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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/02/leicester-city-win-premier-league-and-cost-bookies-biggest-ever/
  2. Yep I buy that logic. Different team and player type but similar example is that Man City can change their wide forwards from any of Sterling, Sane, Mahrez and Bernardo. Even the best players of that type have off days so having another you can choose from can win you games out of nowhere. When Tielemans arrived the biggest beneficiary was Maddison despite him dropping back. It meant we had two creative threats so if one was not firing the other might. Sometimes they were both firing! And I guess the perfectly explainable reason to get another is because sometimes neither of them were having a good game.
  3. Yeah it is more like that. I would note though that Tielemans and Maddison swap roles during the game, for example Tielemans headed goal against Arsenal was when he moved to a 10 and Maddison crossed it into him. I think it's something both players enjoy in the system, as it varies their play.
  4. Massively prefer this approach. Think the club got it bang on - take the lads out for a summer camp for intense training and to bond the team, but then for matches keep it in the UK so travel times are kept to a minimum, players can be at their happiest and so training gets it's maximum bang for it's buck. The proof will be in the pudding, but for me that first 45 minutes against Scunthorpe was already massively exciting. Forget the opposition and the score, friendlies in preseason are a great test to see the style of a team - how are they responding to the ideas of their manager and how are they implementing it. That 45 minutes was like watching us at our best last season, but twice as good. The most notable thing was the speed of our passing, it was so much faster and so much more one touch. If all we do in preseason is practice that against teams and get better at it, I reckon it will be worth it. Let's see what we are like on Saturday!
  5. I asked this question myself and it turns out he had surgery on his knees in the past. Right now, he is not injured, but the fear is that if he were to have another serious issue / relapse with his knees that they would then be irreparable in terms of being able to play football. So the fee represents somewhat of a risk to Betis, but if they get away with it could be a bargain. Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.
  6. https://www.kicker.de/753546/artikel @Ric Flair Bayern in for Mendez?
  7. Hi Brendan, I am available on a free transfer and can play attacking centre mid or wide right. My pace isn't what it used to be, but my GIFS will bring huge entertainment to the group and I have some cracking jokes lined up about the state of Ihenacho's new hair cut and that JJ is already competing for the "falling over the most times in a single match" award currently held by Shinji Okazaki. The price you'll need to pay for me and my desired wages should easily put me in the "affordable" bracket. Awaiting your response
  8. Wasn't this guy highly linked with Wolves? They were prepared to break their club record for him or something? I've heard good things about him, though I wonder if whoever comes in is happy to be a squad player rather than first team? I will say though that the recent friendly made it understandable why Rodgers wanted another number 8. In the first half the crisp passing was being led by the Mendy / Tielemans / Leshabela trio. In the second half, the passing was slower and it slowed the whole team back down to Puel pace. We will start with Tielemans and Maddison, but having someone who can step in during the season to help out / rotate would clearly have value.
  9. Thank you! Let the speculation recommence! The fun police will have to wait for another day!
  10. This suggests we aren't after a winger but another number 8? The rumours around us bidding for Praet of Sampdoria would back that up.
  11. Won't be coming here, our transfer strategy is the polar opposite of signing a player in the twilight of their playing career. A truly fantastic player that has proven he can do it in the biggest games and on the biggest stage, but even if he played as a left or right sided forward, which he often does for both Croatia and Juventus, he'd be taking someone's place for at best two seasons. We aren't going to stunt Harvey Barnes growth and Perez is already looking like he fits our style superbly. Could definitely see him in the league though, and I'm sure he'd do well. If West Ham hadn't just signed a striker, they would be all over a move like this.
  12. Getting a bit worried by West Ham! It's really hard for any manager to turn things around in a short space of time. Even Guardiola and Klopp had distinctly average seasons in the first year here. Pellegrini is a good manager that has won the league before and in players like Diop, Felipe Anderson, Fornals and Haller there are definitely some real talents there alongside players already there like Rice. Felipe Anderson is awesome and I really feel the Mahrez money should have gone on him. When we won the title in 2016, West Ham finished 6th. They are capable of having a good season. My question around them is more their style of play which seems more old fashioned than some of the more progressive teams in the league. I don't think they are that good at knocking it around for example. Regardless, it should make for a really competitive league this year. I hope that one team at least breaks the top 6 and whilst I obviously hope it's us as long as someone does, that will be good for the league.
  13. I think a move depends on Mendy himself. He's a decent player that performs his role very well. Perhaps he won't be first choice but he adds depth and is a good professional. Rather than selling, I would keep him and then when he leaves, he gets the bonus of being able to get better wages and signing on fee due to a lack of transfer fee. He was really good yesterday, providing a solid base for the attacking players to work from. True unsung hero stuff. When we want so see out games, bringing him on makes a lot of sense as his passing and control is really good. Other than those brain farts he had against Southampton, he rarely is at fault for giving away goals.
  14. Last night he again showed those flashes. There was a bit during the first half we he performed a turn on our own by line and then hit a wonderful cross field to Mendy to play our way out of trouble. It is also worth noting there was also a moment where a Scunthorpe player came in hard for the challenge, got the ball and left him down and then we were in trouble defensively. To be honest, this was also quite Maguire-esque as I think in general ball playing centre backs inevitably get into situations like that as it's part of their game. But basically I fully agree with you. With a steady run of games, I am sure the number of errors he would make would decrease, and he already has that calmness and ability to play his way out of trouble. The perfect Maguire replacement, and we already have him.
  15. Nice list @Ric Flair! What did you make of Perez last night? I thought he looked mint and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he integrated into the structure of the team. He got into goal scoring positions multiple times and the goal was exactly what Rodgers will want out of his wingers, Ricardo with the overlap for the width, crossed it in and first time clinical finish by Perez. I certainly wouldn't be adverse to another winger from the list above, but seeing the way he played made me a lot more comfortable about the season ahead.
  16. Scunthorpe might be "only" lower league opposition, but not everyone has fared so well...
  17. Yeah that's my feeling. Let him "do a Barnes" for a solid Championship team. I think he could do very well for someone based on that and come back with a lot of match experience next season. A really nice surprise to see how he played though. You can see why he was given a new contract.
  18. Today's first half formation was the same formation as Rodgers' preferred one last season IE a 4141 / 433 (depending on how you view it). Mendy, who was superb, was the water carrier doing the simple stuff, then Leshabala and Tielemans were the two 8's, rotating between who was an 8 and a 10 with Albrighton and Perez on the wings. The twist tonight is that Perez would drift centrally (Albrighton also drifted quite a bit too), whilst most of the other things stayed the same. E.g. if Ricardo goes forward, Fuchs stayed back, and vice versa. Perez really impressed me as he drifted very intelligently and linked up with Tielemans, Vardy and Ricardo. I have no doubt he will work well with Maddison too. I like the drifting because it means players move between the lines, which combined with crisp one-touch passing is what will open up defensively sound teams. There is a risk that on the turnover you get caught hideously out of possession, which happened once when Soyuncu was tackled quite physically and stayed down, but that's part and parcel of that style of football. Some of the one touch stuff was fabulous tonight. It was a bit like the crisp passing under Puel, but at 2x the speed and that is what made all the difference. Having good technical players like Perez, Ricardo and Tielemans helps us play that style effectively. Both Perez and Albrighton got into goal scoring positions several times, and the good news was that Perez already hit the back of the net. That is what was missing last season, the clinical edge in front of goal outside of Vardy. If you were being critical you would have to say we should have scored many more, and I am sure that is something Rodgers will be saying to the team. I think that is likely to be our Achilles heel if we don't perform this season. We have a really solid structure to the first team, but our front 3 last season did not produce the number of goals they should have done. Will be interesting to see if we play this way in every game, or if we try other systems. Rodgers tried a 343 against Watford and a 4231 against Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea.
  19. For a 19 year old that was almost the sort of performance that makes you want to say "revelation." Shame he didn't score, he would have earned himself that goal if he had. Really solid all round performance and did not look out of place playing in a 3 with Tielemans and Mendy. Will be interesting to see what happens to him. I imagine he might go out on loan just to get some some game time. Reckon somewhere like West Brom or Brentford would be really well suited to his game. He has a lot of promise based on what he showed today. Admittedly it was lower league opposition, but he did himself the world of good.
  20. He was really good. Scored one should have had a few more, almost put in Vardy for another. He will play an important part this season.
  21. To echo what others have said, first half we looked awesome! Perez looks like a really shrewd purchase, and seeing the combination play between Tielemans, Perez, Ricardo and Vardy already makes me really excited. Considering we had no Barnes / Chilwell / Maddison that was impressive. I'd also say that seeing us linked with players like Praet of Sampdoria makes a lot of sense after seeing that. Amartey and King in midfield just couldn't get us going, which is hardly a surprise. To be fair to Big Dan, he was OK he was just playing the water carrier role.
  22. Can't read too much into the second half. Are Edler, Muskwe, Knight going to play much during the season? They will get cup games at best.
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