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  1. We’ve been hamstrung by injuries to key players at a key time. We badly missed Ndidi in January. Now, we badly miss Maddison, Chilwell and Ricardo. Once we get these players back to fitness, chop out the deadwood and bring in some quality, I think we’ll be ok and hoping for a good 20-21 season, will enjoy being in Europe again that’s for sure!! Just hope we play quicker, we’ve been too slow and predictable for the 2nd half of the season.
  2. Said many times we miss Ricardo. Squad just wasn’t big/quality enough to lose Ricardo, Maddison, Chilwell and Fuchs to injury, Soyuncu to a moment of stupidity, and several players to loss of form. I’m gutted we’re going to miss out on CL when we really shouldn’t have done - that result to Bournemouth is going to haunt me for years. But finishing 5th is not a total failure. Need a complete overhaul of the squad. I hope we don’t sign Bennett. Need to get rid of Slimani, Silva, Ghezzal, and others. Hope we can do some good business in the window in return, at least we gave European football as a bargaining chip.
  3. We’ve had so little luck since December... could just do with one bit today. Come on Leicester!
  4. Come on Leicester! Get that goal!
  5. Aubameyangs now on 22... come on Jamie, get a goal and seal that golden boot!!
  6. No Chilwell, Pereira, Soyuncu, Fuchs, Maddison... paper thin squad and no depth. This is the result. Need a shedload of new players for next season
  7. At the beginning of the season - Yes Now - No. We’re on the verge of blowing all the hard work we’d done at the start of the season, will be sad if we finish 5th
  8. Very simply, Bournemouth wanted to win. They found their backs against the wall and we started to go into cruise control. Then it happened. Kasper’s saved us a few points this season but it was a clanger. Then we fell apart. Total lack of desire from the Players. It’s not Brendans fault Kasper kicked it straight to their striker. It’s not completely Brendans fault that our team fell apart. That’s mentality, and our players do not have the resilience needed to be a top team and when the going gets tough.
  9. Bournemouth have scored more goals in 17 minutes of utter madness than they had in their last 5 games...
  10. I wonder how many of our players were looking at the bigger clubs before we restarted? Wouldn’t be surprised if a few were, and now REALLY thinking about it?
  11. I think Brendan needs to publish a new coaching manual. Snatching Defeat from Victory - slips, trips, and fcukwittery
  12. Even the refs getting in the way!!
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