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  1. BoyJones

    Corona Virus

    No need mate, area where I live has two small chain stores and neither have run out of anything yet. Popped in yesterday bought some loo roll and necessities. No one here seems to be panic buying. Bought the papers the morning in the local store and all shelves full!
  2. Does he practice coming across as a dickhead or is it a natural talent?
  3. Somebody understands the game. City clearly decided to take Grealish out of the equation and succeeded exceptionally well. Without him, Villa are totally clueless, they were lucky to escape a much bigger drubbing. Three free headers, Nacho’s miss and albrighton at the end - could have been double the score. Leicester totally dominated and Villa looked doomed now, with the next four matches for them looking very challenging. I just hope our supporters put all their energies into the next nine games, rather than harping on about previous performances over the last two months.
  4. And another forward pass in the early build up. Stopped watching rugby down at welford road when forward passes were allowed
  5. Neither do most Leicester City supporters
  6. Mate, I voted labour 25 years until Blair came along and now vote conservative, but do believe we must have a viable opposition. Trouble is the new leader must IMO change in a minimum three areas: 1) Be able to debate sensibly and listen to other people. At the moment if you don't agree with any labour leader or supporter you are immediately vilified and call racist, a piece of shit or self centred. Personal first hand experience of this in the Clarendon Park Road area. At the moment there is no coherent arguments presented, just points scoring and trying to get headlines in the press. 2) Actually start to understand why you lost the labour heartlands, like Hull. The fact is you don't represent the working man / woman anymore, because you can't relate to them. The labour leadership treated their previous voters with complete disdain as though they were idiots who would blindly follow the old mantra, without crediting them with being intelligent people who have the ability to see both sides of the argument. 3) The next leader must show some love and respect for his country. The likes of JC and DA were desperate to remain in the EU, despite this meaning giving away our fishing rights, dissolving the armed forces by 2030, opening all borders, getting rid of the pound, giving Brussels (Berlin) the right to make all new laws and tax laws for the UK. We would have ended up a vassal state on the periphery of the action, part of a federal Europe in which we would have had no say.
  7. I abhor every person who uses the word "austerity" in the brexit or political topics on FT. Life is so much easier now than 40/50 years ago. Nobody starves anymore unless they choose to. They don't have a clue what it's likes to eat cabbage five days a week, go to school in trousers and jumpers with holes in them and wear second hand balaclavas in winter in the mile walk to school. No heating upstairs or social services to help you out because you can't get your backside out of bed. Even in the late 70's, my wife and I lived on beans on toast for the last 10 days before payday, preferring to feed our children first. Anybody under 50 knows F all about austerity, so STFU trying to score points. And talking about the 1960's, street beggars didn't have modern IPhones like today, but were actually seriously disadvantaged. Look at the Big Issue sellers today, like outside sainsburys on Queens Road, it's been taken over by Eastern Europeans who have homes to go to. Just a con. Austerity hasnt existed since since the 70's except in exceptional circumstances. It's not the norm as portrayed by all our well fed, well clothed, well paid Corbynistas.
  8. I was sat down that day as well, can't remember why, always stood. Maybe getting tickets was difficult that particular game. Watford away, Muzzy scoring was a good day out, although I was well into my 40's by then. Unfortunately not many on here will remember the away days in the 60's, so pointless recounting. However, my one big regret is missing the Anfield replay when Shiltz saved that penalty. I still have the newspapers cuttings with pictures from behind the goal of the penalty save!
  9. People have short memories. When we won the league in 2016, we won about five matches 1-0 in feb/March. We were bang average in every game, particularly Palace away and Saints / Newcastle at home, but even though we were well off the pace we came good. Same thing will happen this year, the lads are beginning to pick up form again, Vardy will start scoring again and five / six wins in the last 13 is certainly doable and realistic. Fancy us to get 67/68 points. Job done. Just keep positive!
  10. Disagree that Chilwell is s headless chicken. He does have too many lapses in concentration and gives the crowd a reason to have a go. Top op managers are after Chilwell, they know he will have an excellent career, hopefully with us. Back on topic, Barnes is a real talent, still learning the game. Like others on here, I just wish he was a natural finisher. Will probably end up with loads more assists than goals, unless some scoring coach can help him improve. Both players would benefit from better support from our fans, particularly on social media. The players must read some of the rubbish written about them, can't be motivating when it's not justified, like they don't care, they don't try etc.
  11. Anybody who has played football knows he knows what he is doing. Clever play by the defender, he'll be having a few high fives in the changing room.
  12. Your second sentence is a bit presumptious and infers majority of Brits are thick? Where is your evidence to support this comment? And here maybe more than two thoughts?
  13. Fully agree mate. Man Utd were at the top for years, not just for their skills, but because they constantly put pressure on the officials. They got most of the decisions and Fergie time is a proven fact. From Kasper's point of view, what about the initial challenge at the corner? If there is any contact on the keeper when he punches the ball it is foul in any other game. Maybe kasper was unhappy with the inconsistency. TBH the ref was poor most of the match, particularly when he favoured us for a long portion of the second half. However, he was weak. 19 fouls by wham and only booking the pen! No problems with kasper, he can't win anyway, if he didn't show he cared, the boo boys would say he wasn't bothered!
  14. Yes Col, the lads are young and making mistakes because they are still learning the game. Barnes will be a great player - his weight of passing and reading of the game is improving all the time. Nacho has had to bide his time and taken a lot of stick from the fans, but has knuckled down and is showing his value more and more. You just have to give these young lads encouragement and support - if BR values them and he has worked with some brilliant players in his time, I reckon we should trust his judgement.
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