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  1. Iheanacho

    Part of the problem is that Vardy is hard to play alongside, with Shinji about the only one who can. Ianacho, Slimani, Ulloa have all struggled with his style of play, as indeed does the England team. 451 doesn't seem to work as Vardy is either isolated or misses out on crosses, as this is not his technique. Aprt from Shinji, Puel seems to have had the best from Vardy by playing 4231 with three wingers behind Vardy, when Mahrez or Gray are in the central position, but not Albrighton. It would be interesting to see Diabete there too.
  2. Chilwell made mistakes but was also marking Willian generally very well. I thought Wes had his best game of 2018. He looked back to his old self. Ndidi and Iborra are a confidence inspiring midfield pair, but Nacho looks lost. I would like to see more of Nacho, Silva, and Gray over the remaining games. We need to see if they are worth keeping. Diabete is raw but has great potential. Puels scouts seem to have spotted a good un.
  3. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    How is Charlie Adams doing? Any updates?
  4. Southampton fans must be loving this

    And the other one a South Coast derby... I reckon Stoke, Saints and Baggies go down, making Wolves the only Midlands derby next season.
  5. Loan Watch 2017/18

    With Puel's taste for pacy wingers, I am surprised that we didn't see him get a game. I think his mother dying of cancer while in Leicester affected his performances here. Most of the time he was terrible, but there were flashes of erratic brilliance.
  6. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Kante is as good as ever, and Willian is their creative spark. The rest have been nothing special. We can roll them over.
  7. New chants and songs

    You're going home in a Salisbury Ambulance....
  8. West Brom away match thread

    Maybe Diabate starting next week?
  9. Why do people love to hate our manager?

    Remind me where Saints are now...
  10. Puel

    What encourages me is that when Mahrez scored, he ran straight over to celebrate with Puel, as did his team mates. Puel seems popular with the squad. This was always going to be a year of transition, with the Champions team getting older and slower. Experimenting with players and formations is not so daft.
  11. Though seeing his shove again on MOTD, that shove was a definite penalty. He got away with it.
  12. No one very good for me, Ndidi MOTM. We give them far too much time to organise the defence while passing the ball sideways. We need more direct movement at pace, whatever the formation. Vardy upfront on his own is isolated, The ball over the top is not working anymore.
  13. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Have you got a link for the article?
  14. Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    Not bad locally, the question I think will be about further afield. I reckon game on. I won't be moaning about players wearing gloves today though, Longjohns for me!
  15. Wes, Simpson are past it for everything but back up. Kasper sloppy, and poor kicking. Chilwell and Ndidi struggled to cope. James anonymous. Mahrez the only creative player, but Stoke very physical on him. Albrighton better at the physical stuff but not so creative. Gray and Vardy both invisible. Puel: Whats happened? Had me excited to begin, but now bizzare line up. Subs changed it to a formation that no one seemed to understand. I hope he is learning something.