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  1. Praet plays for the international team ranked top in world rankings and Maddison cant get in a fairly mediocre England team
  2. I agree I think in the first round most forecasters would have got more than half wrong
  3. None of our english players are anywhere near the england team but despite this many leaving out a regular for the top rated international side
  4. You will be required to pay the balance and if you dont assume you will lose your money and no longer be a season ticket holder.
  5. Do we over praise Liverpool and Man City to hide the poor standard generally . Most in England look down on the French league but the side placed 9th comprehensively beat City and Chelsea hammered by Bayern .On European results French Spanish Italian and German leagues are stronger and although I will get much abuse I wondered how good 5th was by the City compared to placings under Martin when the league was much stronger
  6. I agree our most sustained period was under Gillies who was manager for 10 years We were a joy to watch under Bloomfield hewas here for 5 and when saying we have always been a small club people forget we paid a record fee for a winger Lennie glover and spent heavily and wisely on Sammels Weller and the Birch
  7. I didnt go but surely Arsenal away must have been reasonable considering our record there I would suggest together with possiblly Chelsea away allmatches fans expected to lose they did which was probablly why a 5th place was no way celebrated as it should have been.
  8. At least if we had beaten Bournemouth we would still have failed to get in the champions league
  9. Not only losing to the big teams bottom ones too we seem onlycapable of beating middle of the table sides which admittedltly can get you in the top six in a poor season
  10. I keep seeing we have to win a Chelsea defeat again surely means a drawwill do
  11. How can it be the second best season in our history when we were 2nd in 1926 and could have done the double in the early sixties and have reached 4 cup finals when it meant something and also there were more matches played. This year apart from Liverpool and to a certain extent Man C the league is very weak and if we finish 5th this is equivalent to about 12th in most years. Apart from the 9-0 what performances have been fantastic we have lost to the 3 teams who willprobablly be relegated and havent won a . game when we were expected to lose. Apart from Schmeichel Ndidi and Vardy I dont think any of the others who played at Spurs would have got into ONeils side
  12. I agree we were excellent under Taylor for half a xseason and then imploded admittedly somewhat worse but got relegated because we kept him on Harsh though it is most supporters are disappointed as we havent won one big game and have been beaten by all sides in the bottom 3 The premier apart from Liverpool and often Man c is very weak . and finishing a likely 5th is equivalent to about 12th in most seasons
  13. What about Greg Dyche smaller budget smaller town smaller attendances when applicable and beat us which was more than Wilder could do until possiblly tonight Wider 1 season Dyche 6 or more
  14. Why do you include Allen the 2 or 3 games under him were perfectly OK hammered Watford and drew at Palace I can remember and good football played
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