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  1. Nope, 7th only qualifies for the Europa League if Man City win the FA Cup. Otherwise it’ll be 5th, 6th and the FA Cup winners
  2. It is incredible that 6 years after Fergie's retirement, Man United are still in need of a massive rebuild. It seems to need to happen every single summer! Granted the team Fergie left behind was undoubtedly the poorest to ever win a top division title but its been 6 years!! Their recruitment on a whole has been appalling.
  3. I brought that shirt for £5 on the last day of the 06/07 season. We got tonked 4-1 at home to Wolves with Iain Hume scoring our goal. Good times!
  4. I'm 32 actually. So not that old I would say and don't actually remember pre 1992 football first hand. It's just a fact that football did exist before this time
  5. Pardon me but I absolutely despise it when people talk about the Premier League and old First Division separately. They are the same competition! Yes they have a different governing body but on the pitch the winners become the English Football champions. I’ll leave such talk to Sky Sports who believe football was invented in 1992! Man United fans with their incredibly annoying ‘20 times’ chant don’t have a second verse saying ‘well actually, 7 old 1st Division Titles and 13 Premier Leagues!’ In 2016 we were Champions of England an absolutely incredible achievement and nothing any other team will do will take any gloss off that ever. But we’re not in a group of only 5 other teams to call ourselves Champions. That’s Sky talking
  6. They've had Champions League football for 4 straight years and been continually progressing, that's probably why they haven't left. It has felt like a project leading up to this stadium launch. This season if they didn't make the Top 4, it would present the problem of the fact they've obviously regressed and also no CL football. It'd be like when Liverpool missed out on CL football in 09/10 and then Alonso, Mascherano etc left that summer. They didn't have the money to reinvest so became mediocre for 5 years or so. And Liverpool are 10x bigger than Spurs. Maybe the lure of playing in the new stadium for a full year would keep some of them for another season to see what happened but i wouldn't bet against a 26 year old Kane and 27 year old Eriksen not wanting to spend at least a year of their peak years in the Europa League,
  7. If Spurs do not make the top 4 this season, I can honestly see their team being ripped apart this summer. They already have a huge debt and were kind of banking on a Top 4 season in order to help pay for the stadium. Without CL football, Kane, Eriksen, Alli etc will not hang around for long and without the CL money it'll be very tempting for Levy to accept a crazy bid for one of them to help pay. That would not go back into the playing team. Add to that the fact the rest of the team Rose, Trippier, Dier, Sissoko are punch above their weight and you have a very mediocre team. Or maybe this is just wishful thinking....
  8. I personally want Liverpool to win the league. I only work with one supporter and he's great lad and a season ticket holder. Man City are like entering a Superbike into the Tour De France. Yes Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea etc all spend money and you need good coaching but their net spend over the past five seasons is £505m!!!! Liverpool's is £159m by comparison (£50m less than Everton FYI). Man City are also under investigation by the UEFA, FIFA and the FA for 4 different breaches of financial irregularities. They crooked from top to bottom.
  9. Completely null and void, no Was or big Rob makes the list laughable
  10. Out of habit I think, I have to admit a percentage of our crowd have become very self-entitled and have very short memories. Don't get me wrong, some of the football recently hasn't been great but no matter how bad it got in the past (and boy was it bad!) we always got behind the lads and manager. Since the title win, a new generation of fans has emerged from the woodwork, expecting tiki taka free flowing football, bemoaning every misplaced place, every skied effort and getting on the players back at the first opportunity. The KP for the first 2 years back in the Prem genuinely had one of the best, if not thee best, atmosphere in the league. It is genuinely shocking at the moment from some sections
  11. Blimey, I know Man United had some injuries first half but the way Neville and Tyler were talking it was as if they’d had to put their 3rd string out!! They had £400k a week Sanchez, £75m Lukaku, Rashford and £90m Pogba!! Bless their little cotton socks
  12. Two more games I can’t make. Great
  13. I always wonder how they do these things. For example where would you class bands like Pink Floyd (Cambridge and London) and Led Zepplin (West Midlands and London)? They aren’t on the above map but are 2 of the biggest selling artists ever
  14. Looking at Liverpool over the past week just makes me think how remarkable we really were in 2016. After the Arsenal game when their players were already instagramming their title winning photos, our lads just got our heads down and ground out results week in week out despite the pressure of knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity
  15. Not one person listed Dennis Wise yet??!
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