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  1. Yeah, I’m not really sure what the angle is here, either.
  2. This is the 25th anniversary season of MLS, so the league is going to do a few marketing gimmicks to commemorate it. First off, there's a special 25th anniversary logo--fine, no prob. There will also be a throwback apparel line from Mitchel & Ness made for the original league franchises. M&N usually come up with good stuff so I think this will actually go down very well whenever it's launched. The New York Red Bulls were originally the MetroStars, and wore red and black, so the away shirt above gives their fans at least the color scheme they've been wanting back for a while now. But for (I think) all of the new shirts being released this year, there will be that right-shoulder adidas stripe pattern. Ostensibly, this is meant to evoke the style of the sport when MLS launched (for example. this ubiquitous adidas template from the early 90s). However, this style was in fashion before MLS kicked off in 1996. And I have a feeling that these special edition shirts will wind up just being part of a universal adidas template that rolls out in full this summer. If the league really wanted to go retro, they would have went much, much bolder with the kit design concepts.
  3. That could actually more likely be a shirt in New England than a new England shirt, because it looks like Nike slapped the Three Lions on something they’d design for the USA. (But that is a new Nike template, as Brazil have the same design)
  4. The new MLS Cup playoff format has proven to be awesome so far.
  5. If we’re going back to the Leicester Fosse days, then we have to include the Midland League, in which Fosse played for three seasons before being elected to Division Two in 1894.
  6. Hahaha, and quite literally, too—look at how they’re towering over the street! I was not expecting to see photos of that this morning, to be honest.
  7. I’m no lawyer, but I’d guess the levels of liability in a civil case are complicated. I would guess Khun Vichai’s estate executor will want to settle this one out of court.
  8. Jeremy Howe is the king. Also, it's a shame NicNat is always injured because when he's healthy, he does exactly that, only he's 6 foot 7
  9. I had the 1999-2001--it was my first ever football shirt. I actually get a little wistful thinking about how I used to clean the felt off the giant Walkers logo that wouldn't come off in the wash by hand. The 1997-99 shirt is a real classic, and it looks superb in a modern fit. But to get the real retro look for these, you need to go big and have gigantic sleeves flapping all around. Tony Cottee used to look like he was wearing a squirrel suit.
  10. https://www.wsc.co.uk/stories/14269-can-you-change-your-club-how-leicester-s-success-made-me-question-my-allegiance One for the Against Modern Football folks?
  11. It is interesting that adidas is doing this while they don’t even have a green shirt for Mexico themselves in this kit cycle.
  12. Vardy’s truly a one-of-a-kind striker. I can’t think of anyone currently at his level of production that plays with the same style and same attitude as he does.
  13. I use (my brother’s subscription to ) DAZN, and in the US, the best use for it is for MMA (meh) or boxing (which I do watch). Compared to other countries, DAZN US really lags behind its competition, especially ESPN+, which kicks ass (and is either US$4.99/mo, or now available in a Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+ bundle for US$12.99/mo). I think the only soccer league it has is the J-League. I used to hear that the DAZN app and service in Canada was full of problems and errors, so I hope they’ve tightened things up at that monthly rate.
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