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  1. Brendan was unnecessarily negative about our 1st half performance, which was one of the best we've seen this season. On top of that, he singled Nacho out, which seems to be something Jose does, meting out criticism to individual players. Personally I don't agree with it, yes Nacho can go from the ridiculous to the sublime in a few seconds, but for me, publicly admonishing him isn't the right thing.
  2. Why, why why. Why does Rodgers insist on playing Perez.
  3. Given his age and injury record, he's at best a championship player. Probably end up at Forest or Derby.
  4. Nacho can play as a lone striker, but he needs the team to be built around him. He needs another Barnes esque winger on the right and a midfield that is willing to run past him as he comes deep. Maybe Madison and Youri can do the latter. But if we intend to play Perez or Albrighton at RW, Vardy will be ahead of him.
  5. Very true. Our back play has been poor for 5-6 years now. A whole succession of coaches just can't seem to make our backs click. Let's hope we get more fluid rugby as the weather gets better.
  6. Looking forward to it, even though you'll probably beat us. We're still very much a work in progress.
  7. I hope we meet you guys. I do remember a couple of Heineken Cup games many years ago, when Ulster gave us a real beating. Hoping for some revenge 😁
  8. Patson Dako 22yrs old and 30 goals in 32 games for Salzburg. Apparently will be available for around 30M, our magic number. Could be the long term successor to Vardy.
  9. He'll probably end up at Liverpool, a replacement for Wijnaldum/Keita.
  10. No way Rodgers gets rid of Perez. He seems one of his favourite players. Praet will probably go as will one of Mendy or Hamza. With Under going back to Roma and Morgan & Fuchs retiring, we'll probably have more out goings then players coming in.
  11. It's beyond ridiculous. Brendan still trying to justify why he pissed 30M up the wall.
  12. In the Independent article it says his buy back clause was 50M and has expired.
  13. You're absolutely right, there's plenty of examples of players not producing in the first season. The problem Under has, is that Brendan has never trusted him, even after his game changing sub appearance against Arsenal away. He's a decent player, but i think Brendan made his decision a while ago.
  14. Same here. In fact I watched Nigeria play Benin with Arab commentary, but haven't bothered with any of the England games.
  15. I think you're being harsh on Nacho. Looking at his stats since 2015, when he made his 1st team debut for club and country, he has played 6843 mins and scored 47 goals. That's a goal every 145 mins, almost 2 goals every 3 games over a 6 year period. On top of that he has 20 assists. That's a goal involvement every 102 mins, almost one every game. His totals aren't fantastic, but that's purely because he's never been 1st choice in his career. He's 24 and if utilised properly will get plenty of goals and assists.
  16. The way we've bossed the last 2 games creating chances for fun, this looks like our go to system. If we'd taken our chances, we could've knocked 8/9 goals pass Sheffield and 4/5 pass Utd.
  17. Kudos to Nacho. Making a big money move to us, with a big reputation, and then to find yourself out in the cold for 3 1/2 years. To put the performances he has, 9 goals in 9 games, he deserves all the credit he gets.
  18. I don't think it's a massive problem because PL prize money isn't included, since the season finished after the accounts were submitted. We've got 132M from the PL, more than enough to off set the losses.
  19. We've got into a real strange mindset recently. Against Arsenal and Burnley, once we scored we looked completely clueless and negative. You'd think after scoring the team would gain confidence and play better, but we're the opposite. Coupled to that Rodgers subs are dumbfounding. We needed a goal to win the game, so he takes off Nacho and puts on Albrighton. It's like not losing is the priority, as opposed to winning.
  20. Lowest score I've ever given to Vardy. He's got as much pace as Evans.
  21. That settles it then, Musa on the LW and Under on the RW. Top four and CL here we come.😆
  22. The display was very disappointing considering Arsenal gave us a blueprint on how to play them, with the 1st goal. Ndidi & Youri press high up, win the ball, we get behind their defence and score. After that we inexplicably camped around our penalty area and gave Arsenal free rein over the pitch. Why did we revert to such negative tactics?Whatever the reason, we beat ourselves with our poor negative gameplan.
  23. We thought we're getting the Turkish Mahrez but ended up with the Turkish Musa.
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