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  1. Great for Chilly that he’ll get game time with England, and a good chance to make himself a regular pick in the squad too... hope he doesn’t get injured now!
  2. car1os

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Who do you think will nip in front?
  3. car1os

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Should be winning this... impressed with the attacking play in the first 20 mins, pity we haven't made the most of our chances so far. Vardy a bit rusty, scuffed a similar chance against Huddersfield too.
  4. car1os

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Wow... that's our Second team?! (except for Vardy of course) C'mon lads. Reckon it'll be 2-2 though.
  5. Thought his positional play and passing were good. Didn't have long to make an impact but he had a steady debut. Did all you can ask for a young player, playing at his home ground on the day he makes his National team debut
  6. Great news to see our younger English players being recognised! Its no accident that Chilwell, Gray and Maddison are the three U21 players with the most minutes in the Premier League so far this season. Hope to see them all in an England shirt soon, although as fans we also need to keep the faith with them at club level.
  7. car1os

    Our start so far?

    Football is a results business Weve won the two games we thought we should win and have 6 out of 9 points. Yes, our performances haven’t been great, but the squad’s different to last season (enough written on that above) So far so good Id say. Would rather be getting points and not playing as well as we could, than be playing good football but losing
  8. car1os

    Mirror madness?

    So... Martinez attended the game, Henry would like to be a manager some day, and Puel isn’t a totally popular choice. Plus Leicester lost a game to Man Utd at Old Trafford. Yep, that’s enough facts to run this story according to the Mirror! Total BS if you ask me.....
  9. car1os

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Damn, stream not working...
  10. car1os

    Ryan Loft

    Because they can never reach the top floor #3rdin2horserace
  11. car1os


    Sadly that’s what I was also told as my sister was in the Blue Bell the night he got pictured wearing a pink shirt, standing on a chair, making his announcement and getting into the Daily Mail for the wrong reasons... such a shame.
  12. car1os


    Harsh on Nigeria that goal (although very well hit by Rojo - they’ve worked very hard, but allowed Argentina to camp outside their box for too long
  13. car1os


    Didn’t realise Musa had a long throw...
  14. car1os

    Jamie Vardy

    This was not the game for Vardy. England played quite well until the 63rd minute - remember we were 6-0 up at the time and the game’s won, players don’t want to get injured or booked/suspended so he didn’t have a chance to make an impact. However I would have liked to have seen other players pass to him when he was in space or made a run
  15. car1os

    Jamie Vardy

    Will be difficult for him to take any chances when the team don’t pass to him or play to his strengths