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  1. Tavares to score, lift his shirt to reveal a photo of @Ric Flair and himself holding hands
  2. Cost us £13m! I pray this is the move that makes him realise his potential. You don’t just play well against the likes of RB Leipzig and suddenly become worse overnight.
  3. He’s the only like for like replacement for a potentially 3 months injured Praet. With a possibility for another injury to say Tielemans we either sign a ready made CM (with risk of affecting both Praet’s and KDH’s chances next season), We loan a Ryan Bennett-esque disaster of a CM as cover... or we recall KDH with the idea of bedding him further in with the squad with the knowledge that he should get some game time here. Bring him back I say.
  4. His injuries are a worry, I think our hunt for a RM will continue come this summer
  5. Anyone reading this thread will have to isolate for 10 days
  6. This is a proper test, would take a draw
  7. Let’s just hope he gets fit consistently again first. Never mind if he gets into the team
  8. I love him, has to start at RM for us from now on. His link up with castagne is getting better with each game.
  9. Sign more Belgians and keep him happy for the love of god
  10. I do like him, he can’t help the fee we signed him for or the positions the manager plays him in (striker, RW) rather than his favoured no.10 position and he works very hard every game. I truly hope it clicks for him at some point but similarly to iheanacho I just don’t think it’s with us.
  11. Out of interest, how many players can we technically send to Leuven on loan?
  12. Would be a great move for Benko, perhaps should’ve been his move from the very start of this season!
  13. His dribbling is actually really really good
  14. Or the best poster on foxestalk!
  15. I’m really not fussed about him; the loan to buy option has turned out to be a pretty good deal as he needs to actually be fit and play well the second half of the season or I don’t see why we should sign him besides being Soyuncu’s mate
  16. Have you seen how expensive it is there! Bet those Wycombe players can barely afford the rent
  17. Players have come back from worse, although admittedly he is surprisingly 32 now
  18. To be fare we seem to make up for set piece goals in the form of penalties at the moment but I do think now Soyuncu is back aswell as castagne and Ndidi we could see some improvement in the coming weeks both attacking wise and defensively.
  19. Don’t rub it in any more I not sure he can take it! Already being discussed in the transfer talk area! 😢
  20. Wouldn’t seem it if he hasn’t been snapped up already this season on a free!
  21. Wow what a fantastic move, unsure why no championship sides made a serious effort for him but he’s gonna do so well at Leuven I can feel it.
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