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  1. He also drank himself an early grave, swings and roundabouts
  2. So Morelos or Edouard? Or BOTH 👀🔮
  3. Keep him on the bench, bring him on when the game is already won ready to bed him in for next season or a loan move. Physically there isn’t too many like him his age and you can see technically he has a bit of class.
  4. I have to say I do hope we keep an eye on Sima, I don’t think they’d over price him think the £50m talked about won’t be true in reality.
  5. Yawn. half his goals have been penalties this season but it’s only when we lose people truly get concerned. Form changes but class is permanent keep the faith.
  6. They aren’t mugs, fair play to them hope they go even further in the comp.
  7. Kasper Castagne Evans Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi youri Ricky Barnes albrighton Vardy Barnes to play close to Vardy or float around.
  8. Before he becomes even more expensive I’d love for us to go for him, sadly I think he’s already out our budget
  9. To be fair Grealish has been in unreal form, any club in the world at the moment would miss a player of his quality I think he’s been that good
  10. Yep I’d at least want to see it a few times this season seems to make the most sense
  11. We actually released him when he was 16!
  12. Got a good feeling about Callum Wright, this season will help him with his physical development but technically he’s got sound ability.
  13. I’d obviously rather none of them leave, but it’s clear that we have to be prepared for injuries. We’ve been linked constantly and I don’t think it’s gonna end just because we signed fofana, I think brendan wants a strong a squad as possible and he’s not gonna be expensive. His England ambitions will only be strengthened joining a team that has seen relative success in that department and will continue to.
  14. are we still on about football here? 👀
  15. Not exactly the type I have in mind but obviously would be a good probably unnecessary option
  16. Exact point I’m making, we don’t want a “Mahrez replacement” Barnes has become that man just on the other wing, what we want is either Albrighton to continue giving that balance on the other side or someone with the attributes but better, think of a David Beckham in terms of a player.
  17. Soumare + Edouard +Tarkowski would be a brilliant summer, I’ve given up on the hope of finding a RWer. Basically somehow want a more talented Marc Albrighton but don’t know who really fits that profile atm.
  18. When we’re 1-0 down in the 95th minute and have a corner
  19. I agree mate but it seems to me we’re linked with another centre back an awful lot so maybe it’s not about big Dan but rather the fear of Soyuncu leaving? Edouard and josh da silva would be my priority signings this summer, unsure on the RW as it seems clear to me brendan wants someone who will track back.
  20. I think we’d get him cheaper but seems to have played a fair few games this season so who knows
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