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  1. Whilst I for one moment wouldnt suggest sides were trying it is food for thought that the 3 sides in the running all went down to shock defeats Leicester and Everton going down to Newcastle and Fulham and Wolverhampton to Southampton all with little comment and judging by the King Power not really bothered .
  2. I was quite surprised to find that apart from Newport every game that has been missed by Maguire quite a few we are unbeaten food for thought in view of all the stick morgan gets so any body could be made a scapegoat Spurs always winwithout Kane
  3. I assume you are not old enough to remember McLintoch
  4. Why say history when you didnt see Arthur Rowley Chandler and probablly none from the 60s almost certainly the last 30 years but history is another matter
  5. Compared wih mostof Taylors signings Davidson gave good service
  7. Anyone leaving for Kettering or wellinborough have to leave really early
  8. What about McLintoch surely the worst manager ever
  9. We wouldnt have got the goalif he hadnt have called the players up. Thought he was one of our better players and although they won 4-1 and he scored twice Saha hardly featured otherwise similarly with Townsend which meant that they thrashed us without their best 2 players featuring a disgrace
  10. I think most would think Heaton is currently best in the premier
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