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  1. I'll be there Saturday, so i'm up for getting involved. It's got the potential to catch on if a group get it started.
  2. Was not trying to take the credit. Just raise awareness
  3. We're not going to copy Icelands viking clap, (as good as it is) Just does not suit Leicester or any English fan base. Everyone would be out of sync.
  4. Thank you for the days Those endless days those sacred days you gave me I'm thinking of the days I won't forget a single day believe me I bless the light I bless the light that lights on you believe me And though you're gone You're with me every single day believe me Get this going guys! Amazing I'm welling up at the thought of hearing it out loud
  5. I think the club are giving out free scarves to travelling fans in the concourse for this. Just in case anyone can't bring one.
  6. I think a banner/flag should definitely be made for this in his honour
  7. I respect the clubs decision to allow the game to go ahead, they would have consulted the players and the manager first I assume. The result really pales into insignificance after the tragedy but let's hope they put in a performance Vichai would be proud of. I'll be there with my family, no doubt feeling emotional but getting behind the team all the way.
  8. Still in disbelief after such a tragic incident. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of those involved. To the fans of other clubs who have sent messages, love and support. Thank you from everyone at LCFC.
  9. Pictures on Sky sports news are scary. The flames are huge. Praying for a miracle for anyone in that helicopter.
  10. Massive gambe this team. Puel is sticking his neck is on the line
  11. What i'd like to see - Kasper Soyuncu Evans Maguire Pereria Ndidi Silva Chilwell Maddision Iheanacho Vardy Reason for Two Changes Mendy - He's got a good work rate and simple distribution, but other than that he's an average player. Silva has got some class, I think he'll get the ball forward and help set up attacks. Needs another chance. Soyuncu - Really frustrating we haven't started him yet, supposed to have a lot of potential. Amartey has been a decent utility man for us, but that's all he
  12. Wonder if the Turks English is good enough yet... Here's one for you Caglar "Clear it you twat"
  13. Glad he's looking good but let's face it, there's a big difference to the SPL & Premier League. We have some really talented CB's now, so the future looks good in that position. Morgan, please hang up your boots.
  14. Highly recommend @CORNFOX68 as a seller. Good communication, ticket arrived first class within a couple of days. Thank you
  15. The defensive problems are one thing but Mendy... we move the ball too slow against Everton and he's the worst for it. He's not got a footballing brain, he's always in the wrong position, he gives the ball away cheaply, can't tackle, can't shoot, can't travel forward with the ball. He gives us some energy by running around like a headless chicken and that's probably it.
  16. Be amazed if we get anything there the way we are playing.
  17. Wes just needs to be dropped for good. Enough is enough. Can't believe Puel tried to defend him in the post match interview. He was late/clumsy all game
  18. He still has a lot of improving to do but his stats so far are Played 6, 3 assists. That's a pretty good return. Him and Amartey looked very good together on the right side
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