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  1. Arsenal post match 4-3

    People will point to the handball but that didn't lose that game, naive diabolical substitutions did that, For 20mins after we scored the third they did **** all. It was in the bag. Amartey for Okazaki😳 They were there for the taking and their defence is woeful however they are decent going forward so what do we do?? Invite them on to us, great
  2. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Mahrez puts his foot through that and we go in 2-1 up at half time....
  3. Arsenal Away 11 August

    Yeah it is ridiculous how long they've left it! It's not even on sale to all STH yet! Members will probably get the opportunity at 18.30 onwards on Friday!!
  4. Like (or don't mind) Celtic (family are Irish and all support this lot) Liverpool (see above) Sheffield Wednesday (always liked them but when we lost to them in 2008 to pretty much relegate us, I was stuck on a train with a load of them and they were sound. They could have been right pricks but they were like 'you'll come back up don't worry, chin up' Dortmund (don't know why) Hate Rangers Spurs (apart from recent years, the 99 league cup final has stuck with me all these years. I was 12 and when they scored, instead of celebrating what was surely a winner in a cup final they decided to throw coins at a child, nice bunch) Man United
  5. Your starting line ups vs Arsenal

    I love the debate and it's what a forum is about but i would be astonished if it wasn't the below, Schmeichel Simpson Maguire Morgan Fuchs Mahrez Ndidi Drinkwater Albrighton Vardy Iheanacho
  6. Away priority points removed!?

    Just hover the cursor over your name (don't click) and then a drop down menu comes down, I have lost 157 over night, bloody hope I get them back!
  7. Kelechi Iheanacho

    This'll go to Maynard territory before the final lock
  8. Kelechi Iheanacho

    If we get this guy, our business this transfer window would be exactly what I was crying out for 12 months ago, After we won the league my mate asked where we needed to strengthen, I said we needed a younger, top level centre half, an experienced, powerful centre mid and a top quality, Prem proven striker to partner Vardy. Now we'd have all three. All we need now is another right back (Sig would be nice though) WTF happened 12 months ago??!
  9. Oasis

    I'd give it another listen, it was hyped up to such an extent it was impossible to live up, Its an odd album however and utterly bizarre that they weren't stopped from realeasing it. the most anticipated album in history is 70+mins long, has 4 tracks over 7 mins long, is louder than a jumbo jet and sounds likes it's been mixed by a drunk man with hearing issues but I still love it Dyou Know What I Mean?, Fade In-Out (scream on an Oasis album!), My Big Mouth (heaviest they ever went) are as mad as a bag of monkeys but it also has Stand By Me, Don't Go Away and All Around The World which are just great songs
  10. Oasis

    Ha that's ok, most the media have tried to bury their original reviews and rewrite history I'm more Rock than 'indie' and got into Oasis because they sounded raw and energetic that's why I loved Be Here Now because it sounded closer to Definitely Maybe whereas Morning Glory was too pop and soft for me
  11. Oasis

    Afraid it wasn't, it was genuinely heralded as Revolver for the 90's (im not kidding) 5/5 Q 5/5 Select 5/5 Uncut 4/5 Rolling Stone (which is usually quite snobby) It was a mad period but general consensus is the media we're trying to make up for getting it so wrong with Morning Glory It didn't take long for the fan backlash however and the press duly followed suit I love the album though
  12. Mahrez to .......................?

    Quite high to be honest, higher than I'm used to, Talk of £44-50m has made me dizzy, give me Nicky Maynard speculation any day!
  13. 1st game and 2017/18 fixtures.

    Without wanting to give a cop out answer I'd say 50/50, They will show Chelsea as the Champions, it's tradition and it's all but certain, As is Brighton vs Man City and Newcastle v Spurs. We'll be up against the West Ham v Man U game for the 4th spot for Sky/BT, hopefully not though
  14. Mahrez to .......................?

    If I'm honest I think a few clubs are interested but have no bloody idea where to start the bidding just like us! His stock has fluctuated so much over the past 12 months and so has the market, I think a few clubs are waiting for others to make the first move to gauge the situation 12 months ago you'd easily expect £45-50m of a player of his calibre however he was quite poor last year so his relative market value has fallen. With that said the market is now mad and clubs have money burning their pockets, £45-50m last summer is now £70m no exaggeration. So is Mahrez still worth £45-50m in this market? I'd argue maybe, He has years left on a good contract and we do not need to sell. In an era of £30m Sissoko's and Pickfords. Last seasons PFA player of the year is worth at least a 1/3 more
  15. My Mahrez moment

    The goal against Watford away, I sat there after Spurs and Arsenal drew earlier in the today with the feeling that we were going to win the Premier ****ing League!! , Mahrez was a huge part of the greatest season in this clubs history. For that I'll always be grateful