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  1. There’s not a lot I question with Rodgers but what’s with all the fullbacks?
  2. He has been given games? He just has had injuries inbetween that and Marc albrighton has ended up playing well again
  3. There quite obviously is players that fit that criteria without being silly enough to bother listing them. Under has shown to be injury prone which is enough for me not to bother buying him at this moment in time. Also, he hasn’t proven anything yet with us
  4. Not every players talents are in the physical side, he’s a more technical player whilst someone like Ndidi is a more physical, both have merits and disadvantages but more importantly they both have a place in this team. he does run, but he’s not quick, not strong, not tall and isn’t great at tackling so we just have to adapt around that.
  5. Until we look a worse team without him in it I’m really not bothered if he plays or doesn’t. Glad we aren’t forced to buy him in the summer leaves our options open
  6. His job is to score or make goals. The rest of the team are responsible for making sure we win or At least draw. I don’t know what some of you lot want from him but reminds me of when we had Mahrez... none of you will ever be happy with a player and truly feel sorry for your miserable opinions.
  7. I can’t remember if you’re actually a women taking the piss or just being a nob, I pray it’s the former
  8. Tavares will look better with better players around him, like a lot of our academy players people said they don’t see the hype around. I presume contract talks must still be ongoing as why else would we play someone who doesn’t wanna be here?
  9. death, taxes and KDH having another great game
  10. We’re evolving - we’ve struggled to reach our potential in the past due to over reliance on Vardy but now the goals are spreading out. There’s still huge room for improvement from set pieces, if we can sort those out both attacking and defensively then we’re a huge huge threat.
  11. He’s definitely above championship standard! The lad looks so comfortable brendan must be delighted with his development on the pitch. The positions be takes up attacking wise show a brain way beyond his years.
  12. Because we’ve lost to them before this season and it’s an easy game for us to slip in. We aren’t continuing as we were regardless as we don’t have Vardy so perhaps some caution isn’t a bad idea?
  13. Madders as a false 9? Interesting... why not when he’s in this form in front of goal!
  14. Maybe three CBs for this one so we’ve got some height from set pieces? kasper Castagne Evans Fof Soy justin Ndidi Youri Madders Perez Barnes
  15. 4 games in a row he’s scored, fair play to him he’s stepped up massively
  16. Think he offers something different, but albrighton atm has to start as he brings great balance to our team. Maybe he’ll go on to prove me wrong but crucially he needs to stay fit.
  17. Think he’s looked decent today so far, definitely Prem quality looks a touch above his teammates when on the ball.
  18. What’s the European qualifying positions with regards to the table? is it 1st CL groups, 2nd CL qualifiers 3rd Europa groups and 4th Europa qualifiers?
  19. No one can afford him, that’s the funniest thing
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