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  1. Dames

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    Wasn't there rumours at the time of Morgans back injury that it had the potential to retire him? Its no coincidence that his decline has started since that injury. He'll forever be remembered as the captain of the 5000/1 title winning team and an absolute club legend but right at this moment he is on a very sharp decline and isn't up to the physical aspects of the Premier League anymore. Jonny Evans is a capable Premier League defender and should now be given a proper run of games to build up some form and confidence.
  2. Dames

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    We’ve been awful defensively for a long time and there is no sign of improvement. Puel has had more than enough time with no improvement. Time to go. I’d rather have Big Sam than this.
  3. Dames

    James injury injured

    I feel for the bloke but realistically whoever made the business decision to give an injury prone player a 4 year contract needs to be asked a few questions. I'm not saying its going to happen but bad business decisions like this come back to haunt you if things ever go wrong. At this point Matty James career is over. LCFC won't be offering him an extension after this and with his record there won't be many if any clubs willing to take the risk on such an injury prone player. He should retire and focus on coaching - maybe give something back to LCFC for securing his financial future.
  4. Dames

    Jamie Vardy

    I think he'll be phased out during the qualifying campaign so some of the younger players are able to get experience in time for the next tournament. It won't just be Vardy either players like Welbeck, Cahill, Young and Delph will be gradually phased out too.
  5. Dames

    Riyad finally gone

    Techinically he's not wrong in what he says - We sit in the tier below the top level wether we like it or not. He made the effort to remind the reporter that he sees us as a good club in which he was under no obligation to do so. Realistically Maguire is good enough to play for any of the top clubs in Europe - Lets hope he decides to stay with us for the near future.
  6. Dames

    Riyad finally gone

    If Pep can work the same magic he has on Sterling for Mahrez they will have the player of the season on their hands. Its been a pleasure watching him play for Leicester and he’s more than paid his dues no matter what he’s done. We won the Premier League in this era. It will never be done again. Hopefully he comes out with some kind words about us - we had every right to be difficult as we are a business too and we can’t let ‘big clubs’ get our players cheap. Thanks Riyad and I hope you play awfully against us.
  7. Wasn't a dive his head just pulled him down like an anchor. Now Mahrez is on his way we should be throwing more money at this guy to keep him around. He's the type of player you can build a team around.
  8. Dames

    Jamie Vardy

    As much as we would have loved for him to have taken it and as much shite as he's getting for 'bottling it' from the rest of the country the right decision was made. Its about winning and this England team have failed so many times in the past placing faith and pressure on injured players. I'm sure JV was gagging to take one and would have done it with one leg but I'm assuming GS pulled rank and put a fitter player ahead of him for the sake of winning and the sake of the team.
  9. Dames

    Jamie Vardy

    Didn't have the best game last night and there was calls all over social media to send him home which was over dramatic. He simply did what he was asked to do along with the whole team which was to try in small bursts but otherwise just see the game out. No striker in the world would have done anything with the level of service the midfield last night provided.
  10. Raheem Sterling hasn't scored against any of those teams either (The good or the bad ones) and his only goals are against Lithuania and Estonia nearly 3 years ago. I know who i'd rather have in the team and thats Vardy and even if he isn't scoring other teams regard him as that much of a threat they tend to pay closer attention to him which opens spaces up for other players to perform. When was the last time you could turn around and say in an international England game that Raheem Sterling had a good game and was the difference? its been nearly 3 years.
  11. Dames

    Jamie Vardy

    He still has a use with teams that sit back because he can still drag defenders and create space for players like Kane. The problem with the other players I mentioned is they like to play infront of the defence running at them which is much easier to defend against especially since none of them are particulary great at beating a man. The evidence was there last night where Alli, Sterling and Lingard continually ran into blind alleys and all the Tunisa defence had to do was mark Kane out of the game and just stand off and wait for the other players to run into them.
  12. Dames

    Jamie Vardy

    Its clear and obvious that Southgate doesn't fancy Vardy in the slightest and he is below Welbeck in his thinking. He will be extremely lucky to see a single minute in this World Cup campaign. Its a shame really because he's the only player in the team that will run in behind or work the channels from an attacking perspective and offers something completely different whereas Alli, Lingard, Rashford, Sterling and Welbeck are all extremely similar types of player.
  13. I might be a bit bias but that team is crying out for a player like Vardy mainly because of the movement he offers. With Sterling, Alli and Lingard you have 3 players that like to occupy the same position on the pitch which is infront of the defence looking to run at the defence with the ball - Only 1 player is needed for this position because we have no players running beyond the defence looking to drag defenders or create space for these types of players to either play them in or exploit the space thats been made. Instead we just have Alli, Lingard and Sterling getting in each others way and running down blind alleys, its so easy to defend because you just set up deep and wait for them to run into you or pass the ball backwards. There is absolutely no-one stretching the game up front the only player that really did this was Trippier and it shown as he was our main creative outlet. This also gives teams a chance to mark Kane out of the game because the trio of Alli, Lingard and Sterling are so easy to defend against because 9/10 they are infront of them. Personally I would swap out Sterling for Vardy and Lingard for Loftus-Cheek. Vardy so he can occupy defenders and drag them creating more space for other players not to mention his finishing is levels above the 3 that started last night. Loftus-Cheek offers something different, isn't lightweight and will give more options in the middle of the park. So many times Henderson was looking for movement in and around him last night but because Alli, Lingard and Sterling were all ontop of each other 'in the hole' Henderson had no options - Good teams will expose this space on the break and completely overrun us. Also Rose needs to be starting ahead of Young purely because he's left footed and it would benefit the team on quick breaks not having someone having to cut back and slow the game down.
  14. Dames

    End of season Puel poll

    Even if we have money having Rudkin as your main negotiator is pretty much as frustrating as having no money.
  15. When you have incompetence behind the scenes of the club it will eventually seep down to the performances on the pitch. Sadly those behind the scenes will be forever untouchable due to the events in 2016 and record profits this year will help their cause. There will not be any changes behind the scenes until we are on the verge of financial ruin.