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  1. Not sure if true but my friend is a massive spurs fan and knows a few people and says mouriniho refused to take training this morning as protest over this super league and was sacked along with his coaching staff who also refused . if this is true then would love to see players and other managers do this
  2. Heart says next sunday as ive never seen us in an f.a cup final but i think playing the semis at wembley kind of takes some shine off it . Head says a win against west ham would be totally vital due to the run in of games we have and a spot in the champs league would be better . an f.a cup win would not bring in much cash which is vital for progression of the team especially with coronovirus damaging finances all over , progressing to the champs league would bring in some serious cash which can be used to stabilise finances and also invest in some more talent for bren
  3. after the last few games i think you are right mate . ricardo does not seem to be doing much galloping like before i am hoping he is just still trying to get back to fully match fitness.
  4. ha ha im sure there is not just me it could be that he is always whinging about money and oh the player that scored for them is worth more than our entire team. i just dont like the bloke or his personality.
  5. Always hated burnley and Dyche , point may be a fair result overall considering the players we had out. What annoys me is this is the same as last season when first part we were a high press team with exceptional passing and broke very quick . second part of season we started playing at walking pace and passing around the back and the middle. this does show that i think we really need to keep hold of barnes next season and also bring in a quality rw and a very good back up for vardy who is either playing how brendan wants him to or is still carry the effects of his injury.
  6. for me we are still not great at that rm/rw position and ricardo would fit there great with justin and castagne as the full backs -------------------------kasper--------------------- justin-------foffana-------------evans-----------castangne -------------------ndidi----------tielmans--------------- ricardo------------------maddison-------------barnes--- ----------------------------vardy----------------------------
  7. so been having this conversation with my boys and with how certain players have stepped up and the new lads , with a fully fit squad how would you play and with what line up . i went with the following 4-2-3-1 -----------------------------------kasper-------------------------------------- ricardo-----------fofana ---------soyenchu----------castangne ------------------ndidi----------------mendy/tielmans------------------------- under-------------------maddison------------------barnes ------------------
  8. Why is everyone saying 3 atb ? Its quite conceivable we could be going 4-2-3-1 with dan and mendy as cdm And barnes ,praet and tielmans behimd vardy
  9. We cant rely on chelsea as i fear wolves have nothing to play for now as wont make 6th and will prob play a second string to concentrate on europa league
  10. i think the big name to go will be chilwell combine that with the maguire money plus i expect we could offload slimani- silva- diabate mendy gray albrighton nacho james even possibly choudary while we might not get huge sums for most of them it will be them off the wage bill but you have to say if we had 50m left over from harry sale and get 50m for chilly its quite feasable we could get another 40-70m for the rest based on the fact grey and nacho on the list bring in a new cdm t
  11. looking at those goals all came early in season when we played with intensity and fast attacking which all seemed to stop around nov/dec to a sideways pass and slow build up
  12. dont care what comes out ..ill be wearing my title winning shirt until a) we win the title again b) i die
  13. Id be tempted to play bennet instead of morgan .wes will be rusty as an old nail. Also think maybe 4-2-3-1 with gray.perez and barnes behind vards. Tielmans has looked flat footed all season and praet has looked decent so would be tempted with a swap there
  14. Unreal and just to add insult to injury 5 mins before end I turned over to sky football and they showing a re run of us losing the play offs to watford in 2013 ffs Fml
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