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  1. Hopefully there weren’t too many OTT reactions in that first half. Would not surprise me though.
  2. What you guys on about I meant weakened
  3. I wonder why arsenal played such a weekend team not like they can do anything in the league this season. Very odd.
  4. That pizza looks incredible. I have only made one using northern dough co dough which was good (basically a ready made frozen pizza dough that you defrost and roll out).
  5. Let’s support the guy. Good luck Kelechi.
  6. Have you seen blackkklansman? That is very good.
  7. You having a laugh? He is our only true ITK
  8. I was in the soar point for the Man U goal and wow it was raining beer. Wish we had won that game.
  9. As long as no one bigs up Fofana we need to keep him under the radar.
  10. Ah I knew it was too good to be true with Peter Walton
  11. Wtf we don’t miss an opportunity to abuse Moss here come on man
  12. Yeah this game pretty much cements that theory unfortunately.
  13. They have evened out that goal that sheff United scored against villa that wasn’t given. Either that or they want Man City to win and hope United will too.
  14. I never thought I’d say this but can we hear more from Peter Walton.
  15. Yeah then he just moved on as if no one will notice what is he saying anyway that all white guys with brown hair look the same?
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