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  1. I play the crap out of Squad Battles and I don't notice anything of this sort. If anything, I'm thankful the game is rigged for the CPU's attackers to turn into Islam Slimani when they get open chances 10 yards from goal, even on Legendary level
  2. The good news is that BR said he didn't want Ndidi "in the box shooting." The bad news is that he didn't tell him not to shoot from outside of the box.
  3. Ndidi is going high for this--5.5k now in PS4, 6k on XBOX. I moved mine for 7.5k yesterday, cha-ching!
  4. Hey, I’ve earned my good karma! 😂
  5. I said I needed a LB earlier today, and I just unpacked Jordi Alba from the Rio Ave (Liga NOS) SBC 🙂
  6. I haven’t gotten over my grudge about you beating Leicester in the Mr Clutch Cup, so no, I’m not really looking forward to seeing Norwich go up.
  7. I am not mad at the Lightning and the Penguins--I'm just very much disappointed in them. Also, as for the stat MCP posted--of course, one of those 4 comebacks was done by the Islanders vs Pittsburgh in 1975,
  8. Two weeks ago, I realized I had an untradeable Birthday Martial ST sitting in my squad that I didn't remember getting, but now I can't take him out of my squad (especially as he links up so nicely with my team). I had the original Martial winger back in the early days, and I remember I couldn't stand that card. Here's the squad I'm using now. Bench: IF Guaita, Birthday Lukaku, SBC Doucouré, SSBC Hamsik, UCL Sané (I had him in for Nedved this weekend to get the Swap, and that still gets 10 chem everywhere), IF Joao Cancelo, Aguero. Reserves: SBC Alessandrini, Vertonghen, Strootman, SBC Umtiti, SBC Caligiuri (I just realized while typing this that I really need to choose a LB). I slapped a La Liga on Claude Puel (more like FRAUD Puel, amirite). Also, I do like that with Martial, Aguero, and De Gea all in my squad, I have three players that have crowd chants
  9. For a little bit of context here, Arsenal were found guilty of the exact same breach at Leicester last May when they protested the penalty, and they were fined £20k. Man City were fined a total of £50k for two breaches of E20 vs Wigan in the Cup last season (if you accept the charge, you get fined £20k, but that increases to £30k if you protest the charge and are found guilty. Man City accepted one charge but lost their appeal on the other). [source: thefa.com] Every team at every level surrounds the ref to complain about penalties. E20 charges for "failing to control players" (more specifically, for "surrounding the referee") aren't that common, but the FA does seem to apply this fairly objectively and only for pretty blatant examples.
  10. Maddison has been fantastic lately. Something has clicked. I don’t know if it’s Tielemans, the tweak in Maddison’s position, good man management by Rodgers, his fitness finally getting to an elite standard, motivation to make the England squad, anything in his personal life, or all of these things—but whatever it is, Maddison is playing his best football of the season. This is not at all to say he was bad before—not at all—but he had ups and downs that were natural for young players. Maddison receives the ball so well. He either takes a touch or positions himself in such a way so that he’s got the space to make his next play. This is very valuable in a league where midfielders don’t have time to breathe, let alone think two steps ahead. But I’ve also noticed over the past three games how much stronger Maddison looks on the ball than he did early in the season. He’s not just fit for 90 minutes (in multiple roles, too—switching from 8 to 10 to left wing), but he’s playing like he’s not skipping any days in the weight room, too. Recent opponents have been in his face and given him a lot of physical attention, but he’s now shaking off defenders and running through tackles when he would have been pushed off the ball before. Recall the first half today, when Hogg resorted to a cynical, “professional” foul to stop Maddison driving forward down the left side of the midfield just a minute after Maddison drove through two fouls in a similar area and was unlucky to not have advantage called. Maddison is a flashy player, but I think he’s a grittier and tougher player than his pomade makes it seem! 😆
  11. This recent discussion reminds me of the (in)famous NBA player Latrell Sprewell. At $15 million/year contract, a 34-year-old Sprewell was offered a 3-year/$21 million contract extension by the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he declined the offer as insulting, saying "I got a family to feed." Sprewell wound up having the worst season of his career, was only offered $1m/year contracts that summer that he didn't accept, never played another NBA game afterwards, and went broke within a decade. I would hope that Harry Maguire's agent has better business sense that Sprewell's.
  12. I'm pleased that Nike decided to use these new kits as opportunities to promote the individual identities of the national teams in tailoring that is customized for women's football instead of promoting their boot lines by having the USWNT wear neon green socks.
  13. If I had to try to put a positive spin on this, then we would want the likes of Leicester City at a meeting like this as a counter-balance the clubs that would greatly benefit immediately from such a coefficient system being put into place. However, I'm sure there's more than enough self-interest for our board (more qualification spots, more prize money, etc) here anyway. Here are some reports about the potential changes being discussed: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/03/17/champions-league-proposals-could-see-introduction-weekend-matches/ While not exactly the breakaway Super League that was once feared, these are still major changes in their own rights. I'm amazed that this piecemeal approach to changing continental competitions (while FIFA also tries to adapt and put in their own measures to get in on the business) hasn't lead to a complete blowing up of the game as we know it--I thought Qatar 2022 was going to kick off a civil war of sorts between the big power players. Maybe things will just keep moving little by little, and eventually, the Champions League truly crosses the line from de facto Super League (4 spots for the top 4 essentially means qualification is guaranteed for the likes of Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus every year) to de jure Super League after many incremental moves before people even realize it. They'll do it under the Champions League banner, too, instead of creating a new name because of how powerful the "brand" is.
  14. The fastest and most skillful league in the world also features Hard Brexit forward units of Ashley Barnes, Chris Wood and Peter Crouch. We won the league with Robert Huth's "pace" at the end of his career. As for reality checks, Brendan Rodgers has made it abundantly clear that Wes is to have a reduced playing role from here on. I don't mind us keeping him for another year as a squad player (but I'm also a grown man that got MORGAN 5 printed on the back of his shirt in 2014, so I might have a lingering bias as a fan).
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