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  1. We play so much better when we ditch the passive style of keeping possession for a more urgent approach.
  2. Playing like he’s carrying a knock and you can tell. When that happens it affects concentration and composure because a lot of energy and focus has to go into injury management. Needs a rest and maybe even an op.
  3. Shown them too much respect when to stand a chance against Liverpool you have to match the press. Rodgers got it wrong tonight but its not the end of the world even with the injuries they are a class act.
  4. Seems to have gotten stronger. Felt at times he was lightweight last season but this season he imposes himself a lot more. Key part of the team at the minute.
  5. Feels like we’ve started to turn a corner under Rodgers and added a bit of mettle to our game. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of 3 centre backs going forwards, there is no way Fofana, Evans or Soyuncu are droppable.
  6. Great goal but Nacho 100% meant to shoot there.
  7. Double his pay and give him 6 more years. He will be worth £150 million very soon.
  8. Brendan is earning his crust lately, long may it continue. Looking completely different to the team that finished so weakly last season. Will say it again though, Fofana will be the best defender in the world within 3-5 years.
  9. Good half that. Leeds defence is there for the taking. This ref must be a closet Leeds fan.
  10. How many times do we have to watch the Leeds miss? Absolute rimming.
  11. This is normal practise within the NHS they’ve been outsourcing patients to the private sector for years to reduce waiting lists.
  12. Needed that. Wins like this do more for confidence than thumping teams.
  13. Worst booking decision i’ve seen in my life and there are plenty of contenders.
  14. Agree with this about Ricardo. People over look that he can play on both flanks too. Personally I think if Castagnes long term future was at left back he’d be playing there already.
  15. Just because last season is gone it doesn’t magically wash away the complaints. The poor second half of last was unacceptable at times. I think you’re over simplifying things to suit your narrative. My main point is that he isn’t immune to criticism and that he’s paid to have done better than he did back end of last season. Despite what people say, if you’re paying top dollar you should expect accordingly. My point with that is whilst we overachieved on the face of things the way in which we surrendered that 15 point lead was not good enough and the manager should and could have done
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