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  1. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    Thanks for the input... I've tried the HTML5 Gamepad Tester site, and while I am hitting +1.00 and -1.00 on the x- and y-axes for the R stick and the x-axis for the L stick, it's a lot harder for me to hit the perfect up and down on the L stick y-axis. It feels like I have to touch it slightly to the right to get +1.00/-1.00, if I can get there at all, so maybe my L stick is a little wonky. I feel like crossing is a little more difficult to get right after this new update tonight.
  2. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    I’m risking opening myself up for ridicule here... but is my PS4 L stick f***ed? When I take penalties, sometimes I can barely move the arrow in a certain direction, or can’t move it between the middle of the goal and the left post (all or nothing). It feels like I’m having to overcome something pushing back in the opposite direction. When I take corners, sometimes I either can’t aim towards the back post, or whenever I try to hit it any farther than the middle of the area, my cursor pushes back. Sometimes, players will just stop running when I’m controlling them and defending (usually when running back towards the left of my screen...also they’ll have had full stamina). Also, I’ve tried so hard to remember I have to keep the arrow going through the pass to keep it going where I want it to, yet sometimes, my passes go either far askew or even in the complete opposite direction. I’d wonder if this has anything to do with players lacking attributes (I.e. it being very hard to control a penalty with a player with low PEN, a hard time placing corners for guys that suck at crossing, or more wayward passing for players with crap vision, short passing and control). But this even happens when I’m using guys like Gylfi and Santi Cazorla (ok not exactly Zidanes, but still very good, esp passing). Is this just what the game is like and I suck at it, or is my controller really no good?
  3. Jordan

    The Gang's All Here Quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 66 seconds  
  4. https://www.lcfc.com/news/908254/fifteen-foxes-set-for-international-action Schmeichel and Evans should be starting, I'd guess Gray will be in the England u23 starting XI, and Söyüncü gets a lot of time for Turkey these days. Chilwell will probably get the one game vs USA. Iheanacho is has a long flight back and forth but IIRC he goes in and out of the lineup. I guess all things considered, it's not as heavy of an international break as others have been, and I don't mind that one bit. I kind of wish Schmeichel could get a few days to clear his head and take a deep breath.
  5. Jordan

    Vichai had a dream....

    To what tune does this verse go?
  6. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    Daniel Royer from RBNY is a very good shout for TOTW if they pick an MLS player who is not Josef Martinez
  7. Jordan

    FIFA 19

    I had a good night with this week’s SBC packs—packed Neymar (regular card) and TOTW Richarlison. I should probably be asking these things before I make moves, but I sold Neymar for 501k coins. I play a 433(CAM) with PL players, and I also have another 433 and 523 with mostly Spanish players, all 81 rated. Because of that, I figure my Richarlison is good enough to use in the 1st squad. Was I right to sell Neymar? For the coins, should I be mostly using them on the SBCs?
  8. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to either Puel or our last three managers to wonder aloud who should be leading the team. It was a heartwarming moment to see Pearson, Ranieri and Shakespeare back, and I won’t overthink it beyond that. I also think the dignified manner in which staff and players, old and new, handled yesterday shows the club is in good hands no matter what.
  9. Jordan

    The World Football Thread

    If you're wondering what Didier Drogba is up to these days, he's living his best life. He's part of a consortium of businessmen and B-list celebs that owns Phoenix Rising in the USL (USA 2nd division), and he's still playing at 40. He doesn't play every game, but as you can imagine, he dominates when he does. There was a game earlier this year when just before he delivered a free kick, he walked over to fans seated at a table nearby, took their water and drank it, told them Phoenix would score on the ensuing free kick, and then dropped the ball right on a teammate's head for the assist. He's also carried the team to win the Western Conference and play in the league championship game this year--he's scored in every playoff game (including a 35-yard free kick), played in the back line when a defender got injured, and has just been the man.
  10. Jordan

    Football Kits: 2018-19

    Bohemians with the Bob Marley inspired shirt
  11. People have Xbox, iPhones, free porn etc... hooliganism as you used to know it is not coming back.
  12. Jordan

    Allez Allez Allez song, get on it

    This tune is everywhere now, as pointed out (as pointed out in the OP). Europe, South America...Hell, it’s been sung at MLS games for a few years. I don’t want to tell anybody how to support their team, but I don’t understand this obsession with European ultras going on with English fans. Singing “Allez, allez” in a Leicester-Southampton game, for example, just seems like poseur stuff. Besides, you have a plethora of ‘80s pop songs to choose from!
  13. Jordan

    New York Foxes

    Football Factory at Legends will absolutely have the game on (plus the big New York Foxes flag). Hopefully a few of us around will be able to get the afternoon off; I'm stuck in the office so I'll be watching at my desk. :/
  14. Jordan

    Ice Hockey

    Seattle is next, they’re almost certain to be selected this year, and the move makes perfect sense geographically. At 32 teams with two new franchises, and a poor relationship with the NHL Players Association (with rumblings already of a potential lockout in 2020 or 2022), I think the NHL would be hesitant to add any more teams any time soon. I think Hartford, nostalgia aside, is a non-starter (it’s been a very good home for the Rangers’ AHL affiliate, although that’s just not the same). Relocation of a struggling Eastern Conference team seems like the only shot for Quebec City, Hamilton (which has to feel unlucky considering it built an NHL-ready arena over 30 years ago and is still waiting), or perhaps even Toronto/the GTA. But letting the Panthers or better yet, the Hurricanes (ironic, eh) move would be a bitter pill that the NHL does not want to swallow after making a big push into the Sun Belt over the last 25 years. You’ll have to see an ownership group make an aggressive bid for either of those teams and then have to go through even more hurdles (in terms of season ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, media deals etc.) than what the reluctant NHL did to True North moving the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg before sanctioning such a move. And even before any of that, the NHL would have to be satisfied with their long-term outlook on the Canadian economy, because “the exchange rate” is an easy way for them to poke check any talk of Canadian expansion/relocation before it crosses the blue line. Hartford had great sweaters, but I think Carolina doing that throwback while the bulk of the Whalers fan base is still alive is crass! Wearing it against the Bruins is also sure to stir up memories, but now about Pat Verbeek, Geoff Sanderson and Andrew Cassels, but of Peter Karmanos moving the team just a few years after saying he was committed to Hartford. One note about the Penguins, mentioned above: I thought they were dangerously undersold this summer and they have a New England Patriots way about them of always being a contender. I can even see Phil Kessel going for 40 goals. But Matt Murray just got what, his fourth concussion in 3 years? That’s a big worry, and that puts a question mark back onto that team.
  15. Almiron is a superb player, but this report is originally from calciomercato.com, so take it with a grain of salt.