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  1. Trying to figure out the formation. Is that 3 at the back?
  2. Too right Claudia, close down and pull the golden mile for a start. Might leave room for more housing.
  3. Dunno. Worse still: if it is confirmed and we miss out on a top 4 place, my bottle of Captain Morgan rum is going down the drain.
  4. You found me out. I don't know where he may have played, I just Googled golf course images. It was late when I posted and accuracy wasn't high in my mind but thought a bit of light relief for a bloody annoying occurrence, might put a smile on some folks faces.
  5. We were doing ok considering our planning for this game would have included Maddison and Perez. They've been cvnts so a last minute plan B was needed and now we are suffering Well, they'll sit back and hit us on the break again in the second half. Pretty pi$$ed off.
  6. Will we get a day off? (Funeral?) That has been the reaction of loads of people I know.
  7. Wrong thread. Should be on Death list.
  8. Well it's all our fault isn't it? If we didn't have the temerity to win the league, qualify for the champions league, get to the quarter finals and have the shear bloody mindlessness to possibly qualify yet again, they wouldn't need to consider such wholesale changes to protect the status quo.
  9. Picked up my home testing kit this morning. Guess where it is manufactured? Well played China. Give us the virus then sell the world the kits to identify it. Genius.
  10. Do you still pay the regular council tax in these areas? I assume it would be a less amount if another organisation was maintaining some parts of the estate.
  11. We had a chap come around to quote for a conservatory on the back of our house. I lamented that it wouldn't get too much sun however except in the summer, when it'll get a bit of sun first thing in the morning and a little more in the evenings. Why only in the summer he asked? Because of where the sun rises and sets, I replied. He looked at me really puzzled and said its the same all year round. He really thought I was bonkers so I said yes, it rises in the east and sets in the west but at different points. No it doesn't he insisted. This is a fella in his early 5
  12. I was passing a jewellery shop pre lockdown and noticed they had some catalogues just inside the doorway, so I grabbed one. When I got home I told Mrs. FFF that I had popped in a jewellers and got her a little something. I handed over the catalogue. Gentleman, I would not recommend you try that at home.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56615989 Is she being serious? So it's all the local council fault. I was in Paris a few year ago and noticed far fewer bins than in your average British city and yet there was much less litter.
  14. Reminded me of when we bought one of our children a book,' 1001 jokes' one Christmas. He kept reading them out one after another all Christmas morning. It had mysteriously disappeared by Christmas afternoon.
  15. Occasionally, you read something that you wish you had written yourself.
  16. I think the biggest disappointment I ever felt was returning home after the 74 semi at Villa Park. To make matters worse the driver of our coach got lost and we didn't get back until after 1 am. Probably on a par though with our relegation to Div 3. Those lows though really make you appreciate the highs.
  17. A day in the life and you didn't check Foxestalk ONCE! You absolute plastic.
  18. Well, somebody did say 'We don't want anymore Leicesters', so you may be right.
  19. The 'alphabet' by the side of the pitch took me back, checking the halftime scores elsewhere against the corresponding list in the program.
  20. If it's local folk only allowed in, that could include a few Spurs fans. Wonder who they will cheer on?
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