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  1. Dames


    If we can keep him fit and Rodgers can motivate him like he has done previously its a no brainer on a free transfer considering our current forward options. Need to offer him a performance based contract though. High bonuses provided he does the business on the pitch when called upon.
  2. He's definitely not bad at all its a decent record. As another poster mentioned I don't think his style suits the team or the club, he's definitely suited more to being the big fish in a small pond where he can get away with turning up when he wants (both metaphorically and physically). At a club full of superstars with a 60m price tag hanging above him whatever he does is going to be under more scrutiny and a lot more is going to be expected. Its more noticeable when he's having an off day because the players around him will be showing him up. I'd still have him back here in a heartbeat though, imagine if we signed Tielemans and Mahrez in the summer, our attack will be disgustingly good.
  3. Dames


    Theres got to be a rich Chinese club that fancies the look of him surely?
  4. Whilst there is still something to play for i.e. the small chance of European qualification we should not make needless changes to disrupt the run we are on. Its also key to keep the mood, confidence and form up until the end of the season, remember the last time we won most of our games at the tail end of the season? We won the league the next season on that momentum and belief. I'm not saying we'll win it again but the potential of this team is very very good. Last thing we should be doing now is chopping and changing.
  5. Another fantastic win. This team is finally starting to realise its potential now the shackles have been taken off and confidence is sky high.
  6. The ghost of Puel is well and truely banished now 😂
  7. At the minute we would be the absolute worst team to play after relegation with the pressure off to 'Just have a go'. Our counter attacking team would rip them to shreds if that were the case. I imagine it will be a tight game decided by one goal. Huddersfield will be trying their absolute best to not get embarrassed any further.
  8. If done right the qualifying rounds can be used to get the team up to speed and sharpness instead of friendlies with the added bonus of potential progress further into European Competition. If management can get everyone on board with that idea and motivate the players it shouldn't be a problem. The biggest reason Prem teams go out in the qualifying rounds is because of motivation, the players would rather still be in Marbella on their jollies than the arse end of Ukraine and it shows because often they look unfit and under prepared.
  9. Unfortunately sentimental thinking instead of sensible thinking is the cause for this. Also I get a feeling Shakespeare pushed the club to give him a 4 year deal because he was 'one of the lads' as a tactic to get the longer standing players on his side.
  10. This is absolutely bang on and highlights why many people wanted Puel replaced. I’m just so glad the club got it right and we can continue evolution/revolution!
  11. The performances are continually improving and this was the best one yet. This team and manager well and truly on their way to banishing the ghost of Puel. Its amazing how much Rodgers has turned around with the right approach and attitude towards players because this is Puels team but Rodgers is getting far more out of them than Puel ever could. Long may it continue.
  12. Do and offer anything to get this lad here on a permanent basis.
  13. If we put him up for sale West Ham would be all over it.
  14. The Mercury site has been nothing but clickbait for a good few years now. I'd say Sean from Enderby is a more reliable source of information than the Merc.
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