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  1. Yes, It was a really lovely day. Can still see Andy King’s goal.
  2. Meant to say I was in Germany with 40 odd city fans for the Man City game. Great atmosphere in the Bochum ultras bar. They made us so welcome, knew all our chants and went crazy every time we scored. Next best thing to being at the actual game.
  3. The change in emotions in that Burnley game were incredible. Facing a penalty, which if scored, could have sent us down, to going 1 nil up a minute later. I’ve been to hundreds of away games and some great ones already mentioned, but not many where utter despair turned to ecstatic elation so quickly.
  4. One of my favourite players in a largely mediocre team. He did give it everything. His life threatening injury after he left us was a total disgrace, the referee basically let it go and I can’t believe the FA swept it under the carpet. Hume should have taken Morgan to court. Unfortunately, my overriding memory of Hume playing was of him missing that sitter in the final horrendous game at Stoke and a couple of one on ones in a home game a few weeks earlier against Bristol City. I can’t remember if Fryatt was injured at the end of that season, but Holloway didn’t play them
  5. Definitely Leicester these days. Between the late 70’s and 2015 I went to most England home matches and several away games. However, I became disillusioned around 2015 because I got fed up going to friendly and “easy” qualification games when you then learned half the side had pulled out because of supposed injuries. Playing for your country doesn’t seem that important to a lot of players (and obviously clubs) so I thought sod it. Haven’t been to a home game for six years and didn’t renew my England Away Membership.
  6. Jackie Sinclair, a great, great player. Can still remember a goal he scored when we beat Wednesday 4-1 in December 1965. We’re defending the Kop end and Banks launches the ball well over half way line and down the inside left channel. Sinclair is facing their goal, the ball bounces behind him, he hooks it over his head and the defender with his heel and then volleys it in with the keeper beaten all ends up. I was in the double decker that night and whilst I’ve forgotten many goals, that one will always stand out in my mind. If you look on you tube they a MOTD Chelsea v Le
  7. I was at that game on my own. Went into the wing stand as queues too big in the Kop / popular side. Cost me 2s 6d, nearly two weeks pocket money! True though, Leicester were real entertainers and exciting to watch for all of the 60’s and until mid-late 70’s, after which the quality of player unfortunately dropped, apart from one or two exceptions.
  8. I’ve been doing it for about six months, initially to get Christmas presents for a couple of mates who like trying new beers. Carried on doing it for myself last three months, but I do think it is expensive at £3 per drink. I realise postage etc comes into it, plus you get a monthly magazine, which I only flick through. However, this month has four or five stouts which are drinkable, but not my favourites. I am more an IPA man. Going to give it one more month, but will then probably cancel. Unless you are somebody who keeps a record of every different ale you drink (like one of my ma
  9. Seen most players in the last 60 years. I would go for two from the 50’s, Arthur Rowley and Derek Hines. Both forwards who played together I know. Rowley for his unbelievable goal scoring prowess and Hines for his loyalty to the club over a long period.
  10. His warm up routine was legendary, keepie uppies and balancing the ball on the back of his neck in front of the Kop, can still see him doing it. Worth the admission fee alone. Luckily I went to most games between 70-77, so saw him play a lot. Was at his debut at Old Trafford, but whilst I remember many games, that one I have no recollection, although it was my 20th birthday that weekend. I know Frankie scored early doors and Best equalised with a penalty!! My mates and I all idolised him and each time he played for England at home we went down to watch him. However, we kne
  11. Today happens to be 58 years exactly since my Dad took his 10 years old son down to Filbert Street (the Kop) to watch his first ever game. 2-2 v Tottenham Hotspur in front of a full house of just under 42000. I was hooked. In my opinion 77/78 was by far the worst year I’ve ever experienced supporting City because we were so unbelievably poor. Because FM was such an abysmal and clueless manager, I believe the team basically gave up before Christmas. It certainly scarred a lot of supporters at the time because we went down without a fight. Obviously I’ve seen us relegated q
  12. Kasteel do a decent range of bottled and draught beers. ABV normally about 11%. It’s Belgium, but ask for a tester first if on draught, as one of their dark beers tasted like treacle to me! My mate had it, was staggering after four!
  13. I’ve no real issue and was not surprised with Maguire leaving us as he perceived he had a better chance of CL and domestic silverware with Man Utd. That was his choice and we certainly screwed them over the fee. What does surprise me is that his football has clearly gone backwards big time since he left our coaching staff for Man Utd’s. He doesn’t play to his strengths anymore, he looks slower, less fit, makes too many poor decisions / mistakes and doesn’t seem to be enjoying his football. I know they had an unbelievable away run but to me he has not really developed as a player. Man
  14. Don’t forget though his detractors will say it was again against “woeful opposition”
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