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  1. Foxaholic  ME

    Leicester 1- Everton 2 post match thread.

    Were you at the match Vardey missed 2 sitters and Maddison one and Chiiiwell could have scored thats 4 how many doyou want for somebody to say we never looked like scoring is ridiculous
  2. Foxaholic  ME

    Best City keepers...

  3. Foxaholic  ME

    Best City keepers...

    I have been watching since year dot and who is Bailey whilst it is all opinion I cant believe anyone would not rank Banks first and Kevin Poole and Ian Andrews are worth a mention particularly Poole who was a fine servant and keeper
  4. Foxaholic  ME

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    I quite agree we have never beaten Bournemouth in thePremier I believe and if we couldnt beat them when winning the league and they now have a better side why should we be expected to win. Unlucky to play United first game as very poor now and somewhat unlucky against Liverpool so critisism seems harsh or is it nothing satisfies
  5. 1 agree Fuchs was excellent strange how bad we were supposed to be when we havent conceded against mighty Wolves even with 10 men
  6. Foxaholic  ME

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    I think the comments re support are overdone. I can honestly say I hardly hear the away fans and we are one of the few grounds where home support is louder. I have been to Anfield quite a few times and although it is heresy to say been surprised how quiet on occasions. Grounds like Old Trafford and Arsenal are far worseand we are as good as anywhere apart from possiblly Stoke old ground Crystal Palace and of course Millwall.
  7. I will take back the word far. I must confess from your comments I thought you were much younger and never heard of Arthur Rowley Mal Griffiths or Jack Froggart let alone seen them as I have but you seem a true fan as opposed to many on here so just beg to differ
  8. Foxaholic  ME

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    I think support is only bad in games where we are expected to win. However that is probablly far too many . Wolves are said to be the best team ever promoted and have drew at Man C and Man u .We beat them with 10 men and folks on here complained so apart from Man C Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea Spurs any other dropped points are rubbish
  9. Foxaholic  ME


    Agreed much better than Grey and his attitude despite rough treatment from the manager is spot on
  10. I am a season ticket holder and I would bet the games I have seen over the years far exceed you.
  11. Foxaholic  ME

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Match of the day were surprisingly complimentary