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  1. How has Mane stayed on and the commentators didn’t even really mention it. Basically punched him in the face
  2. Best bit I backed mahrez fgs haha cheers
  3. Big time just a ****ing shame fans couldn’t be there
  4. Why is that a handball but the Chelsea one yesterday wasn’t?!
  5. Sums it up that a lino in the prem doesn’t even know the rules
  6. Wow sky just admitting the officials ****ed up.
  7. Football is so ****ed. It literally gets more ludicrous each season
  8. Yeah I thought they were told to keep their flag down?! Why does the rule keep changing every single game!
  9. Anyone know why that goal was just ruled out?
  10. That was never ever a pen I can’t believe anyone is saying it should have been. Also Dyche lmao what a nutter, Chris Wood pushed Justin way harder last week but I assume that was fine as he was just using his strength? Well where was his strength then?!
  11. Burnley as so grim to watch wow really tough viewing this.
  12. Handed in a transfer request
  13. Pretty sure he was originally our first choice? Surprised they have rejected our bid anyway
  14. I’ve said it before but anyone in to UK craft beer and lives near enough to Ashby needs to visit Brew. The place is absolute class often have Pomona Island, Vault City, Verdant, Pollys etc on draft and a serious can selection. Was in there earlier and they were even giving out free crisps.
  15. I like how West Ham are so bad a signing players they are just seeing who we are linked with and bidding for them. So small time and pathetic
  16. He’ll be fine! No chance he’s out for long
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