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  1. So you dont consider Martin a good manager
  2. Foxaholic  ME

    Goose that laid the Golden Egg.

    I dont think you are correct about Bloomfield every one of my vintage loved watching his sides . The only time I can remember him or the team being booed was his last match which we lost 5-0 to WBA. He was not booed out finishing his contract and not choosing to renew it.
  3. Defence not that bad our goalie didnt make one save 2 shots on target both went in
  4. Foxaholic  ME

    Are our results so predictable we are boring

    i cant remember Martin Oneill getting much critisism when we lost at Grimsby and the critisismagainst Taylor after the horrendous Wycombe result was muted because we had beaten Liverpool just before and in both cases no higher in the league than now
  5. As a long time supporter I have been used to beating the best and losing to the worst . Under various managers have lost to Harlow Grimsby Hartlepool Exeter Wycombe and in all these seasons beat the top dogs.Even when we won the league we beat Villa in the last minute and drew away arguablly the 2nd worst team to play in the Premier. Even with the likes of Elvis Hammond an Defries we gave Spurs 2 start in the cup and still won.This season apart from Liverpool I think we are the only team not to have lost to anybody below us and havent beaten anybody above usalthough I suppose youcould include Fulham. Whilst many would settle for mid table security I would prefer the old way beat Man C and Liverpooland lose toHuddersfield and Cardiff although I know this is perverse but getting beat by the only 2 shots on target and our goalie not making a save and getting clapped off is just as perverse
  6. Foxaholic  ME

    Lack of creativity under Puel

    Agreed whilst wasting money we got a lot in £35 for Drinkwater and same for Kante one a miracle the other a steal thats covered a lot of the outlay and then £60million for Mustaq surely our spending is well below average
  7. I agree at this time to change manager would be suicidal.
  8. Foxaholic  ME

    Us Now

    Pleats side were were Real Madrid compared to McLintock and Peter Taylor second season
  9. Foxaholic  ME

    Leicester 1- Everton 2 post match thread.

    Were you at the match Vardey missed 2 sitters and Maddison one and Chiiiwell could have scored thats 4 how many doyou want for somebody to say we never looked like scoring is ridiculous
  10. Foxaholic  ME

    Best City keepers...

  11. Foxaholic  ME

    Best City keepers...

    I have been watching since year dot and who is Bailey whilst it is all opinion I cant believe anyone would not rank Banks first and Kevin Poole and Ian Andrews are worth a mention particularly Poole who was a fine servant and keeper
  12. Foxaholic  ME

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    I quite agree we have never beaten Bournemouth in thePremier I believe and if we couldnt beat them when winning the league and they now have a better side why should we be expected to win. Unlucky to play United first game as very poor now and somewhat unlucky against Liverpool so critisism seems harsh or is it nothing satisfies