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  1. Sadly these days young highly paid footballers dont live in the real world Grealish and Barkley guilty of the same breach an probably a few more round the country we dont no about What with the ladies team getting into trouble not to long back you'd think they wouldn't be so stupid,big fine all round and donated to the Vichi foundation..
  2. 🤣yeh similar with the Villa shirts in the early 80s...
  3. Remember when I was a young lad in the school playground playing footy and most of the kids would want to emulate their Villa,Liverpool or Forest heroes it was the late 70s I was looked upon as if their was something wrong with me because I wanted to be Leicester I have a feeling things may have changed a bit nowadays ..
  4. Also watched him play in his late 50s in a charity game at Holmes park he still had the skills
  5. Had the pleasure of seeing him play for our fantastic club RIP Frankie (Elvis).
  6. Roger's says seems ok 🤗
  7. Great win from the boys had to laugh at the commentator saying Spurs Hope's of being number one for xmas as been dashed the only way spurs will be number one is if Hoodle & Waddle rerealese Diamond lights 🤣
  8. 3 points in the bag sometimes you have to win horrible all the best teams do it every season,just watched the Spuds game and they are top playing dead average.
  9. Just read that Firmino and Allison have come into contact with infected player whilst on international duty and may miss the Leicester game 🙂
  10. To the tune of knock on wood It's under hes frightening flyers down the wing hes like lightning
  11. Cracking start from the Belgian fella probably one of the best debut in a city shirt for years maybe matched by Diabate vs. Peteboro
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