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  1. Feel for Evans, didnt deserve to get dropped for Wes. Not really sure what formation this is? That being said we should have enough to beat these, Nacho Vardy and Maddison is a great attack. Come on you blues
  2. I'd take a point and a solid defensive performance.
  3. Oh, James Maddison, you are the love of my life, Oh James Maddison I'll let you sh*g my wife Oh, James Maddison, He'll score free kicks too
  4. I know but I can't buy a concession ticket with my account, i'm 23
  5. This might make it to general sale but posting regardless. Looking for x3 tickets if anyone can help.
  6. Choudury bottled it. Never looked confident
  7. Be sick as a parrot if we lose this now
  8. Someone tell the commentator that's fuchs and not chilwell.
  9. Only complaint is that Soyuncu isn't starting. We look really slow at the back.
  10. Bloody hell Morgan is back in the team. Cue Foxes talk meltdown...
  11. Ward Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Fuchs Iborra Silva Gray Okazaki Albrighton Iheanacho
  12. Might put a fiver on Huddersfield after seeing this team.
  13. chilwell do you even look where your crossing it ffs
  14. Maguire is too slow to the ball everytime. How has he not been sent off
  15. If we start at the usual lazy pace, we'll be in trouble but let's hope they are up for it today. Would take a draw. 1-1
  16. Bloody hell, he used to fall down like an old oak tree
  17. Brilliant news. Let's hope that they take their chances.
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