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  1. car1os

    Jamie Vardy

    This was not the game for Vardy. England played quite well until the 63rd minute - remember we were 6-0 up at the time and the game’s won, players don’t want to get injured or booked/suspended so he didn’t have a chance to make an impact. However I would have liked to have seen other players pass to him when he was in space or made a run
  2. car1os

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    Hello? Can we buy your left back?
  3. car1os

    James Maddison

    If that’s the case we really did set out our stall early in the close season and got some good early business done... I’m impressed!
  4. car1os

    Jamie Vardy

    Will be difficult for him to take any chances when the team don’t pass to him or play to his strengths
  5. With Evans and Periera already in, as well as a bid for Maddison, could do with a Puel gif splashing the cash...
  6. From what I have heard from people in the know in Sheffield, it’s because he was a real cun... I mean toe-rag when he was younger and the coaches couldn’t control him. Being “too small” wasn’t the reason Wednesday let go of him. Having said that, he deserves a huge amount of credit for turning his life round the way he has
  7. car1os


    Make Maguire captain. It’ll keep him here for longer
  8. car1os


    Evan’s agents have been photographed in anticipation of agreeing terms (for themselves, not between the clubs)
  9. car1os

    Done Deals

    Sadly I expect Mahrez will join the list of outgoings by the end of next week...
  10. car1os

    LCFC Internationals 2017/18

    I’m surprised that our national team didn’t put the most clinical striker in their squad on the pitch tonight... although to be fair he’d get no service from the Spuds Maria and the other crap players behind him...
  11. Personally, just like the Man Utd kit of 96 made players invisible, I reckon Puel will be sporting one of these numbers to blend in with his surroundings in case we have more lacklustre performances at the start of next season...
  12. car1os

    Jack Grealish

    Don’t want Greasy-Lash
  13. car1os

    The 10 stages of a Leicester City transfer deal

    I thought it was something like: 1 - Go on Football Manager 2 - Youtube 3 - Ask Vards if he’s a good laugh in the pub and doesn’t get into fights after a few pints 4 - Tap... I mean, contact the player to see if he’s interested (in more money) 5 - Write a contract on the back of a pizza box 6 - Pay the agent more money than the proposed transfer fee 7 - Leak the story to the media to drum up more interest (and for more money) 8 - 12 medicals 9 - Make sure it all happens on Transfer Deadline day for more excitement 10 - Miss the deadline by 14 seconds
  14. car1os

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    How about this one?
  15. car1os

    Demarai Gray

    I think we should keep hold of him. Mahrez will most likely leave in the summer and we have a bunch of young wingers/wide forwards who I think need a chance to develop. His best chance of gaining consistency is by gaining more game time