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  1. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    Modern day sensibility. It wasn't like that in the 70s https://youtu.be/s9JqbCH4aVw
  2. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

    Haven't gone down, can't even be bothered to watch it on TV. So, I am following it on this thread and this thread alone Insightful posts only please, I am relying on you.
  3. What grinds my gears...

    Hurry up...... I am still waiting!
  4. What grinds my gears...

    Calling someone who is running late and they say they will be there in 5 minutes. You call again after 10 minutes and they are 'just around the corner'. 5 minutes after that........😠
  5. Agony, Ecstasy, Agony!

    When this was discussed on here some years ago, I recall someone posting that a few years after that play off final, they were chatting about it to a Wembley steward. The steward said that of all the games he had worked at, the loudest cheer he remembered was when Steve Thompson equalised. Strewth , I am getting goose bumps thinking about it. The fat guy behind me, who I had never seen before or since, had eyes that were virtually popping out their sockets and then we threw our arms around each other. When I calmed a little, I realised I had badly cut my shin somehow and it was pouring. I hadn't felt a thing! Even now I can only watch the match up to the equaliser - the rest was too much to take, even after all these years.
  6. whatsapp down.....

    ........across the entire planet!
  7. Atletico 2nd leg at home

    Just finished listening to Sportsweek on 5live. 90% of the show was football related but not one word on our Champions League Quarter final. If it was Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool et el, especially if they were the only English representatives, half the programme would have been dedicated to it. They even found time to talk for a few minutes about Leyton Orient but not so much a word about us. Feck em. Dismissing us........just like last year.
  8. Everton v Leicester City match thread

    I can't reveal my source but I can exclusively reveal we are first on MOTD this evening.
  9. What grinds my gears...

    Excellent weather forecast, beautiful evening, sunny warm weekend, shirt sleeves, birds singing, children playing and................................smoke! The twat next door has kickstarted the garden bonny already this afternoon..
  10. Champions League tifos - Union FS

    Absolutely, bloody fantastic!
  11. Hair when you start to get old

    Stops growing on your head and starts growing in other places. It is sprouting from my nose and my ears. My eyebrows grow longer than ever and every single hair on my head is grey. Mind you; there may be frost on the roof but there is plenty of fire in the boilers!
  12. Just read this myself and was about to post it. There are more balanced articles appearing now. There was also a good one by George Graham in the Mirror. What has also helped was the crowds excellent, measured and sincere appreciation of Claudio on Monday but then got behind thr team. I don't think we are hated quite so much now. I hope the players retain the backs against the wall mentality however and play as though 'no one likes us but we don't care'.
  13. Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Trying to enjoy tonight. This time next year it could well be Brentford away.
  14. Favourite Comedy Sketches

  15. Burnley 1-0 City Full time

    I can't even bring myself to look at those golden badges on our shirt sleeves now. Strewth I was so proud.........
  16. Would you have taken this...

    At the end of last season I put 30% of our success down to NP's legacy. It would appear it was more like 80%!
  17. Orwellian Leicester.

    I know we British are suppsed to be the most watched people on the planet with CCTV and the like but I felt like I was in 1984 walking by the cathedral yesterday. A tannoy suddenly boomed out 'Please be aware you are being monitored' I was half expecting to see Soulsby's image being projected on the side of the building issuing dictums.
  18. Southampton (A) Post Match thread 3 - 0

    May have already been posted but in case not. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38713714
  19. Southampton (A) Post Match thread 3 - 0

    We're in a mini league of seven. 3 of those are going down. With Swansea winning and Hull doing very well today despite losing, the odds are beginning to look like we could well be one of those 3 Just read a match report that said Southampton won't have an easier win all season. This from a team who had lost the last 4
  20. Your top 10 sitcoms

    About 10 years ago the Radio Times did a poll on the greatest comedy of all time. The winner hasn't even been mentioned in this thread. I wasn't even born when it first appeared over 60 years ago but it is high in my top ten list............. The Phil Silvers Show. Or, to it's many fans of all ages: Bilko
  21. Middlesborough (A) Match Thread

  22. Family and friends and what they think.

    My dad used to really wind me up after a defeat by saying. 'They don't come and see you when you are bad'. Wish he was still around mind.
  23. Fa Cup 3rd Round

    That's me done with the FA Cup. Every year we draw another team either home or away. What's more: we never win it.
  24. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    That's the wife's pressie sorted.
  25. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I have to say that I do not agree with the ban on the use of indicators. I thought it was drivers just not bothering to use them, but I notice police drivers are also adhering to it so I guess it must be a change in the highway code?