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  1. Been doing metro exodus now its bug free ...excellent game but then realised only 18 days left of battle pass 3 on apex and im still 16 levels short so grinding that at the minute and then back to finish metro . then i need to start either red dead 2 gta 5 grid not sure which tbh
  2. you have to ask do we need a new cb with fuchs ive always said when he loses a bit of pace he would make a great cb in a 3 . he can defend ,tackle,cover,pass the ball and bring it out and has a great free kick on him and shot ? quite liked that 3-5-2 today it took some pressure off chilly and teams wil now think twice about playing down his side all the time
  3. controversial but -----------------------------kasper----------------------------- james-------evans----------------soyenchu--------------fuchs --------------------ndid-----------choudry-------------- ricardo------------------maddison----------------------gray -----------------------------nacho-------------------------------
  4. if you get desperate national express for 32 quid return just over 5 hour journey each way though out 11:15am -16:00 return 21:00-03:25
  5. ffs has arsenal been moved again this was moved to a sunday 11th nov as i arranged to come on the saturday for 3pm and now looks like its been moved again to sat evening at 17:30 pm
  6. I said when we signed perez hes no better than barnes who could play across the 3 behind vardy. Last two games im afraid perez has proved my point so far.
  7. Reminds me of the days of gary mac and peter weir
  8. there is a chance he could go with a diamond for high press and play maddison just behind vards and perez in 2 man attack
  9. brendan likes the wing backs to push on and i think he might go something like this ------------------------kasper------------------------- ricardo-----eveans----------soyenchu------chilwell --------tielmans--------ndid---------choudary-------- ------------perez---------------maddison------------ -----------------------vardy-------------------------------
  10. Lol it got to the stage wembley was boring after so many visits ???
  11. Its sturridge on a free ????
  12. It seems mike ashley wants a fire sale to line his pockets so id rather go for lascelles than spunk 50 large on dunk
  13. if he goes he goes but its the after effects that are the worry ? brighton or any other club will now have our pants down for another cb are we being seen as a selling club once a player reaches his peak ? what kind of message does this send to benkovic and soyenchu should we bring in someone else ! will they mooch about moaning and cause unrest within , will they decide to leave also and we have our pants pulled down again to replace them , we should have negotiated with utd for baiily as part of the deal as i feel his injury only let him down and hes quality , id prefer to go the route of play benkovic or soyenchu with the other and wes as back up and promote elliot moore to 3rd back up
  14. Yeah gone back with bad feedback Must admit though you would not have known
  15. cheers for this got a pink one from someone which said 2xl but was very tight so i measured it and it only came in at 22.5 inches wide so a 45 chest , my lad has a blue one from club shop in large which is the same . so pink one gone back to seller as its obviously a dhgate special although i will say i would not have even noticed if it wasn't for the size .
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