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  1. foxinsox


    He could have played Benny there instead of Choudhary.
  2. foxinsox


    Though our downturn in form did start when we lost that Football God, Andy King
  3. foxinsox

    Hamza Choudhury

    The Bro with the 'Fro! Developing well, but early days. Am I the only one who thinks that our poor run coinciding with Andy King going is no coincidence? 🤘
  4. foxinsox

    Demarai Gray

    Diabate was great first half, headless chicken second. He set up the first goal, when Arsenal still had 11 players. Real potential. Gray went down easily for that penalty.
  5. foxinsox

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Doomed. Not much on the bench either.
  6. foxinsox

    David Wagner

    Much as I am fond of big Nige, a third go is too much. Wenger will not manage again in the premiership, and no way is Dyche missing out on taking his Burnley team on a European tour. We could do a lot worse than Wagner, and keeping Puel is a lot worse.
  7. foxinsox

    Puel In or Out poll 5/5/18.

    The break before the PL winning season was a shambles including a manager sacked following a racist gang bang of Thai prostitutes, on top of a few other farces. We not only survived, we thrived.
  8. foxinsox

    Lap of honour

    I would have stayed if I had known about the Lap. I was in my seat from about 1450, didn't hear a thing. I thought all the police and stewards were to stop a pitch invasion, after the earlier one. Feel bad for Huth and the Thais, but communication needed to happen.
  9. foxinsox

    0-2 Wham theadaodnaijdnjoansdijnasdop

    I agree, but best of a poor bunch. Fuchs OK too. Drago good when he came on. Diabate best of a pisspoor midfield. Vardy feeding off scraps. So Benny best of a bad lot of starters.
  10. foxinsox

    0-2 Wham theadaodnaijdnjoansdijnasdop

    Some have been injured on field, so are kosher. Perhaps something wrong in training and preparation, but not phoning in a sickie.
  11. foxinsox

    0-2 Wham theadaodnaijdnjoansdijnasdop

    Benny was Motm today.
  12. foxinsox

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    Puel is attempting suicide by cop, surely the only explanation.
  13. foxinsox

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    The other thing was that even in the long poor run during The Great Escape Season, we were playing well and with heart. We were losing by one goal, not getting hammered. The improvement was slight, but critical, to win by one goal. Pearson will always be a legend to me, but I am not convinced 3rd time round is wise.
  14. foxinsox

    When does Puel go? - A simple Poll Mk 3

    That was when I knew Shakey wasn't up to it, same goes for Puel now. Appleton for the rest of the season, then a major sorting out over the summer.
  15. foxinsox

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Hopefully Appleton will be in charge by next Saturday.