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  1. Unreal and just to add insult to injury 5 mins before end I turned over to sky football and they showing a re run of us losing the play offs to watford in 2013 ffs Fml
  2. CANT get into cod at all since advance warfare i really thought this one would be a game changer back to the old days ,sadly not in either multi or warzone ...to slow and doesnt feel intense . in all serious if any of you old cod players are on here there is a few of us playing mw3 on xbox ,,runs like a dream and plays great with tons of maps to go . very rarely have to wait to get into a lobby as there is still an active community off 80k players playing team deathmatch
  3. At first glance i thought it was a young joey barton lol
  4. Been doing metro exodus now its bug free ...excellent game but then realised only 18 days left of battle pass 3 on apex and im still 16 levels short so grinding that at the minute and then back to finish metro . then i need to start either red dead 2 gta 5 grid not sure which tbh
  5. you have to ask do we need a new cb with fuchs ive always said when he loses a bit of pace he would make a great cb in a 3 . he can defend ,tackle,cover,pass the ball and bring it out and has a great free kick on him and shot ? quite liked that 3-5-2 today it took some pressure off chilly and teams wil now think twice about playing down his side all the time
  6. controversial but -----------------------------kasper----------------------------- james-------evans----------------soyenchu--------------fuchs --------------------ndid-----------choudry-------------- ricardo------------------maddison----------------------gray -----------------------------nacho-------------------------------
  7. if you get desperate national express for 32 quid return just over 5 hour journey each way though out 11:15am -16:00 return 21:00-03:25
  8. ffs has arsenal been moved again this was moved to a sunday 11th nov as i arranged to come on the saturday for 3pm and now looks like its been moved again to sat evening at 17:30 pm
  9. I said when we signed perez hes no better than barnes who could play across the 3 behind vardy. Last two games im afraid perez has proved my point so far.
  10. Reminds me of the days of gary mac and peter weir
  11. there is a chance he could go with a diamond for high press and play maddison just behind vards and perez in 2 man attack
  12. brendan likes the wing backs to push on and i think he might go something like this ------------------------kasper------------------------- ricardo-----eveans----------soyenchu------chilwell --------tielmans--------ndid---------choudary-------- ------------perez---------------maddison------------ -----------------------vardy-------------------------------
  13. Lol it got to the stage wembley was boring after so many visits ???
  14. Its sturridge on a free ????
  15. It seems mike ashley wants a fire sale to line his pockets so id rather go for lascelles than spunk 50 large on dunk
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