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  1. I packed gold Godin this morning. Between him, TOTS Djené (Guarantee SBC), Gold Sergio Ramos (packed), IF Piqué (WL player pick), and La Liga SBC Umtiti, I’ve got myself a pretty good cadre of La Liga CBs.
  2. I got 87 RB Lee Yong, and the way I see it, he’s not a goalkeeper so it could have been worse.
  3. I got promoted to Div 4 this morning. Everything I tried worked this morning, and I killed two birds with one stone doing the Flashback Swap objective (Villa, El Guaje ) and the First Owner objective. (I’m going to wait until my transfer list is empty to open the Jumbo Player Pack to test @HoustonFox‘s theory .)
  4. I'm imagining Chelsea buying out Danny Drinkwater and taking a cap hit through 2027, and also making Winston Bogarde a Bobby Bonilla-style payment every July 1 for the next 30 years
  5. It would be impossible to implement a North American-style draft system because youth development in North America in most major sports is completely different to youth development in English football. (Edit to add that the "academy" style is becoming more prominent in MLS, but it is completely alien to the "Big Four" leagues.) In the US, youth development is done completely independently from professional sports teams, whereas the majority of youth development in English football is managed by professional club academies, so there isn't a pool of top teenage talent in England that are unattached to professional clubs. You'd have to completely blow up the development process and rip players from their clubs, and these ideas are non-starters.
  6. Haha, I do hear that in person all the time!
  7. That's right, we do. (I guess you can figure out which one I am )
  8. Joshua isn’t in either of those boxers’ class. If we don’t see more of him, I wouldn’t miss him at all. We don’t want him coming back to The Mecca. As for last night, it was a classic mismatch. I don’t really know how Schwarz became the guy—imagine going from fighting the class of fighters he was on to Tyson Fury. Some of Fury’s antics are cringe-inducing, but for the sake of anyone that sat through 10 rounds of Hart vs Barrera (one of the worst, sloppiest fights you’ll ever have the misfortune of seeing) at least Fury tried to make everything entertaining.
  9. While my personal preference varies on some of the 90s-inspired Nike 3rd kits, they got exactly the feeling they wanted to evoke from them. They're very well done.
  10. To try to answer the Brazil question: The women’s team (like the men) wear their federation’s logo, which officially incorporates those stars. With regards to the USA and England, -the USA teams also wear their federation’s logo, which does not include stars above the crest. The three stars are added to the modified version of the WNT’s logo. -England’s crest/logo situation is similar, with the only differences being that their national teams wear a logo that’s distinct from the FA’s, and of course that it’s the men that have the modified version including the star. There really isn’t an accepted standard on this yet, but the trend is moving towards distinct star applications for men’s and women’s teams, as you can see here,
  11. The Swap Deals SBC requires a Polish rare gold player. There are, what, 7 of them? And 3 of them play in Serie A which has had its own SBCs? I'm crying-laughing
  12. The only times I've ever bothered with non-rivals and Squad Battles weekly objectives have been when @HoustonFox has given me the assist. I have enough anxiety in my life!
  13. I got Jesus Navas TOTS in the La Liga one. A couple of 85s in the Serie A, that's the best I got. I got Fabián in the Serie A TOTS guarantee, which on second though, isn't the worst--I can link him to a back line of Jordi Alba-Sergio Ramos-Gerard Piqué-Jesús Navas and get some chem links there.
  14. @Finnegan Football is plagued by self-dealing, private networks and agent connections, financial doping, and various forms of bias (including pressure from fans). I often read the word “meritocracy” whenever the “Rooney rule” or women’s football comes up. I’ll venture that it’s the side that would support at least interviewing more “BAME” (I guess that’s term your county is using) managers because the other side mostly gives us naive complaints. Saying this is “forcing” clubs to “racist” ignores that the EFL enacted this regulation following a pilot program featuring nearly the same rules that the clubs themselves voluntarily instituted and deemed successful (a program they designed to help themselves, well, not be racist). Also, a lot of the questions you asked have been studied and answered (here’s one of several examples https://www.lboro.ac.uk/media-centre/press-releases/2017/november/bame-football-coaches-underrepresented/). There are plenty of other problems with football manager recruiting. A look at how short tenures have been this decade for managers in the EFL shows that something is clearly not right with the hiring process. Diversity initiatives would be a positive step towards fixing this, and I would say including more transparency and using advanced football metrics in the recruiting process would be two other things clubs can do to help make better hiring decisions. Remember, all we are talking about is clubs interviewing candidates, but that moment is clearly one of the biggest (if not the biggest) bottleneck plugging “BAME” ex-footballers on the coaching and managerial career path, as identified by smart people that have studied this process much more closely than I have.
  15. To use England as an example: women's football clubs and governing bodies were banned from using FA-affiliated grounds from 1921-1971. That's just one hardship, and I'm sure you can find plenty of others. Are you sure these "tough times" and "negative aspects" you want women to go through haven't been going on for a while, and aren't also being experienced right now? Also, why do you wish "negative aspects or side effects" on women? How would you even suggest women "go through the tough times before?" Round up all the women, build a time machine and send them to Victorian times to remake football from scratch?
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