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  1. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Fair enough, should have been 4th!
  2. Car parking on Match Day

    Anywhere on CPR or ARE. Just five minutes from the Donkey.
  3. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Hopefully Chelsea will place the fourth place fight with Spuds and Liverpool above the FA Cup. Whats more important to them, finishing 5th or getting to the Cup Final?
  4. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    Well happy with this draw. Home to a misfiring team, could not ask for more, Avoided the three in form teams, Very kind draw, the players must seize this chance.
  5. FA Cup Quarter Final -Who do you want?

    I am hoping for four visits to Wembley this year. Spurs away way in the cup, the semi final, Spurs away in the league and then the cup final. What would be the odds!! Home or away can make no difference - ask Joe Waters!
  6. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Was always going to be a non-spectacle against hardworking, but dour opposition. We never really got out of second gear, didn't use up too much energy, didn't get any injuries (I believe), almost as if the team knew the goal would come sooner or later. Routine, forgettable win, against very mediocre opposition - mission accomplished without too much fuss. Looking forward to the draw tomorrow night - that's all that matters.
  7. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    As far away as possible. So far has proven to be a liability. Clearly he must have started out as a winger and the club are trying to turn him into a defender. Not sure he has the mental ability or discipline to succeed in this position. Maybe midfielder is a better option.
  8. Should Britain's railways be nationised?

    I would say no. Based on everything that gets nationalised turns eventually to shit. There's no competition so no pride in doing a good job. Employees know they don't have to bust a gut. They are safe, get a nice pension and can just drift along happily. Customer service is non existent, look at HMRC, the Police force, local councils - the consumer / customer has no importance. Virgin Trains etc might be poorly run, but don't kid yourself that the government of the day would do a better job.
  9. I'm Old Enough To Remember...

    I remember going into work in Leicester in the late 60's from oadby the back way via Gartree Roar to avoid the traffic. If you didn't get to the junction near the Cow and Plough at the right time, you would get stuck behind the farmer walking his herd of cattle down the road. A different world and less than 50 years ago.
  10. Plus I thought the referee was Anthony Taylor!
  11. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    I understand the point about when times up, it's up - but as it's the referees subjective decision and they always tend to underestimate, feel it's common sense in a match with so much time lost to take a sensible view - even if we are defending!
  12. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    First half was nearer five mins wasted with the two injuries and disallowed goal and with their time wasting and substitutions should have been minimum four mins at the end. Also why blow up both halves when a team (albeit us) has the ball near their box going forward. Referee could easily play another 15 seconds or so; as as said their was definitely longer than a total of five minutes lost in that game.
  13. Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    All round poor game, we were poor, particularly in the final third, our crossing was diabolical. They were obviously very poor, worse than Fleetwood, the officials were poor, Puel was poor with his substitutions. Why take off a goal scorer and creative midfielder for a show pony and defensive non creative midfielder - seemed nonsensical - was he settling for a draw? Dropped three points this week, was hoping the Arsenal game in March might have a bit of meaning, but no chance now.
  14. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    We should have let him go and pursue his dream. His four years here have been the stuff of dreams - I have seen hundreds of players in city colours, but feel so privileged to have seen him perform for my beloved team. IMO he has more than paid his dues here and if £60m was the offer on the table, that should have been accepted. I think we have come out of this poorly, four transfer windows is taking the Michael. Feel sorry for the man, think the owners need to show a more human side - Mahrez may have signed a contract, but contracts don't count for much with Thai business men, just look at our last few managers. I never wanted to see him leave, but why keep an unhappy player. Lack of class from the owners.
  15. Everton 2-1 A Post Match Thread

    So so disappointing. Everton were there for the taking and on a wet horrible night we play James Gray and Chilwell. Three players who go missing in a scrap and decision making is generally poor. Lost game in the selection, not playing your creative midfielders is nearly always gonna end in tears. Felt sorry for Ndidi, he'll be asking for a transfer. If he keeps getting paired with James. Play our quality, effective players, don't give away points just to prove you give young, not so good players a chance.