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  1. Shakey Sacked

    Feel really bad for Shakey but this should have happened in the Summer. I know it might have been a bit harsh on him given how we played we he took over but I think you could tell towards the back end of the season that it was wearing off and it was more of the classic ‘new manager boost’ instead of tactical genius on Shakeys behalf, Wish him all the best in the future but it is the best for club, we have a squad good enough for a comfortable top half finish, let’s hope the new manager can get us playing like one
  2. Who plays up front with Vardy?

    I love Okazaki but every time I’ve seen Slimani this season he’s impressed me (the first half against Liverpool in the LC doesn’t count) and offers a bigger goal threat so I’ve gone for him. Kelchi is 3rd choice by a distance at this point
  3. A club in crisis

    When I read the title I thought it was an overreaction but read your post and you’re right, sadly. Not every signing can be a world beater but we are currently at a 1/5 ratio and whilst it’s early days this season for only Maguire to look like a nailed on starter isn’t good enough, Something has gone terribly wrong at this club since we won the title and for all the money spent the team is much worse. The Silva fiasco completely sums up how incompetent we have become off the pitch as well as off it, Success: Ndidi, Maguire Jurys’ Out: Ihenacho, Iborra, Slim Oh Dear: Mendy, Kaspustka, Musa, Hernandez, We should have used 15/16 as a base to establish ourselves as a top 8 side. We had CL football to offer and money to spend. What’s happened since has been nothing short of a disaster
  4. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    He will get October at least I think If we get less than 5 points from the home matches against West Brom and Everton and Away to Swansea he'll be gone
  5. Also what makes a 'top 6' club? It must just be based on last season then (didn't realise that was the cut off), I can't remember us kicking off that we didn't have enough TV money when we finished 1st! Seriously because it can't surely just be based on league position because this Europe Super League idea has been touted for 10 years or more, so say it happened in 2007/08, the top 6 would be Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and probably Everton and Aston Villa whilst we were playing Northampton away. Fast forward 10 years we've won the Premier League (whilst Liverpool and Spurs haven't), Man ****ing City are the richest club in the world and Villa are the division below Bournemouth playing Burton Albion in the league! The point is you cannot draw a line in the sand and say 'these are the top 6' because aside from Liverpool and Man United (maybe include Arsenal) who are the biggest English clubs worldwide by a mile, the rest are just flavours of the month.
  6. Might seem unrelated but I drove past Kettering's old ground Rockingham Road this morning and it is soon to be demolished. You can still see the old main stand and it just brought back memories of a proper old stadium with history and what it was like to like football growing up, My first thought after that is when you contrast that with what the Premier League has become and Sky with its gimmicks for armchair supports and 30% of a ground being filled with corporate and competition winners and it's actually a million miles away from what the game was for the first 100 years of its inception, Sky and the Premier League was a great invention when it was done but now its reached a point where it is ridiculous, WWE version of the game we love. They'd rather a player gets sent off for scandal than score a great goal. They'd rather debate a players antics in a nightclub instead of analysing a teams tactics. The game is a side note to the money it makes If this is true, it is only going one way eventually and that is a European Super League
  7. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Maybe not as close but they did it with De Gea which involved Man United and Real Madrid. They're pretty big clubs
  8. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    How do you usually win corner kicks? By attacking the opponents goal and playing in the final third. the fact is we were getting battered and had no outlet, how the goals finally came is almost irrelevant, it was on the cards one way or another
  9. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    We have had a tough set a fixtures and aside from the United game could have got at least a point from every game however his tactics are so naive and the subs are just baffling. Against Arsenal their defence was there for taking so what do we do? Bring Amartey on for Okazaki and invite an attack with Ozil, Welbeck and Lacazette onto us! Shock horror we can't cope, get overrun and concede 2. Today he brings Albrighton off for Slimani despite the fact that Albrighton is the only player who will put balls in the box to get the best from Slimani! Slimani as a result was a complete waste of time! As for Andy King getting 90mins. I have a lot of a respect for a player who has given 10 years of service to the club but he is not good enough and is out of his depth, it's not his fault but he's not up to it. Shakey is picking with his heart rather than head
  10. Man U 2 - Leices 0 Post match thread.

    I have only read the first few pages but my my god what a bunch of bedwetters a lot of you really are! We played Man United away (literally the most expensivly assembled squad in world football) and lose 2-0 Away. Did you expect us to have the majority of the ball and 7 clear cut chances?? Our defence was immense and every player gave 100% we were beaten by a much better team. Did you start supporting us in 2015?? This stuff happens and we'll be back next week and be fine. Trust me we'll be top half this season
  11. Arsenal post match 4-3

    People will point to the handball but that didn't lose that game, naive diabolical substitutions did that, For 20mins after we scored the third they did **** all. It was in the bag. Amartey for Okazaki😳 They were there for the taking and their defence is woeful however they are decent going forward so what do we do?? Invite them on to us, great
  12. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Mahrez puts his foot through that and we go in 2-1 up at half time....
  13. Arsenal Away 11 August

    Yeah it is ridiculous how long they've left it! It's not even on sale to all STH yet! Members will probably get the opportunity at 18.30 onwards on Friday!!
  14. Like (or don't mind) Celtic (family are Irish and all support this lot) Liverpool (see above) Sheffield Wednesday (always liked them but when we lost to them in 2008 to pretty much relegate us, I was stuck on a train with a load of them and they were sound. They could have been right pricks but they were like 'you'll come back up don't worry, chin up' Dortmund (don't know why) Hate Rangers Spurs (apart from recent years, the 99 league cup final has stuck with me all these years. I was 12 and when they scored, instead of celebrating what was surely a winner in a cup final they decided to throw coins at a child, nice bunch) Man United
  15. Your starting line ups vs Arsenal

    I love the debate and it's what a forum is about but i would be astonished if it wasn't the below, Schmeichel Simpson Maguire Morgan Fuchs Mahrez Ndidi Drinkwater Albrighton Vardy Iheanacho