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  1. I bought an album for this.
  2. Never bought singles. Always went for albums.
  3. The worst investment we could make is to cash in on our best players if that weakens the team so that we move from being a mid-table side looking to improve to a lower-table side fighting against the drop. Relegation would be a financial disaster. Sell him if we must, but only if we can make things better with the money.
  4. Crinklyfox


    Retired. I've been a Chartered Engineer working in the design, manufacture and commissioning of process plant and machinery, mostly for the minerals industry. I've also been a Quality Manager, Quality Systems Consultant and Assessor.
  5. You hear the first few bars of the intro and it can only be one song....and you just have to listen to it. Here's a couple where that works for me.
  6. That brings many memories back including one I hoped I'd never remember. I was in the front of a Corporation bus (of the type top centre of the picture) travelling down Welford Road which hit a woman who stepped onto the crossing marked by the Belisha beacons outside Granby Halls at the last moment - she'd been talking to someone with her back to the traffic and turned round and stepped out without looking. I walked away in shock, the poor woman was unconscious or dead, the bus driver seemed more interested in getting witnesses to prove it wasn't his fault than help her. I didn't think I could help (I was a child at the time) and there were a lot of passers-by around her. The image of her lying in the road is still in my mind.
  7. With my analytical head on which goes out of the window during and just after the match which is why I'm posting now: The sending off was unfortunate but it's another relatively unforced error of the type that has plagued us this season. Just cutting them out will improve our results and give us a league standing closer to the ability of the squad. Restricting any side to two shots on target whilst only fielding ten men is a magnificent effort. Regardless of the result that would be admirable. So pleased to see Madison's great free kick. So annoyed to see him booked for what was a heartfelt tribute message. Surely there is room for that in our game, hope this gets looked at by those in high places. The substitutions worked as well as can have been expected. Morgan is past his prime and may be exposed against faster and more mobile strikers but there are teams like Burnley where they have a slower and stronger front line and Wes can still do a job against them. Despite our efforts we still had good fortune with the Ndidi potential penalty incident and Wood's failure to convert from close range. On another day we'd have drawn or lost that match and there would be frustration all over FT, but the performance of the team would still have been the same. 41 points feels so good. Now we can look forward instead of occasionally glancing over our shoulder. Planning for next season's campaign starts now.
  8. The players I've mentioned are Leicester legends that spent the best parts of their careers at our club. Vardy is like them in that he's the type of player that I'd turn up to see play. Ask me in ten years (I hope) and Vardy will have passed into legend and I'll probably be putting him in the same bracket. He won't be surpassing them because they all play in different positions, but he'll most likely join them. I could marvel at some of the saves Banks and Shilton made (and they had plenty of practice), delight in the silky skills of Weller and Izzet and admire the leadership and strength of Walsh. Vardy has different talents but they're admirable all the same.
  9. Vardy is great and perhaps I'm looking through tinted specs but I hold players like Banks, Shilton and Weller in very high regard, together with the likes of Walsh and Izzet from later times. Vardy hasn't finished his career but in my eyes he hasn't overtaken them yet.
  10. I'd take a draw. They need it more than we do and we're still letting silly goals in. I'll be happy with a gradual improvement through the remaining matches of this season and the results should take care of themselves.
  11. Horrible goal but we're still the dominant team. We have to win this, if we can't win when we're this much better than the opposition we won't win any.
  12. Really hope they do the business today, I'm heartily fed up of watching City dominate matches and lose.
  13. My vote for the most offensive comedian.
  14. Your courage started the best thread on FT. Who knows how many have been helped by this thread - if it was only one then it was worthwhile but I think its a lot. I read it even when I don't feel the need for personal support to contribute and get inspiration from the many great people who post here. Consider yourself a star.
  15. Magenta Devine, presenter of Rough Guides, aged 61.
  16. No......I used to be taken for an ice cream there in the 50s when Mum and Dad went to town....the whole city centre shops changed between then and now - except Bruccianis.
  17. Maybe they don't get commission for any houses sold. My wife loves house programmes, they drive me up the wall. If you want to see a few deals made try A Place in the Sun. They try to sell the houses they show, go onto their website and you can find the houses offered there which makes me think the program is a televised estate agency. In my view Escape to the Country is much better now than in its early days where they had a presenter who used to moan about 'this family's limited budget of £600,000' or the like and stare down the noses of the house hunters. Still has a couple of presenters that I dislike but most are OK.
  18. Someone has to match up with Deeney's strength and Wes is probably the best equipped. Neither of them are quick so pace isn't a problem.
  19. I give little credence to reports like this. Rogers has only been in post for a couple of days and has yet to oversee a PL match. I doubt that he has yet been able to fully establish the current and potential strengths of all the squad players, which as a decent manager I would expect him to do before demanding replacements.
  20. It seems to me that your employer is making you ill. None of us have an infinite capacity for work, all of us have a breaking point. Stress is manageable only in the short term and longer than that it will do damage to you. Shedding people for 'efficiency' savings can only go so far - the final result when it has gone too far is that highly trained people leave because they can't take the strain and this is bad for the employer. If the management can't see this then they're not good managers (I used to be a manager BTW). You may have to get out to preserve your health which is more important than your job. I had the misfortune of seeing chap I knew take on more and more work from his employer until he had a mental breakdown which ruined his life. Please don't let this happen to you. Start seriously looking for another job, there are always opportunities for people with talent. Even if an ideal job isn't available right now you could potentially go for something less stressful to tide you over for the time being. I've found that personally I could cope with stress at home if work was OK, or stress with work if home was OK, but not both, there's no relief from the pressure. And you seem to have more than enough stress in your personal life at the moment, much of it unavoidable.
  21. Chris Hughton's done a decent job at Brighton.
  22. I'm going for the Belgian Bob de Bilde
  23. Best for both parties. He looked like he'd had enough after the Palace game. We move on.
  24. I looked at the body language Puel was demonstrating during his interview and came to the conclusion that he believes that he's a dead man walking - his Leicester career is over and he's now just waiting for the axe. No matter if you support Puel or oppose him, that is a very unhealthy situation and I don't expect us to thrive until it's resolved. The man's heart doesn't seem to be in it any more, I give him credit for sticking to his beliefs in the face of all the disappointments and reverses, but can't see a way forward until he goes.
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