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  1. Its hard to see who we drop to fit in the new boys/returners. Glad JJ got his goal, especially as he was done for both their goals. We have some great players, and enough depth for squad rotation for the Cup games and Europa League. It is just good team nanagement.
  2. Not sure that Vardy really works with a winger other than Mahrez. He needs the ball from behind to run on to, rather than a cross. We need an alternative striker more than a winger, if Vardy starts.
  3. I am a Praet fan. He is a very useful player, with great tactical nous to tighten up a midfield getting over run. He is no show pony, but always a reliable tactician.
  4. When does the window close? Sept 11th? Tis a bit worrying. I hope its not just that King Power are skint. All part of the roller coaster life of a Leicester City fan.
  5. I understood the line on the more times you enter, the "more times you will be chosen" to mean that more ballots is more entries, with each having the same probability. A bit like buying multiple lottery tickets. It also says that those successful in one cycle would be less successful in another. I think that it means the tickets will be shared evenly between those that enter, which is a subset of all ST holders. In any case, I am in.
  6. Considering the pandemic, uncertainty over finances, and the financial position of King Power, I think this is a fair scheme. I will be paying up and going to see matches again. The ballot system means everyone gets to pick and choose which games they prefer, and guarantees that all get some matches. It will be a strange atmosphere in a stadium 1/3 full, with many away from their usual spot, but at least it is live games, and groups of up to six can ballot together. The ballot provisionally starts in October so needs to close the scheme quickly in order to know numbers. Count me in.
  7. From another forum: Regarding the 20/21 Champions and Europa Leagues betting, in light of the quarantine tennis that is likely to happen. How will European football be different? All qualifying ties for the Champions League and Europa League will be single-leg matches. However, home and away matches will return for the Champions League play-off round, due to be played at the end of September. Both tournaments are likely to be dramatically altered if the COVID-19 pandemic worsens. UEFA has announced that if a member country enforces travel restrictions which prevent a tie from taking place, the host team must forfeit the match. If both teams’ governments ban travel, UEFA can disqualify both clubs from the tournament.
  8. Yes, as stupid as the moments of madness at Bournemouth. Presumably Evans gets the September matches off.
  9. Wolves are guaranteed 7th, but need 6th in case Arsenal win the FA Cup. They want a win at Chelsea to be sure of European Football. I think!
  10. No way are we close to CL level. Europe League may be more realistic
  11. Well, that was a bit more like it. Good in first half, but going 352 freshened it up quite a bit. This years Arsenal are nothing to fear. If we keep winning, no one can catch us. Man U on the last day is looking quite a season ending.
  12. That Jarrod Bowen looks good. Should have signed him in Jan.
  13. There are the Euros next summer. There may simply be too many matches to fit in.
  14. Without wanting to wind people up, will there be European football this coming season? Late finishes to seasons, and CL unfinished, late start to next season, and not just our League with these issues. Is it at risk of being scrapped for a year?
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