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  1. first game was mid 80s for me think it was against man city ian wilson scored due to moving ive only made a few games now the last few years but have some tremendous memories basically went most home and away games in the 90s used to sit in the east stand best match i would say swindon but the heartache of losing means im going for the game against oxford when tony james basically kept us up against oxford 90/91 best player :- prob the not the best we have had but the one i used to love watching for his short time here and thought he was a tank was when we loaned kevin campbell. best atmosphere :- no brainer here that rainy weds night in the zenith data trophy against notts county when we took 7500 and most of those on the train . times arrested once ...for throwing a 2p at those big wooden doors when we were all banging them shouting pleat out got off with a caution
  2. so is vardy but everyone loves him
  3. hes just got stale playing for a shit stoke team with a manager who loves to be agressive what he needs is some loving from shakey and a good team spirit and a fresh new start think he would fit in nice tbh
  4. am i the only one thinking forget this now and hijack west hams bid for arnoutavic and play him in the cam role hes got the skill,passing,free kicks and can wedge in with goals ?
  5. would probably add roberto carlos into that and julio baptista who looked fecking beast
  6. just read on a couple of online rags that alves has decided to join psg so pep mises out on his right back ! he may now go for walker from spurs and want to use kelichi as makeweight for the deal
  7. personally i was hoping ki would turn us down and trevor benjamin would come out of retirement and fire us to the champions league
  8. goto spurs and sit on the bench like he did at city come to leicester as a first team striker and play with his best mate wilf i know what id choose
  9. drinkwater or kasper for me
  10. maybe shakey is looking at a diamond formation with cm instead almost a 4-3-1-2 with iborra coming in who is box to box and the sale of mahrez , keeping gray and chilwel would allow us to change to 4-4-2 4-3-1-2 -----------------------kasper-------------------------- simpson----maguire-------huth---------fuchs -----iborra--------ndid-----------drinkwater ----------------boudabouz-------------------------- ----------ineacheo-----------vardy looks a bit good for us does that lmao
  11. good signing , no question about his ability ! it will be interesting though to see the amount of passion he shows as there is an article where he said he has only moved to leicester for his family (money) and if it was for any other reason he would not have moved .
  12. ALL i want is for rudkin to pull his finger out his a@@e and sell mahrez,ulloa,musa 55m total and add 60m so we have 115 million squids buy silva -25m buy evans- 20m buy inacheo 27m buy buy siggy 40m start the first game like this -------------------------kasper------------------------------ ---------maguire------huth----------evans--------------- albrighton----------------------------------------chilwell ------------------ndidi-----------silva------------------------- ---------------------------siggy--------------------------------- -----------------ineacho----------vardy----------------------- job done its not hard :):):):)
  13. tough one to call really will he be as heavily marked this season as last ? might be given more space shakey might relieve him of some defence duties if he goes with a back 3 ? mahrez himself might be well cheesed off his barca move didnt come through and really give it some the first few games until the transfer window closes will only find out if and when it happens
  14. sell mahrez and go for lemar
  15. errrrrrrrrrrrr you were around when we signed ade akinbiyi for was it 6 million quid with todays inflated prices that would have been about 40m pound lmao