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  1. Mark Sampson sacked by the FA

    It's a PC world, unless you are a member of a minority being accused, you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence. They've paid up his contract to shut him up, if he is guilty of such heinous crimes, why pay him off. Something doesn't add up.
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Except FIFA rules almost certainly contravene EU employment law. But who cares. Must be the only business that can ride roughshod over the law of the land. Probably also contravenes Silva's Human Rights, but FIFA think they are fire proof, wish some club would take them to court.
  3. Why? First half was rubbish, but apart from one Chilwell block early on, Liverpool didn't really look like scoring. They were equally as bad in the last third. I guess his HT team talk would be, you are talented players, you can't be as bad again, go out and show what you can do. Sure they were poor first half, but the discipline, shape and desire was there. I have watched city over 1000 times, seen that first half performance 300-400 times. We couldn't be that bad again and so it proved. Obviously number 23 going off proved a godsend! I don't post on here so often anymore because of the massive negative feel of this forum, but we did beat a good side tonight, but still all the regular doommongers come on. Sometimes. I feel it might be worth getting relegated, so all you so called supporters who enjoy slagging off the team will clear off. I am not a happy clapper, I get really frustrated, but I understand that sometimes the other team has better players and you have to bide your time. If we keep playing poorly, but keep winning and get to Wembley, I hope all you naysayers will have the decency to give your ticket away.
  4. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Gray is desperate to play, so you would think he would bust a gut to impress the boss! So why does he go down when he has beaten the last defender and has a great chance of a five a side finish against the keeper. Just mind boggling decision making, needs to take a leaf out of Aguero's book of commitment and how to ride a tackle.
  5. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    It's his son who was a cvnt.
  6. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Legally we have plenty of legs to stand on as FIFA regulations can easily be argued to contravene EU employment law. They are denying freedom of movement within member countries, a keystone to the EU. I know the rules were probably made for good reasons, but shouldn't take precedence over the laws of the country / union. FIFA think they are fireproof, but they are not. However, one of FIFA regulations is that members cannot take FIFA to court, but instead appeal to various tribunals that FIFA control. That's how interpret FIFA rules from what I have read. It's whether Leicester have the bottle to challenge FIFA.
  7. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Maybe so, but don't forget Chelsea had been dicking us about for days. They could have offered a realistic price (in the current crazy market) a couple of days earlier. We had to get the DD deal done first or so it seems.
  8. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Haven't read many posts, but why don't our owners just take FIFA or whoever to court? Some of their rules contravene EU law, particularly employment law. Freedom of movement is enshrined in the EU, individual businesses / associations can't just do their own thing. If i was Top, I would be pushing my Dad to challenge them, particularly with their proven lack of integrity and the fact they are not fit for purpose
  9. Between 1990 and 2015, I went to just about every England home match and a few aways, took my lads regularly, but came to realise that the burning pride in playing for your country seems to have gone. They say all the right things etc., but when it comes to playing attractive, attacking, let's fight for our country football, the current lot just seem too comfortable. No hunger for success, it's all about club football these days. I don't go anymore and didn't renew my England Away Supporters two yearly membership. Totally disillusioned with the prima donna's. I was obviously glad England turned it around last night, but the performance against an admittedly decent hardworking side was one dimensional and lacking in pace / tempo / skill / decision making. Worryingly, whilst Alli did bust a gut to try and make things happen, his temperament let's him down badly. In a way he is a microcosm of what's wrong with English football, a spoilt brat, who had it too easy, too early. His one fingered salute was embarrassingly childish.
  10. Fair comment, but it difficult to coach players when they appear to have zero intelligence, like Oxlade Chamberlain and Henderson. I wouldn't want them in our reserve team (if we had one) The decision making from those two is especially embarrassing. Why do England managers always seem to pick one or two players that average fans wouldn't have in the team. Sterling (not a favourite player of mine) was a massive upgrade on OC, but just a bit part player tonight. Teams still often reflect the personality of their managers, so expect a dour, boring, unexciting, unsuccessful few years under GS.
  11. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Reminds me of a long forgotten joke from my school days. What's the closest thing you can get to silver... ...the Lone Rangers Bollo@ks. Can't beat a playground joke.
  12. Sheffield Utd Post Match Thread 4-1

    4-1 away against a championship side, most of us would have taken that at 8pm, but of course, the usual glass half empty posters have to pick faults. Slim and Musa et al are ring rusty for heavens sake, they will make mistakes, but they got the job done. Lets as look forward to the next round.
  13. Wolves away - Pre Season

    Bought thursday, came this morning.
  14. Non-payment of wages

    Will be surprised if HMRC give the worker a second thought. I do the books for a small catering company in Leicester, who a couple of summers ago took on a part time worker for seven weeks on a supposed "self employed" basis. Somebody in a similar line of work rang the HMRC whistle blower line to say the company were employing workers without paying NI etc. HMRC inspector wrote and was out to the business within two-three weeks to inspect the books. I was happy to represent the company at the meeting and it all went alright, they accepted we had acted above board, although were one form missing, which we sorted. I asked what would happen to the worker, now left and the reply was for the amount in question wasn't worth bothering about. More concerned about firms taking the mick, because if one employee, could be a lot more, then that would start to add up. Just make the call.
  15. Won't let me add as friends and family, says already logged in elsewhere. Been trying for ages. Basically three of my family have lost 600 points between them. I am not a technophile or phobe, but this system is a step back in time. Whichever geek designed it has no understanding of real people or their needs. We want something simple that can absorb the previous system seemlessly and improve it, not cause frustration, annoyance and put the onus on the fans to iron out all the glitches. Another own goal by the club which is supposed to value its fans. Looks like another visit to the TO tomorrow morning.