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  1. It’s Catch Me If You Can and Tom Hanks is bizarrely a Villa fan
  2. There’s no chance of it happening here. We’re one of the worst effected countries by Covid but now with one of the best vaccination programmes. Even our government isnt that bloody stupid to throw that away for a 4 week jolly up. If the leaked ‘roadmap’ is to be believed, we’ll only just have been allowed to go indoors in a pub by the time this comes round never mind opening stadia up to fans from across the world! As sad as it seems I can’t see fans being allowed in no matter where it’s played
  3. Tenuous link but I’ll accept it
  4. Christ knows how this is in the Justin thread but I’ll follow suit, PSV we’re also set up for the workers of Phillips. In fact many people in the Netherlands refer to them as ‘Phillips’ still
  5. Robert Plant is a Wolves season ticket holder Surely we’ve got better than Sam Bailey??
  6. Zero sympathy for Klopp because as others have said he played an unnecessarily strong side against Villa in the cup and also did the same in a complete dead rubber in the CL when they’d already won the group and actually cost them Jota for 2 months! With that said, I’m not going to stick my boot into them because this plight they’re in currently was inevitable at some point. They’ve been exceptional, truly exceptional for nearly 3 years and that level of consistency is almost unheard of. Man City did pretty much the same but a year ahead of Liverpool and last year was their drop
  7. Don’t forget Wolves have also lost Jota, They’re a shadow of their former selves currently with Traore being very hit and miss, Neves having a poor season and their defence looking frail. Using the Jota money to sign an unproven 18 year old seemed odd at the time now it appears to be a massive error
  8. I don’t know why because we’ve played them plenty since, but today I was watching the game and it just exemplified just how far we’ve come as a club since we played the same opponent on that day in May 2008. Little did we know then that it would be the catalyst for the club to become what it is today Great performance
  9. Listen, I’m not happy at all with the team selection or formation but Jesus Christ let’s see how the game goes before throwing the toys out! If we win this we go within a point of the top. I swear I’d love to have seen some of the fans on here under Levine or Holloway!!
  10. We signed the lad for £20m we won’t sell in January for less than £35m. Not a chance in hell fiorentina have that sort of money. Non story
  11. Without doubt for me, he’s a game changing player who aside from Vardy is one of the few players we have who can win a game on his own with a bit of magic, The dreaded 5-2-2-1 hasn’t helped him at all because he’s not a winger so can’t run down the channels and has also been isolated in the final 1/3 as Vardy has been his only outlet. Play a system like last night and have Barnes, Under and Vardy ahead of him and he’ll be able to dictate things a lot more. As many others have said Rodgers obviously was waiting for Wilf to come back before going back to 4-3-3. Now that’s ha
  12. Even with their injuries they are a class football team. They’ll walk the league this year again especially when they get a few players back. Disappointing showing from our lads but I won’t lose any sleep over it
  13. Honestly feel free to correct me older fans but in my opinion I’ve been there for the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows, I was at Stoke in 2008 when the club dropped out of the top 2 divisions for the first time in its history and I have to say it felt bloody hopeless. Fortunately Nige came on board and the rest is history I was also there for Norwich, West Ham, Everton etc during the title winning season but the highest has to be Sevilla at home in the champions league knockout stages. The atmosphere was fuching unbelievable, twinned with the result and also
  14. I’m really an England fan at all, I’ll feign some interest during major tournaments but that’s about it but Fuch me Southgate is like a creativity vampire who will purposely set up a system to bring out the worst in his players. England could and should have one of the most exciting, attacking teams in the world with the players at their disposal. Yet a back 5 with both Rice and Henderson and a front three (all of whom are quality players) who have the pace of an asthmatic ant pulling an oil tanker. A fool could see it wouldn’t work.
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