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  1. I’m waiting for the lower tier as they only sell alcohol in the lower tier (well that’s what it was like for the league game)
  2. Best atmosphere at home in years. Really enjoyed it today. I agree Union FS need to be that far forward at least, they’re wasted where they currently are.
  3. When you click on that universal link it now looks like the name has been changed back to SportsDonkey 2?
  4. is the only expression needed to describe that guy.
  5. just echoing what people have said, there was probably about 10 to 15 of us trying to give it a good go in the bottom tier towards the back right. But if that’s all can be bothered to join in most of the time then what can you do?
  6. Mind the gap mind the gap Harry Maguire, mind the gap mind the gap I say, mind the gap mind the gap Harry Maguire, you should’ve stayed at the Filbert Way
  7. If teams like Forest and Derby can relocate fans to create a singing section then there’s no reason why we can’t. The family stand would be perfect but I doubt the club will ever do it sadly. I also think this is why most in L/K won’t move to the current KOP as it’s not near the away fans.
  8. Anyone complaining about the atmosphere needs to relocate to SK1. Lets get our atmosphere back.
  9. Not even seen any pictures of Brendan yet, shocking can’t even be bothered to turn up on the first day. #RodgersOut
  10. The best thing about them is they’ve stopped the goal music
  11. Hahahahahaha that wasn’t the reason at all, I’m sorry but that made me
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