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  1. Foxaholic  ME

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    I think most would think Heaton is currently best in the premier
  2. Foxaholic  ME

    Players rated more highly by fans of other teams

    Maddison very over rated
  3. Foxaholic  ME


    I thinkcritism of out fans is overdone much worse years ago and whilst rarely go away now have nearly always found them in good voice. Listen to fans from Spurs and Villa for example after a poor performance and to suggest we are worse than places like Sunderland or Newcastle is ridiculous .Most people Iknow who support other clubs think our support is good generally On numerous trips toAnfield have been surprised how quiet and Arsenal support is a joke
  4. Foxaholic  ME

    Claude Puel defends his Leicester City record

    Beating and drawing with Man C and winning at Chelsea and Everton dead easy
  5. Foxaholic  ME

    Non Top 6 Alternative Table

    We never expect to win at Palace and win against Chelsea and Man City ere 6 bonus points so 2 worse than expected . Incidentally as a very long time supporter I cant recall many wins at Fulham but do regard that as 2 points dropped. Although far from a Puel supporter suggest many ignore superb wins such as Chelsea and City and concentrate on the flops. Apart from the 60s and title winning season regardless of manager we have nearly always beat the best and lost to the worst albeit better football.
  6. Foxaholic  ME

    Who then......

  7. Foxaholic  ME

    Is Boring Football the worst kind of Football?

    You must be the only person in Leicester who thought the Bloomfield side was boring
  8. Foxaholic  ME

    Is Boring Football the worst kind of Football?

    His contract was up
  9. Agree win a majority of points at home the majority who go to no more than 3 or 4 away games are reasonablly happy reverse the process and get discontent
  10. Foxaholic  ME

    Is Boring Football the worst kind of Football?

    Apart from lately gates were much better when fighting relegation chasing promotion rather than mid table. Like West Ham I think Leicester put entertainment before results that is why the Bloomfield era was so popular although you could argue we were mid table then but then possiblly now people liked heavy wins and a few heavy losses . When we won the league I have heard numerous people say that the Arsenal 5-2 defeat was a great game few said that when we beat Norwich 1-0
  11. Foxaholic  ME

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Hardly any played last week We are poor at home apart from top 6 and any good performances are likely to be away lost at home to Everton Cardiff and Southampton won them all away add 9 pointsand it looks a much better season
  12. Foxaholic  ME

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    Im surprised Roger Davies hasnt been mentioned but as stated probablly my age .t
  13. Foxaholic  ME

    How did we do in the cups under Pearson?

    We certainly did as Bayfox said in his reply.We lost I think in the first round at Hartlepool.