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  1. The only good thing is no injuries. What is the point of European football without an effort to progress. Like Brighton, teams know how to stop us.
  2. Slavia deserve to win. We have been pathetic in front of goal.
  3. If we are this poor in the Europa League, then the Champions League would have been massively embarrassing.
  4. Slavia are going to shithouse this if we don't get our act together.
  5. Fuchs against Liverpool wouldn't be a bad situation. Or even a back 3 with Thomas and Ricardo as wingbacks. Justin needs at least a week off. So many injuries in so many teams. It is a very intense season schedule.
  6. Perez for me. His movement and tactical nous creates space for the wingers and Maddison to score, if he doesn't himself. Nacho is good at holding the ball up and can be a good finisher, but always seems to be out of step with the team.
  7. Justin is having a great season and doesn't look tired. Ricardo is coming back from major injury, and Castagne is just getting back to match fitness. Justin and Castagne to start for me, Ricardo on the bench.
  8. That should be his last game for the club. Very bad to insist on the free kick, worse to screw it up.
  9. Absolutely. That first half team was rampant. Should have been a couple of goals up at half time.
  10. Not true. I know several people who have the antibodies but never had symptoms, and the same Man City players may be symptomatic tommorow
  11. The whole top end is pretty tight. We are 1 point plus GD off top, and 4 from 10th
  12. Credit where its due, Zorya had a tight defence. Their record in this group has been quite respectable, particularly in home conditions. The Europe League is not a Mickey Mouse contest. We are a bit one dimensional up front. Desperately need a succession plan for Vardy, Nacho just cannot cut it as a lone striker. The other thing we need is a replacement for Dave Rennie, who I think is sorely missed. I think Ward did well, Under too, and I don't think anyone else was terrible, but playing Hamza and Wilf meant little creativity.
  13. Weather says +4 degrees is the high today, and +2 tonight. Cold but shouldn't be a frozen pitch. The pitch doesn't look in too bad shape in the pictures. I thought Zorya were OK when they played here, and they won't be a pushover in home conditions. They beat AEK comfortably. Sure, it is a distraction in some ways, but going to these weird places is part of the fun of international football. What is the point of qualifying for Europe if you don't enjoy awaydays like these?
  14. Youri or Praet on corners please. or Castagne etc etc
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