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  1. How on earth was that a penalty?!! I suppose thats the VAR gods trying to get some balance - to be fair, Tielemans should probably have been sent off and we were lucky against Wolves, so hopefully the next VAR decision goes for us
  2. Want us to win this game, especially as the Media machine, no doubt influenced by United, have tried to unsettle us with speculation about Maddison. Am sick of these tactics. 1-2 City
  3. England fans: We need creativity and Maddison will bring that to the team. Southgate:
  4. At least Maddison will be fresh for the Man U game and Chilwell only played today - I was hoping that we would see the most creative midfielder in the Premier League play his first international match but Southgate’s done us a favour for the weekend
  5. As well as Tufan scoring for both teams in the 89th minute...
  6. I don’t think there is a striker in the world game like Vardy. Ok, so most of his goals are basically him running in behind and belting it past the keeper, but if you look more closely he can strike with either foot, can score from any angle, is a great header of the ball, is focussed on the team as opposed to just his own game, and is also a clever crosser of the ball in wide areas. He has a fantastic conversion rate, single-handedly forces teams to set up against his strengths, and leads from the front in all aspects of his game. Furthermore, I think he loves the club and knows the club and fans love him. We’re very lucky to have him (and him us!), and I think our unique striker for the above reasons is world class Edit - let’s not forget his 11-game record!
  7. https://www.planetfootball.com/nostalgia/an-ode-to-david-nugent-and-the-perfect-england-career-we-all-dream-of/
  8. It is a Ness-essity that we sign him after his trial... one way or another, he'll either finish up being a myth or a legend, I'm sure!
  9. I just hope our younger players (and manager!) don’t believe the recent hype we’ve had. Would much prefer we stayed under the radar. Then again, if we wanted to stay under the radar we wouldn’t have appointed Rodgers as manager... Think it’ll be a draw, 2-2
  10. Its interesting to hear the post-match comments of the managers we've played against so far... both Wilder and Howe stated that their teams have underperformed, and we've seen against Chelsea that we could have won that match. The players look fit and press well, meaning the opposition are forced into mistakes. We're making other teams look bad, which is the hallmark of a good side.
  11. I think the goal against Arsenal last season was THE most Vardy goal I’ve seen!! Great performances all through the team by the sounds of things, still unbeaten and 8 points so far! Looking good ATM...
  12. Youri!! Just took him out of my fantasy football team due to his average performances so far... that’ll learn me!
  13. I wish him well. Hope we got a sell-on clause. I get the feeling he’ll do well abroad and play in a top league in a few years
  14. Agree that first of all we need to be hard to beat - it’s a results business and so far we’re one of only 4 teams who haven’t lost a game in the PL and we’re through to the next round of the only cup competition we’ve played in so far, so we’re doing just fine. Going forward we need to get more shots on target - we’re creating opportunities but we’re not clinical enough. Once the players have got used to where each other will be on the pitch I think our attacks and decision making will speed up too. Hopefully this will improve in the coming weeks, and once it does we’ll thump someone.
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