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  1. I'm just worried that he will be Robben a living if he signs here and finished up injured for most of the season...
  2. car1os


    You forgot to mention the medicals!
  3. IF this was to happen, this signing would show intent and ambition and I think he could do a job here. Just as long as we don’t see any of this... bad enough to see some of our existing players hit the deck with minimal/no contact...
  4. car1os


    Guys, lets have some context here - we spent £30 million on Slimani. A £40 million deal (with Silva going the other way, valued at approx. £15 million hopefully) which includes add-ons would be a good deal for us IMHO. Tielemans might be more expensive in wages but that should be covered by releasing Okazaki and Simpson plus getting Silva off the wage bill. Rudders, get it done
  5. car1os


    The “sustainable” part of our model which I think we are trying to reach is buying young players with promise, developing them, trying to keep them together to develop our team but knowing a highly sought after player can be sold with little damage to our team. It makes sense from a business point of view. At the end of the day, Football is a Business whether we like it or not. I think Maguire will go this summer. That will allow us to buy Tielemans (and 1 or 2 more players which we need after releasing players and shipping out others who are not as valuable). I don’t think we will be able to get him without one high-profile sale and although I’d like us to keep Maguire I think it’ll hurt us less than selling Chilwell or not buying Tielemans
  6. Typical story about Wasyl, tearing a meniscus in his knee during a match, playing the full game despite the injury, then just popping off to get it sorted and back within a few weeks... https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/former-leicester-city-defender-marcin-2881523
  7. car1os


    Looking at things from a superficial point of view, our youth set up doesn’t seem too bad right now seeing as we have 3 academy products in our first team and have others playing well in our u23s or on loan. As Xen says, I think we’ve done well overall in our recruitment of younger players as well as promoting youth to make our club self-sustainable. Maybe we’ve just had a good batch of youngsters (some credit to Puel/Rodgers too for giving them game time) but I’m more concerned about the influence of Congerton and his recruitment strategy than the quality of our youth set-up when it comes to becoming and remaining self-sustainable
  8. Personally I think Southgates has done the right thing here. Maddison would benefit more from a full tournament (assuming he’s in the team of course) than being on the bench for two internationals. Another thing... for too long, England have been trying to shoehorn in players with big names or popular with the public into a starting XI but the result was a collection of individuals. Southgate has created an England Team. As much as I want Maddison to be called up, especially as it would raise City’s profile and attract ambitious players to our club, Southgate is right to keep building our National Team
  9. car1os


    We should be looking for more than £55 million for Maguire, seeing as he’s a first-choice England defender, has a long contract, plus I think I’m right in saying that there’s a sell-on clause to Hull? If so we wouldn’t get all the money, especially after agents fees etc. In all realism, any money we get for Maguire would cover the Tielemans fee and little else (unless we can punt Silva in the other direction). We could do with an up-and-coming back up striker though, along with a winger and right back so I think we’ll be looking at low-cost options for these positions if we get Tielemans, even if we sell Maguire and clear some deadwood with it.
  10. 1 - buy Tielemans. 2 - Sell Slimani, Silva, King (sadly), Jakupovic. Loan out/sell James, Kaputska, Diabate, Elder 3 - buy a young, hungry, up and coming striker to learn from Vardy in the hope he can take in his mantle when Vardy starts to fade 4 - Another winger if we clear out some players above 5 - keep Chilwell (I think Maguire’s off this season and would prefer to keep him, but we’ll need the money for Tielemans and a striker) Id also like European football in 2020-21 but I think this lot needs to happen first so we can clear some deadwood to give the squad more depth and become more competitive. Success with results should follow success off the pitch...
  11. Personally I think we should keep Mendy as he’s a useful squad player who contributes to the team. We’ve let Okazaki and Simpson go, but we need to sell Jakupovic, Slimani and Silva. Sadly, King should be sold too. I think Diabate, Elder, Kaputska (when fit), and James (if he’s ever fit enough to play again) need to go out on loan or be sold, happy either way. I can’t see Iheanacho being loaned out without another striker or two being bought. I suspect Maguire will leave this summer so we’ll need to recall Benkovic. With Evans, Morgan and Soyuncu (and players coming through) I reckon we have enough cover at CB. Finally, I’d keep Grey, Ghezzal, Amartey in the squad and give them a good pre-season for assessment and game time. I think they could all improve, Ghezzal needed time to adjust to the Premier League (even Mahrez needed time to adjust remember!). We need a striker, winger and MUST sign Tielemans. I’d also like to see players like Knight, Dewsbury-Hall break into match day squads next season.
  12. I’m sure once upon a time this was said about Maguire too... think Soyuncu could mature into what Maguire is now, but he is where Maguire was when he started his time with us.
  13. Great player in our title winning season and always reliable. Good luck with your next club Simmo!
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