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  1. Still heartbroken about Khun vichai and it helps that top wants to continue his legacy but I'm sure I'm not the only one to think about the following 1. Is top financially able to run the club and build the legacy? By this I mean does vichais buisness and wealth not pass to his wife ?..she might not want to pay millions for a bunch of grown men to run around a field .I know vichai also wanted to make the club self sustaining but I doubt were are at that stage yet. 2. If top does assume full control will he then have to sell oh Leuven as don't FIFA rules prevent you from owning two clubs ?
  2. dorsetboy

    Where to watch coverage of today’s tributes?

    same here most streams only start at kick off and finish bang on the final whistle ,im hoping match of the day show quite a bit
  3. Not sure how true but even though the game tonight was cancelled some saints fans still travelled to pay respects ...fair play to them if so 👍
  4. dorsetboy

    Helicopter crash

    bit fed up of outsiders saying thats it down the league you go insensitive c@@@ts i fully expect top in time to come out and say it was his fathers dream to see this club top 6 and ill do whatever it takes to acheive that. at the minute i dont realy care to be honest and i doubt ill be able to get excited about another match this season because every time that whistle goes ill be thinking of vichai
  5. dorsetboy

    Helicopter crash

    The possibility he's lost his dad,mum and sister in a matter of minutes if rumours are true is just unthinkable and so very sad , people say life goes on but vichai to me was Mr Leicester city yes our club will continue but until the day I die it will always be this man who brought me my dream of seeing us win the best league ever , he was like father Christmas for us Leicester adults who spent years on the terraces only dreaming ☹️ Always wanted to meet him and say thank you and now it looks like it's never going to happen Gutted today and every match from now on will be in honour of our chairman and perfect gent xxx
  6. dorsetboy

    Helicopter crash

    If true and the great man has passed ☹️ I'll be getting vichai #1 printed on the back of mine to wear even if it's -1 outside
  7. dorsetboy

    Helicopter crash

    according to a couple of reports on twitter witnesses in the ground saw vichai getting in the helicopter with family members
  8. dorsetboy

    Helicopter crash

    ffs devastated put sky news on and all they are bothered about is ****ing do photofits of criminals work ****ing wankers
  9. dorsetboy

    Smelly supporters

    Must say I was sat behind a guy on sat who's hair smelt really bad of onions yes onions Reminded me of that del boy and Boyce scene from ofah 😂😂😂 Couldn't lean forward for a better view incase I passed out
  10. dorsetboy

    Adrien Silva

    -------------------------------kasper---------------------------------- ricardo----------evans/soyenceu--------maguire---------------chilly ---------------------------------mendy------------------------------------- -----------------silva----------------------------ndidi----------------------- --------------------------------maddison---------------------------------- --------------------nacho-------------------------vardy-------------------
  11. dorsetboy

    We'll bounce back as we do.

    What bothers me is how isolated vardy has become ,as good as maddison is he doesn't seem to pull the defence about as much as shinji It won't happen but would love to see a 3-4-1-2 with chilly and Ricardo as wing backs and maddison just in behind vardy and shinji/nacho
  12. dorsetboy


    Updated with pic personally think Benny should go and pick him up on matchdays 😂😂😂
  13. dorsetboy


    Some kind lady who runs a lcfc Facebook page been to see him at his care home .. You wouldn't recognize him cleanly shaven and all smart but sadly needs a carer ,he's got a season ticket apparentley but needs people to take him to games and are struggling So if anyone can help him out I'm sure it would be appreciated for a legend Link to FB page although with 7000 members I guess most are on it already https://www.facebook.com/groups/LBL.LeicesterCity/
  14. dorsetboy

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    ----------------------------kasper----------------------------------- peirea-----------maguire-----------evans-------------chilwell -------------------------------amartey------------------------------- ---------silva------------------------------------ndidi--------------- ------------------------maddison------------------------------------- -------------nacho-----------------------vardy----------------------- ---------------------------------kasper------------------------------------ -------------------maguire---------morgan-------------evans------------ pierea----------------------------------------------------------------chilwell ------------------silva----------------------------ndidi------------------------ ------------------------------maddison---------------------------------------- ----------------------nacho-------------------vardy-----------------------------
  15. dorsetboy

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Hard to believe this game is only being shown on lcfc TV all around the world ...they need to sell James and bring in a internet and media specialist