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  1. Not 1, not 2, but 3 CDM’s!! Hmmm... well, expectations are low but that’s usually a good thing when it comes to the Foxes... come on Leicester!
  2. It’s as of our young English players just didn’t want to play in the Euros this summer... Seriously, hope the injury to Barnes is not too bad. Would be depressing if we didn’t see him back this season, bearing in mind the other injuries we’ve suffered.
  3. Far too passive. Surprised we’ve been like that after only scoring one although I think that was to try to conserve energy. Paid for it now though. They’ll park the bus and we’ll struggle to break them down. Vardy not fit, Nacho not in best position, Thomas needs to come off before he gets sent off. Miss not having Maddison, very clear to see. We also look tired. However we generally do better in the second half and score more late goals than almost every team in the league (bar Man Utd I think). We need to get at them and we usually play better in front foot. Can see Thomas coming o
  4. Hmmm... to be fair we scored from poor Arsenal defending, now they score from poor defending from us. We look light in attack. Vardy still not right. Not seen much of Barnes either. Let’s get Under on for Thomas and put Castagne at left back. Under isn’t the greatest but at least he’ll run at their defenders! Need to get at them now
  5. Poor from us today. If we continue to play like that we will struggle to even get back into the Europa League for next season. Fair play to Slavia. Let’s not take anything away from them. They always looked the better team and stopped our midfield playing the way we wanted to. We need to move on and quickly. Big game on Sunday and we need to show a response. I’m sure we’ll be back on form very soon...
  6. Slavia Prague had never won a game in the European cup / Europa league on English soil. Until now. Credit to Slavia Prague, they outplayed and outfought us.
  7. Good goal by Prague. We’ve not been good tonight - our passing has not worked well, and they’ve fought harder than us.
  8. Even West Ham have a better chance of getting into the Champions League than Tottenham have right now, who are 9 points behind them and 13 behind us. Can’t imagine he’d go to Spurs (my predictive text kept trying to write that as Sours), plus Moaninho spent a lot of money in the summer so you’d wonder what transfer budget would remain... However we need to keep our players to keep Rodgers. Not that I can see this happening, but any signs of loss of ambition from us and he’ll be gone
  9. Professional performance from the lads, looked tired by the end but we started fast and well, got a couple of early goals and then managed the game well. Didn’t mind us parking the bus in the last 20 mins as we seem more solid from defending corners/crosses with Soyuncu back in the team. Thomas played really well, another potential star if he keeps progressing the way he is. Vardy hasn’t regained match sharpness yet and it shows. Barnes is becoming our main outlet, we keep talking about the search for Vardy’s successor but maybe he’s been here all along...
  10. Difficult game against a tricky opponent (referee and assistants) and a decent team but who throw themselves all over the floor when we had the ball and all over our players when they didnt. I can see what the young players are taught in their academy...
  11. Just looking at the table... mad that Man City have only conceded 14 goals in 24 games... and we scored 5 of them at the Etihad!!
  12. One Liverpool fan has even “proved” that Amartey was offside... https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/liverpool-leicester-var-offside-maddison-23498867
  13. He also conveniently didn’t mention the fact the penalty decision was overturned 2 minutes earlier and in his favour... or so he thought 😆 Another thing... it’s interesting to watch the post match analysis on various channels. Liverpool remains the focus, and on ESPN Sports we’re still not classed as title contenders, although Man Utd are, despite us being second!!
  14. It’s the Madders one which makes me laugh most... can imagine him doing that for his next goal celebration!
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