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  1. Finish this season and cups this autumn. Start the 20/21 season on 1 Jan 2021, finishing late autumn 2021. A short break then the Qatar winter World Cup. A shortened 19 game half season, then back to usual cycle for 22/23 season. If everyone in Europe agreed, the CL and EL could fit too.
  2. I reckon this might well be our last home game of the season played with a crowd. Villa are in the relegation zone, they cannot sit back. Grealish is their key creative player, but also the talisman of the team. Wilf should be able to do the job on him, now that he is back. We need two strikers as one up front isn't working. We need to control that midfield too. Kasper Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Ricardo Ndidi, Praet, Maddison, Chilwell Nacho Vardy/Perez
  3. The Special One is killing them. Oh dear...
  4. More to the point, Champions League football will just be bloody embarrassing if we play like this. Brendan sort it out!
  5. Definite handball though. That's the rules.
  6. Don't be daft. He needs to be moved centrally. He has created a couple of chances.
  7. Yes, but I was at the match watching, so saw a lot of the movement off camera. By and large Chilwell marked Mahrez well, preventing his characteristic cut inside and left foot shot. I think Fuchs was more to blame for the goal. Praet did a great job of marking KDB too, and really stifled his game.
  8. Yes, Chilwell had a good game and neutralised Mahrez well, apart from the goal, though Fuchs looked to have been indecisive on the replay, going for Mahrez and leaving Jesus to score. Overall that was a good performance and Praet managed KDB better than most. Maddison also did well despite playing wider and deeper. Indeed I thought no one had a truly bad game apart from Vardy, and even he had many more touches. March should allow us to put points on the board and we have 10 points and GD of space between us and 5th place.
  9. Compared to the farce at the other end Kasper was a maestro!
  10. We need better finishing and to sort the defence. Villa shithoused their way through, but I am not that surprised.
  11. Significantly! Silva never really got up to speed with British football.
  12. Praet really impresses me. Not much spectacular stuff but always looks in control and has a great footballing brain. He will be an invaluable part of the rotating squad next year.
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