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  1. What the hell is going on?! That was a clear pen! Anyone hear this ref they are going to on BT?l
  2. Wow Jenas and Hoddle sound close to tears
  3. Anywhere in particular in Oregon? Looks good
  4. This commentator keeps calling Hazard “Azar” and it is very weird
  5. He got banned from radio leicester. Used to think he was just a troll but not sure now might just be lonely. Either way that Celtic fan was on another level hahaha
  6. Yeah I did we stayed in the Sutton place hotel. It was essentially an apartment not a room and I can’t praise it highly enough. Best hotel I’ve stayed at by far. Wouldn’t hesitate about going to Vancouver it has everything
  7. Went to Vancouver earlier this year and it was the best place I’ve been to. Amazing. You could do a great road trip round there.
  8. It’s annoying I couldn’t make the game and watched it at home. I usually have a bet in the ground so if that’d been the case I wouldn’t have been able to cash out! Just one of those things
  9. I had a fiver on 5-0 and I cashed out at 4-0. Been trying to get over it all day.
  10. Lol can he only remember 1 name for every 2 players
  11. Souness “they’ve got Joelinton and the Japanese fella” wow
  12. Really? I thought it must’ve been moved for some logistical reason. That’s awful for the Newcastle fans if that is the case then.
  13. Can someone please remind me why this got moved to today
  14. Unabomber

    War Dogs

    Yes it is it’s a good film. Serious question do you like anything?
  15. Yeah I would prob agree. Should be given a chance, I can’t stand the arrogant little chav Pickford
  16. Also realistically a Man City win is good for us
  17. Pickford is awful is there anyone else who could play for England in goal who is good
  18. Yeah he conveniently missed out the part where his mates dad called him a **** prior
  19. I heard they turned down £20m from villa for butland. Insane
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