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  1. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/02/michael-foyd-patriots-stats-super-bowl-ring-51
  2. @MC Prussian I wish just trying figure out which prominent member of this site had "from Portland, Maine to..." in their location but the only thing I found out was you referring Guster on Ice in a post from 16 years ago. I would just like to say I was there and Demons has always been my favorite Guster song.
  3. Got a JNJ today on my 2nd day of eligibility. I asked the pharmacist who gave me my shot if I had to walk around the store for 15 minutes and he reminded me that "this is America and you can do whatever you want." I went to my car, sent a couple texts, and was on my way. 8 hours in and doing great. I'm on such high from finishing my taxes and getting my shot that this made today better than any other in a long long time. Obviously I hope this one shot option is available to you filthy redcoat loyalists soon. However I would like to say **** the media. Maine (my state) is 5th best i
  4. Schmeichel vs. Yeovil. Coincidentally 7 years ago today.
  5. Just noticed the final is the penultimate weekend of the season. Not the week after like usual. Where are the controversial but..... folks now? Smash em.
  6. Where do you put Ward-Prowse in a lineup that has Youri, Ndidi, and Maddison? Can't see the point in bringing him in unless one of those goes. Let alone whether he's even available.
  7. We are a subsidiary with a shirt and stadium sponsorship deal with our parent company. This the equivalent of and the difference between a child getting an allowance and the kid down the street making money by mowing the old lady across the street's lawn.
  8. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the champions league will not be as magical next time around: It's not our first. We're probably going to be in pot 4. 33 coefficient points has only been good for pot 3 once in the last few seasons. Feel free to check both those. Our group will undoubtedly be more difficult and harder to progress. Maybe the best we can hope for is Europa knockouts? There will be pressure for re-qualification when last time was a free hit. A few weeks ago very few people cared that we were knocked out in preference of a full weeks rest until th
  9. Nigel 6 - Ipswich 0. 2012. These stats are always weird. Is it purely 5+ win to nil. Or exactly 5-0. And if it's win by 5+ then nigel did the double that season 6-1 against Huddersfield.
  10. After last week I was thinking it's only a matter of time until the buyback clause is discussed again. Jeesh. Control yourself lads. You're wreaking of irrational exuberance. Just be happy that he's putting some goals in and helping us get results. 3 games over the course of 3.5 years is glitter; not gold.
  11. Sidnei's bringing us to Wembley.
  12. It took me a long time to figure out what to say to this. And what it comes down to is I doubt Brendan and more importantly Susan Whelan or Top are disappointed that more focus will be going on finishing Top 4 and the Champions League participation trophy now. That's where the money is after all. I kept reading the first sentence and you obviously meant to write "Ever consider the Manager did his best with the resources at his disposal." (I make worse mistakes all the time. Not holding that against you.) I think you're alluding to some sort of balance with top 4. Like d
  13. Thinking it's a good thing to bust out of competitions in our current season to achieve Champions League/Europa. Then the next season thinking it's a good thing to bust out of Europa. Maybe it's how I wrote it? IDK?
  14. I really hate this mentality. Just piss off the domestic cups and Europe to get a Champions League or Europa League participation trophy to hope to return to those competitions the next season to once again consider them distractions themselves. I said it in another thread last week. The top 6 play 55+ games a season. To sustain those squads that can go deep in Europe and rest players every league game they also have to use the league cup and early FA cup rounds to give games to those fringe players who then turn into league starters on European game weeks. I think it's a circle th
  15. I don't know why games played usually gets omitted from these conversations. It did my head in when somehow squad depth and total players compared to Man City was brought up on Radio Leicester last night. Somehow we were adding a player every year? (I think we have more pressing issues like Vardy and Youri playing infinite minutes as well as kids on our bench that haven't played a minute of senior football.) There is both having European Football as a selling point to bring players in and there is also the supplemental games aspect to sustain a deeper squad. And with that deeper squad hope to
  16. 41 posts in and no one has said bespoke yet. tisk tisk. Tis the season for wishing.
  17. Big Dan only scores Big Goals. The other one was the 2-2 equalizer coming back from 2-0 down with 10 men at Stoke.
  18. Need at least 2 strikers in the summer. 1 Vardy jr, 1 that can lead the line and score goals. He's started 7 games in 28 days after a 30' cameo coming back from an injury. The man has turned into a zombie because no one is good enough to relieve his minutes.
  19. Been some lifeless midweek trips to Burnley the last few seasons. Just getting my dread in early.
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