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  1. Dames

    End of season Puel poll

    Even if we have money having Rudkin as your main negotiator is pretty much as frustrating as having no money.
  2. When you have incompetence behind the scenes of the club it will eventually seep down to the performances on the pitch. Sadly those behind the scenes will be forever untouchable due to the events in 2016 and record profits this year will help their cause. There will not be any changes behind the scenes until we are on the verge of financial ruin.
  3. No coincidence its so soon after the rumours flying around that Guardiola is unimpressed with his behaviour.
  4. He's doing this potential move no good by sulking like this. Pep is the type of manager that demands the utmost commitment and he'll be watching this scenario closely. He won't want to buy a player that loses focus and commitment at the sign of the slightest setback. He's committing career suicide right now and we should let him. If he doesn't turn up dock his wages and just let him run his contract down until 2 years time everyone's forgotten who he is.
  5. The media doesn’t like the narrative of a smaller club standing up for itself especially when the lord and saviour Pep Guardiola is involved.
  6. He’ll play about 10 games for them until Sane is fit and then he’ll be flogged to someone like West Ham or Everton in the summer when Man City have a firesale on their fringe players to balance the books.
  7. Dames

    Robert Huth

    We’ve definitely missed Huths composure and organisation in defensive situations. Its no coincidence we look a lot more ropey when he’s not playing.
  8. Dames

    New Right Back???

    They’ve tried so hard not to upset the title winning players. If Morgan wasn’t injured back end of season and Huth in the summer we wouldn’t have signed any CBs either. Hopefully with Puel that sentiment is out the window now.
  9. So Spurs couldn’t even win with essentially a handicap? Biggest bottle jobs of the modern era.
  10. Dames

    Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    Very good performance. Shows what this team is capable of when they aren’t restricted to a hit and hope style of play!
  11. Dames

    Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    Depends if the players are focused on the game or on their night out in London afterwards.
  12. Dames

    England squad

    I wish this were the case too but Southgate will revert back to the norm after these friendlies and Henderson will end up being Vice Captain.
  13. Dames

    England squad

    Joe Hart is still regarded as an experienced 'safe' pair of hands and Jordan Henderson is the ultimate safety first player. We all know how English managers love their safety.
  14. Dames

    England squad

    More than likely his club have said no you're not going we've just paid £30 Million for you we don't want to risk you etc etc. He's definitely going to have a sulk about that though which we all know will affect his form. He'll be a Leicester City player again next August at a reduced price.
  15. Dames

    England squad

    Interesting that with the lack of depth in CM that neither Wilshere or Drinkwater players that have both been around the squad before are completely overlooked. Not even Oxlade Chamberlian has been considered. Its more than obvious the ‘big’ clubs have thrown their weight around