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  1. If Vardy wasn’t carrying an injury then i’d see the benefit of keeping him on and letting him get his confidence back. But he’s carrying an injury and its clearly hindering him and the team so it just needs to happen.
  2. Vardy needs a rest and Brendan needs to grow a pair and go through with it.
  3. I fully expected a loss so a point feels like a win in the end.
  4. He moans that Vardy needs a rest but keeps him on over Nacho whos had a better game. This is why he gets the stick he does, makes too many bad decisions for a supposed elite manager.
  5. Nacho off instead of Vardy? Grow a backbone Brendan ffs.
  6. If we scrap a win it would do wonders for confidence and mentality, lose and its potentially downhill.
  7. Can’t find the effort to be too mad about this. Deep down I think we all knew it was coming.
  8. Just seen that his mrs is still on dancing on ice. Explains a lot. Soon as shes back and he’s not carrying a heavy sack we’ll no doubt see a different player.
  9. I don’t think it stops people backing but with someone as openly ambitious as Rodgers who apparently left his dream job to manage us people will always be a bit skeptical when they are so invested in the club. It is also exactly the same with players. Look how Mahrez is regarded by some of our fanbase despite being a huge huge part of delivering the impossible. The same can be said for Drinkwater and to a smaller extent, Kante. Players who contributed less like Maguire and Chilwell are also poorly regarded by a lot of fans. I think it goes a way to explaining some of the at
  10. I think if we won midweek people would be more accepting of it. We know we aren’t going to win the league this season so why not give the cup a proper go. Its just going to be a case of what might have been.
  11. You know as well as I do that if a job came up that he deemed bigger he’d be off. I think most of us are okay with that provided we continue the way we have.
  12. True he has helped elevate us there’s no denying that. But on the flip side i think many fans would have preferred we went all in on the Europa League, we don’t get European football every season it would have been nice to see us go far and I believe we had a team good enough to win it. I think part of why people are struggling to warm to him as much as other managers is the fact that deep down we all know this is a marriage of convenience. Rodgers will always have his eye on the bigger jobs and for the most part we are happy with that as long as when he leaves us he leaves us in a g
  13. We could have player our best 11 like Arsenal did and then play the ‘reserves’ in the league game. Instead we did the opposite and still lost. The team being knackered isn’t an excuse, they are professional athletes with access to some of the best facilities in the world, with the rest some of them got in midweek they should have been better prepared for today. Most other teams are in the same boat as us for fixtures, yes some have bigger squads and less injuries but tiredness should not be an excuse.
  14. I don’t think its a case of disliking him, not from my perspective but for a manager of his supposed calibre and what we are paying, we should be expecting more from him. Sometimes he delivers and gets lauded, other times he doesn't and gets criticised.
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