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  1. It's been coming. You no longer qualify on merit, just on how big of a club you're perceived to be. Football will soon be an absolute joke of a sport. Money money money. I might just go support the Tigers/Leicester Riders once this happens.
  2. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago! Fuch's hasn't got the legs anymore. Mahrez would have him on toast
  3. We're incredibly lucky. Great manager, great group of players, some of them are 'elite' players. However, I wouldn't say they are world class. It's a term that gets used too loosely Being world class to me essentially means being able to perform and excel in the Champions League and Internationally. Someone who has won trophies. Until they've proven over several years they have done that on a consistent basis and there is an acceptance around the world about just how fcking good they are. I don't think you should consider them to be 'world class'.
  4. We were too good for them. And our team spirit feels like it's never been stronger (apart from the title winning season). FA Cup Semi Final!
  5. I do have codes for 25% off extra TV packs. You can upgrade to any of the following ✔ Sports - Don't miss out on the action with exclusive live games ✔ Cinema - Over 1,000 movies on demand. Plus a brand new premiere every day ✔ Ultimate On Demand - Enjoy Sky Box Sets & Netflix, all in one place and in HD ✔ HD - Shows come to life with HD, making even the bad guys look good ✔ Box Sets - Over 350 box sets and a great range of exclusive shows ✔ Kids - Keep the children entertained with 11 kids channels ✔ Sky Q Multiscreen - Pause TV on one screen and pick up on
  6. Yes 35% off TV and Broadband codes still available. PM if you would like one
  7. What a goal. Embarrassing the commentators don't even know what to call it and just say 'flick'
  8. Very enjoyable win and all round team performance! Battered them.
  9. Beautiful ball by Tielemans. Some finish that is as well
  10. 3 at the back doesn't suit us. That much is obvious. But we look like we lack belief, what I'm most worried about. The cliffside is getting closer and we could be about to fall off it
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