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  1. We didn't look like scoring from open play today. Have to say I was impressed with Huddersfield today, especially their pressing game, but we just couldn't keep it on the floor enough. When Vardy was on, we hit high crosses. When Slimani came on, we played it on the floor! We need to be smarter, build up our passing game, and link midfield and attack better. Hopefully we will settle as a team within a few games, if not Shakey will be gone as we have the players to do it (if the Silva appeal is successful)
  2. And if he gets sacked, who would you want to replace him? Yes, I'm a little concerned as we had poor form at the very end of last season. Yes, we were leading against Arsenal although we have played 3 of the top 6 teams last season. However I don't think we should get on his back at the moment. We need to support him and the team. Shakey's demonstrated he can get the best out of the players we have at our disposal. He just needs to remember we're a team who plays best on the front foot. Let's see where we are after 10 games, not 4.
  3. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Just seen this on BBC website - whenever I see anything like this we usually lose! Leicester have earned 19 points out of a possible 24 at home with Craig Shakespeare as manager Chelsea have not won a Premier League away fixture in the month of September in any of the last four seasons (D4, L3)
  4. Mahrez to .......................?

    Agree Gray should have a run in the team, Mahrez seemingly listened to poor advice from his agent
  5. Adrien Silva

    Telegraph reporting he's signed for £22 million as part of this piece on Mahrez... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/08/31/riyad-mahrez-collision-course-leicester-city-trying-force-deadline/
  6. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    That goal should not have stood but we're paying for being too defensive throughout the game. Not sure the Shakey Safe approach is the right one, especially as we know we're at our best when attacking at pace and pressing
  7. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    We need to remember he's a young player who's still developing. He's got all the right attributes, just needs to develop his game and consistancy
  8. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Such a shame- we've been fantastic defensively until then, just switched off. Need to get at them now
  9. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Mahrez is being a bit too greedy at the mo, needs to remember its a team game instead of looking for the Hollywood goal
  10. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Good subs IMHO - need further midfield cover and Albrightons covered so much ground... Gray needs to defend as well as attack though
  11. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Think Mahrez has done well, covered well defensively but he can't attack if he's only ever running backwards. Could do with Slim on for Okazaki playing the link role.
  12. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Come on Leicester... get the ball on the floor and play
  13. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Well, at least we managed a brief attack in their half...
  14. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    This is a tough watch... just don't seem to have an answer to their attacking and we've gone so deep we're struggling to get out of our half
  15. Was at the game, sat among some Sheff Utd fans so had to stay quiet!! Thought Chilwell looked good going forwards but towards the end of the second half wasn't great defensively, not sure if it's tiredness, lack of concentration, or overconfidence. He will improve here Im sure. Maguire... what a signing. He's so huge I swear he has his own gravitational field which the ball cannot fight against, it always seems to land on his head when pumped into our box!! Slimani did did well with his goals and Grays solo effort was sublime. Also thought Knight did well on his debut even though he wasn't on the pitch for long but looks a prospect. It's time for Ulloa to go, he worked hard for the team and has a great first season with us but Slimani is faster, stronger, and a better player IMHO.