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  1. I just hope the players were not thinking they’d beat a team low in the league easily... surely we learned the hard way last year about maintaining concentration. On Fridays evidence (and against Fulham et al at home) clearly not. We’ve got 4 huge games now, and we need to play at 100% for every minute of them if we are to get CL qualification now.
  2. Some over-reactions here. Southampton played well and defended doggedly - they wanted to put the 9-0 to bed. We’ve played 4 games in 12 days and looked tired, hence our sloppy passing and poor decision making during the game. We didn’t lose it either!! We’ll be better against Newcastle. As long as we beat them I think we’ll be fine as I can see us beating Tottenham too, which will give us enough points to qualify for CL
  3. Not been great have we, but Southampton have defended for their lives. They’ll tire, we’ll bring on a couple of subs, and get a couple of goals... providing our really high back line, which scares me a bit, doesn’t leak a goal first...
  4. Great goal!! Seems like they were desperate to find something to disallow it though... 🤔
  5. If that had happened against Chelski that would probably have been a sending off. But to be fair he got the ball. Our defence just couldn’t cope with the pace of their counter attack. Hodgsons charm offensive has clearly worked in his favour
  6. I can see us keeping this formation and Barnes being the long-term Vardy replacement. I think Barnes and Nacho could work well together as Barnes would help stretch any defence and Nacho is a great finisher
  7. I know. I’ve missed his theatrics...
  8. We’re playing so well and look like a top-4 team. We’ve even scored from a corner! West Brom all over the place. This is probably our best team for the rest of the season. I hope Vardy can go on a scoring run now, just in time for the run-in....
  9. Fell asleep when I heard Glenn Hoddle speaking at kickoff and just woke up... what did I miss?
  10. Who knows... none of them will be ours, it’ll just be the locals!! I really do hope we win this one. There’s a couple of lads who are likely to play who owe us a performance. Also, when we’ve had a high pressure game in the last couple of seasons we’ve struggled. Great performances against Man City (A), Man Utd and Liverpool this season make me think we could cope. But that’s offset by several first half performances this season, especially against West Ham last weekend. We’d best be up for this from the start, as you’ll bet your bottom dollar that Southampton will be.
  11. As I said earlier, had a bad feeling about this game. We just haven’t had the quality to get through their defence apart from Nacho’s quality goal. We’ve been far too predictable and don’t play the ball quick enough to our front men. Madders, Choudhury and Perez have a lot to answer for if the rumours are true too...
  12. Did he? Anthony Taylor is from Manchester after all...
  13. About the West Brom result... Wonderful for us, and I hope we can capitalise on it today, but can I just remind everyone we lost to Fulham at home this season? Just goes to show there is no room for complacency in the PL, even against teams in the bottom 3. Chelsea were complacent. They won’t make the same mistake again this season I reckon. We mustn’t either in any of our remaining games this season.
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