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  1. Not in the squad again and Suengchitthawon is picked over him... maybe he's been told to sign a new contract or you won't be in the squad again
  2. If we make champions league we won’t sell anyone we don’t want to sell for at least another season. I’m confident in that.
  3. Does anyone know of anywhere selling these? Mine was accidentally dropped
  4. Just start him on Wednesday, we won’t see if he’s any good if not.
  5. Bench boost for me, took a -8 this week too to put Barnes, De Bruyne and Kane in.
  6. Any of these back in stock any time soon?
  7. Woke up this morning feeling fine, had Wes Fofana on my mind, Fofanas playing the way like no others could, Oh yeah, Leicesters scouting is just so fvcking good
  8. How much did you pay for yours if don’t mind me asking? Does it run every game perfectly?
  9. Going to push forward with this now as my Laptop has stopped working after a spillage on it is there any good ones you can buy already made up?
  10. I’d end up drinking it just like I did my captain Morgan rum still got the bottle though. I suppose you can always buy a normal rum in future and refill it again.
  11. Excellent mate thanks, was just going to do the basic stuff you can do on a bench, as there’s plenty of benches on Amazon.
  12. I’m wanting to try and start lifting more weights again as I’m starting to put on the pounds again... Does anyone know any good Barbells and dumbbells that you can buy online that are not way too expensive? Turning my garage into a mini gym but have no idea what the best makes are or value for money. Was wondering if any experts know what’s best?
  13. I play all sorts of games to be honest, I’d like a monitor that links up well to my PS5 as well as I hate playing on a massive tv at the minute.
  14. The whole package to be honest mate, am I likely to be ripped off and better off waiting then?
  15. Really want to get into pc gaming, bust just don’t know anything about what the best parts are, how to set it up or where’s best to buy from can you have a good set up with about 1k ish?
  16. Can anyone recommend a good monitor for when I get a PS5? Is a 4K one best? As in the future I’m looking at getting a good gaming pc set up too
  17. Yes this is the sort of one I was looking at. Really like the look of it too. Just looking around different sites to see if any are cheaper. https://www.carsupermarket.com/used/cars/mercedes-benz-a-class-a220-amg-line-5dr-auto-ye19ukv
  18. I’ve got a Audi A3 currently, just looking to move on due to having some trouble with it over Christmas. The GTD or GTI is most likely what I’d go for if I did go for a golf. Also looking at Mercedes too. it’s more just looking around on the internet trying to find the best deal now.
  19. Very interesting thanks for that I’ll look into that. If I was going to buy one it’d be a used one but a 2017+ plate.
  20. Weirdly enough just came on this thread to ask if anyone’s had experience driving VW Golfs and if they’d recommend getting one? Someone I know has got one and said it’s the best car he’s had. I’m tempted but need to look around.
  21. If we do make changes all I’m asking for is that Perez plays upfront and not Iheanacho.
  22. I recently moved away from sports donkey due to a recommendation on Twitter. I must say it’s been brilliant so far and they have a group chat on Discord once you’ve paid for all questions and support. GBR streams on Twitter if anyone’s interested in having a go. £35 for the year it cost me. Highly recommended
  23. I have a work colleague who always goes on about this. Never looked into it my self but he raves about it all the time. Is it worth getting into or is it just basically gambling?
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