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  1. 3 sides Villa Leeds Arsenal will almost certainly have a better record and possiblly Everton which would make us 11th at end of season I agree points the name of the game butwe have lost the same as 2 sides battling relegation in Newcastle and Brighton and more than Burnley .
  2. Agreed Rogers never seems to mention home form which is one of the worst in the division
  3. Some bottlers had a squad of 15 for the season and would possiblly have done the double but for injuries . No resting of players dreadful pitches tackling out of this world league must harder to win how many modern players could cope
  4. Agreed always play better when he is in the side took the corner for the winner and never short of energy
  5. Why the hate for Burnley and Dyche considering their population and resources they are a credit how many of the Premier league managers would do as well as Dyche at Burnley Virtually every pundit agrees with this view
  6. They havent seemed that hard away from home and a draw at Burnley whowon at Liverpool when like us they had a lot out is not a bad result
  7. If Fuchs cant get in now may as well cancel his contract He has never let us down when playing this season
  8. Never seems to get mentioned but never lets us down
  9. Whilst an unkind comment wonder why we have so many injuries when medical staff are better pitches much better and rough tackling virtually abolished . Some years ago allof Liverpool players all played well over 60 games only used 15 players and won virtually everything whereas now cant seem to keep fit . I know memory can be selective but Frank Worthington Lennie Glover Graham Cross Gary Lineker Steve Lynex Keith Weller and numerous others were hardly ever out A feature of all great players is they are nearly always available and hardly ever rested . Typical being right
  10. You are quite right apologies If Leicester hadnt lost 1-0 to Portsmouth who they had beat 10-0 earlier in the season they would have won it
  11. 1928 Can checkin Foxes and Fossils but according to my check this was the last time I assume you mean top division as I expect although not checked quite a few times in the lower divisions
  12. If we avoid defeat at Vllla and West Ham think it will be the first time we havent conceded a double in the the Premier league and the first in the top division since 1928 . Incidentally checking Fossils and Foxes found that year we beat Portsmouth 10-0 and lost the return 1-0 and against Bolton lost 5-0 and on the return won 6-1 losing the title on goal average. We were also 3rd the year before which meant we have hardly been little Leicester for most of our history as either side we were 7th and 8th
  13. Agreed when Tottenham last won the league we were the second best team in the country could have done the double 2 years later. As a really long time supporter I have never known how we became little Leicester we paid world record sums at the time for Lennie Glover @ Alan Clarke and huge sums for Weller Birchenall Steve Earle and Jon Sammels who left Arsenal Chelsea and Fulham . With a level playing field the league was much harder and unlike Tottenham and Newcastle teams like Burnley and Ipswich live in the present and not the past when they won it
  14. We could also have been 3or 4 up Vardy could have had a hat trick
  15. I think most fans including me have an inferiority complex Although I cant prove it a similar poll at other clubs would have about 80% saying top 4 was nailed on after our games against the so called big six
  16. The 60s were fabulous with all due respect to recent successes the league was much harder and I wonder how they would have coped with the pitches rough tackling and playing every game Probablly my memory is playing tricks but apart from Stringy nobody seemed to get injured
  17. If we avoid defeat against Villa and West Hamwill that be the first time nobody has done the double against us in the top division bearing in mind we lost twice to Arsenal when we won it. Possiblly 1926 when we were 2nd I think on goal average
  18. he is talking rubbish probablly forecast a 4-0 defeat . Could have scored 4 in the first half. On match of the day they received high praise and perhaps you would be better off supporting Forest although you sound as if you do
  19. Did I see things with the score in the away match at City
  20. A rare event us actually winning a game which we didnt deserve to
  21. I suppose you could have played against Man C and Arsenal our best two performances of the season both of which he was excellent. If he excelled against City should be OK against a side they hammered very recently. Your remarks are a slur on a fine clubman who is very popular both inside and outside club
  22. Fuchs played against Arsenal and Man C probablly our 2 best performances of the season and everyone had a stinker at Liverpool so on that basis you could leave anybody out
  23. Fuchs played in probablly the best 2 wins of the season Man C and Arsenal Away so would prefer to an inexperienced Thomas
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