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  1. Perfect for us wasn’t it? Chelsea played a full 120 mins and lost again. Brilliant preparation for our game at the weekend
  2. I’ve been quite impressed with Norwich in the top 2/3 of the pitch but my word Liverpool aren’t even out of 2nd gear and it’s 3-0. Their defence is shocking
  3. This is such a win-win for us, If he stays great but if we get a world record transfer fee for a defender (let me repeat, a World Record fee) and that defender being Harry Maguire who was bang average for us last season then we’ve played a blinder
  4. Is it me or is that article saying we got relegated in 2009 when we actually got relegated in 2008?? Nothing quite like our official site getting one of our most important milestones wrong?
  5. I’m not sure about Villa’s business to be honest. Whilst comparisons with Fulham are lazy because the only thing they have in common is the fact they’ve both spent a lot. Villa’s business is a lot more considered but I don’t think that’s overly positive either. They lost a lot key players in the summer due to loans expiring, so a few weeks back their squad was significantly weaker than the side which scraped through the playoffs. Theyve signed a few of those loanee’s on permanent deals, El Ghazi, decent if not overly spectacular, Hause, a back-up and of course Mings, good defender but for a vastly overpaid sum. They’ve also lost their top scorer and have replaced him with a complete £22m wildcard. Matt Targett is a solid full back but I also think Neil Taylor is fairly decent so I don’t see it as massive upgrade. Therefore, the only area you could even they’ve strengthened this summer so far is Left Back (as they had Mings last year). I watched the playoff final and thought they were a poor side and I haven’t seen anything yet to change that
  6. Whilst I don’t think he’s worth anywhere near the money being spoken about, these two clubs appear to be there for the taking so we should stand firm until he’s outright the most expensive defender in the world (which in itself is mad that a) it’s a Leicester City player and b) it’s Harry Maguire!) £80m and everyone’s happy, well except for the purchasing club who in 3 months realise they’ve massively overpaid!
  7. So Rashford with his incredible 27 goals premier league goals in total is now paid more than the below fellow attackers Salah Mane Kane Aguero Sterling Suarez Lewandowski Dybala Benzema Isco Its insane! Most of those above have scored more in 1 season than Rashford has done in his 4 full seasons. I like Rashford as a player but he’s nowhere near demanding £250k a week. Again reeks of desperation from Man United
  8. Nope, Newcastle vs Arsenal has already been picked for tv for that Sunday 2pm slot
  9. I think you have until the end of this week. You’ll need to write or email the club with your supporter number and your intention not to renew Ive had to do the same this season
  10. Very true but last season was last season. My point is we are competitive with the likes of Everton and Wolves, I’m not saying we’re better than them but also they’re not better than us. With the right manager and a few signings we will compete with these teams and the gap is closing between the top 6 and us, Wolves and Everton. Let’s be positive; Arsenal, Man Untied and Chelsea are there for the taking. Ambition is what we live for
  11. Whilst I agree with you that Leicester being a certified top 10 team in the premier league is something that shouldnt be taken for granted. Accepting we’re just behind Wolves and Everton is wrong. If we hadn’t been so shite in Jan/ Feb we’d be comfortably above them. Also I think Man United and Arsenal would like to take more of our players than vice-versa
  12. No way are Arsenal getting 4th, they’re a shambles and don’t have money to spend. If we keep hold of our best players (Chilwell and Maddison are more important than Maguire imo) and a few decent additions the Top 4 is there for grabs next year. Aside from Liverpool and Man City the rest are average
  13. Can’t believe this is a thread on our main forum! Yes a few of our lads were involved so it’s a bit of a shame but honestly I’d rather Leicester win the league cup than England win the World Cup. Surprised so many people cared
  14. It surely has to be Liverpool, Even taking my personal hatred towards Spurs aside (I was sat 10 yards from their fans during the 99 league cup final). You’d honestly never hear the end of this if Spurs won. Yes Liverpool have more fans and more media members but this would be 1 of 6. For a club like Spurs this would be it, they’d have statues build of the entire 11 plus Poch, they’d have a remembrance parade every year, they’d rename the club to CL Winners 19 XI, it’d be unbearable
  15. The permanent Ole appointment just made zero sense. He did well over the first few months but it wasn’t as if they needed to snap him up quickly before a bigger club came along. Just wait until the end of the season and then see where you are. Now they’re in the shit, with a manager clearly out of his depth with another 3 years on his contact!!?? So poor
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