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  1. car1os

    Mirror madness?

    So... Martinez attended the game, Henry would like to be a manager some day, and Puel isn’t a totally popular choice. Plus Leicester lost a game to Man Utd at Old Trafford. Yep, that’s enough facts to run this story according to the Mirror! Total BS if you ask me.....
  2. car1os

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Damn, stream not working...
  3. car1os

    Gary Cahill

    How would Cahill be a replacement for Maguire? Maguire replaced Cahill in the England team. And Cahill is 32 now. Cahill is a decent player but this would be a step backwards, I suspect this is nothing more than “journalism”
  4. car1os

    Ahmed Musa

    And let’s not forget that included Champions League income. Unless we do something spectacular again, we won’t reach that height for some time
  5. car1os

    Ryan Loft

    Because they can never reach the top floor #3rdin2horserace
  6. car1os


    Sadly that’s what I was also told as my sister was in the Blue Bell the night he got pictured wearing a pink shirt, standing on a chair, making his announcement and getting into the Daily Mail for the wrong reasons... such a shame.
  7. car1os


    Harsh on Nigeria that goal (although very well hit by Rojo - they’ve worked very hard, but allowed Argentina to camp outside their box for too long
  8. car1os


    Didn’t realise Musa had a long throw...
  9. car1os

    Jamie Vardy

    This was not the game for Vardy. England played quite well until the 63rd minute - remember we were 6-0 up at the time and the game’s won, players don’t want to get injured or booked/suspended so he didn’t have a chance to make an impact. However I would have liked to have seen other players pass to him when he was in space or made a run
  10. car1os

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    Hello? Can we buy your left back?
  11. car1os

    James Maddison

    If that’s the case we really did set out our stall early in the close season and got some good early business done... I’m impressed!
  12. car1os

    Jamie Vardy

    Will be difficult for him to take any chances when the team don’t pass to him or play to his strengths
  13. With Evans and Periera already in, as well as a bid for Maddison, could do with a Puel gif splashing the cash...
  14. From what I have heard from people in the know in Sheffield, it’s because he was a real cun... I mean toe-rag when he was younger and the coaches couldn’t control him. Being “too small” wasn’t the reason Wednesday let go of him. Having said that, he deserves a huge amount of credit for turning his life round the way he has
  15. car1os


    Make Maguire captain. It’ll keep him here for longer