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  1. If someone wants to use a good game as proof he's good I can counter it with no shows.
  2. He followed that up by blanking the last 3 games. Most notably losing in Ukraine at the worst side in the group without Vardy on the bench.
  3. Imagine posting that the not even best footballer from Denmark is too good for us when the best footballer from Denmark plays for us.
  4. I can't believe I'm saying this but Diego Costa is available. I was perusing the odds the other day and he was 6/5 to join Wolves. 7/4 now.
  5. I looked it up and Peter Beglin played for Liverpool between 83-89.
  6. Frankly I think this website is way too open to taking Brendan at face value. He does not like to criticize players in public. Back to the bluff talk on the last page, sounded like typical Brendan to me. If he said we need a player in X position it means his current options aren't good enough. That's not who he is, or at least the facade he puts on for the media.
  7. my flavor of the week pick is louie barry aka the kid who scored for villa against liverpool. The problem is he's going to cost a fortune.
  8. He took more of a knee to the head than most headbutt red cards.
  9. Who would have thought Mendy would be the last man standing from the summer 2016 window?
  10. Dodged the prem. No need to be greedy about it.
  11. Gotta love Newport for always going for it in the cup competitions. (except that one time)
  12. Iheanacho, Dodoo, Bakayogo.
  13. @baldeagle @The People's Hero There is this thing I call humor, which you may call humour. And today I also learned he's at Wednesday now.
  14. Tony Pulis is looking down from heaven smiling and celebrating "WEST BROM IS BACK!"
  15. Glanced off the West Ham guy onto Dunk. My comms seems not to have noticed that.
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