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  1. Yes there is no pleasing everyone and this is a price to pay for TV injecting so much money into our game but decisions like the Spurs game, makes such little sense, The last train to London is 9.53! Meaning practically all the Spurs fans and a fair few Leicester fans who live in Harborough or Kettering will either have to drive (everyone loves doing that on a Saturday night) or miss the last 10 minutes of the game. Add that to the fact that it's likely to be a lot of people Xmas night out. Saturday lunch time or Sunday would just make so much more sense. I didn't think that stupidity could be topped until I saw Everton at Lunch time on NYD! Leicester fans will need to leave around 8am to make it! Happy New Year guys
  2. Can’t make the Spurs game now, I didn’t even know 7.45 on a Saturday was a thing! Gutted
  3. Staffs Fox

    The Beatles

    With the 50th anniversary and remastered set coming up, I challenged myself to make the ultimate White Album single album. Taking into consideration the time constraints and two sided nature of the 1968 release i came up with the below Side One Back In The USSR Dear Prudence Revolution 1 Everybody's Got Something to Hide... While My Guitar Gently Weeps Happiness is a Warm Gun Julia Side Two Helter Skelter Yer Blues Mother Nature's Son I'm So Tired Blackbird Sexy Sadie Cry Baby Cry More Lennon heavy than I'd have thought originally but also a lot tougher. Songs like Piggies and Rocky Racoon often get thrown away as filler but they have a certain charm and i'm so used to having them on the album I think i'd miss them.
  4. The state of the bottom 6 or so is awful. Apparently the standard of the league is getting better?? Those lot are just dreadful. Us, Wolves and Everton can have a battle royale with Man United for 6th😀 i think the 3 already in the relegation places are already done. Calling it early but 32 points will be enough this season
  5. Staffs Fox


    Sounds weird but i actually think Oasis are underrated (or more precisely Noel as a songwriter) Their output from 94-97 was prolific on a scale really seen before or since. Over 60 officially released original tracks in three years (4 albums worth of material) of outstanding class including some of the finest B-sides in musical history. They went a bit shit (or average) in the 00's but that mid 90's period should not be overlooked. I mean look how shit the Stones and the Who went from 75 onwards and somehow that's brushed under the carpet when their legacy is questioned. With Oasis, maybe because they're more recent, it's the first thing people tend to mention.
  6. Staffs Fox

    What if watford do a leicester

    Where did I say anything resembling that it would have meant less? I meant it was tremendous as in the volume that they cheered us on, which the majority did not that it made me feel tremendous
  7. Staffs Fox

    What if watford do a leicester

    I can't see it happening ever again but I would wish them every success, As another post said earlier, the support and admiration given to us from supporters of other clubs was tremendous when we won it, It'd be a bit petty if it wasn't reciprocated, We were Premier League Champions in 15/16 nothing can ever change that
  8. Can’t believe some moaners in here! We played incredibly well for 80 mins of that game and we did ourselves proud. Trust me that’ll be one of the toughest games they’ll have this season Maddison, Chilwell and Mendy were all 10/10 and if we play anywhere near that against the vast majority of the other teams in the league we’ll smash em The team we played today were in the Champions League final 3 months ago and we outplayed them for most the match. Heads up guys, this team of ours is pretty damn good
  9. Staffs Fox

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    This sums this forum up in two sentences After the Man United game I felt flat as a witches tit. We had 60% possession and he better chances but did it matter? Did it ****, we lost We win today, away from home and people moan! 3 points is 3 points I look forward to MOTD tonight
  10. Staffs Fox

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Whilst Evans was poor, especially in the first half, against Wolves. Dropping him after one game isn’t the answer.
  11. Staffs Fox

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Wow! Morgan out and Mendy in! Did not expect that Not surprised Amartey hasn’t started
  12. Staffs Fox

    Söyüncü Signs

    Yeah Clinton’s coming out of retirement for us
  13. Staffs Fox

    Söyüncü Signs

    Fantastic signing and all but confirmes we’re going 3-5-2 next season which is great. With this lad, Evans and Maguire we have one of the best defences in the league, Chilwell and Perrira as Wing backs. Add Ndidi, Silva and Morrison in midfield and Vardy and Ihenacho up front and it’s looking very good indeed.
  14. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 96 seconds  
  15. I really like this to be honest, If we’d have just had plain black with white stripes, most people would complain it was boring and unimaginative
  16. Staffs Fox

    Champions League 2017/18

    Will fully be supporting Liverpool tonight. Can’t understand people who would rather see Ramos, Ronaldo and Marcelo lift the trophy for the fourth time in five years over Milner, Robertson and Salah.
  17. ‘Pillar In View’
  18. Staffs Fox

    New season ticket/ card ?

    Mines looking quite frayed but I’ll treasure it as in the three years this one has lasted we’ve won the league and got to the QF of the Champions League A piece of the greatest period in this clubs history
  19. Staffs Fox

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Yep and I picked up the JJB Yellow away shirt that day for £5 from the club shop! Anybody that moans about recent performances needs to think back to this time for perspective of how far we’ve come
  20. Staffs Fox

    Should we get rid of the "old guard"

    I think people on here and sat around me have been ridiculously harsh on Morgan on here but the past few weeks have been clear that his legs have gone. He actually played quite well the other night but everything was a bit last ditch and you just thought he was an accident waiting to happen. I fully expect Simpson and Morgan to be upgraded this summer to go with Fuchs and Huth leaving so our entire back 4 from the title win will be gone. I have a feeling Okazaki might also leave along with Mahrez which would mean in August only Vardy, Albrighton and Schmeichel would be left from that team It was inevitable but it would be the end of an era
  21. After Swansea last season I honestly thought we were gone. Was it 7 league games without a goal. This season has been the calmest in the last 7 years for sure
  22. Staffs Fox

    Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Gutted! I fly to China that evening so will be travelling to Heathrow listening to it rather than being at the game, if itd been Friday, Saturday or Sunday lunch I could have made it
  23. Staffs Fox

    tickets for Sheffield

    Why is this on a Friday night?? Surely if they don't want a clash with the Tigers then Sunday afternoon would be better? Thanks to EMT another game I'll have to leave early
  24. Staffs Fox

    Peterborough Travel and Pubs

    I'm getting the trusted X4 Bus from Kettering to Peterborough. Setting off at 9.45 and getting in around 11am, Shouldn't be too bad on the way there but nearly 90mins on a bus after a day on the booze will not be great!!