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  1. Reckon so, and not at all sure at his ability to sign talent in the summer.
  2. I hate Mahrez's stuttering run ups to penalties and have seen him miss too many that way, and screw it up today. Vardy, Slimani and Fuchs all take better penalties than Mahrez.
  3. His injuries only seem to affect Premiership games don't they? I think that we will see him tommorow, it is what he came for.
  4. back in the lower half.
  5. Fuchs can play as a CB if needed, but Amartey may be the better option. I hope Wes is fit. Ulloa is not a completely daft suggestion either. He is really good defending set pieces.
  6. Didn't Fuchs come the summer after the great Escape? I recall that back 3 as Wes Was and Huth. I don't think that we should change from 442. It is the formation that works for our team. Experiment in the PL, when we are sure that we are safe.
  7. We usually see him warming up the subs at half time. Winding up their bench is a nice bit of gamesmanship.
  8. Leo could play well as a CB, but perhaps test him in another match first! Amartey as CB with Benny at Palace please. let them get used to each other.
  9. He was tonight!
  10. Gray was poor against Everton, he is a bit too raw for such a tactical game as tonight, where defensive solidarity is critical. Mahrez plays well with Slimani. They should both start next Tuesday.
  11. The change of formation with King kept the match at 1 nil. It was a very astute substitution. King has great game awareness, will make a very good manager in a decade or two.
  12. One to forget. Most of the regular starters looked a bit poor, apart from Kasper, Huth and Albrighton. I hope it was because they were pacing themselves. Ulloa looked good. We missed Simpson and Fuchs a great deal. I hope Wes is fit for Wednesday, Amartey is not a Right back, and Slimani cannot defend set pieces. We're going to Madrid...
  13. Simpson on for Drinky, Amartey to midfield. Vardy and Slim off for Musa and Ulloa.
  14. The name Islam is a bit of a giveaway. Though we still await the headline : "Christian crosses - Islam converts!"
  15. Good subs by Shakey. Changed the game. Back 5: 7 all round. Benny is a good guy to have. Starting midfield 5-6. None at their best. OkazKi 5. looked tired Vardy 7 Albrighton 9. MOTM. Slimani 8: best game in months King. 6 always reliable Sunderland, came with a good plan which nearly worked, but nothing going foward. Wasted umpteen set pieces.