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  1. It didn't need technology, just someone with proper eyesight. In most walks of life, you make a monumental cock up, there are repercussions. But with professional football worth billions of pounds, officials are basically fireproof apart from the occasional slap on the wrist. The assistant referee and referee cost us three places and over £5m in prize money, but they won't care. In my 54 years of watching the lads in blue, the quality of the officials has deteriorated considerably. I know they are under the microscope more and more, but it's almost as if they dont care about the implications there incorrect decisions have on people's lives and careers. Okay, we were unlucky today to have been allocated probably the worst ref in the league, but if they can't get key decisions right, they should be sacked.
  2. On our retirement holiday in Dubai, missus gone to bed sunburn and the Eartha's, on third bottle of Tempranillo, not sure if I will make Chelsea game, but who cares.... Looking forward to game on Thursday, quite a few Londoners here, got to be a few spuds to gently wind up. Sat with a Palace and Arsenal fan last few days who thought I was a southern boy, but eventually put them right. Can't wait for Thursday.
  3. Premier League title Tottenham Hotspur wants But to the rest of England, they're just a bunch of cants sorry can't do any better, on holiday, had a few
  4. Yes on my second bottle of red
  5. If we want to be pedantic, every penalty ever taken is touched more than once. By the time the kick has been followed through, the ball has been touched countless times, just the eye can't see it.
  6. Ok mate, just have to agree to differ. If the kicker infringes the rules and the ball goes into the net, the referee is within his rights to order retake, according to Law 14. Later on it does go into detail about a second touch by the kicker, but this surely relates to a deliberate knocking the ball a couple of yards nearer goal then blasting it. And no outside agent involved. The law was never about slipping and having a virtual simultaneous and accidental touch. Anyway, as already stated Mahrez did mess up and the game is over.
  7. Biggest improvement for me this season is his composure on the ball. Much better now and whilst I wasn't so sure earlier in the season, think he will take over from Fuchs half way through 2017-18. He is learning very quickly. Not phased today and put in a good shift.
  8. I thought Law 13 referred to free kicks, not penalty kicks. Law 14 relates to penalty kicks.
  9. The rules state a retake.
  10. I have no sympathy for the referee, the rules are in place, Madley just decides which ones he will follow on a match by match basis. An incredibly poor referee. He made the game difficult because he makes so many wrong decisions. The penalty ended up in the net, should have been a retake. Clear intended elbow on Albrighton, he had it raised in position to take out the player. Again referee turned a blind eye.
  11. I owe Okazaki an apology, fantastic strike. Referee and Lino what don't know the rules, happens week in week it. How pathetic that players have to explain the rules of the game to the officials. Obviously we we are massively under the cosh, but still in it.
  12. It's the old story of a home team with something to play for against an away team with seemingly less to play for and putting out a weakened team, particularly in central defence / central midfield. Hoping for the best, but man for man, Man City look stronger. Watching in Dubai, Richard Keys is fronting the show, he's put on some podge.
  13. Plus we should really have nicked it at the end if Ulloa had shown more commitment on that last minute header. Spuds were happy to hear the final whistle that day.
  14. Fair point, but I think it's like a test of courage in a way. Completely stygmian dark clammy stone chamber, I was sliding one foot in front of the other because you literally can't see a thing. That was about 10 years ago, so possibly now they have made it more tourist friendly and less of challenge.
  15. Sat watching it in a hotel bar in Dubai, (le royal meridian) next to a Chelsea fan, he was worried sick they wouldn't do it, even with a seven point lead. Cause of my London twang he thought I was a Chelsea fan. Big hand shakes and drinks at final whistle. Told him him at half time it was a done deal and I was a Leicester fan, (wearing my shirt tomorrow) but really pleased they did do it, throughly deserved, they were the best team this year. Spuds huffed and puffed but ultimately don't know how to be clever enough to win enough games - they are too one dimensional, no plan B as I have alluded to in the past. Wish I could be there next Thursday, but booked the break before the revised Spuds fixture change, so I expect 90 minutes of non stop piss taking and I will be listening!!