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  1. Jesus ****ing Christ some of the comments in here are embarrassing! Anyone would think we were in Sheffield Uniteds place and just got stuffed 4-0 at home to West Brom. We drew away, against a decent team who sat back for most of the game and made it really difficult. We’re 8 points clear of 5th with 4 games to go and have an FA Cup final to look forward to in 2 weeks. I suggest people log off their computers/phones, have a beer and enjoy their bank holiday weekend. Things aren’t really all that bad
  2. Na afraid not, although if my name was Brian I probably wouldn’t own up to it anyway!
  3. The mighty Tamworth- home of Marc Kevin Albrighton
  4. I didn’t really know where I write this but I’ve just had a video call with our Shanghai office and there’s a new starter, who’s loves English football. We got chatting and he’s only a bloody Leicester fan who woke up at 4am to watch our game last night! We chatted some more and turns out that three of them in the office are City fans!!! He said if you go the markets you’ll only see Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester shirts! We are officially massive😂
  5. I disagree I think if we win the FA Cup and get top 4, his stock will be as high as anyone’s and could be in line for a proper top job. I mean a Top 10 side in Europe big. Why would he risk his reputation on a Spurs team who look completely finished and in a mountain of debt? Don’t get me wrong he might like a challenge but currently a challenge for Spurs is getting into the top 4, he’s currently there. Surely next he’ll want a title/CL winning team?
  6. Schmeichel Ricardo Morgan Huth Fuchs Kante Tielemans Maddison Mahrez Vardy. Albrighton
  7. Italy has been very similar to England, all the major newspapers yesterday lead with headlines of the death of football etc, let’s not forget they have huge clubs (arguably bigger than ours) who haven’t been included Roma, Lazio, Napoli and more recently Atalanta who have qualified for the past few years at the expense of AC Milan Spain is a special case because they already have an elitist system over there with Real and Barca having more rights and earning more money from deals than the others clubs (not to mention those clubs have their reserves playing in the second tier) there
  8. They would have expected a backlash but not to the extent which has happened in the last 24 hours; Let’s not forgot only 12 of the proposed 20 in order to make this work have signed up, where are they going to get the other 8 from? They were obviously banking on Bayern, Dortmund and PSG but such is the vitriol of hatred directed towards the ESL that even PSG are coming out of it looking decent. Now what self respecting clubs are going to retrospectively sign up to this having seen the reaction? Even our owners with the decade of fantastic work they’ve done could lose all
  9. I know those Burnley v Eibar memes are meant to be taken lightheartedly however it did make me think what you would be left with and honestly **** that breakaway league, any potential CL would still have the below which has a damn sight more leading European clubs than Spurs, Man City and Arsenal Bayern Munich Dortmund Roma Napoli PSG Lyon Benfica Porto Ajax PSV Celtic Rangers Valencia Sevilla Plus all the Eastern European sides and whoever qualifies from our league So it wouldn’t exactly be
  10. Yep I think you’re right. The timing is just too perfect to be a coincidence This time tomorrow the shite new CL plan will be approved and it’ll be heralded as a success for football
  11. 100% My strong dislike of Spurs can be traced directly to that day. I was a 12 year old excited for my first trip to Wembley and I remember on the journey down my dad saying to me ‘no matter the result, we’re staying to the end to clap the players off as they’ve done amazing to get this far’ Then after 91 mins of shittery, those c*nts score and the Spurs fans instead of celebrating the fact their team had surely scored the winning goal and won a trophy they decide to turn to their right and direct some of the worst verbal abuse I’ve ever been subjected to (reminder I was 1
  12. Yeah it’s bloody stupid and annoying but let’s concentrate on the 11 who are out there Of the players missing only Maddison could consider himself a starter and he’s been missing for the majority of the season. The lads who are playing should do us proud today so let that be the focus not the morons who aren’t
  13. The premise is exactly the same, in theory like offside, if your leg is touching the side line by 0.00001mm then you are out of play however the Rugby officials do not want the game to be ruled that way therefore they do it by eye. My argument is not that humans can see mm decisions, it’s that, that is exactly how the offside rule should be done; by humans looking back to make the decision not by drawing lines
  14. Yes, in rugby for example if someone scores a try but there’s some doubt whether a part of their body was out of play when they touch the ball down, they don’t get the bloody lines out, they look at it, talk it over between them and come to a decision
  15. What I don’t understand is how other sports can use technology so effectively yet football is currently ****ing it right up Football needs an equivalent of Umpires Call where of it isn’t ‘clear and obvious’ eg an offside decision which can’t be determined within 30 seconds it stays with the on-field decision. In Rugby you can hear the conversations between the on field ref and video ref and between them they come to a human decision not some 0.000001mm computer says no bollocks
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