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  1. Champions League 2017/18

    As much as I wanted Juve to win, defender who was was too slow and ball watching clearly impedes the attackng player. Push in the back was unnecessary. Clear penalty and Buffon deserved to be sent off.
  2. Champions League 2017/18

    No love for Man City, but they have been cheated by the officials out of their chance of history.
  3. Burglar stabbed by homeowner (self defence)

    Particularly as the "tribute" is being attached to a private property. If I was that property owner, I would not be happy that people were climbing on my walls and fences etc and the police just standing by. There is almost certain to be damage caused.
  4. A Trip to London

    Not been to Tokyo or Athens, but none of the other cities can touch London. I love Rome, been a dozen times or so, but it is dirty and uncared for. Barcelona is all concrete except the Ramblas Prague central is ok, but otherwise pretty unexceptional Berlin, another favourite of mine is full of history, but until recently, rebuilt in an unsympathetic way. Copenhagen is decidedly average with a comparatively poor transportation system Madrid isn't a patch on Seville, Granada etc. And Amsterdam is a dump - the only good thing is that they hate the German national team as well. If you think Camden market / lock is London, then you will get a bad impression. Avoid these sort of areas. Ok, I was born in the smoke, so have a natural love of the city. I go back regularly, but there are literally hundreds of interesting boroughs to visit. I've probably been to a 100 or so cities in Europe, some great places, but London is unique!
  5. How Was Your Day?

    Hi Phil Sorry to hear about your loss, hope you are holding up ok. But 95 and brain still working is a top result. Not many are so blessed, so looks like she had a really fulfilled life wth a loving family all around her.
  6. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    I was at the Notts County / Mansfield yesterday with a Mansfield mate. Second half probably the usual four / five mins added time at best. The referee stunned both sets of fans with SEVEN minutes, then allowed Mansfield to equalise in the NINTH minute and played about 11! Today, I thought three minutes at the end of extra time, with the subs coming on, the Frog play acting and the referee regularly pointing to his watch. He plays one minute - There is no rhyme or reason or consistency. Pawson was frankly a disgrace today, basically lying to all supporters as he didn't add on one second for the blatant time wasting. He could have easily played another 10 seconds to allow the final cross to come in (probably not come to anything) - but he blew up knowing he would be inciting the crowd. I know we played poorly for the majority of the game with passing, crossing, decision making all falling well short, but we didn't deserve to be short changed by the officials. I said to my mate on the way out the London clubs will be kept apart. Think football in this country needs an entire overhaul, particularly referres who appear fire proof.
  7. Bit unfair on Shinji IMO; do people actually understand the mechanics of the game. It's not always what you do when you have the ball! Harsh on Chilwell who played better and better as the game wore on and Wes was definitely minimum average plus.
  8. MON had limited, lower division managerial experience when he came to Leicester, but did ok! You just never know who will be able to step up to the level and performance required.
  9. Foxestalk Romance, Friendships And Fall Outs.

    Yes, cambridgefox is definitely the quiet retiring type. We met at the Parcel Yard, kings cross station before the first recent Spurs cup game. I had to sit on the third (I think) table on the right at top of the stairs, reading the express with a red rose in my lapel (last bit is a lie!) Got cambridge a ticket for the game. Absolutely top bloke who likes a drink or five. What is is noticeable is that I have met about 70 FT members on my travels (trip to VfL Bochum in February 2016 helped!) and every one is a really decent level headed, but die hard fan. We have some great people supporting our club and that's what makes the away trips, games and pre match pub visits so memorable. I've met youngsters like Scouse and people even older than me like languedoc, but all are really good folk, who just love their team.
  10. Jamie Carragher spitting

    He has to go. If Sky keep him on, they will be accepting the "unacceptable". Basically condoning the behaviour no matter how they wrap it up. Personally don't rate him as a pundit. Comes over to me as arrogant and condescending to the fans. There must be better out there.
  11. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    After his mistake, Chilwell grew into game and played well. Okasaki worked the defenders hard and Nacho was the ideal man to come on after 60. Defence was basically sound with Wes and Simmo doing what they do. Maguire was excellent. Iborra is such an improvement on James, you don't win three European trophies being a donkey. Thought Iborra helped improve Ndidi's game. Ok, Gray was poor, but he worked hard I suppose. Thought Vardy was immense, led the line brilliantly and his goal was exceptionally well taken. Mahrez was up for it and played well. Finally, a word for kasper, no chance with the goal, but looked a decent save later. Albrighton did ok. All in all, a brilliant away day and I still haven't see us lose at the hawthorns. Looks like I may never go there again, except for cup games! Hopefully puel learns two up top and a creative midfielder is the way forward.
  12. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Let's hope Chilwell and James justify their selection.
  13. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Fair enough, should have been 4th!
  14. Car parking on Match Day

    Anywhere on CPR or ARE. Just five minutes from the Donkey.
  15. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Hopefully Chelsea will place the fourth place fight with Spuds and Liverpool above the FA Cup. Whats more important to them, finishing 5th or getting to the Cup Final?