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  1. **** it I think I’m in love with him
  2. Next time I want to see him make love to the corner flag
  3. All you need to do to get past the pay wall is spam the refresh button twice.
  4. When Vardy doesn’t get any chances that is when we should be worried!
  5. Disappointing to not see him start
  6. Psychologically think it would be quite damning to not try Thomas but can see why he’d go for experience especially against liverpool
  7. Hope he’s given the nod over Fuchs, got to give him the chance to whilst we can afford to
  8. We got battered by these last time, I pray it’s not the same just want us to be at least competitive.
  9. There was a few times I thought he needed to make the overlapping run more, but think my expectations are high as we’re used to Justin, Ricardo and castagne making those runs relentlessly. Tbh he was obviously tired but it’s something he can improve on!
  10. I’ve gone from the wanting him binned to never wanting to see him leave the club just from this season. Shows how much things can change as I really thought he’d be the next overvalued player to leave like Maguire and Chilwell but he’s the absolute dogs bollocks now.
  11. Tbf he was surrounded by better players. I always hear similar sort of comments for the likes of Barnes, Chilwell, choudhury and KDH where people say they weren’t that great for the u23s or nothing special.
  12. Got to trust him! He hasn’t let us down yet either so for me it’s quite an exciting prospect seeing him play agains the best
  13. That’s the one for me, Thomas should be given the trust he’s here to play but also what better experience can he get that playing against Liverpool? Let’s see what he’s made of.
  14. He’s at least championship quality should get a decent loan next year!
  15. Hope Daley Campbell has a stormer, from RWB presumably he’s got a chance to really get forward tonight. Luke Thomas is someone I’ve really liked watching in the few games he’s had; shows great intelligence going forward especially usually paired with barnes where he seems to take up positions tucked in to allow the winger to isolate their fullbacks. Still got room for improvement physically which is something even Rodgers has said so it bodes well for his future development we’ve still got loads to see from him
  16. Shocking league to be fair!
  17. The most annoying thing is theres loads of little things he could improve on which would make him a decent player. I’m not sure if he’s just not being coached correctly or he’s isn’t being told the right things? clubs love nothing more than a player that gets stuck in, but his constant backwards and sideway passes, (most to be fair to players who are decent on the ball) would be nice to see him with some confidence to make something happen.
  18. Definitely is, I’m £150 up and unsure what to do. Think I’m just gonna hold.
  19. I said I wouldn’t sign him at this moment with what’s he’s shown. I am not rooting for the worst I’m simply saying my opinion. Don’t compare him to a striker playing RM and Albrighton who is a premier league winning winger who’s output isn’t measured through goals and assists but the work rate and balance he brings to the team. I get it, you like Ünder; who clearly has moments of brilliance but hasn’t shown enough consistency throughout his career, hence why Roma were willing to loan him to us, as well as him being injury prone.
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