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  1. So that’s where all the toilet rolls have gone...
  2. Sorry about this post... I imagine you dislocated your kneecap (patella) as opposed to the actual knee? Patella dislocations are very painful, but pain-free once put back in joint. Never happened to me but had to put one back in joint when a colleague fell awkwardly in front of me, looked like agony!! A dislocated knee usually results in multi-ligament injury (ACL, PCL, and LCL/MCL/posterolateral corner) which may require multiple operations to reconstruct. Not something you can run off...
  3. I’m sure he has strained it or had a partial tear. He would not have been able to complete the game if it was fully ruptured as the injury causes bleeding into the joint (hence it swells rapidly) and people generally feel a pop at the time. Hope he gets back for the start of next season, after Ndidi he’s the player we’d miss most
  4. I think we’ll go 3 at the back for the rest of the season, Chilwell and Albrighton/James out wide. Such a shame for Ricardo, massive player for us, do hope he comes back stronger once he’s recovered. Get well soon!
  5. 9 games left... think we need to win 5 to make sure of that Champions League place. And if Vardy can get his 100th PL goal against Watford...
  6. Started off playing like it was a relegation 6-pointer and we appeared to have little drive, desire or ability. I’ll admit I was a bit fearful we’d Fuch it up today. Finished that game looking like true top 4 contenders. Barnes was brilliant, if still a bit raw. Justin can easily fill in for Chilwell. Ndidi... so glad he’s back. And a great brace from Vardy to top it off... only 1 goal off the 100 club!! Happily eating my words from early on in the game. Great stuff lads!! We’re back!!
  7. Ah well, that WAS a penalty. Don’t feel sorry for Villa at all now, it’s evened itself up
  8. Not a penalty. That’s been given as payback for some recent shocking decisions against us IMHO But glad Vardys scored!!!
  9. Harvey!!!!! Great goal, still had a lot to do once he got past Reina, took it brilliantly! Great ball by Albrighton, can he play instead of Perez for the rest of the season please Brendan!!
  10. Much better, come on lads!!!
  11. Definition: Puelism. A dreary type of football involving intensitee, qualitee, and lumping it to an isolated forward player in the hope they might just get the ball and score. Welcome back!
  12. We’re dancing around the area too much. Gone full Puel. I think a few players heads have been turned or Rodgers has lost the dressing room. no urgency like at the start of our season
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