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  1. Alan Woollett a good defender barracked unmercifully after one bad game against Everton I am surprised to see Steve Guppy mentioned never heard anything but praise for him
  2. W should be for the one and only Frank Worthington although as you had B for Birchenall instead of Banks I suspect you are on a different wave length it cant be age related as you quote Shilton
  3. With he best will in the world I cant see how any one would put Bob Hazel in
  4. I have been going since 1955 and one of the best couldnt get in regular Peggy cant spell his name City normally have good keepers I think number 5 not far out behind Banks Shilton Flowers Keller about equal with Walker and Wallington
  5. Whats wrong with Fuchs when did he last havea bad game compared to Chillwell
  6. I agree he must be absolutely p.........d off to be dropped and saw Rysdale perform at Bournemouth
  7. I ca understand a little Bournemouth as players bought by not having a new stadium cant believe allowed in with a capacity of 11000 but Burnley a credit population of about 60 000 their average gate despite the competition 20000 one in 3 of the population and manage to compete well and have a rich history compared to most. I agree it is great to see small town sides doing so well
  8. I agree every big game we do seem to fail Liverpool 2 Man c Man u 2 semi finals . Every game we havent been favourite at the bookies we fail. Possible exception a draw at Chelsea so hopefully buck the trend Saurday
  9. Goalkeepers are part of the team.All the big games Liverpool 2 Man c 1 and 2 semi finals we have not performed at our best although the blatant penalty I think cost us as we would I thinkhave won the shoot out although the form their goaliewas in possiblly not
  10. People around me were saying every game Vardy has missed we have won is that correct
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