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  1. Corruption at its finest. The safety net is gone, how will the team respond over the next 3 games?
  2. Its valid to have this discussion because since December or 15 odd games ago we’ve been in near enough relegation form. Its not good enough and questions need to be asked. Personally i’m on the fence but leaning towards go. I have the same feeling now as I did with Puel and that is I just cant see how Rodgers will arrest this slide. He’s been setting his teams up to try to contain opposition that we should be looking to beat for a good while now. He’s too negative in his approach and you can see the effect its having on the squad. I hate losing but I can accept it if the team does their best to win. I can accept setting up to avoid defeat or hold onto a 1-0 lead against top opposition but I can’t accept the main tactic being to avoid defeat regardless of the opposition. Rodgers at the minute sets his teams up to contain the opposition and avoid defeat and see where it goes. He is exactly the same as Puel in this aspect and just like Puel the wheels are coming off after getting into a good position. Personally I think he has 5 games from the beginning of the new season to save his job and if there has been no improvement I imagine he will be told to sling his hook.
  3. I have a little bit of sympathy for them. For a long while now the manager has made decisions that signal he does not have the confidence in his team or players to perform against teams that are below us in the league.
  4. Wish he went to Arsenal now. Not been the same since.
  5. Exactly this. The sub and formation change completely killed the game from our perspective. Didn’t show up second half and been punished for it. Its entirely on Rodgers.
  6. His tactics and changes have been mostly negative for a good while now. I can’t see him changing or turning it around.
  7. No but it saps all the confidence that the team had built up by forcing them into a negative mentality. Essentially Rodgers set them up to defend a 1-0 lead for 45 minutes against this absolute shower. If your manager doesnt have faith in you its going to impact you and it low and behold it has. This is entirely on Brendan. He changed the set up and mentality needlessly. He’s finished here.
  8. Brendans fault for going defensive minded by taking an attacker off for a midfielder at half time when we were only 1-0 up completely surrendering all initiative. Its not the first time he’s made tactical errors like this. He’s too negative.
  9. Rodgers has to go. He made unneeded changes that have completely disrupted the team and more than likely cost us the CL. The way we’ve bottled it second half of the season is unforgivable.
  10. Paddy Power are planting 6000 every time Arsenal don’t win so actually we helped the environment more.
  11. Much needed and much better. Hopefully its the slump buster we’ve needed for the past 3 years that doesn’t involve sacking a manager.
  12. I can handle losing or drawing when the team is set up to win and tries their absolute hardest every game to fight for those 3 points. What I can’t abide is setting up to avoid losing. It’s an extremely negative mentality and since the restart its evident that the team and management are in a place where they feel like they cannot take any risks for fear of losing. It happened with Puel, once that fear creeps in its hard to get rid of. A big shock like a change of manager works for a while but the fear always finds a way back. I thought Rodgers was the man to change this around as he had something to prove but i’m starting to worry that its same old same old. The fear has crept back in and sadly the manager is just not capable of turning things around. I want to be wrong but having a 3 month break should have been a golden opportunity to readjust and sort themselves out mentally but they’ve come back even worse than before the break and mentally they are declining with each passing game. Rodgers has to take his share of the blame, if he can’t figure this out in 3 months then he can never figure it out. Its too early to say if its time to sack him but recent history suggests that things will only be downhill from here.
  13. Got 5th and Man City having their ban overturned written all over it.
  14. Maddison on the left? Lol. Get in the bin.
  15. Making the same mistake as Puel did by adopting a safety first approach. Clearly worried about sliding down the table hence why the team is completely devoid of any risk taking. I can’t see him succeeding here now, i’d love to eat my words but his arse has fell out and we are only going to get worse.
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