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  1. JJ, Fofana, Maddison, Man City.
  2. That's because this is a Leicester City forum, so its natural for us to critique our players and team's performance.
  3. He's a good player to have when Ndidi does all the donkey work, but when he's not in the team and Madders has to role up his sleeves, he goes AWOL.
  4. I'd be looking to off load Ayoze for whatever we can get. He may have a role in a lower level PL team, but we're just carrying him atm. Offers no goal threat or creativity.
  5. He does the job of 2 players. Today Rodgers had to go 3 at the back because we were getting over run. Mendy is too weak and light weight to play CDM on his own.
  6. May work as a 2nd striker, but on his own he's terrible.
  7. Kasper rooted to the goal line flapping like bird doesn't help.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. He was good before his injury, but has been world class since his return. On form the best CDM in the world.
  9. The work rate of both him and Albrighton is unbelievable. The only player to play every minute in the PL. Just shows how important he has been for us. Outstanding talent and attitude.
  10. sm1


    I think he was voted as one of the best CB in the Africa Cup of Nations
  11. Surprised how quick he is, he even skinned Daniel James. If he can learn to finish he's got the potential to be worldclass.
  12. He plays a sideways pass to Barnes 25yds out and that was the sum total of his contribution. I'd rather Rodgers try Perez in a 4411 system.
  13. There's no comparison. Ndidi is one of the finest CDMs in the world whereas Mendy is an average one. Mendy is a stop gap and has filled the void as best he can. I was amazed Brendan didn't play Ndidi in midfield and Morgan in defence yesterday. That would've allowed our midfield to play further forward.
  14. Promises so much but delivers so little. He's been given plenty of chances, Puel even started him in front of Vardy. He'll end up like knockart, yo-yoing between the PL and Championship.
  15. This guy is going to be the best CB in the world. The first £100M defender. Lets enjoy him whilst he's here, because Fofana is destined for greatness.
  16. And the sending off for England. He definitely looks a different player after all the criticism.
  17. Looked really good when Puel used him against Man City and Liverpool, and when Brendan first came in. Since then his form has collapsed and he looks a liability. Unfortunately it seems like his future is elsewhere.
  18. Great performance. He was instrumental in our 2nd goal and was the catalyst for our 4th. Nullified one of the top wingers in the PL whilst playing out of position (I still believe he's far more comfortable as a RB).
  19. Felt for him. For the first goal, Wood handles with his arm and then blantly pushes Justin . For the second Dunne has his elbow buried in Justin's throat. Anywhere else on the pitch they are fouls, why aren't they in the box? Being out muscled is one thing, but JJ was fouled constantly and got some real rough treatment. Dirty tactics from disk beard, ably abetted by the useless ref.
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