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  1. The club respect him by playing him when he is not worth his place .Comments that he is the clubs best ever player havent helped
  2. For the first time since 1928 we could in the top division have avoided anyone doing the double over us but bottled it. Surely it is obvious that if Albrighton is left out in 9 cases out of 10 there is a poor performance.
  3. If we cant beat a team we beat 9-1 away at home ad given no chance correctly against one we beat 5-2 away there is nopremier side we are certain to beat so I agree but human nature it is
  4. Only the bottom 3 have lost more 22 points at home bordering on relegation whereas away form normally runaway leaders
  5. Pity there not all away only the bottom 3 have lost more at home . I wonder if anybody else has qualified for the champions league losing 7 or possiblly more at home
  6. We lost 8 after that including the last 3 finished 11th after which Bloomfield whose contract was up left to let in Frank McLintoch probablly the worst decision made at the club
  7. Agree about Glover someone on here said he only had one good game in three which is ridiculous he was always great to watch .Our wingers have usually been great to watch Lynex Hogg Glover Sinclair Weller Barnes looks as if he might follow in their footsteps
  8. These times seem to get completely overlooked when people talk about best players and managers
  9. Surprised no one mentioned Peake v Liverpool which I think was goal of the season
  10. Like you I have seenteams since late fifties and one of the teams I enjoyed watching more than most actually got relegated despite having Froggart Morris Hines and Rowley and I think until the last 2 decades or so many preferred entertainment over results which is why the Bloofield era was so popular. A typicalexample of this was 1965-1966 b when we lost 5-0 to ManUnited and came off to a standing ovation their goalie was man of the match
  11. So Arthur Rowley Johnny Morris and Jack Froggart werent greats then
  12. How flashing would they be playing with the tackling pitches and the old ball playing more matches inferior medical treatment and not being rested
  13. Surely 4th doesnt guarantee champions league if Liverpool and Arsenal win in Europe and Southampton won the cup would we even be in the europa
  14. We need to at least avoid defeat at West Ham which will mean for the first time since 1928-1929 season when we finished second in top flight that no team has beaten us twice in the top division since then. We also played 42 matches then
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