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  1. BoyJones

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Talented, but the IQ of a gnat. His decision making is worse than Nacho. Misses chance after chance then tries and score a meaningless goal In injury time. Should have rounded the keeper and gone into the corner with the ball, that would have shown a bit of nouse. He scores and gives Napoli possession for one last Hail Mary, which if they score knocks Liverpool out. The scouse fans in the pub were not impressed with her m.
  2. BoyJones

    Islam Slimani to Fenerbahce (Loan)

    Nice to see someone post a sensible well thought out reply 👍
  3. BoyJones

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Yes, it was a decent end. The feel good factor was helped by the genuine warmth shown to Ranieri. Turning to the benches frustrations with Nacho; doesn't this possibly indicate a coaching issue? Do we practice this set-up enough midweek? And the substitutions and shape change (as at Brighton) bringing immediate rewards; doesn't this say something about the original line up / game plan? I don't believe I am being negative or disrespectful. Valid questions I think from a genuine supporter who loves his club.
  4. BoyJones

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    I am not a Puel fan, but accept he can grind out results. If we have to watch boring, plodding football and that is what Top wants, then so be it. My beef with Puel is that he seems to make the players perform below their capabilities, only allowing them free rein when we are losing. On Saturday, when we went 2-0 up, he shut up shop for the last 60 minutes instead of going for it. Can anyone remember a truly exciting home game this season. He also seems to set up the side to invite constant pressure, which was okay when we could counter attack quickly on a regular basis. I know losing Mahrez was a massive blow, but we are relying on a zero defensive mistake strategy, which is very risky. I'm not asking for gung ho Kevin Keegan football, but I think it will be a long time before we unleash the dogs of war again.
  5. BoyJones

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Current gossip is that: 1) Enterprise Inns was the landlord, who are more a property type company. They want set returns on capital. Also it would almost certainly be a tied house, which means you have to buy everything off EI at the price they set. 2) The increased rent, plus cost of SKY, / BT which I believe was in the region of £15000 per year, based on the rateable value, plus cost of the booze and then general overheads, meant the place had been losing money for at least two years. 3) The quality of the real ales had dropped and therefore footfall. I live 150 yards away and was in there most weeks and you could tell the place was unfortunately going down hill, although the landlady and staff did their best. It was packed in 2015/16, obviously, but a recent game featuring Spurs a couple of months ago only had maybe six punters in! Google EI to see what sort of company they are. It will take a brace person to take the place over. Sad it's gone.
  6. BoyJones

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Puel cost us two points at Brighton and two points tonite with his stubborn attitude to playing totally defensive with no proven strikers. Okazaki and Nacho are not front line goal scorers, they play off the main man. its only when we are losing that he changes things to a more recognisable 442 and suddenly we score and look threatening! Get rid in my opinion. His style of play will not get us sustained success, more likely turn the fans away.
  7. Claudio had a fantastic season and massive thanks and respect. The next year, he decided to change things. He was stupid, ruined a proven system, bought good players, but wrong for a Leicester. Seemed to me he had a death wish - why change a good thing. Personnaly, the loss at Millwall proved to me he was not a good manager. He placed his personal needs / beliefs above the need of the team / supporters. I will give him plenty of applause tonight, but he overstayed his welcome at City. He would have got us relegated through his stubbornness. Was very happy when he went.
  8. BoyJones

    Lack of creativity under Puel

    What is wrong with being average? If you want an all conquering team that plays fantastic football, makes no mistakes, then you ain't a true Leicester City supporter. That's not what we do and personally think not the way forward. Relegation fights, promotion seasons are exciting. Any fan who would rather emulate Everton's last 20 boring years - you are SB's. I know the current 21st century thinking is everything on a plate, no need to work for any rewards and if city don't perform to perfection they are slagged off my the majority of so called fans. We seem to be getting more and more posters who just love critisizing, although they are probably crap in their own jobs. Personally, I would take a relegation season to purge this forum of the fair weather fans that have infiltrated and undermined the club. If you can only live with constant success and perfection, just clear off - you are not wanted.
  9. BoyJones

    Leicester City Home Form

    Only been a fortress twice in last eight years, unless I am living in an alternative universe - which is possible. In my 55 years supporting the City, maybe had six / seven seasons when our home form was "fortress like"
  10. The only plan is to score more bleeding goals than them - do a Wigan on them - no mistakes and make your one chance count. Dont over complicate, they are more skilful, so let's be more street savvy. We need a negative, staccato, boring game to frustrate them. I love it when we play crap, frustrate the opposition and win - as per our five 1-0 wins in spring 2016, when we were poor, but very savvy., especially at home. Norwich, Newcastle and Southampton!!!
  11. BoyJones

    How Was Your Day?

    Bit of a strange day really. Left Leicester at 615 this morning to get to Willesden Court for 930 where my one of my lads had elected for trial against a charge of using a mobile phone whilst driving on the North Circular last March. However, four hours later we are still waiting for our turn in the dock. Eventually at 230 we are called in. But at least it gives us time me to go over possible questions / replies etc. My lad who insists on representing himself (although I have some legal training!) confirms his original no guilty plea. So the beak looks at the procecutor., over to you. A lady procecutior immediately requests an adjournment as they have incomplete documentation, the police witness will not be turning up, no photographic evidence available, they more or less assumed it would be a straight forward guilty plea!! Well the beak ain't impressed and says if Mr Jones had legal representation, they would "strenuously" insist that the prosecution request be denied!. Well from thinking we had no hope, maybe 6 points and £200+ fine, we suddenly got hope. Heart pumping, face going red etc. It was like watching City hanging on to a 1-0 lead with five minutes left and praying for the final whistle - we were paying for the words - Case Dismissed! The procecution made one more plea, but the lady beak said she was not mindful to agree to their request. Mr Jonex had been waiting five hours, had left home at 6am, justice needed to be served and that meant Case Dismiseed. Two main things for me: 1) Don't be browbeaten by the authorities. If you think they may have made a mistake, fight your corner! 2) if the authorities cannot get a simple traffic offence paperwork right, WTF is going on? The prosecutor actually said ithe cock up on the paperwork wasn't their fault and it was the second case that day where the documention was wrong - what an admission to make. Sorru about the length of the posting - had a few!!
  12. BoyJones

    Happy 70th Birthday Frank Worthington

    True, he used to do a long stint of keepy-uppy, plus flicking the ball on to the back of his neck, his back etc - great entertainer. None of this shuttle run rubbish, just pure skill exhibition.
  13. BoyJones

    Building your own house on a plot

    A 2300 sq ft house is a reasonable size, would have thought £130k tops, but it's been a while since I was in the business.
  14. BoyJones

    Building your own house on a plot

    So CF is talking about 230 square metres £230,000? Costs have certainly massively risen. Sign of the times.