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  1. Wow what a fantastic move, unsure why no championship sides made a serious effort for him but he’s gonna do so well at Leuven I can feel it.
  2. Yeah I’m doubly surprised we can still continue like you’ve said I thought we’d be following what the Scots have said. Won’t be surprised if the cases don’t fall nearly enough these coming weeks.
  3. Yeah deliveries are terrible for everything atm. So be careful and make sure the gripper is still down for the fitter!
  4. We’ve been told we can still work in peoples houses mate I wouldn’t worry, unless he ends up cutting the carpet short on his visit of course!
  5. Would a floor-layer fit under these rules? These are the Scottish rules.
  6. People are dicks* but I do agree with you.
  7. I don’t think that would settle well with the public!
  8. I don’t see it going till Saturday without some sort of strong lockdown... even the players are spreading it between themselves now
  9. Could well be the last Leicester game we watch for a few weeks...
  10. Without rushing anyone back seems the right team to me. Soyuncu, under and Ricky still to properly come back
  11. lcfc sheff

    The gym

    I’ve always had the weights in my garage to just about cope but come winter it’s just way too cold to be training, sadly nothing beats the gym plus I can’t afford the dumbbells I definitely require to really push myself 😬
  12. Hahahah Vardy definitely left an impression on Marshall, he was genuinely having flashbacks
  13. Not every player suits a team, and that’s okay just move on
  14. Can someone make a report to the police? I’m genuinely concerned 😂
  15. Does anyone actually know what happened to Sidnei Tavares?!
  16. I’m comparing him at the sense that he’s unlikely to be with us in the long term at this current rate, his performances have been okay and decent but I don’t see him ever holding down a place long term; and he doesn’t come across as someone who just wants to fill the bench.
  17. Not that I think it’s too expensive but I just don’t think it’s been the best use of money, i do worry we have an ability to waste millions on players who just seem to fill the bench. Iborra I liked but the club seemed to deem him not good enough, which was weird as I thought he did add something to us especially from set pieces.
  18. Dream goal for a manager seeing his midfielder on his toes incept the oppositions pass and go on to score. I really think he’s gonna add something to our squad next season.
  19. KDH could end up being the Praet / Hamza replacement if we get decent money for either. Having a stellar season as I hoped before!
  20. Not that he’s failed, but he’s barely been an inspired signing has he? Of course not all signings have to be but for the money paid it’s a little annoying. Same happened with Iborra and silva, wonder if he’ll still be with us after the summer?
  21. He was let down by the others today, great performance I thought.
  22. Good news is the club will never sell him below £80m, the bad news is if he keeps this up they’ll be bidding those sort of figures!
  23. It’s basically what we’re doing with Albrighton and Justin now isn’t it? Riccy is more than likely made for that role even more
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