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  1. You'll have to get in touch with the pub itself. But when I made these bookings I was struggling to find anywhere, and that was just a few days after confirming the final spot. But of course if you get a spot there you are more than welcome to meet up with us beforehand!
  2. So jealous. Enjoy the day out lads and lasses and make some nice to bring the house down. We probably need something from that game to get Champions League so make sure you are the 12th man for the team!
  3. Normally it would be no problem, but we've only got six slots, and only one is spare. So it's either you by yourself or neither! Sorry about that, obviously in normal times there would be no such problem!
  4. All players will want to play in the cup final and Evans has deserved his chance to do so. I know he won many trophies at Man United, but did he ever start in any cup finals for them? I really wouldn't know! Regardless at his age he will know such opportunities won't come round too often so will be desperate to start. I get the point you are making. I remember Diego Simeone risking Diego Costa in a Champions League final where they hauled him off after just 10 minutes, and also think Pochetino made a mistake starting Harry Kane in Spurs Champions League final. But I would imagine
  5. Leipzig's new coach is Jesse Marsch, who was Daka's coach at Salzburg where he currently plays. Plus both are Red Bull clubs too, and these type of deals happen all the time between the two clubs. But no doubt Daka moves on again in 3-5 years again if he proves to be able to do it in the Bundesliga. He looks a very good player, not Haaland levels, but think he will be a 20 goal a season striker after a few seasons in the Bundesliga.
  6. Levy will probably want some revenue rather than none... the players might be less inclined. But they almost certainly won't want to get into the conference cup or whatever the new one is called. Although even if they ended up in that one, they would just play the youngsters so may not care. For a billion pound stadium, neither one is attractive. To be honest I don't know is the unsatisfying answer I will give you!
  7. No doubt he will become insufferable next season, but he's proved to be a good coach, the first one in history to get to two Champions League finals in two seasons with two different teams, and managed at PSG and Dortmund. I though sacking Lampard was too late, but he's proved that they had a very strong squad, just someone way out of their depth in charge. But all that said Chelsea are trigger happy so being good may not be good enough. Make no mistake, their owner spent 200m+ in the summer expecting them to challenge for the title or get much closer than they did.
  8. I'm not sure they will care. Harry Kane will be thinking of the Euros as will a number of players in their squad (Lloris, Hojberg, Alderwerield). They won't want to get injured playing a dead rubber, whereas we will have some home fans and the motivation to win. Vardy, Thomas, Fofana, Nacho, Ndidi to name 5 won't even be at the Euros (Fofana might be at the U21's?) so can go for it. They don't even know who their manager is next season so even less reason to want to try hard and do something stupid. Our most difficult opponent in that game will be ourselves! Not letting the occasio
  9. Honestly quite a likable coach, quite refreshing. Hopefully he has a shitty night on Saturday too!
  10. @BeachyboyA slot has become available as someone got hold of a ticket to the game itself. Do you want to join us on Saturday?
  11. What an absolute legend. We all laughed when he said it, especially seeing how long it took for us to get out of the Championship, but the madman actually pulled it off! If you take the title win out of the equation, what we are see now is even better proof of how smart Vichai was than the title win. There's not really a secret to the success of the King Power group and it's many businesses; they make a long term strategy, invest in the right people and work together toward a common goal. But the reason why we don't see this more often is because it's very hard to commit to a long-
  12. Jesus, deserves POTY just for that IMO, been pretty consistent throughout. Definitely had a few clangers, but he's been good for most of those games. This is why Soumare is being signed, someone is needed to give him a break.
  13. That is exactly his role when Evans is fit. But as Evans was injured, and Albrighton is in good form, Rodgers went for Castagne as the spare one instead. If Evans is fit for the cup final, I imagine Albrighton drops to the bench and Fofana does Castagne's role, who moves to RWB.
  14. Little bit of insight into yesterday's game, as mentioned by Luke Thomas post match. We use a formation that changes shape during the game. When we are defending we play a back 4 and 442 shape as follows: But when we attacked we went back to 3412, utilising our "spare" 3rd CB to create overloads on one flank with Ndidi often dropping back slightly ahead of Soyuncu and Fofana, with Thomas and Castagne providing the width. Our first goal came from such a scenario. We targeted the space behind Telles who likes to push up, using Albrighton as the overload becau
  15. I can see why you would say that. He's one of those that isn't just a good footballer, but has a certain style and swagger about the way that he plays that is really enjoyable to watch. I love his "push-passes" that he makes, or the way he turns out of trouble. Even the simple gesticulating he does throughout a game to get the ball moving and command the middle of the park. There are still quite a few ahead of him for favourite ever player for me, but he could certainly get there. Winning the FA Cup would certainly move him up the list!
  16. He is a very good player, but to temper expectations a little, I think he would take a season to fully get up and running. WBA even under Bilic didn't play a high press (more possession based instead) and whilst this player has a very high ceiling, I don't think he's the type that gets thrown in immediately into European games or clashes against teams near the top of the table. He's good enough to get plenty of starts though of course. All that said, the guy has fantastic technique and has already proven himself in the toughest league in the world for a relegated side. Put him unde
  17. He has really high potential, much higher than Chilwell IMO. To give credit to Chilwell, he had an incredible engine and could get up and down all day long. Under Tuchel, I think he will become a very good player for Chelsea and well he will be playing in two cup finals already which is impressive going. But I've always felt his decision making is very poor and he needs to be part of a structured system where he only needs to execute rather than think. That's not a criticism per se, as Liverpool won the title with many players who fit that mould, but it is a limitation. Thomas by c
  18. I'm usually quite an active member here, but only chiming in on this match now. I feel emotionally and physically drained after that game, and we have an FA Cup Final on Saturday! It's funny, top 4 shouldn't mean that much to us. Even if we get it, we won't win the Champions League and most likely get dumped out in the group stages. But it's what it represents, a massive step up for the club, the feeling that after the last two seasons we really deserve a spot in that competition and that it's a similar to 15/16 in the sense that we can break the big boys club and try to establish
  19. Brilliant post! Just wanted to touch some more on this, and add to it. One of the reasons our signings are so good is that we look at problems in the team first, and then look for players to solve that problem second. Sounds obvious, but it's amazing how many teams don't do that, for example Everton signed James Rodriguez who we know is a great player, but what role does he do better (if any), than Gylfi Sigurdsson? Both creative players that drift but who don't have as much box to box energy as they did before. I'd argue that money could have been much better spent elsewhere. Now
  20. I could see him playing Ndidi at centre back and Mendy in the middle of the park. Or play Castagne as a 3rd CB and have both Ricardo and Albrighton start, or bring back Thomas. If Man U play Greenwood and / or Cavani up front I don't think Amartey is the right call against them, unless he shifts out to RCB. Amartey is not bad against physical threats, but the fast / tricky strikers give any player a problem. Cavani's movement is so good, it's Vardy-esque and needs to be watched at all times by someone with good concentration.
  21. Yep absolutely, though to be honest I'm not optimistic. Still trying to bleach my eyes out after watching the last game!
  22. Even if Man U are playing a "B" team or reserves, those players will be fresh and full of energy, and relatively stress free. Many of them may even see it as an opportunity to break into the first team / cup final squad proper. So far from an easy match. It all comes down to mentality. We've beaten plenty of the big teams already this season, including Man United in a high stakes game. We need our players to run up tomorrow and be right at it.
  23. Regarding wages again, I came across a really interesting article today: https://kwestthoughts.substack.com/p/build-a-team-or-sell-the-star-how As Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski write in Soccernomics: Unfortunately much of the money thrown around in the transfer market is wasted. In fact, the net amount that almost any club spends on transfer fees bears little relation to where it finishes in the league. Each club’s net outlay on transfers only accounts for 16 percent in their total variation of league position. In other words, taken over many years the mere f
  24. The Premier League pays way more than any other league unless you are the top club in that league, e.g. Bayern, PSG, Juventus. He'll probably get a wage that is 4-5x what he is currently on, and will still be an "average" salary at Leicester. Something in the region of 40-70k a week I expect. Champions League football is brilliant, but the Premier League is the most competitive league by miles, as we've found out in our last two games! Add that, plus financial stability for you and your family for life, plus in the shop window in the biggest league in the world to move to an elite
  25. Sounds like he's unpolished, but has all the basic ingredients. Even some of our superstars such as Vardy and Mahrez looked a bit rough around the edges to begin with before developing their all round game. Seems to suggest he's in that category. Overall from what I can see, the negative comments are around consistency. It seemed like he had a rough start with some bad performances but once he had a run of games won the fans over.
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