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  1. Ter Stegen TAA Van Dijk Varane Alba Kante KDB Messi Ronaldo Neymar Lewondowski
  2. Leuven is surely 99% guaranteed.
  3. Sky have seven out of the ten games. Then BBC, Prime and BT have one.
  4. If he was to leave please just don’t go to another team in England. Here’s hoping we finish top 4 and can keep him for years
  5. Anyone having a can (or five) before the bus?
  6. Cheers for the advice guys, can you tell us the dealerships in Peterborough so I can have a look? May even be tempted for something else. But that would be appreciated. good luck in the interview!
  7. Anyone had any experience with a Honda before? Quite like the look of the Civic but I’ve never had a Honda before. Neither has anyone I know. probably one for @tom27111
  8. Many people after a few pints will forget to bring it back though
  9. Here’s hoping we’re planning on bringing new coaching staff for the youths teams then. No point having the best youngsters playing beagleball.
  10. King Edward Park I’ve heard quite a few are heading.
  11. Can’t wait for him to experience beagleball
  12. Sounds like a load will be drinking on the street with all pubs fully booked. Maybe a big gathering at one of the parks near by. Just like the younger days
  13. If we have to stop at the services, do service stations sell alcohol?
  14. I know they normally stop at the services but surely they won’t this time, they’ll just want to get everyone there as quickly as possible
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