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  1. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    F it, there was a daily objective to buy a player over 500 coins, too, so I just picked up some random dude from Genk.
  2. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    I'm feeling peer pressured to do the whole Prem SBC now . I've got 277k in coins now, but I have fewer PL players in my squad than I thought. Some teams (like Brighton) I'd have to do from scratch.
  3. Jordan

    Ali Regbha

    The Premier League is soooo 2016. We’re in a PL2 title race now—that’s where it’s at.
  4. Jordan

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    I’d take him. Frankly, I’m agnostic about this season’s expectations, and I’ve thought all along that City were looking towards the next two seasons. We just played a 30-minute stretch of a game with Chilwell, Chowdhury, Maddison, Gray, Ndidi and Barnes our there together (not to mention Maguire and Ricardo still yet to hit their ceilings), so I think this gives us some idea of where the club’s heading. We’re not boring because we have 3 CDMs, were boring because our attacking players can’t yet break down deep defenses. They will eventually get it, though. Barnes, Gray and Maddison are highly rated even outside the club for good reasons. This is why I’m not beating the Puel Out drum. However, I would pull the trigger if we could get Rodgers because he can get players and teams to use a few different ways to break down stubborn defenses. Not only that, he knows a thing or two about youth development. I would trust Rodgers to be able to continue our rebuilding process and get the scoreboard ticking a few more times. You’re not gonna want to have a beer with him or listen to his press conferences, but managers can’t tick every box, can they? I wouldn’t trade Puel for Wagner, though. Wagner understands youth development and high-press systems, and is a decent fellow, but he’s gone a few years without being able to coach a high-tempo attack. I don’t see Leicester’s squad improving and developing at a faster rate with him. None of these three managers seems to know how to get their club to buy a decent striker, though, so it’s a wash in this category.
  5. Jordan

    2019 AFC Asian Cup

    Changing my profile pic, brb
  6. Jordan

    2019 AFC Asian Cup

    YOU'LL NEVER SING THAT YOU'LL NEVER SING THAT CHAMPIONS OF GROUP B YOU'LL NEVER SING THAT I should get up early on Sunday to watch myself rock whichever 3rd place team I draw.
  7. Jordan

    Championship 2018-2019

    I can't begrudge O'Neill returning to Forest, particularly as this could be his last shot at a good league job in England. On the side of this call, is Aitor Karanka the Basque Puel or is Puel the French Karanka?
  8. Jordan

    Football in 2018 Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 91 seconds  
  9. Jordan

    2019 AFC Asian Cup

    Hi Iran! I’m doing well so far, wouldn’t you say?
  10. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    Packed Icon Gattuso today with the pack I got from the TOTY SBC, I really can’t complain about that. “Sometimes, maybe good...”
  11. Jordan

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    It's not as if Iheanacho is being left to rot in the reserves. He has had chances and he has had runs in the squad. He's already played more minutes in the PL than he did all of last season. And it's not just Leicester fans that are getting on his case--he's been pilloried by Nigeria fans for his recent performances (he's been poor for them for a whole year now).
  12. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    I got the inform Pina in the La Liga premium upgrade (untradeable)--I guess this will just look nice in my player inventory.
  13. Jordan

    Europa League

    Considering how the past two weeks have gone, I predict we'll get a Europa League berth but get knocked out by Connah's Quay Nomads in the second qualifying round.
  14. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    Do they release the forwards today, the midfielders on Wednesday, and the defenders and De ages on Friday?
  15. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    Is there any sort of “strategy” for when to open packs this week?