a few weeks ago were where they flagged two channels belonging to lawyers but as stated I'm not trawling through hundreds of videos. All they had to do was ignore the leaks and this might have blown over but they turned it into a soap opera in which so many on YouTube is getting involved in, I still cant get my head around them doing this.
  4. Then do it instead of flapping your mouth, if all you want to do is buy something to virtue signal, why stand between a fool and his money
  5. The Sarky woman was mentioned ages ago but the soap opera going on online is how Sony etc., have handled the leaks and flouted copyright laws, which I do not like, they made a real mess out of it.
  6. Well, pre order it instead of flapping your mouth as per usual and go for the special edition if you want to support these companies, I'm prepared to wait and see since I do not like to waste my hard earned money
  7. Also the way ND and Sony have handled the whole affair leaves a really bad taste in the mouth, As for my mood, I'm a bit fed up because I find it difficult to sleep sometimes because my chest is still giving me grief at times so sorry if I flew off the handle.
  8. Just not in the mood. As per what I've said before, wait for reviews the buyer can trust before spending hard earned cash one way or the other. Personally I'm going to wait and see, not like the price is going to increase at all if I was to buy it.
  9. That's just one person of many talking about the shit storm over this game and was the latest video at the time of posting as an example, it is a soap opera and is not looking good, that's why I stated reviews since he himself has said he is not interested in buying the game, not video blogs or paid for websites but reviews the buyer can trust, Sony has not handled this well at all.
  10. Returned to watching Anime after seven odd years, binged The Promised Neverland which was a good horror story with a second season lined up, Demon Slayer which is a really good shounen with at times stunningly beautiful art and a gorgeous soundtrack, with yet again a second season and movie in the pipeline and might look at a few others that peeps are talking about.
  11. No cut for two months now, not overly bothered to be honest.
  12. Well, the soap opera is ongoing, I'd only go from reviews you can absolutely 100% trust
  13. Celtic and Rangers are clubs I care nothing for in a shit league, why keep harping on about them, unless we were to play them in Europe they are of little relevance and the fact a manager like Brendan walked out on them during the season to come to a club not in Europe says a lot.
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    Been watching some of the meltdown of this on YouTube since content creators use both and a lot of peeps are unhappy with this person, who is continuing to shoot their mouth it seems. Along with the Last of us 2 and Sony/Muso stuff that is now leading to legal actions being taken against Sony, these media platforms are more entertainment than current TV.
  15. Well, there was always the series
  16. Had some major coughing fits again last night and could not sleep so stayed up watching Anime online, The Promised Neverland which would make a good live action horror. Started this anime too, a shonen made by Ufotable, so the art is amazing and its supposed to be up there with FMA Brotherhood, guilty pleasure but enjoyable to watch. The character themes in Demon Slayer are fantastic.
  17. Problem with Warcraft is it was made about the original game, it should have been the really popular undead plague story and the Lich Kings destruction of Lordaeron and the high elf kingdom. Sphere is a really enjoyable movie, probably Sharon Stones best alongside Hoffman and Jackson.
  18. £465 for me, strangely I get a lot of LCFC store Emails and promotional stuff but am not getting much from the ticket office since the start of the season, makes me wonder if the departments all use the same Email or if the ticket office is sending stuff to my old Email address. Current one is nominating LCFC champions, peeps who have done stuff in the community but since I've seen so few peeps these past two months for me at least it is a pointless Email.
  19. Well, cant see any matches played with a crowd so wondering what they have planned.
  20. They just took the payments then nothing mentioned and you have those that bought cup tickets too of course.
  21. They continued to take the payments for last season then nothing mentioned, not a peep from the club yet.
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    I do not use Twitch but wow, seen this on a few YouTube channels now but
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