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  1. Dames

    Europa League Qualification. Worth it or not?

    Shouldn’t even be a debate. If you manage a squad correctly it should be able to compete on multiple fronts especially a squad as young as ours. Not to mention we should be aiming to finish as high as possible and make a real go of the cups.
  2. Global warming is a bit far out there. I'd say its Puels fault knife crime is on the rise in the city because the youth are disenfrancised with watching the team and need an outlet.
  3. Dames


    This fight has purely been made from a business perspective. Its why Miller confronted AJ at the DAZN conference last year - it was all scripted to put in place a narrative for this fight. No doubt DAZN have put huge pressure on Hearn to bring the Heavyweight Champion of the world to the States to show on their network. Its why they lowballed Whyte and tried to place all the blame on him because they knew he was going to reject low offers. An AJ vs Whyte rematch will do huge PPV numbers in the UK and Whyte rightly wanted a fair cut of the deal. As for the fight itself its a profile builder for both DAZN and AJ in the states, Miller is a bang average heavy weight with his only real strength being his weight, I can see AJ putting him away rounds 5-8, easy nights work. There is no way this fight will do much in terms of numbers on Sky.
  4. Dames

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    He's having a really average season in a team that is under performing and conceding a lot of goals from silly mistakes. The time to get a high fee for him was after the World Cup - Nobody will come close to paying what we want for him this summer after the season he's just had. Unless he has a really good Nations League to restore some of the hype he'll be staying here. Personally I think with the formation change Southgate fancies a few players ahead of him now especially if Joe Gomez can stay fit.
  5. This pretty much echoes where I stand on things. Puel has done some really good stuff there is no denying that but at the same time he's done things really awfully too. On the balance of things the form since the turn of the year seems to swing things against him slightly, performances recently have been encouraging but the results just have not been there to back it up. As you've said Home form for the past 12 months if not more has been dreadful and as much as people on here love to abuse their own fans part of me feels sorry for the people that only get to watch us at home and I sympathise with some of the frustrations they are having. We definitely do not have the worst fans as some people claim to make out, we just have an extremely frustrated fan base that experienced the highest of highs and then the biggest anti climax right after. It is a problem that predates Puel but as the man in change currently and who has failed to turn home form around he's going to take the brunt of the frustrations. It also doesn't help that they are attacked by a few borderline fanatical people for airing their views or frustrations even if they are valid points or not. If he can get the team to string a few positive results together to go along with the recent positive performances then the mood will lift and things will feel completely different. A good performance against Tottenham has already lifted the mood of a lot of people around here (I remain skeptical personally as we've been catfished before) and a positive result to go with a performance like that in the next game will do wonders. I really hope he doesn't put Mendy in for NDidi - It really won't work and will leave us massively exposed. Mendy is a bang average player at best and a midfield 3 of Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison can do bits if they are allowed too.
  6. I’m not saying that but any good manager in any profession has to listen to their staff and take their recommendations on board. All the noises coming out of the club are that of Puel not doing this. You don’t have to cave to the will of others but a fine balance of listening and giving a few inches here and there wouldn’t go amiss. He is showing signs of easing off in his stubborness with team selections. Morgan is no longer and automatic pick and he seems to be lessening the amount of times he switches the attacking players up. If he can now just drop Mendy without prompt he might just be redeemable.
  7. I actually don’t think its too late. There are many ways Puel could heal the rifts with the players and the fans but he has to be willing to stop being so stubborn. From all accounts his communication isnt great, he doesnt explain his decisions to the fans very well and from what we are told the same is with the players. He doesnt currently appear to embrace change or accept criticism of his methods. He can still implement the new style of play and bring through youth but he’s got to keep the players onboard as well, its give and take and it seems Puel takes alot but doesnt quite give back. If we go on a run until the end of the season it gives him the chance to say he needs to finish the job and needs the right players and use Tielemans as evidence but if he shits the bed in the next 3 games and tries to shoehorn Mendy and Ndidi in the team and we play awful he’s going to be a goner. I like what i’ve seen the past few games but that now needs to translate to performances and wins against the lesser opposition, if that happens he’ll have my backing at least.
  8. Dames

    Puel- Neck out!!

    I've probably been a little extreme in saying it was rubbished but you are correct in saying its been massively questioned but the point still stands is that its the same thing happening here. Peter has taken something Kasper has said and put an ultra negative spin on it based on his own opinion. Until it comes from Kaspers mouth it would be unfair to slag him off.
  9. Dames


    I think this was always going to be the case but it benefits us, well it benefits Puel in the sense that if he can convince the board and the fans that his philosophy will work if he has the right players.
  10. Dames

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    A lot of people sounding like Spurs fans from a few years ago on here. Yes the statistics from the game looked good and I believe we played relatively well but we really can't say we bossed it when we lost 3-1, we had chances but were too wasteful and defensively to concede the 2 of the 3 we did we can't class it as 'bossing it'. It was a much improved performance from what we've seen this season but truth be told we've always performed relatively well against the top 6 teams. I'm cautiously optimistic of course but it wouldn't be the first time a Puel team has catfished us against a bigger team only to go back to being horrendous against the smaller teams. The biggest positive for me is that we have Tielemans until the end of the season and some of the stuff he did yesterday we've been crying out for all season. This is audition time for Puel now - if we kick on and start winning games he can stick two fingers up at everyone who doubted him and point to the fact he needed the right players. Again i'm still doubtful because on past evidence he mostly picks the right teams against the top 6 but completely shits the bed in regards to team selections against anyone outside the top 6.
  11. Dames

    Puel- Neck out!!

    What I find amusing is that some of the more regular Puel defenders are jumping to conclusions against Kasper based on something his dad has said but were rubbishing claims made by John Percy a few weeks ago that painted Puel in a negative light as nonsense and hearsay. Essentially its the same thing - someone close to the team has fed someone information and that person has then formed their own opinion and ran with it publically.
  12. Dames

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    We need to beat these and this is the lineup that will do it: Kasper Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell NDidi Tielemans Gray Maddison Barnes Vardy However Puel loves to make bizarre decisions especially against the teams outside of the top 6 so I really wouldn't be surprised to see: Kasper Simpson Morgan Maguire Chilwell Mendy NDidi Ricardo Tielemans Maddison Vardy I really hope its the first team and we thrash them, anything but a positive result really and I think its curtains for Claude.
  13. Dames


    You use any chance you get to slag off fellow supporters and its getting boring and actually quite pathetic. As for Tielemans the lad absolute oozes class and even on this appearance alone appears to be the type of player this team has been crying out for. I can well buy into Puels system if this lad starts doing the business.
  14. Dames


    Looks a lot better with a better more confident player alongside him. Its like Tielemans confidence on the ball rubbed off on NDidi. A Tielemans NDidi partnership on this showing has massive massive potential and if Claude even thinks about dropping either for Mendy he deserves to be shot out of a catapult back to France.
  15. Dames

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    And not long after that he was subbed because he was ineffective in the role. A header straight at the keeper does not justify the selection.