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  1. BoyJones

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    I think you are wrong. Our fans are open-minded and fair, but after game after game where we set up negetatively, always starting up one up front, then going behind, you get worn down with the disappointment and frustration. Because of Puel's constant negetative policy, we have dropped points at Brighton, Fulham and Liverpool away and lost at home to Cardiff and Southampton. We only introduce a second forward when we are losing and then immediately change the game in our favour. Playing no forward at Tottenham was an absolute disgrace and showed his complete disregard for the travelling fans. We don't even play a pressing game with non tacklers like Gray, Ghezzal and Barnes in the team, which puts too much pressure on Indidi and the central defenders. The he guy needs to go and go quickly. If we get turned over by Palace and Brighton, then we are in trouble. Building for the future is just basically cobblers, paper talk, you need to build a winning mentality and we don't have that anymore. We are the pushovers in this league because of Puel. He needs to go and quickly.
  2. BoyJones

    The Managers: Mark McGhee, 1994 -1995

    Remember all those going to Madrid were given "Are you watching Mark McGhee" postcards to post back to McGhee. Still got a few left somewhere!
  3. That's how to take a corner
  4. BoyJones

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Thought we were generally poor and lacked real drive and desire. United were steady and basically did a good away job. Once Ghezzal came on it was game over. He was never gonna score from that distance and should have put in a decent cross. Feel sorry for the likes of Kasper and Vardy seeing a winning formula being ditched for mediocrity and boring football.
  5. BoyJones

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    Overrun in midfield. Can't have the luxury of two non tacklers in Gray and Barnes. Too easy for United, we must have a better option than Gray. We set up defensively but can't defend, except for last ditch interceptions. Just hope we up the tempo in second half, otherwise gonna be a simple win for Man Utd and another wasted opportunity by us.
  6. BoyJones

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Puel out because he doesn't give a merde about the fans
  7. BoyJones

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Purl selected a team that was never going to win today. Wolves should have been four up at half time, but for woeful finishing. It was great the players came out after half time and showed some pride. I was talking to a couple of wolves fans after the game and they hit the nail on the head. They said there's no real connection between your defence, midfield and attack. Most of the time they seem like strangers on a different wavelength., no cohesion or understanding. Whose fault is this?
  8. BoyJones


    If you play donkeys in midfield, then expect shit to happen. Ndidi obviously is not the player he was last year, still generally good and combative, but Puel has clearly coached his negative play. Going forward he is very poor. Shooting probably the worst in the league. I would always still have him in the side, but he needs a creative midfielder next to him. Puel doesn't agree and drops Maddison and totally bins Silva. Ndidi looks poor because the manager doesn't help him.
  9. BoyJones

    Robert Huth Retires

    The goal gave me an angina attack, but worth it.
  10. BoyJones

    The Perils of Short-Termism

    Would help if we had a definition of short termism. If it means sacrificing every winnable cup game for the medium / long term future, then I think we should live for today. Live for today, let tomorrow take care of itself. My dad worked all his life and thought he would make up for lost holidays etc when he retired. He died within three years of stopping work. I would rather we had tried to win some silverware the last two years than throw away opportunities that may never happen again in my lifetime, all for an uncertain future. Grab opportunities when you can, particularly when you are responsible for carrying the hopes of tens of thousands of fans.
  11. Haven't read the last few pages, but Matt Mills must be a good shout. Head so far up his backside he couldn't see the ball. To be fair, did play a couple of decent games, but most performances were Vicky Park quality.
  12. I played an exhibition frame of snooker last year against the 2015 world professional snooker champion Stuart Bingham. Professional referee and audience of about 75. I won the toss and elected to break. Got one other shot later in frame when Bingham broke down on about 40, missed and he cleared up with an 80+! Decent bloke, a bit shy, but down to earth and basically a normal person. Nicer bloke than Virgo who I met in 1977, but suppose he was young then and thought he was a good player.
  13. BoyJones

    Worst FA Cup Defeat?

    Harlow wycombe today walsall about 52 others
  14. BoyJones

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I am firmly in the Puel out camp. Tried to give the guy some slack, but he doesn't really care about the older supporters. The FA Cup is an important competition. We dissed both the Cup and Newport by making wholesale changes, particularly in midfield by playing mostly a defensive set up. James, Choudhary and Ghezzal (I know he finally did something right) generally had no idea what do to, apart from 90% sideways or backwards passes. Puel should have played Maddison (and Ricardo) from the start, not James, who was largely unfit and ineffective. We paid good money to watch a team that couldn't breakdown a Newport side who battled very hard, but let's be honest had no real quality. I don't blame Nacho, although he should have hit the target after the defender miskicked the ball, or Okasaki who has never been a natural goal scorer. It is clear that all Puel wants to do is stay up, irrespective of entertaining the paying customers. Anybody, who believes this is the style of football the owners want is crazy. We are nicking some good away results, but it won't last, Puel will get found out like Burnley. In fact, we are now playing like Burnley last year, no real game plan, just hang in there and try and get a 1-0. I am trying to be balanced in my comments, but the despair I feel at the moment is palpable.
  15. BoyJones

    Newport away

    Ditto. Been 50 long long long long long years since the last final. We've had our chances in the meantime, but always messed up. Please, please play a strong team, not like Fleetwood last year when we could have easily lost. If Puel wants to convert the doubters here's his chance to show he understands that this is an important competition in our history, although I accept many younger fans were not around when we used to take this cup seriously.