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  1. Gray - considering future

    My brother has been in Ibiza and saw Gray over there, he had a quick chat with him and he basically said 'if I stay then I've got to have more game time'. I know it's pretty much what we already know but that has actually come from the horse's mouth.
  2. Kelechi Iheanacho

    Probably already been mentioned somewhere but surely Man City would be less likely to sell to a team who could be competing against them in the title race
  3. Kelechi Iheanacho

    He's more left footed than Lloyd Dyer, I just hope that doesn't limit him too much and make him predictable for defenders.
  4. John Mayer

    Going to the o2 tomorrow to see him, going to be a hell of a night
  5. Atletico Madrid match thread

    I don't want to stop dreaming
  6. Sevilla post match 2-0

    That intensity and desire is exactly what this leicester side needs every week, teams cannot cope with us when we are like that
  7. Bring back Nigel Pearson.

    Haha it's funny to see how divided people are over Pearson, I thought he was brilliant personally, no nonsense manager who isn't interested in sound bytes or clever interviews he just got on with his job and built a good honest team
  8. Bring back Nigel Pearson.

    I don't get why people are thinking he'd come back, he had a disagreement with the same owners we have now and left with a real bitter taste in his mouth
  9. Millwall post match 1-0

    Zero confidence and zero belief, this is an utter shambles
  10. Southampton (A) Match thread

    Staying up at 2 in the morning to watch this down under, why do I bother.... Southampton can literally put the ball wide and get a cross in whenever they feel like it
  11. Just seen the Barkley one, absolute joke if no further action is taken. Makes the Vardy tackle look like a warm cuddle compared to Barkley's.
  12. I really worry for the game if this is upheld as a red card, it's gonna become a bloody non contact sport at this rate
  13. SPOTY - Vardy

    Glad vardy didn't win it to be honest, it wouldn't have been right picking out one individual from last season, complete team effort
  14. See this is the state of football at the moment, on the one hand there's an argument over whether zlatan absolutely clattering a defender deliberately deserves a red card or not, then there's the question over whether vardy who won the ball cleanly barely even making contact with the defender deserves a red. It's just ridiculous!
  15. Not dangerous, not malicious, just a genuine attempt to win the ball. Just because you leave the ground it doesn't make it a red card, if that was the case then you wouldn't be able to jump for headers ffs. A decision made by a ref who doesn't understand the game and made a panic decision because of what happened earlier in the week. Can refs stop making headlines and just use their common sense, if this is a red card then you might as well ban all slide tackles