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  1. Gutted we lost today and although Puel has brought youth through I still don’t think he’s a good fit for our club. We’ll probably win 2 of the next 3 games knowing us though...
  2. Im pleased we’re starting to clear some deadwood and promote youth. Puel’s right that the club needs stability, but can we also have stable first team selection until the end of the season? Only the 7th place to fight for now.
  3. car1os

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I don’t think sacking CP at this time is a good idea. He “has the support of the younger players” and the Newport game showed this - most of the old guard didn’t seem to play to the level we know they’re capable of. Time for a settled First XI, get rid of the deadwood, aim for Europe (the season isn’t over yet!) then assess options as we go into the summer. If Puel’s masterplan for his way of playing football starts to pay dividends towards the end of the season, keep him as we do need some stability. If not, get rid and thank him for giving the younger players a chance.
  4. car1os

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Needs a loan to a lower league / foreign side to get some confidence back. We know he can finish, pity he can’t play. We could do with a second striker on form right now and Nacho is not that man
  5. car1os

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Newport wanted that far more than we did. Piss poor 1st half, and Albrightons elbow... simply not good enough from the players. Both of their goals came from our mistakes, and we just don’t have enough up top without Vardy
  6. car1os

    Newport away match thread

    Wtf Albrighton...
  7. car1os

    Newport away match thread

    What a goal!!
  8. car1os

    Newport away match thread

    I think our players have simply underestimated Newport. They’ve played very well, are organised, and have height and pace up front. Our “strikers” have been crap - apart from a good attempt by Ghezzal we’ve hit our shots straight at the keeper. We need to up our game this half. Shinji to come off for Maddison
  9. car1os

    Newport away match thread

    Fair point, need to get rid of them too. But only mentioned Benny/Silva/Iborra as they have no obvious future at the club
  10. car1os

    Newport away match thread

    Very poor up top. Please sell Iborra and Silva ASAP, and get rid of Benny in any way possible to free up some wages. Then get a new striker. Now.
  11. car1os

    Christian Fuchs to Aston Villa

    Probably a non-story as it would leave us short of cover, but... https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-make-transfer-move-13817568
  12. car1os

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I’m pleased Puel has now worked out a Plan B, but this seems to work better than Plan A right now. We know Vardy doesn’t suit Puel’s Plan A method, and we also know the best managers look at what they have in front of them and makes changes to suit the personnel. That being said, Puel appears to be here for the long term and although I’m not his biggest fan we should give him more time. He is backing the development of younger players and its great to see 2 academy products in our first team (hopefully 3 when Barnes is back) as well as investing in players like Maddison. Young players will be inconsistent and make mistakes, so we have to allow for this. Puel should stay until the end of the season as we could do with stability and he is doing a good job. What we need now is a new striker geared towards Puel’s Plan A. Vardy won’t last forever and the other options are currently not good enough. It would also give Nacho the chance of going on loan as he needs to build his confidence again.
  13. car1os

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    I understand we had to rotate the team to keep certain players fresh, especially as we have another big game coming up. But as I said after beating Man City, it’s great we can beat top teams but we also need to perform against teams we should beat. Shame. 7 shots on target and a penalty, still can’t score. Then get a sucker punch at the end. We’ve shown we’re better when we play forwards, not sideways, so don’t understand why our mentality was so different in the last two games.
  14. car1os

    Man City H Post Thread 2-1

    Basically, we now have a plan a and B, something we've wanted for a while. Having the three midfielders allows the full backs to push up without sacrificing a stable platform in the middle of the park. Also its great we've got another academy product in the starting XI... if nothing else, Puel has been brilliant in trusting our younger players
  15. car1os

    Man City H Post Thread 2-1

    Great result - two wins against top 4 teams in a row!! Puel and the players got that spot on. Now we need to win against teams we should beat.