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  1. I for one am fed up with him, the quicker we sell him the better 😡😡
  2. It’s not like he wouldn’t get game time, he’d have the remainder of the season to settle properly again ready for being more regularly involved next season. He’s proven with every loan he’s a very good player in the making - why can’t he make the leap like Barnes has? Might take a season or two but we can afford that time
  3. A really good sign is we seem to create him a lot of chances - doesn’t always score them but sooner especially with the form he’s in he could well score a hattrick. I’d be over the moon if he could contribute to 20 goals altogether this season and that sounds a reasonable target with the games remaining. Keep it up lad!
  4. It’s worth to note I don’t think Tielemans has had a muscle related injury in his career? Looks to be mainly injuries from impact like bad tackles... it’s usually the more explosive players you have to have concerns with in relation to too many games causing injury. Brendan wasn’t just talking out his arse saying Tielemans needs to play games to keep him in tempo; there’s logic behind it
  5. If they can’t celebrate together after training together all week and grabbing hold of players at set pieces, then clearly it isn’t safe to play football... or is this all just a distraction from countless government failures? i suspect the later.
  6. Him and castagne works so well together, don’t see why it should be broke up atm.
  7. He’s ridiculously athletic, no nonsense and slightly psycho; what’s not to love?
  8. We’re twice the team when he plays, long may it continue
  9. Worst thing that can happen is Perez at false 9, Think I can live with that with the rest of the team being the same.
  10. Fair play to him, at the moment he’s the glue. He’s truly stepped up and his post match interviews are just refreshing to say the least
  11. 24 years old as well, in the words of the old Soccer AM... GREAT AGE
  12. Liverpool I’m okay with they actually sell players and invest wisely, Man Utd you feel are just playing career mode on Fifa!
  13. They can throw as many bank notes at winning the title as they want, but they’ll never ever be the Man Utd of old, there is no romance about there current squad that they used to portray under Fergie. I don’t care if they win the league this year as far as I’m concerned it counts for nothing when they seemingly can’t adapt to the current market; and we all can see there is no longevity in such transfer strategies. Maybe not this season or the next but they’ll return to mediocrity.
  14. Well put it this way, he won’t be leaving this summer... so let’s say he performs to the same level next season where he’ll be 21, Maguire was 25 when he left for £80m so at what value would the club put fofana at potential and performances considered? £100m+ bids at least and that’s just the starting price. We can’t really lose.
  15. I just want him to be fit first before we debate anything, it could be a lot longer than we think.
  16. Could be but why wouldn’t they just play him yesterday?
  17. Tavares to score, lift his shirt to reveal a photo of @Ric Flair and himself holding hands
  18. Cost us £13m! I pray this is the move that makes him realise his potential. You don’t just play well against the likes of RB Leipzig and suddenly become worse overnight.
  19. He’s the only like for like replacement for a potentially 3 months injured Praet. With a possibility for another injury to say Tielemans we either sign a ready made CM (with risk of affecting both Praet’s and KDH’s chances next season), We loan a Ryan Bennett-esque disaster of a CM as cover... or we recall KDH with the idea of bedding him further in with the squad with the knowledge that he should get some game time here. Bring him back I say.
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