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  1. After the initial rush this morning when 130 tickets gone by 805, not much activity last 7-8 minutes with tickets remaining holding around the 275 mark.
  2. I thought they were supposed to vote how the constituency wished, not their own selfish wishes. I forgot that once elected they do there own thing and whilst a good majority of constituencies voted for Brexit, this has been conveniently forgotten over the last three years, and tonight in particular. The patronising comments which are a common theme here that "nobody knew what they were voting for" is frankly insulting and disgraceful. All the so called "truths" that is another common theme is just total conjecture, unless you have a crystal ball. The constant demeaning of people voting leave is one of the most shameful things of the last three years, as if you are totally stupid because you voted to go. The "remainers" go on about lack of democracy, but they have been actively campaigning against it since 2016. If if we have a second referendum it will clearly set up a precedent for a third, fourth, fifth etc, because people will know if they argue long enough they will force the issue through. People campaigning against BJ, saying he is trying to organise a coup, but happy to give total power to Brussels - you couldn't make it up!
  3. IMO Puel was the worst man manager since Peter Taylor. It's ok knowing tactics, formations and bringing on youth, but if nobody respects / understands / really likes you then you are doomed. The guy didn't give a cuss for the fans, sacrificing three quarter final ties by not playing our best team. I still can't believe that the owners took on such a negative figure. At least they put the matter right when they took on BR.
  4. The "three horse race" comment at the end was clever and made me laugh. Fair play to Lineker who can get a crafty dig in now and again.
  5. Be interesting to see if Alan Sheehan plays. On our books for a few years pre Pearson, but never really made it.
  6. Bruce was born up near Newcastle and was a hard man on the pitch, he took no prisoners in his day. Ritchie ain't no angel either, so just get on with it. Just trying deflection technique as it sounds like his team were poor and having lost at home trying to get sympathy from the fans.
  7. Ground holds about 10k. Think the allowance is 10% for the league cup (15%?for FA Cup) so around 1000 tickets. Depends also on Safety Group / Police input, but as there is no real history between the clubs don't think this will come into play. Don't think I've been for 45 years to this ground - will settle for same result.
  8. I was just surprised at our tactics. I said in the pub before the game, keep to 0-0 after 60 minutes and Chelsea will falter big time. Travelling etc is tiring and if we keep our powder dry, go all out last 30. Defending for first 20 was scary, hence a lot of commentators saying top six is unlikely. We were so disjointed in that initial period I felt sorry for BR. What do they practice on the training ground? The players were well off the pace, losing shapes and position, although accept Chelsea were trying extra hard for their new manager. Great second half effort, bit more clinical and we would have had back to back away wins at SB. Thought Christian Fuchs was excellent. Everybody else, ok. Maddison did well except when it really mattered,
  9. More chance of landing a spaceship on the Sun, then getting a sensible football comment from her. She obviously knows nothing about the game, but clearly that's not why she's on the box. Good luck to her on making a few quid, but just shows what TV show producers think about the average football fan - Bunch of wankets easily satisfied.
  10. I was in London 30/09/1995, my 20th wedding anniversary weekend. Just got back to the hotel near Kensingston Palace, at 440, switched on the bbc teleprinter and the next score that came up was Norwich 0 Leicester 1, Heskey!! Made my day and even started paying attention to the missus! For the stato's it was also Frank Rollings (can't remember how to spell his name😂) debut. Met Heskey a few times, mostly at Baffones with a few other players, normally Thursday, he is a top bloke, caring and respectful. Always polite👍
  11. As the home team, having two defensive (holding) players in midfield spoke volumes of our attacking intent or lack of it. We set up like an away team, but obviously Wolves were set up equally defensively. First match in. Happy with the point, but to me BR felt the need to protect his central backs at the expense of going for it, until late on. Harvey Barnes injected much need pace and some forward movement. However, as last year, the final cross never found a blue shirt. The lads worked hard, but in reality, a turgid uninspiring performance, but we didn't lose and hopefully we will up our game for Chelsea.
  12. It's still too subjective, look at the Spurs shout for the penalty near the end. Defender raises his hand, the ball hits it and deflects to the keeper. Even the Villa fan in the club was expecting the worst. Another time, that will be given.
  13. He cost them a point, trying to be too clever outside the box when he should have got rid.
  14. Tend to agree, he has promise, but needs games under his belt to improve, particularly his decision making. But can BR take the risk? The lad could learn from Hamza, who played really well tonight, he cut out his gang ho tackling and used some clever feints to get out of trouble. Impressive mature performance from him. Thought overall it it was a good work out against a clearly talented team and all our lads contributed. Fitness and closing down was very good and with such attack minded full backs, it is inevitable that on occasion the remaining defence will be out of position, but no doubt they practice this eventuality in training. It is clear that wherever we end up league position-wise this season, it's going to be a fantastically exciting season with such a talented attack minded team. Technically, this must be the best squad we have ever had. Can't wait.
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