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  1. BoyJones

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Fair enough. But we could and should have won that game. Man Utd were very poor and we let them off the hook. Just my opinion, but don't like Amartey at full back. Because of Puels insistence that every full back must be able to attack, we have dumped our two professional full backs, Simpson and Fuchs and IMO their replacements will be caught out of position on a regular basis as happened last night.
  2. BoyJones

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Gutted personally, because if Nacho, Amartey and Ndidi had turned up we could have won that game. Thought all three were well off the pace. Nacho's penalty shout only came about because of his poor touch taking the ball towards the defender. Was impressed with Gray in his improved defending, positional play, a threat going forward. Also thought Maddison played really well, particularly his keenness to drive forward. Ricardo will prove a good signing. Kasper did well and Maguire / Wes, well average performance. Chilwell and Silva so frustrating, but all told there were some encouraging signs. I don't think we would have scared any of the other teams, but should have enough to improve on last year. Think we we will have to get used to Puel's selections, because I will be surprised if many people will ever agree with the team he puts out. Tonight, playing Amartey and leaving out Vardy seemed weird to me.
  3. Yes thought Lille were far too physical for a pre season "friendly" - some nasty tackles flying in. Maddison is class, thought Chilwell had a good game and Ricardo beginning to grow on me. Wasn't impressed with him initially. Benny had one of his better games and if Nacho can learn to shield a ball and toughen up he could be a really top player. Kasper pulled off a couple of very good saves. Baby Squad must be in their late 60's, 70's now - bit of an overhyped myth really. Knew a couple to nod to 40 years ago and just ordinary lads. We missed our ferry last night but in truth would have had to have had everything go our way to catch it on time. Next couple were fully booked, but we got a no show 45 mins later and had their docket. We think it was another city supporters coach. Did make me laugh when we were locked in after the game and started singing "we voted Brexit, we want to go home" different from the usual "Lille is a shi@hole, etc"
  4. BoyJones

    How Was Your Day?

    Too knackered mate. Yes, window lickers trip still on next Wednesday 8th. Women shopping, blokes on the ale trails you kindly provided??
  5. BoyJones

    How Was Your Day?

    The old boy is still alive. 66 next month, but scored a late equaliser in our 6-aside league game tonight. Outdoor on a 40% full side pitch, we came from 2-0 down against top of the table bunch of fast fit 18 year olds. Loads of you younger fans will probably be bonking tonight like it's going out of fashion, but you won't beat the feeling of putting the ball in the back in the back of the net.
  6. BoyJones

    RUDKIN - How Does He Keep His Job?

    More to the point, what actually is his job? What value and insight does he bring to the club? It would be interesting to know.
  7. BoyJones

    The Heat

    Had 15 pints Saturday, slept like a babe. It's all in the planning.
  8. BoyJones

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh - Brighton

    Reminds me of all the negative comments posted around December / January 2014 when we signed Mahrez. General consensus then was that Mahrez was shit and we need goal scorers not wingers who have only played in a sub standard division. He doesn't look too bad, probably won't come, but let's have a bit of positiveness for a change.
  9. BoyJones

    Alan Gilzean ...

    RIP; saw him play quite a few times. Good old fashioned player.
  10. Dier missed such an easy chance, I like L-C, but he can be so slow and decision making so bad - do they actually get coached to think as well as play? Can't see any hope for immediate future and I always look on the bright side.
  11. Just decides which colour losers medal you get. Let the lads come home.
  12. Cahill is too slow these days. Felt sorry for Loftus-Cheek, could have done with his skill and pace, but he brings on Dier, a sure sign playing for pens. We were mentally weak and didn't have faith in our own ability. Southgate has missed a great opportunity by not trying to win the game. Obviously we missed three gilt edged chances, but we had let the momentum go. Game management was non existent. Surprising for premier league players.
  13. Thanks for the ride England. Unfortunately chose the wrong game to freeze. Croatia was very ordinary but made us panic every time they attacked. Midfield is our weak link, Alli and Lingard have basically gone missing most games and Henderson has had to work his nuts off. I like southgate but his substitutions are confusing. Bringing on Rose?, but Dier - guaranteed we would struggle and Vardy should have on when that fraud Sterling came off. Kane had chances to win, Stones free header was poor, you could tell from the spin on the ball he had messed it up, a bullet header scores. Hopefully I will be around in 2046 as with this midfield we will win nothing. Sorry to say it but it's true.
  14. BoyJones

    Anyone had the snip?

    Mate it's a doddle, in and out of clinic in 30 mins. Had to put up with a couple of jokes from the Aretha Franklin look alike nurse who did the cutting. Lying on the bed while she sprayed the yellow cleaning stuff around the area (I shaved myself) she said what a large fuss over such a little thing! Probably said it a 1000 times previously! Then after she injected the freeze stuff into the first sack, she said got two bits of news, some good some bad. The good news is that I have frozen your left testicle, bad news got to do the other one! Made me laugh and cry at same time. No after pain at all. Worst thing was itchy groin whilst hairs grew back, that was annoying. However this was back in 1983, so probably all different now - but seriously, less painful than dentist. Good luck!!
  15. Ok mate, but I took "on the whole" to be similar to "on balance" My error, apologies?