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  1. It may be simple but it’s realistic. He’s clearly way behind Fofana and it’s sad to see him having injury problems and not getting a game in the championship. I hope he starts getting more games and becomes the rock he once was. I’d love to see a Benkovic - Soyuncu - Fofona back three hopefully next season. Jamie Vardy is a freak of nature though, it’ll probably never happen again.
  2. Benkovic is 23 and Fofana is 19. One dubbed not good enough for the premier league yet, injury prone and can’t get a game in the league below and the other is starting week in week out in the premier league. Benkovic has 4 years on Fofana as well. Sadly I just can’t see Benkovic having a future here as like others I had high hopes for him when he signed. I’m still hoping he can prove me wrong though
  3. We like to sleep all day, Amartey all night!
  4. Evans and Amartey In, Perez and N’didi out according to Twitter. ah too slow
  5. Damn looks like everywhere is sold out already, what shops are likely to be selling it?
  6. Anyone looking for a good service I recommend asking @JamesO for a free trial. That USA NBC stream for the Leicester game was one of the best quality streams I’ve seen. I’m hoping they’re all like that Definitely interested in the paid service.
  7. 24 episodes in season 11 They have to bring Rick back for the final season right? Or at least the last 3/4 episodes or something.
  8. Benkovic has to be chucked straight in, just like we did with Cags. They could form an unreal partnership
  9. Darius Vassell thought he was past it when he signed, turned out to be one of the better players that season.
  10. What makes you think Hughes? Hasn’t played any games and I doubt he is good enough. Also he’s behind Johnson and Knight. Thomas, Taveres, Dewsbury-Hall, Knight, Johnson and Eppiah are the most likely to make it, wether that’s with us or out on loan next season
  11. Harry Maguire went to Greece He tried to bribe the Greek police He got knocked out by a Leicester fan And off he went in a back of a van He said to them do you know who I am They replied yes you was in that scam Eighty million down the drain Leicester’s taking the piss again Der der der der der der der der
  12. Busch Gardens is great for rollercoasters, a bit further out than the other parks in Florida. Universal has some good ones too. Far better than the ones over here
  13. Our recruitment won’t let that happen. Rodgers may suggest some players like every manager does but we won’t bow down and sign players he wants for stupid money. We’ll be going down the same route we’ve done the last few years signing younger players that can only get better with maybe one or two experience players coming in to replace ones going out.
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