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  1. As per this thread has been hijacked, but getting back to the original question, I reckon totally banning disposable nappies and wipes would be a massive start, considering the millions that are used daily. God knows how the human race managed without them until the late 20th century. It it would mean the younger generation getting their hands dirty and may use more water, but would save plenty on land fill and fat bergs.
  2. As long as Roeselare don't win on Sunday it's a done deal, as they play Tubize last game. Obviously hope OHL do the business themselves!
  3. If Puel had made an effort to establish a rapport with the fans, he would probably still be here. We never sang his name, he had no song and basically appeared not to give two hoots for the paying customer. His disdain for the cups didn't help, sacrificing three quarter finals to the eventual winners. No, he was the wrong manager and to give him credit for bringing in young players is OTT. For instance, I personally think Gray went backwards under his guidance. I don't wish him I'll, but I am glad he's gone.
  4. Great player, a real footballer. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Never liked Lineker, he played well for England, fair enough, but I was glad when we sold him. All he ever cared about was his bank balance.
  5. Match 63 v Tottenham Hotspur FC. Think we were 1st / 2nd, they were third. 2-2 draw. But what always sticks in my mind as a 10 year old was Jimmy Greaves drilling a shot into the Kop goal after 45 minutes and two seconds. The referee disallowed it as he had blown for half time, and turned towards the tunnel, just as my all time hero got his shot away. BUT none of the Spurs players argued, they just walked off. Can you see that happening today with our current batch of players. Apart from the incredible 2015/16 season, the 60's was a great time to support the City. I loved the 40000+ crowds, particularly cup replays. The atmosphere, in 50 years, has never matched the 1968 replay against Man City, grown men and boys crying. I know you youngsters will say an old fart remembering, but there have never been any nights like those days, except maybe the Seville game which was very special. Unfortunately new stadium can never replicate the raw emotions generated by a packed night at Filbert Street. Old age is a bitch, but I am glad I was around in the 60's / 70's.
  6. I can still see Rodney Ferns overhead kick. Some things never leave you. Like Muzzy's header.
  7. Still not sure what value he brings to the club. No obvious professional financial acumen and no obviously football / people acumen. I am not blaming him, but nobody really knows what he brings to the party! Maybe it would help if the Irish woman would tell people where he fits into the jigsaw puzzle; as currently I don't think anybody outside the club have a Scooby. I have met him and nice man but get gives the impression of being too quite and ineffectual. Anyway, the owners trust him and I suppose that should be good enough for us fans.
  8. Personally think 7th is a bit of a poisoned chalice. 7th placed teams playing three ties just to get into the Europa League "proper" seem to struggle in the league. Best to leave it this season, 50+ points would be acceptable I believe and go for it bigtime 19/20. Plus as mentioned respect the cups, which Puel didn't.
  9. I was in SK2 and people were praising Mendy. Personally thought he was excellent and steadied the ship. He should start IMO when we are away from home as think Barnes and Gray in team put too much pressure on the remaining midfielders. Barnes has so much attacking intent, he is ahead of Gray and streets ahead of Ghezzal. Barnes will get the coaching he needs to hit the target at this level. He could have scored three at Wembley and a couple more tonight, but he's definitely gonna be a match winner for us in the future. Hopefully be a good end to the season, 50+ points would be nice.
  10. You only get so called player power with a weak manager. SAF and our own NP would laugh in your face.
  11. Freezing out creative players like Silva for donkeys like Hamza C (albeit a solid defensive player) was crazy. Stoppers are two a penny. Creativ players are very difficult to find. Youth is great, but discarding proven players, Puel deserves to lose his job. In my 66 years watching city, maybe one worst manager, Frank McLintock. Would put Petef Taylor above him!!! Puel clearly didn't give a poo about the fans, sacrificing three cup quarter finals - he should have gone 12 months ago. I wager nearly every foxestalk member would have done a better job and had more points.
  12. I think you are wrong. Our fans are open-minded and fair, but after game after game where we set up negetatively, always starting up one up front, then going behind, you get worn down with the disappointment and frustration. Because of Puel's constant negetative policy, we have dropped points at Brighton, Fulham and Liverpool away and lost at home to Cardiff and Southampton. We only introduce a second forward when we are losing and then immediately change the game in our favour. Playing no forward at Tottenham was an absolute disgrace and showed his complete disregard for the travelling fans. We don't even play a pressing game with non tacklers like Gray, Ghezzal and Barnes in the team, which puts too much pressure on Indidi and the central defenders. The he guy needs to go and go quickly. If we get turned over by Palace and Brighton, then we are in trouble. Building for the future is just basically cobblers, paper talk, you need to build a winning mentality and we don't have that anymore. We are the pushovers in this league because of Puel. He needs to go and quickly.
  13. Remember all those going to Madrid were given "Are you watching Mark McGhee" postcards to post back to McGhee. Still got a few left somewhere!
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