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  1. Can you imagine the headline if Koch scores from a Fuchs assist?
  2. Burnley have simply tried the old bullying trick, being physical and competing. We've let them bully us. Vardy's penalty attempt was awful too - that miss was pivotal in the course of this game. Hope we can get a late goal now...
  3. So if Chilwell is so crap, bearing in mind he’s England’s first choice LB, still only 23 and still improving, who would you have instead of him? ... ... Yep, still waiting...... So ok, he could do with working on his right foot. But he’s supplied a number of assists this season both for Leicester and England, is getting better defensively, and is always a menace going forward. Yes, he got turned inside out by Mahrez a couple of weeks ago, but many international/world class defenders have been. We have to remember he’s still a young player who is developing. Once again guys, let’s support our own
  4. Cant see that happening - he’s said he wants to wait until the summer to sort out his future, plus we’ll have to deal with Man Utd who probably would play hard ball with us in return for Maguire
  5. Either Man Utd, Skysports, or both, are desperate for this to happen. Makes it even funnier to know it won’t happen in January https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/11902339/james-maddison-manchester-united-interested-in-leicester-midfielder Let’s hope it doesn’t happen in July/August either, when we’re (hopefully) in the CL and Man Utd scrape into the Europa League or miss out on Europe altogether
  6. He’d be happy with that - they’re bigger than us after all!!
  7. Let’s hope it’s not bad and he’s come off just as a precaution
  8. Shame for Wes, plus that’s an extra £5million we’ll have to pay for a CB...
  9. Stream failed pretty quickly so didn't see how we've set up, just saw the team graphic. I so want him to get a goal, for his confidence as much as anything
  10. So Gray up front. Probably best, so far Harvey can't even hit a Barne door but hope that changes tonight!! Come on Leicester!!
  11. He didn't play against Newcastle because of a tight calf and isn't quite ready for todays game
  12. car1os

    Jarrod Bowen

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we go for Ryan Fraser instead - could do with a winger, as both Perez and Iheanacho are fine up front and Vardy will be back soon in any case. He’s also a proven PL player, provides plenty of assists, and his contracts up in the summer so shouldn’t be expensive.
  13. Would welcome him on a loan, and in turn loan out Benkovic, especially as the fee and wages will be huge. If Rugani impressed and was playing regularly then buy him. Can’t imagine he’d be happy to sit on our bench though if he’s not happy to do that at Juve
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