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  1. Anyone been Russia recently? The VISA is causing me pain. It asks for historic passport numbers, which I have certainly not kept! Also places you have travelled to in the past 10 years. During that time I have been travelling around Europe in an attempt to visit every capital city. Without any social media it’s going to be fun retracing my footsteps on the exact dates!
  2. I do hope you are correct. I just don’t think Fury has the power to do so. Desperately want Fury to win, but I can see Wilder winning by KO. Don’t think Wilder took the first fight seriously as this one and hence was taken by surprise. Its hard to call as Fury has by far the best mover and technically skilled fighter for me in the division. But likewise Wilder has that one punch power. We saw against Ortiz he can lose every round without getting out of 1st gear and lights out all of a sudden.
  3. Would be fantastic to get a win, we are very capable of that if we turn up. Can see them scraping a win though.
  4. Anyone found any alternative travel to and from Leicester. Looks like last train will leave Wolverhampton at 21:46 and change at New Street so can’t get that one. Later trains to Notts and Cov just trying to work something out to get back to Croft or Loughborough.
  5. At least you recognise he’s a footballer....
  6. Surely it shows more than that, like the team with more shots have been more creative? Or potentially the team which have conceded the most shots have been defensively poor. I appreciate stats don’t win a game and can sometimes not paint the full picture. Thought until the goal Spurs were quite poor, but fair play they got the result.
  7. Sure it was Villa fans and not some of the lynch mob on Foxestalk.
  8. This now becomes a bigger game than anticipated. Win and play well and confidence will be with the lads to finish top 4. Lose and it could bash the confidence further causing top 4 to slip. I appreciate there is a middle ground but the game Is an important one.
  9. We made a semi final on the positive so onwards and upwards.
  10. Maddison was good and one of our better players. Those making comparison with Grealish, he is a very good player. Not that I believe he is “twice the player” Maddison is but they are both extremely talented.
  11. Not watched the goal again but was screaming at him to close the cross down. Can’t let anyone have a free cross on goal!
  12. Nacho has been good enough of late, so if Vardy isn’t 100% then keep him in the bench for if required. We still have too 4 to play for so wouldn’t want him to further injure himself and be out for longer.
  13. Don’t understand the hype over Rice but we gave him a terrible time.
  14. This! Can’t get him picking up a knock or something
  15. Could we try Justin at RB and Ricardo RW? Looks like Justin can do a decent enough job and out wingers are the position that we need more from.
  16. Worried we will drop from the top 4 now, only thing to save us is the inconsistency of others. Of course hope I am wrong.
  17. Frustrating when another fan tries to make money off tickets
  18. Chilwell ain’t a wingback. 1v1 so many times for him to pass backwards. Their right back must have had one of the easiest games he can remember.
  19. Played OK Chilwell is not a wing back as he does not run at his opponent when 1V1
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