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  1. Salmon pink ffs isnt that yanited away kit pink ?
  2. ha ha your not wrong ,,,is it bad i wanted england to lose at the euros,world cup just to feel happy at tears running down that huge conk of his and the joy i felt when he went of injured in the champions league game and knowing he would be out all season felt like my 6 lottery numbers had just come in
  3. Lol i know how you feel i use to love spurs ,they were my 2nd team and then as soon as kane and ali joined and played regular i instantly disliked them...i really cant stand that big nose c@@t i even have to switch over when hes doing an interveiw
  4. do we really need that much to be honest ? seems brendan wants to continue with the 4-1-4-1 formation and if we can keep hold of our players we already have a decent squad kasper -----one of the best in the league rb - i would change this and go for trippier as suggested in the papers cb- maguire - england international cb - jonny evans - has proved what a class player he is lb chillwell - england international and future star rm- ricardo ...harsh on gray but ricardo is pots for me so far cdm- ndidi -- best tackler in the league (stats prove this) cm madison - top quality player cm youri --- say no more lm - this is where i would go for someone to rotate with barnes striker - vardy - unreplaceable tbh with back up players such as ward,soyenchu,benkovic,amartey, mendy its not to bad if we need to improve it would be players for back up / to push for a starting place rb and lb striker nacho just isnt cutting it and shinji looks like hes on way out .. for me id have a pop at sturridge
  5. i can see maguire going and possibly chilly also and it depends how big a squad brendan wants to work with ? if those 2 go for lets say 120m minimum and the below will also likely be moved on that opens up a massive chunk of wages we can use slimani king fuchs okazaki ghezzal maguire chilwell mendy if we sign tielmans simpson but with soyenchu already here and a benkovic recall we are ok for cbs , also can see brendan going for tierney from celtic and a cheaper young lb as cover and rb we will have ricardo and amertey
  6. if we started next season like that i would be super amazed but in reality tielemans ---- only here to show off his talent and will go to a big european club ricardo --- his performances this season have been great and prob pots so far so we might strugge to hold him chilwell fully expect to citeh to do a mahrez with him maguire ------ bid from utd if the fail with koulibay madison ----- if erikson goes madrid then spurs will come in for him i think the biggest thing will be to hold on to those players first . its all well and good with an ethos of nurturing young players into great players but its so sad when they just go to bigger teams and your left wondering what if . look at southampton who went through that policy for a few years imagine the team they could have now ?
  7. If Maguire is going let's get benkovic back now and get him and soyenchu playing together ready for next season Simpson was shocking all game he left his side exposed and Mendy had a poor game , ndidi seems to have lost his way a little this season and for the love of God if we get a new manager let him play to vardys strength and use the immense pace we have in our side . We have one of the youngest sides in the league and some very promising young talent We just need the right man to come in and show them the way ,this unrest can't be doing them any good and I'm sure some will be looking for a way out
  8. Yep my cousin supports brim and attends every game he said Barnes was player of the season already until mid December when he has been quite poor Maybe fatigue as he's not used to playing week in week out and the championship has a heavy fixture list
  9. Still heartbroken about Khun vichai and it helps that top wants to continue his legacy but I'm sure I'm not the only one to think about the following 1. Is top financially able to run the club and build the legacy? By this I mean does vichais buisness and wealth not pass to his wife ?..she might not want to pay millions for a bunch of grown men to run around a field .I know vichai also wanted to make the club self sustaining but I doubt were are at that stage yet. 2. If top does assume full control will he then have to sell oh Leuven as don't FIFA rules prevent you from owning two clubs ?
  10. same here most streams only start at kick off and finish bang on the final whistle ,im hoping match of the day show quite a bit
  11. Not sure how true but even though the game tonight was cancelled some saints fans still travelled to pay respects ...fair play to them if so 👍
  12. bit fed up of outsiders saying thats it down the league you go insensitive c@@@ts i fully expect top in time to come out and say it was his fathers dream to see this club top 6 and ill do whatever it takes to acheive that. at the minute i dont realy care to be honest and i doubt ill be able to get excited about another match this season because every time that whistle goes ill be thinking of vichai
  13. The possibility he's lost his dad,mum and sister in a matter of minutes if rumours are true is just unthinkable and so very sad , people say life goes on but vichai to me was Mr Leicester city yes our club will continue but until the day I die it will always be this man who brought me my dream of seeing us win the best league ever , he was like father Christmas for us Leicester adults who spent years on the terraces only dreaming ☹️ Always wanted to meet him and say thank you and now it looks like it's never going to happen Gutted today and every match from now on will be in honour of our chairman and perfect gent xxx
  14. If true and the great man has passed ☹️ I'll be getting vichai #1 printed on the back of mine to wear even if it's -1 outside
  15. according to a couple of reports on twitter witnesses in the ground saw vichai getting in the helicopter with family members
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