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  1. If he’s ever stood in front of me recording me at an away game I’d ask him to stop else that camera would be no more. Cocky tw@t
  2. I remember Lloyd Dyer getting the ball on the halfway line once and in true Lloyd Dyer fashion he just ran and ran and ended up scoring on his own. Can’t remember who it was against though.
  3. They’ve done the same at our place, tell you to wash your hands more and stay 2 metres apart. Yet it’s actually impossible to stay 2 meters apart all the time at our place. I suppose we just keep going into to work, mixing with lots of people, risking ourselves everyday until the government change the statement.
  4. Got told today by our managers that our warehouse will stay open as we are key workers. We make and dispatch parts for diggers
  5. My company is still open tomorrow also, I work in a warehouse ffs, far from a key worker. I suppose they just don’t give a sh!t about staffs health!
  6. Lloyd Dyer (Pushing it back further!)
  7. As much as a laugh Liverpool not winning the title would be if they decide to scrap the league, I’d be truly gutted if we didn’t get Champions league now. We deserve it and it’s unlikely we’d finish in the top 4 again.
  8. In other pictures there’s a few Leicester scarves being held up
  9. To be fair I thought there home atmosphere was decent volume wise. There’s and Man United are the best I’ve seen.
  10. Not one single OAP in that end... That’s our main problem.
  11. Leicester’s off to Europe and Riyads staying at home
  12. I don’t have Sky or BT but would happily pay for a service that offers every premier league game.
  13. Can you download it on Kodi on fire stick?
  14. What do you use to count your steps? Because I’m pretty much walking round for my job alone seven hours a day and my iPhone never says I do more than 6k steps when I get home from work and it’s constantly in my pocket.
  15. So how do you actually work out how much calories you need to sustain/lose weight?
  16. When I say I haven’t lost anything I’ve lost 5lbs since the start of January. I just don’t feel like I’ve lost anything yet. Eating only 1500 calories during the week and ignoring my hunger I thought it may chop the pounds off a bit quicker. Maybe the beer doesn’t help on Saturdays mind ah well just got to keep on going I suppose.
  17. I’m the total opposite, eating 1500 calories daily during the week and no more than about 2300 daily at weekends, yet struggle to lose weight My job involves walking around and lifting things for eight hours a day as well so it’s not like I’m not exercising either!
  18. I’m sure I’ve heard this being sung for Perez this season?
  19. 1x u25 standing available must collect from Broughton Astley. First come first serve. Sold to the first person who asked.
  20. With it being 12:45 I think this will go lower than some think
  21. Already got mine but looking for one spare reference 330+ preferably. Will bank transfer you some money in exchange for a reference.
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