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  1. Feel for you mate. Your fans turned up, but the team didnt. Probably the worst display from a losing team since Newcastle 15 or so years ago. If Stones wasn't such a donkey you would have had a very unenviable record.
  2. Well said mate! We must do it soon, the years are running out (for some of us)
  3. BoyJones


    Next year will be my 58th season supporting the lads. Even when I was a nutter on the Kop, I never really considered anybody our rivals. Maybe for a few years Cov or Forest, but basically nobody stayed the pace. We don't need rivals, or if we do, need to look at the bigger picture. I hope in the years to come we consider Man City / Liverpool our main rivals. Let's move away from parochial hang ups, hopefully we are now on and will stay on a bigger stage.
  4. Agree to a certain extent, but once you cross that line, it's down to the player. Blaming the manager is a bit of a cop out. Fryatt just proved that he was a top third division player, but found wanting in the higher leagues. Hume was just all huff and puff, but little talent. Players like Nugent and Wood were different class. I accept we couldn't afford decent strikers at the time and had to make do with what we could get, but let's not kid ourselves, whilst willing workers Fryatt and Hume were bang average.
  5. I personally had some sympathy for Holloway. We missed countless one on ones that year. Can remember Fryatt missing three in one match, late in the season, and Hume was not much better. He missed a sitter at Stoke away which sent us down, although McCauley's header against the post would have also kept us up if he had hit the target. Basically that year those two forwards were total crap. Not sure if Fryatt scored more than one goal all season. He was garbage. Was also pleased when Hume left, why the crowd took to him is beyond me. He helped get us relegated then cleared off. So my animosity is not against Holloway, but those two under performing forwards.
  6. Don't like either side, Derby played the better, but thought ref was total rubbish, plus the Leeds keeper made Kalac look good. Those two changed the game. Seriously, the referee shouldn't be the main man, but some refs love the limelight. He set the scene early by not playing a clear advantage to Leeds. Could have booked the player later. Poor performance, but no doubt he'll go home in smug mode thinking, erroneously, he's done a good job. Will be rooting for Villa as at least some decent boozers in Birmingham. Derby is horrendous for getting a proper drink.
  7. Difficult not to agree with you mate. It's not as if Hamza tweeted anything that bad. Just a young kid having a laugh, mainly against his own people. Samuel L Jackson made his career out of the "N" word and everyone thinks he's the man. Now if you are Deli Alli and you kick someone off the ball in the semi final of a European competition then that's ok, let's turn a blind eye. Violence is accepted by the FA, words are not. Happy to repeat the findings are an "absolute disgrace"
  8. I was in the Popular side that day with my nine year old son. Always disliked Strachan since and glad when things go belly up for him. My son, now 40 this week, was only talking about that match last week as one of his favourite games growing up.
  9. Must be some old farts remember Man City replay 1968🙄
  10. Would much prefer Liverpool to win the CL but not the league. They and their fans and I know quite a few appear more desperate to win the Premier League. They've been there and done that in the CL. Fair play to Spurs for an unbelievable battling second half. Pleased for their English lads, but in reality the level of football, apart from Moura, who took his goals exceptionally well, was very, very poor. Ajax were clearly the better footballing side, but fell away mentally in the second half. Trippier and Son looked very poor and I would have said the same for Alli, but for his assists. If Liverpool turn up, they should win comfortably, but as Spurs have shown in the last two ties, keep on fighting and who knows. If Spurs won the CL, imo their fans would take smugness to an insufferable level and we wouldn't be able to keep calling them bottlers.
  11. Apologies mate, happy to stand corrected, but I am sure he only made 4 appearances that season. And in one of the final home matches, I am sure CR didn't bring him on when he could have, meaning he couldn't get the five required. I remember the crowd hoping he would get a run out. Maybe it was Swansea, but CR stopped him getting the medal.
  12. Fully agree with this (I know That foul cost us and we weren't happy at the time). But did feel annoyed with Ranieri that he never gave him a couple of minutes against Everton to get that last appearance to qualify and also say goodbye to the fans. Felt it showed CR up as lacking a bit of class.
  13. Hamza should launch a counter charge against the FA for racism and double standards. All the 'white' lads get away scot free. Clearly no consistency in the FA's approach. If he was my son, I would attack the FA big time; he was underage, just a gobby young teenager - if he is too contrite, they will think he is an easy target. Just my point of view.
  14. Two of my lads can't go now, weekend commitments. Really disappointing as you can't beat a night match for spanking the Arse. Their mates are happy but poor planning and short notice. Should have factored in English clubs actually making an effort in Europe. Just confirms the people working in these well paid jobs, who probably think they are the bees knees are just total idiots. They don't give a cuss for the ordinary fan.
  15. As per this thread has been hijacked, but getting back to the original question, I reckon totally banning disposable nappies and wipes would be a massive start, considering the millions that are used daily. God knows how the human race managed without them until the late 20th century. It it would mean the younger generation getting their hands dirty and may use more water, but would save plenty on land fill and fat bergs.
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