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  1. ffs has arsenal been moved again this was moved to a sunday 11th nov as i arranged to come on the saturday for 3pm and now looks like its been moved again to sat evening at 17:30 pm
  2. I said when we signed perez hes no better than barnes who could play across the 3 behind vardy. Last two games im afraid perez has proved my point so far.
  3. Reminds me of the days of gary mac and peter weir
  4. there is a chance he could go with a diamond for high press and play maddison just behind vards and perez in 2 man attack
  5. brendan likes the wing backs to push on and i think he might go something like this ------------------------kasper------------------------- ricardo-----eveans----------soyenchu------chilwell --------tielmans--------ndid---------choudary-------- ------------perez---------------maddison------------ -----------------------vardy-------------------------------
  6. Yeah gone back with bad feedback Must admit though you would not have known
  7. cheers for this got a pink one from someone which said 2xl but was very tight so i measured it and it only came in at 22.5 inches wide so a 45 chest , my lad has a blue one from club shop in large which is the same . so pink one gone back to seller as its obviously a dhgate special although i will say i would not have even noticed if it wasn't for the size .
  8. So the pink is actually bigger
  9. im guessing the blue is same as pink ?
  10. Am i the only pink 2xl shirt wearer on here ????
  11. hi guys does anyone here have the pink 2xl and can do me a massive favour on the club site it says chest is like 50 can anyone confirm this by measuring the width from just under the bottom of armpit to armpit thanks
  12. cant be doing with fake shirts , always buy originals from the club and support my home team . if i cant afford one then i just wear last seasons and im pleased to say this home shirt i purchased in 1994 is still going strong and looks new so as of yet i still do not need to buy one this season .......happy days .
  13. want to order the pink but cant try on as dont live in leicester . how are the sizes this year ? i know its still adidas but people were saying the sizes this time are well out ? i have the last one in blue on a 2xl and it fits ok but if the new one is smaller then it might be to tight
  14. just about to list mine as just dont use it due to work but not sure what to ask as even though its 2 years old its still got some fantastic kit in it spec is as follows phantek pro m case gigabyte z170x gaming 3 motherboard intel 6600k i5 3.9 skylake processor 16 gb kingston fury black ram antec high current gamer 750w psu gigabyte geforce gtx g1 6gb 980 ti graphics card samsung dvdrw samsung 500gb evo 850 ssd hard drive dell infinity edge 24 u2417 1920x1080p ips widescreen slim bezel monitor
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