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  1. When we have fielded anything like a full strength side we recently have had no difficulty with winning comfortable Stoke being a goo example
  2. He has failed everywhere apart from us and apart from us been sacked everywhere for footballing reasons
  3. Nice to see him getting the credit he deserves . How anybody can knock him defies belief It is noticeable in most of our worst displays Newport being the huge exception he was conspicious by his abscence
  4. Apart from Newport lately when fielding weakened sides we have done much better than expected but if we make 9-11 changes I hope if we lose it wont be classed as a shock win. A strong championship side should be favourites against a premier reserve side
  5. One must wonder why he has failed virtually elsewhere whereas most managers of any repute succeed at 3 or 4 clubs and fail perhaps once
  6. Stand corrected but hardly a fair comparison
  7. Notice how much stick Allbrighton gets whilst the old players always give him much praise . Whilst I am not sure how many of the 5 losing games did he play in Rogers commented how we rarely lose when he plays
  8. Superb team apart from Keyworth and Norman better man for man than present side but like most OAPS tend to think the 60s side then was the best the club has had
  9. Assume you mean Premier league as doubt better than Gillies or who was manager in the late 20s
  10. Either we have a good squad or not but we seem to get far more injuries than past Leicester teams
  11. You may as well say Liverpool forfeited two points today My worry is it is very rare that a side gets 3 hammerings in a row
  12. agreed when was the last time Leicester beat a so called big side and the comments on here were how good Leicester were as opposed to how rubbish the losers were
  13. He has failed everywhere bar here and possiblly Hull
  14. Whilst I was not dismayed by the sacking of Puel it was unlucky to be sacked at two clubs outside the top six when they were in the positions they were. Entertainment has a higher ranking at the 2 clubs in question than most in the Premier
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