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  1. I would absolutely do anything Youri Tielemans asked of me. What an absolute boy.
  2. This narrative is boring now. We’ve been consistently top 4 for the vast majority of the past 2 seasons. Its not luck and its not punching above our weight. Its the culmination of years of hard work and clever dealing. Our fanbase really struggles with shaking this participation trophy mentality where we should all be really happy and never be critical of any aspect of the club because we are really lucky to be where we are and will be on our way back to League One soon enough because remember we were there 12 years ago... The club is where it is on merit, i’m really happy wi
  3. I really hope they have been saving it for Saturday. We’ve played attrition football for far too long now.
  4. No it was definitely lord as in lord it over. It says so in the sentence you highlighted...
  5. All that says to me is that Man Utd are wasteful with their money.
  6. I see Brendans extended family has come out of the wood work to lord a win against Man Utds u23s over us. No denying he’s a good manager but he has his faults, he wouldn’t be at Leicester if he was perfect. I still think he and the team can do better, beating Man Utd away and losing to Fulham at home is too up and down, needs to find a way to play against defensive teams which doesn’t involve stacking the team with primarily defensive players.
  7. Thank god for that. Now get them all wrapped in bubble wrap and rested until Saturday.
  8. We need concentration and not Hamza... no no no.
  9. Love to absolutely see headers like that.
  10. Brendan needs to make changes to both personnel and formation. I’m really worried about Saturday. Seems as soon as pressure hits Rodgers digs his heels in and gets even more stubborn.
  11. I’m looking forward to my meltdown. 3 atb with wingbacks again. Castagne as a CB is hideous. This really does feel like tail end of last season again.
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