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  1. What I don't get is that we did him a massive favour stopping him going to arsenal, who have been just a cup team fighting team for the last 10 years. He should be thanking us big time that he ended up at Man City, albeit more often than not, not featuring in the first eleven Seriously if the article is true, he has come over as a totally disrespectful knobhead. I get people want to move on, but don't slag off previous employers who treated you very well and furthered your career bigtime. Don't think we'll be seeing him during half times at the KP once he's retired!
  2. Michael Owen was a great player, but absolute total rubbish as a pundit. Got the personality of a corpse. He's the man who wrote a piece for a national paper saying that Vardy wasn't a natural striker or natural goal scorer! Clear penalty today for Man City, hand moved towards ball. Anywhere else on the pitch, ref would have blown. VAR is fine, just the people administering it are mostly idiots. VAR had no impact on the game because there is no consistency, it's all subjective decisions by incompetent officials and is bad for the game in its current format.
  3. Yes, ditto, thanks for the kind words. Having watched City play Arsenal since the 62/63 season, yesterday was the first time I have seen such a listless, negative and frankly very uninspiring performance from Arsenal. The lack of closing down and freedom you gave us in the middle of the park at times was mind boggling. Players drifting out of position, your forwards just in front of the back four/five at times and maybe two decent attacks in the 90 minutes. You played without real purpose and I thought gave Leicester too much respect!!! We are a good team, but even Burnley came and gave it a good go. Personally think your your manager may be another Puel. Uninspiring and can't pull the team together. If you are willing to wait until next season for hoped for improvements, stick with him, otherwise get rid.
  4. I thought the rules were clear cut, but the problem is that the VAR officials are still making subjective decisions and deciding which rules to implement. The Alli type handball could happen in all 10 matches next weekend, probably five would be given and five would not. Under the current rules deliberate handball is a penalty and anyone who has played football at any level knows that Alli knew what he was doing, but the VAR official decided for whatever reason to ignore the rules of football. VAR decisions are gradually deteriorating week by week and if the Premier League really care about FairPlay and the fans they need to bin the system until they can make it work in a consistent and fair manner. At the moment there is no accountability and the officials are misusing the system.
  5. Fair enough, Perez did lose the ball a couple of times and was a bit off the boil. Watching the two full backs up close, they did do a decent job, palace were quite agressive and physical as you would expect, but the lads held their own well.
  6. Crunch game Friday, good luck👍
  7. Bit harsh on the full backs as they kept Palace's wide men really quiet. Saha was totally ineffective. Were you at the game? Kasper had his quietist away game.
  8. Have to disagree mate, Gray had to keep it away from a defender and it was more or less perfect for Vardy. Slightly behind him meant he wouldn't sky it over the bar - simple technique from Vardy who had time to steady himself and slotted it home. Vardy would die for half dozen passes like that every match.
  9. He needs to go out to a championship side to experience real competitive football. Apart from half a dozen matches, the rest of the games in Scotland were literally a stroll in the park - and I did watch a few.
  10. I stopped watching Rugby when forward passes were allowed.
  11. Is he the ref who has the female lino in his team?
  12. Fair assessment, but Oxford away rather than Man City at home!
  13. BoyJones

    Keith Vaz

    I think you are right mate. This is is the MP who 1) who defended the IRA in the Leicester bombing around 1990 2) investigated for cash for questions around 2000 3) suspected of money laundering around 2013 4) current debacle, cocaine and rent boys 2016 5) basically just focuses on building up a massive fortune with his missus, who I had the misfortune to meet in the early 1990's. The fact that the majority of his constituents vote for him is more worrying imo, as clearly they condone his behaviour.
  14. 14th October 1967, I was gutted I couldn't go because it was my mums 40th birthday meal that night😡
  15. When I first started supporting the City in 62/63, Everton were a top side and for the next twenty years of so, won about half dozen trophies. But apart from the 90's cup win, the last 25 years or so have been a tale of mediocrity and no real ambition, but to stay in the league. Everton fans under the age of 30 have had absolutely nothing to cheer, no sustained success or excitement and I actually do feel sorry for them. Must be awful knowing that you are going to experience another nothing season. Can you ever see them emerging from the shadow of Liverpool? Everton have a great history, but this is now the 21st Century and 20 years in, they have done nothing and it's hard to see that changing anytime soon, particularly with so many stronger clubs in the league.
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