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  1. If BR went tomorrow I’d want Graham Potter. Brighton play great football, just got no-one who can stick it in the net
  2. Can’t see him going for a long time. he’s very well paid, amazing owners, great youth set up, great business model and I imagine he feels in control here. I get the feeling at the majority of other clubs the manager/coach doesn’t have much say on what goes on.
  3. Revised selection after injury update: Schmeichel Castagne Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Ricardo Ndidi Tielemans Albrighton Iheanacho Vardy Match their 4-4-2 from the start. Only tactical tweak I can see with our lack of options mid game is going to 3-5-2. Move Ndidi to CB and bring some legs on to help Youri.
  4. We need to be realistic about where we should be. We do not have the funds and draw of the Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea and potentially others. Our title win has masked the fact that we are working ourselves towards being in the elite group - we are not there yet. The best way of getting there is to grow at a steady pace and build a strong squad over time by using our outstanding academy and good value purchases. Are we in a better place now than two years ago when he took over? 100%. Would we have had this stumble if all of our players we fit. I strongly doubt it.
  5. Ridiculous post. He’s worked wonders. Wouldn’t swap him for any other manager in the league.
  6. Rodgers deserves lots of credit. We’ve had horrendous injuries for 12 months now but we’ve got on with it. He doesn’t use it an excuse when many other managers would. We play in the most demanding league in the world (in a shorter season than normal) so bound to have a dip. get through these 2 games then a week off with an international break not far behind
  7. Not sure it’s our style but would certainly be a good idea to get someone in till the end of the season. Only problem is if they’re not fit it might take them a month to get up to speed
  8. Needs to be 3-5-2 for a bit now. Schmeichel Amartey Soyuncu Evans (Fuchs if not fit) Ricardo Tielemans Ndidi Tavares (yes really) Castagne Iheanacho Vardy
  9. I hope so too. fingers crossed they’re putting all their eggs in the europa league basket
  10. Arsenals biggest threats are out wide so important whoever plays RW tracks Tierney and LW helps out with Saka. If it’s Vardy and Nacho I think they’ll cause their CBs problems and our 2 should win the CM battle. Intriguing game and one we can win if individual battles are won
  11. They are all adequate replacements but let’s be honest there would be a meltdown of epic proportions on here if Ndidi was rested for Mendy or madders was rested for praet etc. For me there is a difference between a player being able to step in as opposed to being genuine competition for a place
  12. Our first 11 when everyone is fit is very strong. the problem is our 2nd 11 isn’t. This means the first 11 need to play more than they should and then when they do get tired/injured the back up isn’t strong enough
  13. I’d go with this, try and grab a couple of early goals then manage the rest of the game from there
  14. Almost like he wants to qualify and get through the group stage for the finances and exposure it brings before bowing out....
  15. Perez looks lost as he is rarely played in his best position. He is best at number 10 or in a front two, been played wide or up top on his own. Stick him in the Maddison role and see what he does
  16. Give him half hour or so against Brighton and see how he does
  17. I really hope that Perez and Iheanacho get loads of game time for the rest of the season and shut the boo boys up
  18. At some point something had to give and if I’m honest I’d of rather it be this. To get to the final there would have been an extra 7 games and with the quality of opposition left and lack of numbers and ability in our squad it was bound to affect our league form. We need to forget it now and put everything into each league game and finish the job. The majority of our competition for top 4 are still in Europe, let’s hope they stay there
  19. Could under and Albrighton play wide with Barnes in the hole? Always thought he looks dangerous when picking the ball up centrally
  20. I don’t think that Vardy is off it or declining, he has changed the way he plays as a result of our style changing. He doesn’t press like he used to as we have a solid back 4 and two centre mids we trust to win the ball back for him. When we do win it we don’t fire it straight over the top or down the channel for him to chase. We have ball players who don’t lose the ball and we patiently work it up the pitch. He can shift when he needs to and at 34 is picking his moments to prolong his involvement in individuals games and his career as a whole. The
  21. Can’t recall seeing much of Ake, Garcia or Mendy since
  22. Schmeichel Amartey Soyuncu Evans Thomas Choudhury Ndidi Albrighton Tielemans Barnes Vardy Need to keep Ricardo/Castagne fresh and I don’t think Madders will be fit. In an ideal world we’ll score a couple early then shithouse the rest of the game.
  23. Since we put 5 past them at the Emptihad they’ve sorted their defence out. Fair play.
  24. Great 3 points. Played some great stuff first half and should have further ahead. Thought we handled the 2nd half well and didn’t expand too much energy. hoping madders was precautionary and we move onto Thursday
  25. Dream signing for me would be Raphina from Leeds. Good work rate and chips in with goals and assists. I fear he would be too costly though. Can see us signing a winger from abroad on a free
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