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  1. We pay for your free penalty in the first leg. If you think we get nothing then you don't understand this club, its fans or the journey we're on. See you again in a few years I hope. Good luck in the next round.
  2. Ndidi Signed

    Why not?
  3. Ndidi Signed

    Song suggestion: Ndidi's feet, in modern times, walk upon Leicester's pitch, so green
  4. Will Shinji ever score a normal goal?

    When he scores it's the footballing equivalent of a piano falling down some stairs and hitting all the right notes. Love the sublime chaos of Shinji.
  5. New chants and songs

    Islam Slimani's Blue n White Army! Someone else has probably already suggested that..
  6. Ngolo Kante

    He sounds good - gerrimin!
  7. Next up.. Brugge, away.... Thoughts

    I hope we don't lose otherwise our egos will be Brugge'd (bruised). However, if we win then their faces will B-rugge (be rouge*). Either way I hope we put in a good performance, it would B-rugge (be rude) not to. Brugge*. *red *Brugge
  8. Next up... Barcelona

    I think it's 7pm - can anyone confirm pls?
  9. Magnificent 7

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/video/2016/aug/01/the-premier-leagues-magnificent-seven-what-lies-ahead-this-season-video I like the 8-bit style design - wait till the end for your best mate. Soz if this is a repost.
  10. Next up.. PSG..

    Ulloa put a good shift in, thought his control and touches looked improved and he was bringing balls down with good technique.
  11. Next up.. PSG..

    Hope to see more tenacity from Musa.
  12. Next up.. PSG..

    Areola's a bit of a tit
  13. Vardy Euro 2016 Thread

    To be fair to Vardy, on the odd occassion that he did receive a pass from his team mates, he at least tried to be positive in attack: one touch passes, little flick-ons etc. Hope he doesn't get dropped but, well, we all know the drill. Roy's chaos theory..
  14. Vardy Euro 2016 Thread

    Has a manager ever been sacked just before a tournament is due to start? Not that there's a chance in hell it would happen, just having a little daydream.