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  1. I'm not turning it into a negative, just commenting on how I saw it. Utd looked faster and more determined. Maybe I should have mentioned 1st half only. We eventually got warmed up but not many opposition will let us get away with it. Newcastle didn't and I don't think Chelsea will.
  2. The result is great but Utd players looked hungrier and faster, and it generally felt like they wanted it more than us. I hope this experiment with Tim at CB doesn't persist for too long.
  3. I think the question is does Rodgers want to get CL football. Played an awful system which resulted in an awful performance against Newcastle. So what does he do, he repeats it again.
  4. His kicking is absolute rubbish along with his ability at set pieces, but for some, his shot stopping makes up for it. Looks like he's gained weight as well.
  5. Personally I wouldn't play either. We can't carry on like we have in the last few games and expect a result against the most in form team in the PL. I'd play 433 with Vardy LW, Nacho through the middle with Under at RW. Behind them a flat no nonsense 3 of Ndidi, Tielmans & Mendy/Praet. Go full on counter attack. That would really f**k up Chelsea's game plan 😂
  6. 10 wickets in under 38 overs, wow got to say I never saw that happening. Hopefully this will be the confidence booster the bowling attack needs.
  7. First Cardiff score in the 88th min to save Derby and now this. What a shit day.
  8. Pretty much. Chelsea made Man City look 2nd rate, God knows what they'll do to our sorry players.
  9. Historically, 66pts is a very low points total to get into the CL. If we fail again and a team like West Ham get in, shame on us. There's no excuses, this time round.
  10. Rodgers is a strange person, if he gives you the cold shoulder, you never play regardless of the situation. Fuchs has never let us down playing as a CB, but when Caglar had his Covid diagnosis, he moved Fofana there and he looked awful. Praet played well for Belgium and i though he'd have a role late in the season. Absolutely nothing, even though guys like Maddison can play dog shit for weeks. Under may not be the answer to our RW problems, but he has changed games for the better early on in the season. Now, Rodgers refuses to play him even though we need some creativity and impetus. Seems to
  11. We rushed him back too quickly after his hernia op. He was playing a couple days after and has looked slow and out of form since. I don't think we'll ever see vintage Vardy, but he's certainly better then what he's currently showing.
  12. Yep, we've officially taken over the "Bottlers" title from Spurs.
  13. He's rejected Liverpool for us and even a desperate Klopp couldn't convince him. Wow, we are going places.
  14. sm1

    Dennis Praet

    Absolutely. Should get more game time at the expense of Perez, or even Maddison, whose forms been pretty woeful recently. Sadly can't see either happening.
  15. Unbelievably inept bowling display. What would county give for a Millns or Mullally.
  16. Absolutely. Anybody that denies this are deluding themselves. I can't see Brendan risking Thomas for our last 3 games. We do really need a LB for next season, with JJ out.
  17. Levy's so deluded he probably thinks he can get Pep. He'll end up with Graham Potter or Klinsman.
  18. I'm not surprised several PL teams are after him. When Puel played him against Liverpool & Man City a few years back he looked insane, still remember that covering tackle he made, when he ran pretty much the full length of the field. Since then he's not had any game time and it shows. Looks a shadow of that player.
  19. Apparently will only come if we quality for the CL. Man City are also interested along with Juve, Atletico & Dortmund. If we pull this off it will definitely be a major coup.
  20. TBH never seen him play, but a quick look up shows that he's scored 51gls in 4537mins for Salzburg, averaging a goal every 89mins. For a fee around 20-25, seems a great prospect.
  21. Hopefully not at that price. There's better value for money in Patson Daka or Edouard. Plus both are younger. We'd be paying a premium because he's English.
  22. Exactly. If we have an over abundance of players in a particular position, then loan the young players, like we did with Chilwell and Barnes. With JJ injured and Fuchs not featuring, Thomas is the only out and out LB we have at the club.
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