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  1. Foxaholic  ME

    Best Manager?

    agreed premier or old first division should be only ones to count.As an OAP like most of my contempories think Matt Gillies supreme when we entertained as well as getting results
  2. Foxaholic  ME

    record signings who has been the best

    Glover and Weller were great also Dougan and Worthington McAllister Gibson I dont think with all due respects that Matty would rate himself above these
  3. He had a get out clause
  4. Foxaholic  ME

    Dilly ding Dilly Gone

  5. Foxaholic  ME

    Riyad Mahrez

    Are you a teenager
  6. Foxaholic  ME

    worst performances at home league

    I think it was Watford
  7. As an elderly OAP I obviously can recall plenty with the majority away. The biggest disgrace was being unable to beat Harlow UCL level in 2 games 1-1 at home 0-1 away . The biggest home defeat I can remember was Garry Parkers one game in charge 0-6 both in the cup. However bad defeats do not always mean bad performances examples being a5-2 defeat in the league winning season and a 6-2 defeat to Man U under Martin Oneil.Many years ago Leicester lost 5-0 to Man U and came off to a standing ovation their goalie was man of the match. Prior to the awful performances againstNewcastle and West Ham my worst league performances were 0-5 WBA Bloomfield 0-5 Bolton Taylor 0-3 Millwall Sven 1-6 Spurs 0-2 Sheff U. My worst would be Bolton missiles thrown on to the pitch person attacking Ian Walker.However none involved a team fighting relegation and the gifting of points to West Ham arguablly the worst side currentlyin the league was indefensible. In conclusion the fact that the worst side fielded in the top flight since Mclintock will finish at least 9th and a Man U side beaten by all promoted sides and Bristol City will almost certainly be second and possible cup winners suggest the Premier league is over rated and the gulf between it and the championship is nowhere as big as suggested by pundits look how Hull and Sunderland have done.
  8. Foxaholic  ME

    Brendan Rodgers as a replacement for Poo-Hell?

    Possiblly Kenny Daglish
  9. Foxaholic  ME

    The owners.......

    Martin ALLEN had 2 games even by this website that is ridiculous to class him with folks like Taylor Levein and McLintock
  10. If Silva is looking good please give me something you are on.
  11. Foxaholic  ME

    Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I agree thought he was class first half how nobody has mentioned Silva as he was awful I dont know but suggests everybody has a different opinion as I thought compared with Newcastle a good game.
  12. I thought Silva was dreadful
  13. Foxaholic  ME


    Dont we owe Huth at least one game
  14. Agreed about Choubury but he was the worst marked in the 3 papers I saw I must see a different game from sports reporters