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  1. Albrighton. Underrated?

    If Sanchez, Hazard or Pogba does that touch to Gray yesterday we’d be hearing about it for weeks. He’s really playing excellently under Puel
  2. This will defnitely be on tv no matter which one it is .There’s four tv ties minimum; In order of likelihood Liverpool v Everton Brighton v Palace Our game Forest v Arsenal Norwich v Chelsea Then United/City/Spurs
  3. Iheanacho

    I really wanted him at the club and was ecstatic when we got him but I have to admit he looks woefully short on quality from what he’s done in a City shirt He doesn't seem suited to the style of play, his touch is awful and he doesn’t even look close to getting any chances I honestly think he’s 4th choice now and maybe even 5th if Puel continues to play Mahrez centrally Hope I’m Wrong but maybe a loan in Jan might be best for him because unfortunately we can’t afford to give him to required game time to get up to speed
  4. England squad

    This is a depressing time to be an England fan! This is literally our strongest line up against Brazil and Germany!! Butland Stones Jones Maguire Walker Young Dier Livermore Rashford Abraham Vardy
  5. Are We Now Established?

    There is literally nothing such thing, Look at Villa, you couldn’t get more so-called ‘established’ they’re now playing Rotherham. Newcastle have been relegated twice in the last 10 years. No matter how well you’ve done you’re only 12 months from potential relegation, I’m available for motivational speaking if needed!
  6. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    Something doesn’t seem right to me. Since when has there been over an hour delay for a draw only for it to be announced over a pre-recorded video?!
  7. Welcome to the club Claude, I think this could be a very shrewd appointment
  8. Daniel Amartey

    Absolutely outstanding today, MOTM by a mile
  9. Arriving late

    Have to admit I noticed this too today, Not sure if there was an late flurry of fans who turned up on the day and were queuing for tickets or maybe they thought it was an 8pm kick off! There were dozens still coming up the stairs after 10mins
  10. I’ll have to miss the last few mins of the United game in order to get the train back to Harborough. Not a chance I’m driving to that one Really wish EMT had a later train,
  11. Shakey Sacked

    Feel really bad for Shakey but this should have happened in the Summer. I know it might have been a bit harsh on him given how we played we he took over but I think you could tell towards the back end of the season that it was wearing off and it was more of the classic ‘new manager boost’ instead of tactical genius on Shakeys behalf, Wish him all the best in the future but it is the best for club, we have a squad good enough for a comfortable top half finish, let’s hope the new manager can get us playing like one
  12. Who plays up front with Vardy?

    I love Okazaki but every time I’ve seen Slimani this season he’s impressed me (the first half against Liverpool in the LC doesn’t count) and offers a bigger goal threat so I’ve gone for him. Kelchi is 3rd choice by a distance at this point
  13. A club in crisis

    When I read the title I thought it was an overreaction but read your post and you’re right, sadly. Not every signing can be a world beater but we are currently at a 1/5 ratio and whilst it’s early days this season for only Maguire to look like a nailed on starter isn’t good enough, Something has gone terribly wrong at this club since we won the title and for all the money spent the team is much worse. The Silva fiasco completely sums up how incompetent we have become off the pitch as well as off it, Success: Ndidi, Maguire Jurys’ Out: Ihenacho, Iborra, Slim Oh Dear: Mendy, Kaspustka, Musa, Hernandez, We should have used 15/16 as a base to establish ourselves as a top 8 side. We had CL football to offer and money to spend. What’s happened since has been nothing short of a disaster
  14. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    He will get October at least I think If we get less than 5 points from the home matches against West Brom and Everton and Away to Swansea he'll be gone
  15. Also what makes a 'top 6' club? It must just be based on last season then (didn't realise that was the cut off), I can't remember us kicking off that we didn't have enough TV money when we finished 1st! Seriously because it can't surely just be based on league position because this Europe Super League idea has been touted for 10 years or more, so say it happened in 2007/08, the top 6 would be Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and probably Everton and Aston Villa whilst we were playing Northampton away. Fast forward 10 years we've won the Premier League (whilst Liverpool and Spurs haven't), Man ****ing City are the richest club in the world and Villa are the division below Bournemouth playing Burton Albion in the league! The point is you cannot draw a line in the sand and say 'these are the top 6' because aside from Liverpool and Man United (maybe include Arsenal) who are the biggest English clubs worldwide by a mile, the rest are just flavours of the month.