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  1. Won't let me add as friends and family, says already logged in elsewhere. Been trying for ages. Basically three of my family have lost 600 points between them. I am not a technophile or phobe, but this system is a step back in time. Whichever geek designed it has no understanding of real people or their needs. We want something simple that can absorb the previous system seemlessly and improve it, not cause frustration, annoyance and put the onus on the fans to iron out all the glitches. Another own goal by the club which is supposed to value its fans. Looks like another visit to the TO tomorrow morning.
  2. Not much of a story. Just that I used to travel by car to Paris fairly often 10-12 years ago and one day had plenty of time, so took a detour via Arras. Saw a war cemetery on the outskirts of town and stopped to have a look. First row of graves I saw all British teenagers killed literally days before the war ended. Really got to me the waste, seeing all the names and ages. So when any of my mates and family show an interest, (which I always encourage) I go with them, often somewhere different. Two years ago, went back to Arras with four friends and had a look at the Wellington Quarry and then travelled over to the cemetery where the youngest soldier (14) is buried, both worth a visit and thought provoking. Last year 1st July 2016 was at Theipval Wood and revisited Albert, very good museum there. This weekend, six of us going, all blokes, two visiting the grave of a great uncle killed in 1917, plus I have found out the name of my paternal grandmother's brother, one Thomas Wills of South Hackney and will be paying my respects at Tyne Cot. Says on their website he was a gunner in the RAF, presumably in an open cockpit bi-plane! Also going to visit the German War grave near Ypres, as I believe they were instructed to use dark colour stone and lay their headstones down flat as they were on allied ground and the invading force. It's not a macabre thing, just that I am interested in 20th century history. Surprisely, in 1969, I was allowed to drop late 18th Century history at school (french revolution etc) for a thesis on the second world war. Make no mistake, we will be having a few beers as usual, but think it's a meaningful way to spend a few days. A visit to Ypres and being present at the 8pm Last Post service at the Menin Gate is a poignant reminder of the real hardship and horrors earlier generations faced.
  3. Going again this weekend, staying at Ypres. Been either here or Albert / Arras areas more or less annually for last ten years. Literally just found out this week that my Grandmother's (She died 1956) brother is buried at Tyne Cot, will have added significance. But as you say what a shameful waste and the number of 17-19 year olds buried at Arras, killed in the last few weeks of the war in 1918 is heart breaking.
  4. Tried his hardest, but KS shoes too big to fill. Let in over two goals a game on average I think. Good luck.
  5. Help We are a family of five long term Season Tickets Holders, but only me and one of my lads is shown under season tickets / away priority points. Two lads with 209/201 points and missus don't seem to exist and I can't see how to link them. Where is family and friends located? Cheers
  6. Introduced the wearing of poppies on shirts back in 2003, I think. Paul Mace.
  7. Just back from a weddIng reception in Leicester. Best man is doing his speech and during it admits to being a forest man, next thing some bloke I don't know on a couple of tables away says one word loudly and not too friendly "C x n t" I nearly burst out laughing, but most people pretended they hadn't heard. Childish, I know, but me and my mate had a good laugh afterward. Highlight of the speeches for us.
  8. Hamilton is always a target for F1 administration, it seems he gets punished more than anybody else. Clearly a gear box change is more serious than purposely crashing into another car / driver. F1 is racist in more ways than one.
  9. You weren't wrong😂
  10. Having a long weekend in Berlin. Just had my third curry wurst today, lunch, tea and on way home to hotel in memory of February 2016 weekend to Bochum when we watched the 3-1 win at Man City at one of the Bochum bars. Not sure what my stomach will make of it all but will no doubt find out during night. Was gonna wear my England shirt during weekend, but after the usual penalty fiasco, opted for city shirt instead. Been here a few times, this is the quietest, Berlin is not the city it was 10 years ago. Shame really, lost its vibrancy, hopefully it's gets it back. Still some decent life to be found, but the atmosphere is really muted.
  11. That's right, West Brom at home. If the weather is okay, one of the family will give her their ST. Her last match was Everton at home, 2015/16, to watch the celebrations. I have her my ticket and I watched the game in The Clarendon. She loved it although missed Bocelli singing as queueing for the loo!
  12. 14th October 1967, my mums 40th, she was well happy.
  13. When I passed my test in 1973, I went over the speed limit on the Portwey, off Uppingham Road. The guy testing me asked me why I had exceeded the speed limit. I said I was caught in a stream of traffic doing about 36/37 mph and that I was aware of the fact that I was over the limit, but to slow down would have been more dangerous and antagonised the other road users, maybe causing annoyance. He passed me.
  14. He is still learning that it is a team game and not just about him. He probably thinks he is better than say Albrighton, but in reality he currently brings very little to the party, unless playing against sub standard teams like Derby. He should be a good player and have an excellent career, but needs to continue to let his feet do the talking. One or two good games every few months, best to STFU. Anyway, having said this he deserves to start in the semi final, playing with Chilwell obviously benefits his game. Good luck to him.
  15. 1) Shilton, arrogant, aggressive, commanding, dedicated to his craft, years before his time. 2) Kasper, got everything, but occasionally makes the wrong decision. Will to win second to none. Always gives everything. 3) Wallington, Mr Reliable. Calming influence, good keeper. Wouldn't personally put Banks in top five. Saw him for three years, never felt confident with him. always remember the Man City replay 1966. Should have been our year.