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  1. Vardy’s truly a one-of-a-kind striker. I can’t think of anyone currently at his level of production that plays with the same style and same attitude as he does.
  2. I use (my brother’s subscription to ) DAZN, and in the US, the best use for it is for MMA (meh) or boxing (which I do watch). Compared to other countries, DAZN US really lags behind its competition, especially ESPN+, which kicks ass (and is either US$4.99/mo, or now available in a Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+ bundle for US$12.99/mo). I think the only soccer league it has is the J-League. I used to hear that the DAZN app and service in Canada was full of problems and errors, so I hope they’ve tightened things up at that monthly rate.
  3. I guess you could always stick a base icon in the “Iconic” Challenge for a Prime Icon SBC art, get 24 tradeable rare players in the pack, and try to get your value back that way considering how many special cards are in packs these days.
  4. That's right--TSN lost out. DAZN has exclusive rights for the Premier League in Canada now.
  5. Who do we like at RW—Sterling or Mahrez?
  6. I did the 95 Pogba and also got TOTS Marquinhos, Donnarumma, and Bamba from packs in that, I’m loving it over here. Marquinhos is a perfect link to my Flashback Dani Alves, too. I also had enough leftover cards to do the Futmas De Bruyne SBC, and picked up TOTS Allison on the market. Good times.
  7. I opted for the 4 untradeable Mega Packs instead of 34k coins from Rivals rewards, and it worked out: I packed 91 TOTS Chiesa, 89 TOTS Haller, 86 OTW Fabregas, and 85 gold Khedira.
  8. My 87 Europa League TOTT Giroud from my 15 win pack seems paltry in comparison to all of these The slot machines are loose now, though. I've gotten many walkouts over the past 10 days, and I even started doing a few random league SBCs to get in on more of the good fortune. I've got enough 88+ cards and coins now to even knock out the Pogba SBCs with no sweat.
  9. The intangible factor at play is fans continually having this “which club is bigger” argument which is absolutely pointless. It is only a way for people to vent their own insecurities. You probably won’t have to trawl Twitter and message boards or listen to sports talk radio for very long before coming across someone earnestly arguing that Nottingham Forest are bigger than Sheffield United or that Celtic or Rangers are bigger than Inter Milan, which is saying nothing about nothing.
  10. When EA opens TOTW upgrade SBCs in a week where Diego Valeri and Oscar are the top TOTW cards, and puts "Open now or save for later!" in the description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_marshmallow_experiment
  11. I really like playing with Pogba and I have 950k in the bank, but those requirements are still wild. The reward packs are at least decent, but I just don’t know about this. I sold my 90 TOTW for some good coinage a while back when I packed the 88 Gold, which I’ve played with since. If I want to upgrade my Pogba, though, it might be smarter for me to get one of the other versions, which will surely drop in price.
  12. Hmm, looks like the tabloids got their “handshake” story wrong
  13. Big ups to TOTW Tim Melia... you'd think packing a TOTW card but having it be an 81 GK from MLS would be like kissing your sister, but that card played its part to get me both the 91 Futties Alessandrini and the 89 Flashback Vidal. Team player.
  14. I've gone into the 51st minute--and that involved 3 minutes of stoppage time, a penalty and several corners, so there must have been a lot of shenanigans going on in your game! My unscientific hypothesis is that there is more stoppage time being added. I really have to rev myself up to get past 14 (and it usually takes all weekend!). I was perfectly content with my 14 this weekend and I'm not really sure the stress on my end is worth the difference between 14 and 17. But I was actually enjoying my games on Sunday, and after a few hours break, I decided f it, let's give it a go. I still haven't cracked 17. --- On side notes, I was glad FUT had another MLS-themed objective this week, because I got to use my POTM Maxi Morales instead of just keeping him as a collector's item because he's a player I like in real life. He's definitely not my first choice CAM but I liked playing him in the hole when I tried out a 3-4-1-2. But as for 3-in-the-back formations, sort of like how depth works more like a suggestion that a tactical instruction that is actually followed, width is useless for the back line. No matter what the width is, the RCB/LCB park themselves along the sideline. A couple of months ago, I tried to see if I could rig up a 3- or 5-back formation to see if I could do the Chris Wilder overlapping CBs just for shits and giggles. However, setting the RCB/LCB to join the attack wasn't making a difference, so they just don't take off and go forward. Now that I've realized there's usually room for me to pass ahead to the the RCB/LCB into space, I am going to revisit this and see if I can keep one or both of those CBs in the attack. Now, I'm not sure how much practical use there is to this, if any. There are only a handful of CBs in the game that are any useful at crossing, I'd probably have to string together a lot of passes to get my CB far enough down the line without just trying to dribble down on his own, and I'd get absolutely slaughtered on the counterattack. But I just want to see if I can do this just the once, just for fun.
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