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  1. Not only would it be funny, it would be great for football as non competitive leagues are boring. This season is a bit boring because of Liverpool, but if you look past them the rest of the division is very competitive despite massive differences in spending ability between clubs. I particularly enjoy the demise of Man U as their fans were insufferable for years. I am glad that for once they know what it's like to support a really average and unexciting team. I'm sure people think we have become insufferable since the title win, but many of us have been around to experience when we were relegated to League One and / or darker days of the past too.
  2. Decent team that. Sean got the last one right and got it right multiple times last season so it's probably correct. Praet for Tielemans I'm not 100% sold on because although Praet was decent in the last match I still don't think he's had a match where he's played at peak Maddison / Tielemans level. But Burnley is a very different test to usual because they bypass midfield entirely so despite Mendy and Praet not being the most physical it may not actually matter. We need to get our foot on the ball and play though, because we've really sturggled to to do that over the last 4-6 weeks whereas we were mint at it a bit earlier in the season. Make no mistake about it tomorrow is a real test. Tons of games coming up now in quick succession means we need to use the depth of our squad.
  3. This guy is an absolute don. He was and is rated as a better player than Ricardo (!) by Porto fans. He was heavily linked with a move to Juventus a few seasons ago but the cost was too prohibitive. Some of this stats over recent seasons: If we sold Chilwell and replaced him with Telles, I think we'd end up as a better all round team. But that said I would rather we keep Ben because he's come through our academy and I think it's important to keep players developed that way in our team rather than selling them on. This guy is basically the left back version of Ricardo and would add value to any team he played for. A class act!
  4. Very interesting. He's been guilty of that everywhere he's gone to be honest, as he did the same at Swansea and Liverpool too. Done it here now against Liverpool and Man City you could argue. Mind you another coach who is very similar to that is Pep, and for me it's one reason why he could not win the Champions League with Bayern or Man City. Klopp has made adjustments, such as playing Wijnaldum as a false 9 against Barcelona in one leg, etc. At the same time Pep has smashed the league with every team he's been at and this season it's the loss of Kompany and Laporte that have made them more susceptible rather than tactics letting them down. For me I guess it comes down to how many hammerings the team takes. If we tried the same approach versus Liverpool 5 times in a row and got smashed each time, then you'd ask questions. But he has shown to be pragmatic here already, e.g. lineups against Chelsea away, Liverpool away, etc.
  5. What did the Celtic fanbase in general think about those results and performances? Before he left Rodgers was generally considered a great manager by most fans, but were they annoyed with him that he wasn't pragmatic in these matches? I remember a game under Neil Lennon where Celtic beat Barcelona with just 11% (!) possession. A fantastic result but surely an absolute outlier in terms of the expected actual result! But they did get the win and didn't get battered!
  6. I'm having a mare here. We are talking Chilwell versus Southampton at home levels of bad. Rodgers will be dropping me from this thread until further notice. Miquel The Work Geordie is coming on in my place. Please don't boo him.
  7. Right you are, but Salah, Mane, Haland, etc prove that league can produce good players. Liverpool just signed one, Dortmund another from the same team in the same window. The amount of interest in this player shows plenty of clubs think he can make the transition to our league. I think the only issue with this player is there will be a bidding war and we might not want to overpay. I could see Everton doing their usual strategy of over paying for a player they don't use on this guy for example.
  8. - Playing at a high level (performing in the Champions League). - Young (23) with re-sale value in the future. - Versatile; can play multiple positions. - Clinical finisher - Potential increased revenues in a lucrative country (Korea) - Used to playing for a team that play a high pressing and high intensity style Pretty much a perfect signing for us. He's not yet the finished article, which is why he will be linked with clubs like us instead of Liverpool and Man City. But I'd directly compare him to Sadio Mane who scored 10 and 11 goals in his two seasons at Southampton before going for big money to Liverpool when he proved himself. No signing is a guarantee these days, but he looks a very good candidate.
  9. He's more of a wide forward than a striker, though he has played up top too. Here's the system Salzburg used against Napoli, and you can see he played as a wide left forward, so taking the Harvey Barnes position in our most frequently selected team.
  10. Yeah I mean that's a great question, because what if we have an end of season collapse and finish 5th? But what I would say is that in 15/16 we could have spent big money on players, with Musa heavily linked but we only brought in Gray and Amartey as options for the future and still won the title. So I don't think we are the type of club to go against our strategy as every time we have done so, e.g. Slimani / Silva / Musa it's backfired on us. If it ain't broke don't fix it!
  11. This is one of the rare times in our club's history where we have a really decent team and squad. As you say we need to strengthen a tad, but not so much that we are desperate. If we are going to bring in players now, they have to be of a certain calibre that improves the team, and given we are 3rd, that is a high standard of player. We were linked with Demiral who forced his way into the Juventus team as a first choice CB. I think that's a really positive sign of the type of player we are after - players that will help us progress, not simply here to make up the numbers. We also don't need to overpay and this window is notorious for big money being spent. It wouldn't surprise me if we sign no-one and go for players in the summer instead.
  12. What I personally love about Leicester is we have done this through a sustainable model, other than Vichai wiping out our debt when taking over. Man City, Chelsea and even Everton have all spent ludicrous sums to improve and whilst in the case of the first two it's produced results, it's not really special in my eyes. Liverpool to be fair to them have done brilliantly with their current side, even if they owe Barcelona a lot of thanks for overpaying so massively for Coutinho allowing them to get Van Dijk and Allison. We may only ever win the title once, but I will take that magical story of a bunch of cast-offs doing the impossible over Man City spending over 1 Billion and winning the title with 100 points. For me our title win was everything right about football in it's purest form. Even now I love the way we are trying to build a team over time with smart signings and developing players instead of just buying our way there. It makes me so happy to see players like Hamza, Barnes and Chilwell out there too. They might not all be local players, but they came through our academy and we developed them.
  13. GERRIMIN!!! Seriously this is the next guy off the production line that developed Mane and Salah. He might not get to quite those levels but he can get close. Even if he only comes in during the summer, we should sign him. He's simply a fantastic player and with room to improve. I'd also argue that he would make the club popular in Korea which would increase our commercial revenues. Someone from the Premier League is going to sign him and given that we are currently looking like getting to the Champions League missing out on this player would be something we regret.
  14. Incredible progress as a club, just behind the legendary AC Milan, who have won the Champions League the second highest amount of times after Real Madrid. If you compared the two clubs since 2007 when they last won it to now, their fall and our rise is hard to believe. I was unsure when the King Power group brought Leicester, but boy did I get that wrong. We are becoming a massive club and without using oil money or throwing cash around to do it. Marvellous!
  15. To be fair that’s because the way they play makes teams like us look clueless. Both teams ran a high press with pressing traps making us play passes into congested areas where we’d lose the ball over and over. That meant we’d increasingly frustrated and Evans ended up kicking it long and also losing it. The irony is we play the exact same way against many other teams in the league but when we face a team that is better and more experienced at doing it then us we look like amateurs. I’d argue that other than a small spell in the second half at the Etihad we never got started in either game. And that’s why both teams got so many points last season and Liverpool so many this - they literally stop you playing!
  16. We have changed our formation a lot more often over the last two months but it has come off quite a few times eg Villa and Newcastle away even it’s also failed against Norwich and Villa at home. But I don’t think it’s the major reason we’ve dipped our performance levels. Instead it’s because our squad is young and very few young players are the finished article in terms of consistency. Raheem Sterling is a great example for me. It took him quite a few years plus coaching from Guardiola to get to the level he’s at now. So expecting all of our players to produce weekly is unrealistic IMO. The good news is that some are already doing it; Ndidi, Soyuncu and I’d say Maddison are consistently very good which is hugely impressive for their age.
  17. That's why I'm raising it as a talking point, because what you say is completely correct. The ultimate goal of any manager is to make their team win. Our style of play in 15/16 wasn't as pretty as it is now, but it worked out pretty well for us! But then you can argue that the likes of Dyche, Pulis and Big Sam are dinosaurs that play old fashioned football even if it's effective. For me given the "Leicester City Project" I can buy into the style of play being more important than results and league position for a while. It took Klopp quite a while to get Liverpool to the level they are now of being this relentless winning machine that is destroying all records in their path. We don't have the resources to get to that beastly level, but if we are to somehow break up the top 6 on a permanent basis we probably have to do it creatively such as through a style of play and superb coaching from youth level to senior team so that we don't need to compete for over priced players. For what it's worth in the thread for the Man City game I was calling for us to play the same as Wolves did and go for the counter attack style. But I am not going to hang out Rodgers to dry for not making that decision because he has earned my trust and support. This current Leicester team has played the best football of any Leicester team I have personally ever seen, with a young team and players that are likable, including many from our own academy. This may become more of an issue in years to come, but for now it's not an issue to me.
  18. We definitely did in both games, but there is also a bit of a stylistic choice here too. Spurs narrowly lost to Liverpool yesterday with a very defensive setup, surrendering the ball to Liverpool. Wolves beat Man City at the Etihad earlier in the season playing a counter attack. On paper, that is what we should have done in both games against those teams. But the thing is that if you want your team to ultimately be able to challenge those very top teams, do you have to be like them and impose your style on any team regardless of whom they are? Maybe there is a logic in trying to do that now even if you lose games, so players get the experience and hunger to put it right next time round? If we still get to the Champions League then those results may not matter. Rodgers has done this type of thing plenty of times throughout his career. Celtic once lost 7-0 to Barcelona when Luis Enrique was in charge and they had Messi, Suarez and Neymar up front. During that match they tried to play football against a vastly superior team and were destroyed as a result. But those are his principles and he'll generally stick to them. In my opinion given our form and position in the league he was entitled to try and outplay them. Had we actually done it to either team, the confidence lift would have been huge and away at Anfield we competed decently. But of course, it didn't work out and we've looked worn down after those losses.
  19. This guy I think will be a star in our league and well worth that money and whoever gets him will have done good business with him. I could understand him not being available until the summer though as Salzburg are still in the Europa League and had they kept all of their stars could have gone far. They still might! He might be the sort of player who if we get to the Champions League we go for, but might not want now given the abundance of wingers in our squad, even if he might add value immediately. With the way we play, someone like him would get a ton of goal contributions.
  20. Yikes that used to be a career ender, hope the lad is OK. Don't think we could have got him and may well not ever get him now as an injury like that will be a concern, but that sucks for him as he had forced his way into the Juventus lineup ahead of De Ligt and was playing superbly. He deserved to be at the Euros for Turkey! Hopes he recovers and can play to his level in a short space of time.
  21. Regardless of who we are linked with, I really feel like someone even on loan could make a big difference. The players look mentally drained from playing lots of games in quick succession and the consistency in performances is starting to drop. Given the young age of our team, this is not surprising at all. But for example if you look at the impact Tielemans had last season, someone who could give us a boost like that could really help cement our position in the Champions League and final of the cup. We still have a nice gap to 5th, but you can fall away really easily in this league and given the age and depth of our squad it's not something I take for granted! For me the most consistent players tend to be the older ones like Vardy, Evans, Kasper and Ricardo. Not surprising given their age and level of competition they have played at in the past. Of the young guns, Soyuncu and Ndidi have been very consistent, Maddison too (when played centrally), but many others can fluctuate between incredible and awful such as Chilwell, Tielemans, Barnes. And that's why as a team we can go from looking like world beaters to bang average so quickly.
  22. Saw this thread on Twitter yesterday and think it's quite interesting: Whilst Man United related, it's about fan channels and their impact on the game. Whilst most people think that such channels have given voices to the most moronic of supporters, I actually quite like them specifically for clubs outside the traditional top 6 where you get a real insight into what fans from around the country think. For example after we beat Villa 4-1 away, their fan cams they were extremely complimentary about us. Sadly it all too predictably seems various media outlets are behind the channels and tellingly in the thread even go as far as saying: "Emotion is the fuel that fires virality, explains Anderson. The stronger the emotion that a Facebook post, tweet or Instagram story elicits, the further it will be carried by the churning waves of algorithm, she explains. People share feelings, not information. 'Low-arousal emotions such as contentment and relaxation are useless in the viral economy,' says Anderson. If you want to get anywhere in the social-media game, you’re going to need something stronger: frustration, anger, excitement, awe." And hence it's all too easy to see why some channels have grown so quickly. With clubs like Man United and Arsenal doing so badly on and off the pitch, space has been opened up to exploit the anger among the fanbase for profit. To be fair having met some of these fan cam channel runners in person (I met Robbie from AFTV) I can say they are genuine fans of the club, but at the same time I get the feeling they certainly aren't unhappy about being able to line their pockets with cash!
  23. I wonder if the club will allow tours of the training center, especially during off-season? It honestly looks breathtaking! I'd love to have even a game of 5-a-side there on one of the training pitches! One can dream eh?!
  24. Rodgers dropped Tielemans yesterday, and has also dropped Perez, Barnes, etc from the team. Chilwell can always come back, I just think a rest and a bit of a time out is needed. And that's fine because he's a young player and young players rarely are able to play at their best level every single week. That's where we want him to get to, but it will take time. I look at Ihenacho as a good example of where dropping can work. He wasn't even featuring in match day squads earlier in the season, but now looks great every time he comes on and often makes a difference. The time off made him hungrier and sharper!
  25. We aren't good under pressure, that's been proven several times this season: - Man U away. They were (and are) terrible, but we barely showed up. - Man City away. They played really well, but we hardly showed up. - Liverpool home. Battered by a great team, but we didn't lay a glove on them. - Villa home (cup). We played well here I thought, but 1-1 was not the result we were after. - Southampton home. Not a high pressure match pre-game, but during the match they pressed us and got into our faces and put us off our stride. But there's no need to panic yet. We have a young team and right now they don't have the experience to adapt to these situations. How many people at the start of the season seriously thought we would crack top 4? Top 6 seemed doable with a good run, but top 4 AND semi finals of the cup is way better than expected. We've been outperforming expectations for a while I would say. Now it's starting to catch up with us a bit and teams are figuring us out. but we can adapt again and make the necessary changes. Players like Tielemans, Maddison, Ndidi, Hamza, Chilwell, Soyuncu need to get used to playing high pressure games regularly to adapt and currently they haven't, or when they have they haven't been the main men for the team in question, e.g. when Youri is with Belgium they look to DeBruyne and Hazard instead of him. They will get there, but it takes time. We are no way as good as we were earlier in the season but we can still put it right. Let's get behind the team and manager because we are still having a fantastic season that could yet reap many rewards!
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