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  1. Thought I was watching a JJ Abrams movie there for a second
  2. Kisnorbo was being played in midfield and was awful, truly terrible game after game and it got to the point where his name was booed when announced, then he was switched to centre half and bang, a player reborn.
  3. But Liverpool normally fall apart after Xmas, don't they?
  4. Christ, if that happened it would be funny as hell, feel a bit sorry for the Saints but Arsenal I'd be hitting their Facebook page to take the piss
  5. Guy sounds shell shocked,.....or pissed Do feel kinda sorry for the guy.
  6. What a complete ****wit that **** is, I ****ing hate ***** like that. the complete twat
  7. If you ease off when you have no need to, you do the entire sport a disservice and you run the risk of your dropping your tempo turning the game in a direction that is not so beneficial to you.
  8. Champions league and a cup would be amazing
  9. My first live game, a miserable grey wet day against Oxford at home in the season we were promoted under Little, was sat in the upper tier of the double decker and was hooked even though it was not that good a game.
  10. My take on watching him down at the ground, is that he has the talent but at times is phoning it in, not making runs and pulling out of challenges and peeps see this straight away, Ricardo on the other side does have bad days but he never gives less than 100% so he is not picked on. Part of the reason was an injury he had and maybe he is afraid of getting seriously clattered, maybe he is too comfortable knowing he has the left back spot and England place pretty much locked down at present, who knows but he is not at his best and it shows. The transfer rumours do not help when he is n
  11. If it was the opposite, Evans was a striker in the box and Wood clipped him like that, would it be a penalty?
  12. So glad no Leicester player was involved in this debacle
  13. It has not just shown up this so called democracy but it has also shown what an absolute shitshow our parliament is these days, every single one of them that sits in there should feel ashamed but none of them ever will.
  14. Got to admit, he has surprised me and it is always nice to be surprised in such a way.
  15. Yeah, Email survey, lots of questions about where youd like to sit, what you would like to pay, whether you buy food in or outside the stadium etc.,
  16. It could have ended his career, I could have won the lottery yesterday, Bruce as a manager is fluent in IFS, Coulds, and Maybes, because he IS not that good a manager and needs to play the blame game because it detracts from his failings. He is certainly no Benitez and I'd be surprised if Newcastle survive this season.
  17. Got to feel for the fans, Bury were promoted last season? and I bet a fair few fans forked out for shirts and season tickets just to see their club destroyed by a parasite who will just move on. The Bolton fans must be sick because they are going the same way.
  18. My Bosch got quite noisy at times too, then something inside must have shattered or sheared and it sounded like a cement mixer. Had to put Drain on and then turn it off, open it up and hand wash because the drum was loose and that's it. It was only my second washer in 21 years actually, my first being an Indesit for about 7 years. The new Bosch machines are supposedly pretty quiet so just have to wait for it to be delivered and see.
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