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  1. That’s exactly the point - Ben is very articulate, obviously, compared to a number of others in the squad. Thought he handled that well
  2. Well, even though certain tactics earlier in the season didn’t work, it does look like he’s a quick learner... Unlike other managers we’ve had in the past, including recently... https://www.football365.com/news/top-ten-managerial-fck-ups-of-the-season-so-far 8) Brendan Rodgers playing conservatively against the big boys Leicester can take on anyone in the Premier League, though their potential to upset the big boys may come down to how much they really believe in their capability. The Foxes have lost two matches this season and drawn their opening two. Their two defeats came at Anfield and Old Trafford where, with a little more self-belief, they could have salvaged at least a draw. Against United and in their first road trip of the season at Chelsea, Brendan Rodgers has used a third central midfielder which has the knock-on effect of pushing James Maddison into a wider position. Against a Chelsea side reeling from being beaten 4-0 at Man Utd, and a United side just reeling, there was no reason to be quite so conservative. Rodgers appears to have learned his lesson. At home to Spurs and Arsenal, there was no such conservatism.
  3. Hope they re-tweet Hinckley’s offer of a game to Arsenal...
  4. Not surprised by these comments, including how he misses out the fact he signed a bumper new contract not long after us winning the title. But then again I’m afraid there is little loyalty in football, especially if the promise of more money and a “sexier” club we’re on offer. Maybe it was even an ambition of his to play for Wenger? Whatever it was, its another example of how selfish a lot of modern footballers and their agents are. However, we’re blessed by having players here who do appear to show loyalty and in return are adored by the club and fans alike. I’d rather spend my time showing my appreciation for these players than worry about comments from ungrateful little sh!ts like Mahrez.
  5. Apparently rejected West Ham before coming to us https://foreverwestham.com/2019/11/blog-topics/insider-west-ham-wanted-rodgers-before-pellegrini/
  6. Personally, the more people in the game with Sherwood’s opinion of the quality of our players, the better for us in more ways than one!! Got to love Shearer’s reaction!
  7. @Julian Joachim Jr Shabadoo can we have a gif/emoji of Brendan Rodgers dropping a hand grenade please!
  8. Now let’s keep that clean sheet please!!
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