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  1. Watching tonight’s game was a bit like watching this film... I was waiting for the “overhand right” (see Vardy Goal) but it just never came... Liverpool bossed us from start to finish. Got to give them credit for that.
  2. I think I’ll just stop watching the match and stay here...
  3. Won’t be our day will it? 2nd best to every ball... Liverpool playing well. Where’s that Praet in midfield? Let’s bring on Under for Barnes too
  4. As soon as Carragher said Liverpool had only 1 clean sheet so far this season, I thought about the Ever Obliging thread...
  5. Thought I’d posted about how Liverpool’s team looked strong and I thought there was too much hype about how they were “for the taking”. They look good. We’ve been great in recent weeks but can’t see us winning this. Barnes can’t hit a Barne door sadly, and Vardy is being marked very closely. Fofana is employing the Mahrez technique I see... and Evans... total loss of concentration. Im not sure if we can but I hope we can pull a result out of the bag here!! Come on Leicester!!
  6. Liverpool have put out a strong team. I hope our players haven’t listened too much to the press about how this will be Liverpool’s toughest game of the season, that they’re there for the taking etc etc... Usually when I see these reports we lose. Sometimes heavily. I’m expecting us to play the same game plan as Man City and Arsenal. We’ll be “negative” to begin with. Lull them into a false sense of security. And hope they don’t get the first goal. I reckon at half-time we’ll be going on about BR’s negative tactics and how we need to go forward more. And then we will. Hop
  7. We don’t want him back. I don’t think he’d try any harder for us than he would for Man City. Let’s see how Under gets on once he’s had a chance to settle in
  8. I often wonder if the “big 6” teams lean on the England set-up. It would make sense to me. We all know that a player having a cap for England increases the price tag by several million, so it’s to their advantage to ensure that by stifling the international careers of those outside the top 6 (a) stops the player becoming too expensive for them to make the deal viable, (b) makes the player want to move as the player knows they’ll get a better chance of making the national squad at one of those clubs, and (c) helps keep the other clubs (ie. the likes of us) in their rightful place.
  9. Right now, I’m also more interested how our Belgian contingent are doing. Partly because I hope none of them get injured. And partly because England didn’t select any players from the current top team in its leagues... Edit - wonderful free kick by Mertens. Maybe it’s best we keep our players away from the Southgate Sh!tshow
  10. Not sure if this link has been posted earlier... it’s horrible that significant family events are happening and people miss out (plus the whole COVID thing is a disaster) but still, if you’re an international footballer you should probably be more careful... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8949317/Liverpool-star-Mohamed-Salah-mild-symptoms-testing-positive-coronavirus.html
  11. We’re not here to take your cr@p off you...
  12. Interesting... we’re mentioned as a title contender, plus notice how there are seven managers in the top photo, including... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12128133/premier-league-state-of-play-title-race-talk-relegation-candidates-and-more Maybe I need to give Sky Sports a bit of credit here (I rarely do). Ok, so we’re the fifth team mentioned as title contenders, almost like we’re an afterthought, but at least we’ve not been dismissed.
  13. It’s the same thing as when you have a chance to win £1M for example, but you get a question wrong and finish up with £250k. Still an amazing prize but you always wonder what could have been... I’ll admit I thought along those lines. Would have loved to see us the the CL again. However, at the start of last season I would have taken 5th in a heartbeat. Being in Europa League is also good for our younger players who haven’t experienced European football yet, and I think we could go much further in this competition than we would in the CL which surely will be good for building experi
  14. That’s ok, we have Agent Crookes on the case. As long as he keeps putting other Leicester defenders in his team of the week... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54866313
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